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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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the. family. starts new member 6 on t.w. . this is the w's one from opponents and supporters of lebanon's president to michel i won the stage mass rallies here we see thousands of anti-government protesters converging on martyrs square in the capital beirut calling for the removal of the country's elite and for and to corruption the placing step instructions come just days after 5 minutes to step down also on the program italian allstars describe the
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pressure for 2 migrant rescue ships to dock a number of european countries are ready to take in more than 200 people on board rescued from the mediterranean sea. saudi arabia is giant state oil company around cairo kickstarts its initial public offering announcing plans to float on the riyadh stock exchange it could be the world's biggest stock listing ask the kingdom 6 to diversify its. foreign film welcome to the program protesters have returned to the open on streets to say keep up that demands for wholesale political reform this is the scene tonight in beirut the country's been swept by more than 2 weeks of demonstrations against a political class accused of corruption the prime minister stepped down early this week but protesters are demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. supporters of the political
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establishment have also been making their voices heard earlier thousands gathered outside barrett to show solidarity with president bush i would who's under pressure to go. date of your reporter abraham said before today extensively from the middle east and guide us through what's happening. so approach and establishment protesters on the streets at the moment what sorts of choices is lebanon facing well lebanon right now is at a sort of crossroads right i mean the protesters went out on the streets they were just demanding the end of corruption is and. more jobs and things of the like they were really calling for a radical change in the political system that governs lebanon as a whole now lebanon has one of the most complex political systems in the world it's ruled by something called the political sectarianism so it's by all means a democracy but sectarian political sectarianism. implies that or requires that
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the country's 18 religious sects are somehow involved in some sort of power sharing agreement and this translates to the allocations of seats in parliament but also the 3 highest political offices in the country that is the presidency the prime ministership and the speaker of the house and these are divided among the 3 major religions now the prime minister did indeed resign but that this done that does not mean that the system itself has changed so the president accepted there is ignition but also said ok now you go and you start a caretaker government to we have new elections and then you and a new government and some process are saying hey wait a 2nd this is this means nothing has changed we're back at square one what we want now is a technocratic government not from the political elite why we do new elections that are that do not adhere with this sectarian political allocation and so this is really the choice now it's either they say stay in the. hold their ground and hold
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it through for more radical form or this there is this kind of reform that the president is now asking for a new government and that some people are saying ok let's give him a chance maybe this will lead to something and some are saying no we don't trust these faces they've been ruling the country for 30 years and that's more than i've heard you say very ruling the country for 30 years so why are these protests happening now i think you know we've seen these protests and they really dominated by a much much younger generation that i think you know grew up in the post civil war lebanon and you know the terrorism has very very deep roots in lebanon's history it all goes all the way back to the ottoman empire was put into law by after the french occupation but was reinstated after the civil war to ensure that the different political religious groups in lebanon can live together and that this power sharing can ensure peace but these young people all they have from the power sharing or all they've seen from this power sharing set up is corruption lack of employment and they don't really identify with this kind of division of power and
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they don't see that it makes a lot of sense a 2nd reason i think is that you know that you have a very highly educated. youth in lebanon lebanon is a country that used to export a lot of workers abroad but in the past 10 years or so because of various reasons around the world opportunities for migrations of also decreased and young people are at home they're highly educated they're not find opportunities in their in their home country and you know now they say enough is enough abraham thank you. for some of the stories making news around the world a knife attack in a shopping mall in the hong kong has left at least 5 people wounded the suspect reportedly shot to probation slogans as he attacked pro-democracy protesters including a local politician the rampage cops another day of clashes between demonstrators and security forces. london's valerie's community has how the mass of a catholic church to honor the $39.00 people who died in a refrigerated truck container last month the villain raised migrants and tried to
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enter the united kingdom illegally the driver of the truck has been charged with manslaughter and human trafficking. offshore supply vessel has brought more than $150.00 migrants to sicily after rescuing them off the coast of libya hours earlier italian authorities allowed $88.00 migrants from the german charity rescue boat to this in park they'd been picked up more than a week previously in libyan waters. after over a week could see the a c. 8 migrants on board the island curdie were allowed to disembark at the italian port of toronto for days the rescue ship had waited for permission from the italian authorities to dock on friday has entered italian waters blaming bad weather the captain said she was relieved the vessel was finally able to bring the migrants to a safe port. as far as he is the airport facility
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if everything was organized very professionally to take care of the people a medical team was on hand to ensure media systems if needed as far as i could see everyone immediately received something to eat and drink. on the authorities did everything they could to ensure the work with those run quickly and smoothly. you know. when the german flagged vessel picked up the migrants and libyan waters on october 26th the libyan coast guard responded by firing warning shots. they just suddenly are. basically says most of the migrants will be transferred to other e.u. countries germany france portugal and are lent of agree to take the men and italian commercial ship carrying about $150.00 migrants was also allowed to dock in a city on sunday in contrast to the private rescue ships it didn't have to wait for
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days for permission to dock. meanwhile the united nations refugee agency says more on their way to the mediterranean and actually crossing it u.n.h.c.r. told d.w. the various to break that about twice as many people die as they try to reach the coast road accidents violence and lack of water are believed to be the most common dangers for africans traveling north over the last 5 years about 900000 deaths in the mediterranean sea have been reported by the official death toll for the land routes is much smaller but experts say real force is simply how few are reliable data sources in the north african heartland. are saudi saudi aramco is already spigots to climate polluted the world's most profitable company now the state owned oil giant is funny or could be the world's biggest stock market listing saudi aramco is thought to be worth 1.2 trillion dollars the i.p.o.
