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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin demonstrators fill levanon streets for a weekend of anti-government protests a festive atmosphere in the 2nd city tripoli but people here are calling for the overthrow of the country's entire governing class also coming up in germany's been this league that champions veyron munich take a 51 thrashing in frankfurt the worst loss in 10 years leaves coach nico call much under further pressure.
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omarion evans dean thanks for joining me lebanon is readying for another day of nationwide protests as demonstrators continue to demand reforms and political change in the biggest rally on saturday thousands turned out in the northern city of tripoli calling for president michel aoun to step down lebanon has been swept by more than 2 weeks of demonstrations against a political class accused of corruption but the protesters also turned their rallies into joyous occasions. with alumina ated mobile phones held aloft and a celebrity d.j. behind the decks it was as much a rave as the protests but the thousands of people in tripoli's outdoor square had good reason to assemble that demand to overthrow the political class the does
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dominated lebanon for 30 years and with the resignation of the prime minister on october the 29th the protests seemed to be working there was no doubt that there was something of a party atmosphere at this demo and d.j. marty k. read the mood of patriotism by playing the national anthem. he seemed to proud to play a part in continuing the pressure for change. i am participating in the revolution to live in a decent country a country like any other country because this is not our country and there are so many things wrong i purchase are created to eliminate the wrong things and the protesters also recognized how music and the d.j. can unite the crowd and that he is uniting people through bun music one clap one speech we are all on the same rhythm the d.j.
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is causing great excitement he's making people stronger in the revolution the d.j.'s encouraging people a lot. and. in a country divided on sectarian lines this coming together is a strong indication of the reach of the protests that are now really gathering pace . for more we're joined by d.w. correspondent bustle r.a.d who's in the lebanese capital beirut hello to you basel so tell us what strangers are planning today. today we have 2 scenes the 1st one. in the main squares and all over the major cities and then an 18 days. it's through that number decline after that is the mission of the government but today the asking all the people to join them in. a mass demonstration similar to the one in last sunday the 2nd.
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president president michel aoun and his son the minister of foreign affairs who had at the same time the movement which is the largest party and lebanon. will reach it and. it's a. 10 kilometers to the east of the presidential palace look at the. 2 different signs 2 different sets of goals tell us what each side i'm hoping is hoping to achieve. the 1st one. even after the nation of the government of. the day now these huge protests 1st of all to achieve to push hard on the.
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government made of experts and technocrats while the 2nd part. of the 2nd part of the scene. the protesters are seeking. to. prime minister for a seat in the negotiations of. the new government. thank you very much. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabia has approved an initial public offering for the state run oil giant aramco the company will list on the riyadh stock exchange in what could be the world's biggest i.p.o. analysts say aramco has a valuation of more than a one trillion dollars making it the world's most valuable company. leaders from southeast asia china japan and other regional powers are meeting in bangkok
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for the annual summit participating nations are hoping to reach an agreement over an economic partnership and set a code of conduct regarding disputed waters in the south china sea. and indigenous land a defender has been shot dead and another wounded by illegal loggers in brazil's amazon paulo polina watcha jaro was attacked and shot on friday he was part of a group that was formed to combat logging gangs killing increases concerns about violence against amazon forest protectors. well saturday was the day of the dead in mexico a holiday dedicated to prayer and remembrance for those who are in the longer with us at mexico's border with the united states roman catholics from both countries gathered to remember migrants who lost their lives trying to enter the u.s. . in ciudad juarez the sprawling city across the border from el paso texas
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priests and parishioners from both countries held a day of the dead mass asylum seekers hoping for hearings in the u.s. also attended the service some worshippers held signs reading we are all migrants where to look if you will they let me object to the last today is about the 2nd when we mark holy souls and the passing of humans and by national church just a using this event to also remember the deaths among migrants those who have disappeared. let me get on this going to know this about it we have never seen this happening at such a rate before at such a difficult time being the number. 1000 kilometers to the west activists set up day of the dead scholes along the border fence until you wanna south of san diego california. it's a tribute to those who have died on the path of migration we remember that they had souls too and we want to remember them at this time of prayer. in populated areas
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like where is and t. wanna border areas are heavily defended with tall fences ditches and patrols. but an unknown number of people die every year attempting to cross the hershon empty desert that forms a natural barrier between the 2 countries. sports news now and to the bundesliga where byron munich travel to frankfurt it was always going to be a difficult task for the german champions bunt they could never have expected it to go quite as badly as it did have a look. nico has been feeling the heat lately with by. and off the pace in the league so it was hardly the ideal time for a trip to his former club frankfurt and try to have the best phone record in the league going into the game and just 9 minutes in by and we're already in trouble gonzalo passy n.c.r. head through and drew a foul from your own boat saying the veteran sense about was the last man so the
