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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2019 3:02am-3:30am CET

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forests are the lungs of the earth the country afford to live life without healthy forests but every year it point 8000000 hectares of forests are being destroyed making the for everything imaginable human activity from palm why plantations and soil feels to ruins to amusement parks for parking lots how welcome to eco india and some of the rug coming to you from mumbai today we'll take a closer look at our green cover in our cities and in our countryside the city of mumbai has lost 60 percent of its clean cover over the last 40 years most of the city has now been peeved and concretized by policy makers try to find the middle ground in the environment was his development debate in india a popular japanese technique of growing forests is providing a stopgap solution let's see how feasible it is for a city like mumbai. the.
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union. it is almost impossible to believe that this 4 acre land called the lungs of thought up world was once an industrial dumping ground. for. its transformation talk just 3 years. see. this used to be an extremely unhygenic dark supernews and there was always is stench from all the garbage dump here including plastic and rubber and bags of
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chemicals that we could not be allowed to be you know we're going to smell of other . yes the 25 feet tall man made hardest is now home to over 30000 trees of 38 with idees and several species of birds reptiles and subsoil creatures see just 100 kilometers south of this young fathers to the metropolis of mumbai it is facing an unprecedented development its clean spaces are slowly but surely dying. today mumbai's clean cover is less than 13 percent an alarming statistic. i forgot you hate show where there are a nation for every healthy human being you require 535 good healthy trees fire
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oxygen for your side for food for everything in mumbai reassures again diverse we have 5 human beings and one sheet. which is why a growing number of organizations are using an event to station technique that has its roots in japan but could be a perfect fit for space trapped mumbai it's called the me of aki method high density plantations are created with different species of need of trees. we need top money to greece because i think if you can increase greenery even by planting non-native trees in mumbai between 50 and 60 percent of trees are not needed in a conventional foundation one acre of land you can only have 2000 trees but it's more the me of argument heard we can plant between 12 to 13000 trees on the will but i say there are. some over in mumbai has become the unlikely home for the
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city's false me of aki forest a project by a local and by men. the group dream that began in january 2019. no one kilometer green wall that acts as a dust barrier between a cement warehouse and it has eventually neighborhood to the species defense but i think we have planted 50 to varieties of trees such as gunjan but these but the indian to livable they just don't. and the ember ficus. in another part of the city wall and tears are creating a me of aki cluster along the penny ferry off a public park in one of western india's most important business districts. the community was supported by for its creators an organization that has worked to create over 40 me aki forests in different parts of the country planting over 600000 trees with
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a 99 percent survival rate. to polish up when they were out there but i'm going to get out of there one of them and then going to go there with it was going to but. you need to be very very conscious about what kind of environment that we're going to so show you the most important part where the road warrior refers to understand the soil. the 2nd step is scientifically surveying the areas biodiversity and selecting suitable need to tree species to be planted. all the saplings and raw materials are then brought to the plantation site and although i think i'm not. going to buy this is healing. for the next 2 years the saplings are regularly monitored and watered costing with wien 1.5 dollars and $3.00 poetry to me
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a marquee technique could be crucial in the quest to revive urban green spaces. and the impact can be seen in a matter of few years as demonstrated in thought upper. hand over 90 percent of mumbai has been paved and contra ties in the past 4 decades turning the city into an urban heat island a large built up area that traps heat and drives up temperatures even at night. arbonne dance paderewski it did using the meow marquee technique would be enormously useful in combating this but despite their many benefits these young fortis cannot be treated as substitutes for naturally growing old products. now it's very wrong for anybody to say that you cut the deals that have been there
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for hundreds of years in a particular area and then you're going to blunders me out of the forest it's like you want to kill the grandfather in the house because in you which i believe we want to clear this it's absolutely you don't want the forest i bet to clear the local ecosystem to you the planet in its own little but it is really in order replacement to an existing forest. oh. in germany forests of long been treasured by its people which is why when these bloodless turned into brown graveyards during the horton dry summer the sense of dismay will sprout of a german long profit is extending a helping hand to reverse this ecological diversification so that these forests are more resilient. this forest in the hearts region of northern germany it's a spruce monoculture almost one 5th of the trees here are so damaged that they'll
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die the reason several years of too little rain. the forest ranger hope to counteract the problem by mixing in deciduous trees with the evergreens. but the seedlings that used to grow here have now dried out. years and. you know only 2018 inch trees were planted on this area. or the shrubs were planted at the edges over their oaks. and now up to 90 percent of them have died in the dry summers want to put up with. trying to save the forest through replanting may have come too late if the drought continues this will become a wasteland. but the ones in other parts of germany could still be saved if the conditions are better in the southern german mountain forest than they are in the