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could value it even higher. prince mohammed bin salmond wants to reduce the kingdom's reliance on oil and you a small fraction of stock will be sold at 1st on the local exchange in riyadh. we get more this from a different can from d.w. business welcome place a sort of tell us more that about the world's biggest oil company well it really is the biggest it's a big he must it produces 10 percent of the world's oil it's owned by the saudi royal family it's fairly secretive in the way it operates and so we've never really had much of an insight into into how it works but it's really a giant by somebody way since it's worth nearly as much as aapl and microsoft put together and it counts for 70 percent of all the revenue for saudi arabia as well so it's hugely important to the economy too so what does this i.p.o. mean then for the energy market where we need to see who buys the shares that's one thing because if you give us
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a look into into iran code to see how it works if they do open it up more widely internationally climate complainers right now are talking about you know having less fossil fuel and separating fossil fuel from money so in some ways this moves towards. towards things like. the opposite direction basically and they've constantly bottles efforts to cut carbon emissions so it's going to see more of a focus on fossil fuels rather than less so in terms of the overall energy market in some ways it's going to be a different direction from what we've been looking for before and so is that what's behind the saudi arabia's idea of diversifying its economy away from oil well i think one of the things that they've talked about that prince mohammed bin solomon has always said is that they eventually do need to get out of oil they've got maybe 70 years of oil left in saudi arabia so they're thinking about a post oil world and as i've said you know 70 percent of the revenue comes from oil so they're looking at things like. they're looking at tourism in
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a big way there's been a lot of efforts recently to promote tourism and they're looking at manufacturing renewable energy growth and focus on small and medium sized enterprises so they're basically looking for any other way on the other way to generate revenue we've seen places like the emirates they've bought. football teams are 6 months easy in the emirates airlines and things about haven't seen as much of that coming from saudi arabia so they've got a lot of pressure on them too they're feeling a lot of pressure not to diversify they do actually have 10 percent unemployment too so it's this over reliance on oil even though it's a very very rich country and they still have a lot of issues economically that they need to do it so well to take in they will say we'll see how that goes for another cliff a current from date of the business thank you. sport and lewis hamilton is just hours away from a potential 6th form in a long title the british drive it needs to finish 8th or better the u.s. grown pretty to secure the championship it was only 50 asked a single qualified but with
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a $74.00 point lead at the top of the standings is expected to cruise to i 30 consecutive title miss avies teammate valtteri bottas starts sunday's race in pole position. football to germany's bundesliga cologne have dropped into the automatic relegation places following a 2 milk defeat at fortuna dusseldorf riven headings scored his 6th goal of the season from the spot to set of on their way it allowed them to nudge further away from the danger zone shall go convert turn to the european places with a win at struggling but in the late game. only one berlin beat had a bad lead in their 1st to top flight davia last night it was a special occasion for both clubs but the game is going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons following serious crowd trouble. who knew him but then fans brought out the best banners for arguably the biggest game in their history that he sired to slay city rivals hats are taking a page out of greek mythology just 3 minutes into the 1st top flight davi between
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the teams for stuff and then struck the post it stayed the best chance of the 1st half. both teams were cancelling each other out in a take she encounter but the hosts were generally on top. but in the 2nd half unsavory scenes spoiled the berlin davi it appeared to be heads of fancy 5 flares on to the pitch the referee was forced to hold the game temporarily and technical teams ducked down the tunnel to safety. once the situation and come down slightly it was time for football again passes dedrick but yes it was a joint store filed christi and ken and i did think of the one even after a video review by substitute sebastian post i didn't care he took his chance on 87 minutes to become the hero of the evening for the own fans it wasn't the best of penalties but no one in the home stands at the outset 1st of all
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i can add 5. 5 shortly afterwards the whistle blew with me on celebrations were overshadowed more flares rained down on the pitch from the hats and. then new players were forced to pacify their own culture and fans. but it was still time for a party we'll have the $1000000000.00 be bragging rights. funny to a strange anniversary in iceland this week marks 10 years since the last mcdonald's hamburger was sold there and that according to its owner is still intact the american fast food chain left iceland during the 2009 financial crisis for the burger and fries half is yet to expire webcam live streams the company mails 24 hours a day from hostile in the south of the country. they have got to get always get the w. news on the go just download it from google file from the op still give you access
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to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. of next here on the don't shift living in the digital age often more world news outlets out of the out on to the latest and use the information is always available around the clock on the web site d w dot com i'm going to say. that i have no need to keep a brady bill on the books both for the over rights and home the force and for the most recently that we came up with the bottom of the band aid at the last dragon is worth recalling the horror 3 years. on.
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