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referee had no choice but to show him a red card a man down and in the 25th minute by and were a goal down to thanks to phillip cost it. the serbian wing of pounced on a deflection and placed a perfect 1st time finish past month while neuer. about 10 minutes later it was 2 nil when a stunning move ended with jabril so firing into the back post. frank but again profited from a deflection but so is finish with clinical that word almost always applies to robert leaven dusky to and by and hero got them back in the game the poll showed phenomenal skill and strength to continue his record of scoring in every bundesliga game this season and have the deficit before half time. but after the break frankfurt made the extra man count 1st that it ever had made it 31. the sense about scoring his 1st goal of the season after by and again let the back post on guard it
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then just after the hour mark frankfurt made it for one martin hints at converting a corner to put frank but injury mind and with 5 minutes to go by and see 1000000 action was complete. the fans could hardly believe their eyes but frankfurt had taken by and apart andrei silva dance through the books and set up a c.n.c. . the 51 school i made this binds worst defeat since 2009 and their supporters let the players know exactly how they felt. but while it was a day to forget for them for the hosts this match will live long in the memory. oh oh. tom get out from get up these forts is here now in the studio with me to talk about that crazy match i mean those goals just kept on coming from frankfurt i'm assuming byron is still not over the shock are they yeah i think it's going to take quite a while now when manuel neuer was also off the game yesterday where did this result
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basically come from he said it's been in the offing for quite a for quite a time because by and haven't really been in great form recently they lost the whole thing on in the blues league they were unable to be out they just about crept past. i mean the most recent fixture in the german cup they were really really held back for long stretches of the game against 2nd division both home so this is really the culmination of a fairly long run of the pool form and then as we heard the end its bonds have eased defeat you know over decades really dramatic and this is going to take a while to sink in well that's for the players to kind of work through but what about their coach nico i mean is his job going to be on the line over this it was pretty humiliating yeah it was pretty humiliating and this doesn't happen very often the bottom unit now kovacs was asked that question yesterday and he said you have to watch the people who make that decision that scott has reneged on you when is that when they're asked that keeping them out was quite tightly shut now that i've been supposed to be a public training session today out by munich back has been spontaneously cancelled
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off to yesterday's results so it's going to be a rough time for the club. i mean the next the next fixture pardon me in the bundesliga they face dortmund and that's really going to be a crucial result now that has come through difficult you know sticky periods in his time that by munich in the past and come out doing fairly well but yet this is going to be another tough on him all right there is another remarkable match in them going as they go last night a historic one for the city of berlanti tell us about the absolutely yeah now this was the 1st in dalby in the blues the 40 years. the 1st time ever that these 2 teams when you. and i have to have met in the top flight you know one side from these 1000000001 side and was studying 30 years after the fall of the war almost exactly they used to be quite friendly terms but there was quite a lot of. supposed trouble of rivalry last night at the game we saw pirates techniques being thrown on to the pitch from the hats and almost catching the goalkeeper then followed towards the cheers. the game did get back on the way off
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the brief interruption before eventually didn't happen again the players were taken down into the tunnel but basically in the 87th minute when you on one it with a late penalty said one nil for a point stay in the east but you need to panic. yet not peaches that we all enjoy looking out but yes still a very historic occasion and in football in terms one quite well for the reds and yet there was a bit of controversy about how that one goal came about well yeah it's true now that was a penalty of course then checked by the video system referee then so be it forming an all ring but you know who are used to die in the bundesliga by now another late penalty shout for had they not given a fair bit of controversy surrounding the game but ultimately it's a free points thing and it's bonding time get i found for it's always great to talk to you. 2 motors for us now and in formula one voluntary
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botha's has taken pole position for sunday's us grand prix the finn has to win to have any chance of staying in contention for the title for a savings teammate lewis hamilton was only 50 asked this but will secure his 6 world championship in austin with 2 races left if he finishes 8th or higher ferrari's the bus in federal is on the front row of the grid with bow ties red bulls mox 1st stop and is 3rd and ferrari's charlotte clarke lines up 4th. don't forget you can always get to d.w. news on the go just download our out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the data you app to send us your photos and videos. plus the latest from d.w. news this hour stay tuned for shift living in the digital age takes
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a look at online maps that fight environmental destruction omarion evans dean i'll be back at the top of the hour for another news update until then thanks for watching. to hear from your own tony here's a scene of. my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble when i was trying to see.


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