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hearts twice as much rain has fallen here volunteer tree planters have come to lend a hand they're in high demand due to the drought this believed this affects partners we've had for many years who are now suffering major losses and are asking if we can do more than the usual 2 or 3 weeks in one place it would be almost 1st common the young we've also received new requests for next year from all across germany. where people are urgently needed to clunk streams going into flounced most for the forestry workers mixed woods are the future they formed an organization called back found paul yakked it's a nonprofit that relies on donations you're fishtail if we don't see ourselves as merely a forestry business. involved we use our forestry work to come into contact with the words for being the answer in but we also see ourselves as an important educational institution think was the buildings i wish that. he wants
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people all over the world to get involved with planting trees the temperature rise of the earth's atmosphere can only be halted if more trees are planted worldwide that's why u.n. representatives let in 2011 allocate at the bond challenge conference so they agreed to restore $150000000.00 hectares of the world's forests even the bond challenge would sequester in addition the trees would take up 20 percent of the carbon dioxide that causes climate change it's one way out of the climate dilemma but why has so little happen to tell now. does this stack and i think that while planning this is a strength implementing it is a huge challenge the idea is that but there is still no plan that is ready to be carried out a block on their fields. that's why his organization is focusing on reforestation and germany. in order
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to better protect this woodland from potential drought damage they've rehydrated and upland more that had been trained. this isn't the reason goes up also this is a gigantic water reserve. pete lie of been ethers can hold huge amounts of water it's not illegal secondly it's also a card. i think that's why i usually in times of climate change well because the lowers is not indicate organic biomass transmission of your mouth it's turned into pate and p. contains all the carbon that the plants have taken out while growing. and it's all stored here beneath us. good stuff in the inner has spent decades turning monocultures into mixed woodlands and mobile reforestation begins he hopes to share his specialist knowledge and experience. you know not just
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germany forests around the world are in danger whether their destiny was going to focus really on dry forests a healthy forest requires the delicate balancing act of given tick but economic interests and population growth are right at the top to mess this up let's zoom in for the on the state of forests globally. the forests botanical garden eaters via the north of balin is part of the university for sustainable development it includes over $1200.00 tree species. one 3rd of the earth is covered in forest. professor to b.s. claim we'd like to see them contain the same tree diversity as there is here in the botanical garden several 1000000 hectares of forest were lost several 1000000 hectares per year still this loss is not the same everywhere we do have
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a slight increase in forest area for example in europe it was slight you do see a slight increase in forest area in north america on the other hand you can see very strong decrease in forest area in africa for example in southeast asia basically in all tropical regions. across the planet forest is being raised and replaced with arab oil farmland the timber is sold it's a dangerous development that takes a heavy toll on the environment the role of the forests cannot be over estimated basically forests to save or to store carbon dioxid they prevent or they have to decrease climate change but forests fulfill a lot of different other functions as well they are very important source for biodiversity they provide us with clean air with clean water and of course
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they are. they are a very important income source for especially poor people the study by the swiss federal institute of technology found nearly a 1000000 hectares of land worldwide could be reforested almost the size of china the new forests could capture 2 thirds of human made carbon emissions 1st of all the study gives us a very good overview of what potential can be achieved with a forestation still you have to keep in mind there are 2 main things that might make the whole thing more difficult 1st of all the sites are often not accessible when we think of russia these sites are not at all there are no roads there is no wrote the book etc secondly often the sites are not as unused as they might seem. the sites best suited for reforestation are in russia the us canada australia brazil and china even if not all the sites identified were
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a farce that there would still be a significant improvement in climate conditions and of course we mustn't make the same mistakes again most importantly before stripy diverse what should be avoided this large one of cultures with only one tree species by doing that the forests are much more resilient against forest fires against pests and of course against climate change forests not only still carbon wood is also an important energy source and has the added advantage of being a renewable resource. as energy source can only be part of futures renewable energy mix it will not save us from climate change your boss it is true 1st always should be used in a material way only lowest qualities of what we see here for example can be used for energy directly move forests made up of diverse species and also only means in
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our especially efficient at storing carbon all the more reason to leave them standing. moot. trees in the dead of need to florida just like wood for example have been a staple for construction for thousands of years because it stalls but what is environmentally responsible drastically different from the manmade materials that require huge amounts of fossil fuels and cause harmful emissions nobody is leading the pub to possibly go back to building with wood at ski the country has under the world's tallest wooden high rise standing at 85 meters. the wooden high rise on the shore of lake near the norway valley has 18 stories and a speedy 5 and a half meters high it's the tallest wooden building ever to be built worldwide.
