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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin german football champions byron munich fire their coach nico cole that after the club suffers their worst league defeat in more than a decade we'll look at the reasons behind the surprise decision. also on the program opponents and supporters of lebanon's president michel aoun stage mass rallies thousands of anti-government protesters converge on martyr square in beirut calling for the removal of the country's elite and an end to corruption. and saudi arabia has announced its gearing up to sell shares of iran co the state oil company
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listing it on the riyadh stock exchange could make it the biggest public company in the world topping a trillion dollars in value. and in formula one lewis hamilton reigns supreme the british driver security his 6th world championship to be just one title away from tying michael schumacher his record. and william blue cross welcome to the program we start with big news from the world of sports german champions byron munich have fired coach nico the team is sitting 4th in the bundesliga despite leading by a new nick to the league title and lifting the german cup last season a 51 loss to frankfurt on saturday appears to have been the final straw for byron's board. mark meadows from d.w.
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sports is joining us now he can tell us more so mark it couldn't have just been this 51 loss what else is going on here well they had a similar story last season when he 1st took over he had a bad start and everyone was saying always going to be fired and then somehow he turned around to win the big trophy is in germany but it seems maybe something else is afoot the players of maybe turned against him one big issue is that the chairman collins room in india has have clashes with him in the past and he was the president of the club kind of supported kovacs now who is leaving his post in a few weeks which leaves room a nigga as the power broker and he has obviously snapped and said look this cannot go on any longer yet 51 is just not a result of the sofa but it is true that they went down to 10 men after only 10 minutes so it was a tough one but they decided we can't go on with this especially with 2 really big games coming up in the next week brian and i mean after a match day 10 buyers in 4th place in the table so is this a crisis well it is
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a crisis goodbye munich don't normally send and managers on a whim let this they did it with carl wunsch a lot of a few years ago because they said there was something rotten there was something not right training wasn't right the players were moaning it wasn't just the results that was the issue and i think the issue here as well although they've been going very well in europe and they can actually qualify for europe in this week's league matches so it is a slight surprise i must say but we kind of had an inkling after that frankfurt game last night i mean we're about to show you a report and the sound bites pretty damning from the caps in noise and indeed a bit of a damning quote from coach as well before we actually heard the news is a ripple. humiliating defeat on saturday against. frankfurt it was simply too much by your munich bosses who parted ways with the coach on sunday night. until the middle of 2021.
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been with the. team and after a shaky start the league. season but recent weeks have seen inconsistent results and discord within the team after the frankfurt debacle. this is what has happened is not a fluke if you saw the cup game in bochum last week and what has happened isn't really a big surprise to me it's going to reasonable but it can't just be blamed on getting a red card early in the guy. nothing worked out. so we are in a situation which we have to confront a woman who is also another we will have to analyze things and talk about it but of course we have to change something even kobashi himself saw the need for improvement before learning of his sacking. videos a man less we shouldn't be losing $51.00 what we have to grasp is that sure was a man less it's going to be more difficult so when. something like that should
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never happen. now those same worries will be inherited by kobayashi a successor in the hot seat at bahrain. and we're back now with mark meadows so mark now he's been fired what's next he's going to take over well has he think who is the assistant manager is going to take over for these next 2 games and maybe even longer i mean that thing of course in the champions league on wednesday if they win that they qualify for the last 16 of europe's top competition and then they've got the big game in germany against dalton next weekend so they obviously feel they can't make a permanent point before that but how do you think is a very safe pair of hands he was the assistant manager when germany won the will cup in 2014 so he knows what he's doing and he's got big links to buy and if it goes well for him in the next 2 games then maybe they'll think about giving him the job until the end of the season josie marino is available he's the biggest name out there on the on the kind of manager's market former real madrid united chelsea boss
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he's never managed for he'd love to he's won titles in lots of other countries. had a great season vacs last season got them into the summer as they say finals. also the great season taking tottenham to the champions league final it looks as if it was kind of coming to the end of his reign at tottenham but he is. available yet and if they wanted him they'd have to pay a lot of money to get them so that makes me think marino might be in 1st place because he's available but they might decide to give it a little bit of time so whoever they end up settling on give us a preview of the rest of the season can they salvage it well they can because it is last season you know they had similar problems and they ended up winning a double which no one really for solar in the 1st 10 months of last season and actually been escorted a little bit better this season than last season the problem they have is defense they allowed mats hummels to leave to bruce you don't mind your own bo it's saying a state but he is kind of short his career is going downhill very very fast they've got big injuries need for the season in defense they've gotten and as the new
