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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2019 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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in iceland this week marks 10 years since the last mcdonald's hamburger was sold that that burger according to its is still intact and back in fast food chain left the country during the 2009 financial crisis but the burger and fries have yet to expire a webcam live streams the combo meal 24 hours a day from the hostel in southern iceland. up next here on the w of the week in because of the. counting. can go over your concept discovered with the bollocks. after 100 years the ideals of the bomb more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries reshaped things to.
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people understood design is a way of shaping society. about how often does crossover. with ideas that are our future somehow a part of. me part documentary starts nov 14th w. this week on world stories. planting trees despite opposition in china. saving penguins in south africa. we begin in germany where people of kurdish descent are concerned about the turkish army's invasion of. northern syria many of them fear
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for the lives of their families there. all week. looks forward to soccer training with his club. like most of the players could he know comes from the kurdish autonomous region and northern syria. he finds it difficult to concentrate on the game on the conflict in his homeland is still going on. we are worried about our families and the team talks about it. it's not just me but others have relatives there we support each other. always. came to germany as a refugee from syria and 2012 he now has german citizenship and is studying to be a social worker his parents still live in northern syria cutty you know is keeping a close eye on the news he said but also angry with the german government.
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that germany is providing weapons for this war. and it just tears me apart inside. to talk. english the german government has condemned the turkish offensive and his band new arms exports to turkey but berlin has not canceled existing weapons contracts. and the guns and germany is the world's 3rd largest arms exporter so we're selling weapons to dictators like air to one and we don't really care what happens with these weapons but these in the. arms exports are highly controversial in germany the kurds are strictly opposed to weapon sales to turkey and they take to the streets over it like here in berlin the demonstrators are demanding economic sanctions against ankara and a stop to the fighting and northern syria. the west has left the kurds to fend for
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themselves the kurds and are on their own we're trying to apply a bit of political pressure including on the german government on the e.u. . do you know wants to demonstrate that the turkish attacks against the kurds in northern syria are not forgotten. that. 72 people died in the green felt our fire in london 2 years ago now a special commission has revealed its initial findings regarding the catastrophe. the big. grand felt how inflamed use the fire lost it all night people jumped out of the windows in a desperate attempt to feed the blaze joe delaney live in films at all he's. the
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firemen couldn't get in because their key didn't fit and they seemed overwhelmed. because. you could just see that. they really. and some of them were in even without breathing apparatus. breathing apparatus some of them didn't have helmets even. joe delaney provided his video to the inquiry he says he wants to see the people responsible for the safety lapses brought to account. just getting inside the tower. you know people in handcuffs people in courtrooms people in jail cells. you know people in print where it says what their daughter all because what use is the inquiry report criticizes the fire brigade for
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a series of bad decisions on the night of the fire with disastrous consequences but many people blame the local council they say complaints made before the fire were ignored and that they didn't feel safe. when the facts were neglected totally neglected for decades they had intention to sell it and therefore they were just probably waiting to phase us all out spent minimal money on it and gave it minimal attention because it was of minimal worth to them at the time as well we still occurred in a context of cuts in the context of privatization in a consists of deregulation and in a context of where residents of social housing will not listen to. local people hope that there will be real change in the future and they want to see faults like those in grunfeld tower remedied in other buildings to avoid a repeat of the disaster.
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despite intense opposition from local authorities a high school student in the chinese city of green bay is fighting climate change by planting trees. whenever she can how you know this it's the flower market in her home city of we lead with your pocket money she buys trees seedlings planted in the surrounding areas face it's head contribution to the world wide writings for future protest how we joined the movement 4 months ago china's 1st climate strength. planting trees is something that's easy to do and something. that's possible to promote in china or taiwan also inspired by young people around the world how you started demonstrating in front of the local government offices she was soon as
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courted away by the police who have serious trouble if she continued. over how to keep killing but have taken a lot of courage so i'm hesitant about that i don't consider myself especially brave. turning a back on activism was also out of the question now several times a week she's out planting trees and posting about her activities on social media to convince more young chinese to join the movement. university student danis with her today for the 2nd time the chinese government has made improving the environment one of its key goals but it keeps a tight lid on discussion how we became concerned about the environment after reading an article about plastic waste in the ocean. i know until i started really worrying that such a big problem wasn't getting enough attention and nobody would take action. i was
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terrified every time i thought about it sometimes every 10 minutes i couldn't concentrate on anything anymore. closer to china's rapid development has taken a huge toll on the environment the country is now the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases air quality is one of people's top concerns but eco activism is rare in china's repressive political system. the 16 year old student has now been striking for 4 months her parents are worried about her future but she has no intention to give in to their pleas to stop skipping classes you are showing you the climate crisis is the biggest crisis ever for the existence of mankind. everybody should do everything they can to prevent it the only boeing i don't know if you want. all we have lost the relative to let a plant the trees on his property in china's densely populated countryside it is not easy to find uncultivated land the adélie fama says he understands and supports
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the young activists. they used to start getting cold in september but now it summer's a lot toba november look at how woman still is the hole for the. thousands she has planted 200 trees in the past 6 weeks but even more important to her to raise awareness among china's you. today it's the farmer's son she explains what climate change is and he can join with young people. around the world to stop it. penguins are a major tourist attraction in south africa. but due to overfishing they are at risk of extinction. conservationists are trying to save the endangered birds.
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one last chance to relax together before things starts to get uncomfortable. an appointment with dr roberts is not something these penguins seem to be looking forward to so at the moment putting is we just checking on the penguins and making sure that they're all ready for release so we each one has his own thing and god this is made of this what he had most will say he was 70 percent oiled and he was emaciated he was really underweight conservationists take in sea birds in peril and try to prepare them to be released back into the wilds thousands of injured animals come here every year some will stay here forever as they would not so wife and their nature will have the tents. but these birds might not be here in the long. they are in danger of extinction it's quite possible that one can go extinct in the future and we've had
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a dramatic declines in train with numbers even between the concert last year and this year the numbers of dropped by about 2000 reading as so we have less than $20000.00 reading papers that scarily love. these penguins 1st have to spend time in a small box but only briefly until they have fully recovered and are ready to return to the why did this. in simon's town one of the few remaining thing we call in these they are really. it went really well. so quickly they didn't get confused the crowd was very polite and not too noisy so that didn't scare the penguins and they were they went straight out in the direction they should've gone. already we can see them i think there's one head sticking out over there so now the threats that they face of the
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same as all the other wild penguins people need to think about the impacts of what they're doing and how they can affect anything once but all of the sea life and other wildlife that is in danger of human interaction. still the message seems to have got through to the hundreds of people in the crowd over here we have a lot of folk musicians who are trying to save the oceans and. get back in but there's a lot more we can do is you must do more to protect them because you see what is happening and see this is not only used to be this last problem in the worst case scenario of the last african penguin colony it will die out in 20 or 30 years but people here definitely want to prevent that from happening.
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kaesong from the middle ages. no it's being built from the ground up with out modern technology. dozens of employees and hundreds of volunteers are working on gated on castle in france the biggest medieval reconstruction project in europe. why find out on. the. next. in crisis folks funkenstein rock can. open top of its popular concept of the s.u.v. . time emissions from the persian fleet to our way and the eco friendly supermini.
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strongest to 60 minutes on d w. come along. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the from the bald spot 250. morning on the floor of the discovery. expedition home boy on dino play. the full. hour report the headache of battling has been a lot of work oh you know to the max to get the find out why he traveled back in time to the middle ages later in the show.


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