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the project was the 1st film and the personal dream for developer. it's a symbol of what is possible. to make in good complicated buildings and also the high rise buildings and how to reduce c o 2 this is 60 percent lower c o 2 than in steel and concrete you think clearer. thank you or so it's healthier both for people but also for the nature. life that we can have an apartment on the 15th floor. clearly enjoys being surrounded by would.
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like this i feed the birds you can smell the birds all the good you see makes. doing something with you so i think it's more like this let me see concrete right so you feel that the building is living actually with you. it took years of play mirroring work to make the wooden tower impermeable to wind and weather. it was designed by phone and moved from a company specialized in temperate construction. project coordinator. ventured into new architectural territory. we have never done anything like this before so it was always about believing that it is possible a lot of hard work and a long night to try to figure out how can we do this the biggest problem. lightness of the material so all the force of the external force as they will try to tilt the
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building or shift it. to load bearing callings had to be some deeper into the ground than usual fire proofing was never a major issue the thick wooden beams can withstand a blaze even longer than steel another factor behind the trend in building with timber. this 84 meter building under construction in vienna is also mean i don't want or don't france is building an entire development with eco friendly material and architects in london are planning a 300 metre tower made of oak. i think it's a symbol of the green shift we have. think about the. method of building. a future. but every building. wooden high rises remain the exception. is a good example of what apartment buildings could look like.
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is not only a sustainable construction material it also helps in making some create music hundreds of. instrument. now almost priceless. from the spruce forest. in northern italy even today it's used to create some world class instruments but the theme. is feeling the effects of climate change. fabio on you benny always enjoys working with wood particularly if it has a nice texture or see with. the wood is smooth and even that's just the right kind for making musical instruments. one of those. but a major windstorm last year knocked down almost all of the trees here in wagner.
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was. there not all but one. next day i felt like a friend died with the. 4 from. the high winds blew down trees across entire mountainsides. fabio has been coming to this area for 13 years to find just the right kind of wood for centuries the forest has provided wood for violins guitars and pianos the would give the instruments an excellent sound and resonance but now fabio is trying to save what he can. and this trunk has are good diameter and a good texture. but this crack here shows that the tree split when it was knocked over so i can't use it. but i meant that although being.
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the wood is processed at fabio small factory down in the valley this is where mountain spruce is converted into tone wood and resonance wood. fabio's customers include a number of major companies that produce musical instruments. this finally cut tone wood will be used to make violins it's been sorted by age and quality. more than 300 years ago antonio stradivari crafted his violins from wood similar to this. but right now fabio is trying to recover as much wood as he normally does in 4 years and it's going to cost a lot of money to store it. so he's asked customers and private clients to pay $300.00 euros in advance per tree trunk to cover storage
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costs. that's why he's choosing only the best word right now. only top quality wood will be processed fabio keeps a close watch on all of the tree trunks even in the sawmill here the trunks are precut along the grain this wood will be used to make sound boards for pianos. sawmill owner frank old saber is sorry that so many trees were lost in the windstorm. it took those trees 11020 years to grow to maturity and then the storm ruined everything it's sad and know it will take another 120 years for the forest to grow back. customers who appreciate fabio skill and experience will support him during these tough times. i know my.
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response here has an extremely important job he's the only one who can find this kind of high quality wood violin makers like me couldn't do it but we're all part of the process of creating a musical instrument so we have to trust each other. young on. every step of that process must be spot on as fabio's tone what is made into a violin. now i'm happy when the client is pleased with the instrument. the manufacturers and the musicians deserve a lot of credit too. but people seem to forget that it's my word that makes the instrument. fabio on e bay me as customers certainly haven't forgotten and for the time being he'll continue to salvage as much what is he can from the valid if you have
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a site so that he can keep providing top quality material for world class musical instruments. forest for the insurance for a cleaner and greener future be help people climb the steeple absolving carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen and they regulate our water supply and improve its quality and you can only imagine what would happen if we don't protect them think about that and we'll be back next week with yet another informative episode until then good bye.
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the for the for. the for. good shape. i you're actually getting a good rest and sufficient sleep or do you often wake up at night. when you're explaining what when is it normal and when. disorders what are the reasons for restless nights. bleaching next on t.w. . climate change. the strain ability
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to move environmental graduates. of globalization affect biodiversity species conservation exploitation the quality. of human rights law displacement to come almost be sure of the global impact of the local actually. global 3060 minutes on g.w. . org. or. to your france dear antonia here's a scene here year my 3 grandchildren sleep on troubled when i was in france is ages germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old and you know my grandchildren were born
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after the war found born in the green line. 3 generations one family on a journey through my recent german history. starts nov 6th on d. w. . welcome to in good shape. the american comedian w.c. fields said more than 100 years ago the best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep well that of course was a joke.


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