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signing who was injury prone when they bowl him for a lot of money he's now out for some weeks so they've got big problems in defense but the bone is there is so tight they might only be full from the table but actually a couple of wins and they might be back on top so it's not completely disastrous if you're a bun fan but the next move is going to be really really interesting especially if so many changes in the club with him and his leaving in a few weeks as well all right so as always i guess stay tuned mark meadows from to give us more thanks very much and in lebanon protesters have returned to the streets as they continue to press for wholesale political reform the country has been swept by more than 2 weeks of demonstrations against a political class accused of corruption the prime minister stepped down this week but protesters are demanding a complete overhaul to the political system meanwhile government supporters have also been making their voices heard. rallying around their leader thousands of protesters are pushing back against cries for president michel
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aoun to step down his backers say the country needs him to root out corruption and to bring economic stability. they have only president isn't to blame for lebannon he's not responsible for everything wrong in the country today he shouldn't step down protesters think if the president needs power the problems will be solved on the contrary if that happens the crisis will worsen officer there then it's not the . anti-government protesters that disagree for more than 2 weeks they've taken to the streets forcing prime minister saeed hariri to resign. i don't know that that is i didn't want to come out here but the political elites made me do this if they had given us our rights we wouldn't come out. more often than you know. they have a little confidence in the future accusing the governments of not only corruption
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but also incompetence more than one quarter people are in poverty the economy has stalled lurching from one political crisis to another the president has asked protesters for patience. served it very well put together a roadmap to deal with the 3 points. corruption the economy and a civil state. they are not easy points to deal with it and made any. public opposition against him bridges religious and economic divide demonstrators say no good can come to the country until the current system is out of power. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world a knife attack in a shopping mall in hong kong has left at least 5 people wounded the suspect reportedly shouted pro beijing slogans as he attacked pro-democracy protesters including a local politician the rampage kept another day of violent clashes between demonstrators
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and security forces. u.n. secretary general antonio terry's use the ozzie and summit in bangkok to urge me and maher to solve the refugee crisis and help them return nearly a 1000000 people belonging to the muslim minority fled to neighboring bangladesh 2 years ago and what the u.n. has called a campaign of ethnic cleansing. london's vietnamese community has held a mass in the catholic church to honor the 39 people who died in a refrigerated truck container last month the vietnamese migrants had tried to enter the united kingdom illegally the driver of the truck has been charged with manslaughter and human trafficking. in france 100000 homes are without power a storm on really bad of the atlantic coast strong winds continue throughout the day but the storm is expected to lose strength as it moves east. now
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move over apple soon the world's most valuable publicly traded company may not be from the tech bubble of silicon valley but from the hot desert of saudi arabia after years of delay and amid new security threats posed by rival iran state oil giant around cote was on the verge of going public the move can raise huge amounts of money for the kingdom which it wants to use to diversify the economy but until now has been almost exclusively based on oil. after years of waiting saudi aramco for its biggest climate polluter on the world's most profitable company will offer investors a piece of the kingdom's prize a. state owned aramco accounts for 70 percent of saudi arabia's revenues. the i.p.o. on the riyadh stock exchange could value the company a 2 trillion dollars and make around co worth nearly as much as apple and microsoft put together. for us. i think we are for the
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listing which will increase our physicality internationally we are a very strong company by sharing a lot of information as required by any listed company that will be a lot of analysts that would review our data and conveyed it with other listed companies. aramco accounts for 10 percent of the world's oil production in the company is the biggest carbon footprint in the world climate campaigners are worried they want fossil fuel companies to scale back and cut carbon emissions not to expand this is a move in the opposite direction. but the economy of saudi arabia must change to survive. for ever some analysts say around 70 more years prince mohammed bin wants cash to diversify. the prince wants tourism manufacturing and renewable energy to drive growth in the post oil world he has major ambitions to
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transform saudi into a top 5 global tourism destination. lewis hamilton has won his 6th formula one world title after finishing 2nd in the us grand prix the mercedes driver is now just one title away from michael schumacher is all time record the 34 year old may be british but the german engineering has been a major factor behind his success. lewis hamilton is world champion again having taken the title in the convincing style that has become routine. for me it's great because i've been racing a long time to a 70 year with the team. and the excitement i had was the same as i had when i 1st got in the phone call in 2008 driving with a mercedes engine for mclaren hamilton won his 1st world championship 5 years later he moved to mercedes with whom he has no 15 more titles even back in hamilton's
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cutting days his success was powered by the german constructors engines that said it's an sos 13 so it's. it's been a real privilege to be a part of the heritage to be a part of the news part of this history and pushing the limits and the boundaries the 34 year old britain's next target is to be called michael schumacher is record 7 world titles the german i called has always been the benchmark for hamilton. at the time i got on the track and i could see my look at me and i was like wow this is this is pretty cool that's my head and i need to push really hard to catch him no no a 6 time world champion lewis hamilton is one more title from doing just start. that's all the news for now up next here on our bonus league a show with lots more on equal call that is firing as the buyer in munich coach of course you can always catch the latest news information around the clock anywhere you are on our web site e.w. dot com and visit us on twitter at g.w.
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news thanks for watching. luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production. but who is monitoring the some contractors. and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and low speed hind the glow.


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