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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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and i could see michael ahead of me and i was i wow this is this is pretty cool that's my head and then you push really hard to catch him no no a 6 time world champion lewis hamilton is one more title from doing just. that's all the news for now but stay tuned up next here at the ws our buddhist league a show with lots more i'm. getting fired as a buyer and you know coach and of course all the latest news and information is available anywhere you are around the clock on our website w dot com or on twitter at the w. news. slate. carefully. to suit your needs to be.
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discovered. subscribe to documentary to. clean up today don't miss it or highlights. program. w dot com highlights. buyers' new gold watch has become the 1st coaching casualty of this season manuel neuer post match comments after frankfurt added fuel and co botched gunfire the berlin clashes in the past it will take you there for the fan experience plus some action let's bring it to match stating. did byron serco botch his walking papers
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too soon he struggled last season by a rebounded and won the double but current brass had enough but now for the defending champions and. there's still one derby this match day to visit in west germany for 2 dusseldorf will test their fortunes and home against the neighboring building go to cologne. welcome to the but as they get here on d w i'm chris harrington joining me for sunday's shindig is the very own man they did deb you the man with the gift of gab mr ed mccambridge how you doing it i'm good chris i think somebody's nice to talk about but i'm in it and you annoy other right man for the job what about you know in berlin we're going to talk about that side about that as well obviously yeah glad to hear it now before we get to our conversation on the cocoa botched let's head west and bring you up to speed with what happened on the pitch on sunday the rivalry known as the ryan darby between fortuna dusseldorf and cologne has
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a lot of history but it's been on ice lately as the 2 sides haven't met for more than 20 years colognes return to the top flight has stunk and fortuna software season has to when it comes to the head to head cologne his dominating what about this time. the house was throbbing in just sold off ahead of the clash with cologne on hospitable turf for the billygoat send coach came by alongside his counterpart friedhelm focal steeled for battle in front of the home crowd. cologne won the possession battle but this foul on alfredo morales led to adjust the death penalty by rafael see shots clearly bringing down the american above steps rowan henning's to face t.-mo horn and he coolly slotted home one nailed in the 38 minutes after the restart con i hung on punted the ball downfield to eric tommy abode latched onto it and made it to neil for just pulled off in the 61st minutes
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by tommy outran kingsley shindler and hammered the ball past horn and that's how it ended a 2 nil victory for phone calls for 2 now because. it was hard work i think alone held up well especially on defense we had things pretty much under control i don't think our keeper had to make a single difficult stuff. and cologne go home dejected and mired in the relegation battle well just fans will be the ones bragging about their team at work this week . now for the late match on sunday shall come out spur this one saw a couple of lead changes the home side looked to be on their way to win number 2 this season after the iceman alfred finn both decided made it to one from the spot to leave was short lived though as those on top but not at home from
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a free kick to draw a shock a level after 70 minutes and then it was the way a blue who's always mean i mean harry finished the job with just under 10 minutes left free to the final score shall go into the european places. congrats to the winning sides but let's start by our new take it sounded like captain manuel neuer was throwing shade. after frankfort headed byron a 51 beat down ok ed fired good timing well it's never a good time to fire your coach midway through a season the time to get it done is before the season begins and obviously they've had to take drastic action at this stage now i'm not really surprised i mean he knows the expectations on his shoulders this isn't frank anymore the team he used to coach he's in the big leagues now and there are certain expectations that come with that and they haven't even one half of their bonus they gave the season 10 games they've they've not won 5 of them ok and poor results include
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a draw against but they lost a hoffenheim now this is not by a new next level of course there have been some extenuating circumstances entire defense seems to be to go injured or lost its mind. lucas hernandez out boateng picking up red cards but this 51 the feat to frankfurt really is the straw that broke the camel's back now we're going to we're going to hear from 2 people right now one is nico kovacs the man of the moment he spoke off the game about how disappointed he is and then we're going to hear from our more noir and i think this really shows that kovacs had lost the dressing room after that defeat. any of those a man unless we shouldn't be losing $51.00 what we have to grasp is that sure it was a man less it's going to be more difficult to win. something like that should never happen you know this is what has happened is no fluke if you saw the cup game in bochum last week and what has happened isn't really a big surprise to me it's kind of reasonable rational but it can't just be blamed
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on getting a red card early in the game. you want to come out to nothing worked out. so now we are in a situation which we have to confront a woman joins us on and we will have to analyze things and talk about it but of course we have to change something. it sounds like you know the responses has been made with the change in place last season when they struggled you didn't really hear players vocal thomas miller's wife maybe but players hearing from the captain. talking about replacements a few names have been mentioned i know they have a short term fix in place what are the reports telling us she has some point some is going to consult thomas miller's wife a lot and what she thinks the situation but no there are a few names in the hat that have been for a little while now as nico that she's time the soul of stagnate a little bit rich or poor should say no the top hotspur boss absolutely revolutionized that club and he's always one of the names when one of these top clubs is looking for a new coach eric 10 hogg the coach who took
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a very young fantastically hard pressing on to the champion's league semifinals last season against all odds and ralph the head of international relations and scouting at all be lucky but the problem is as we said before this isn't you know pre-season right this is midway through a series of beauty has to be an issue some of these coaches the coaches you've mentioned are on contract we'll put you say you know 123 for example taught them and i want to give up their coach at this point in the season the matter what's going on with this season in the premier league so he's going to take you to a lot of money or they're going to have to find somebody to take a short term now the reports are saying the flick the system manager will be taken over for the next 2 games at least in p.r. course and then their classic but you know a champions league game midweek and then a game of that size against this weekend he really has been thrown in at the deep end you mention in this name the name again hines he can safely also but you get like is that that's my question who is that oh i had silly of course you barmy typically going to have big names it's hard to you know crowd their locker room we
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just saw that you know the dissent from the captain speaking you know long term do you think they'll try for an italian maxillary was a name they've thrown in that is well you know we do know he's available the last a tie didn't work out so well the munich are you hoping that they can repair him give a push you know to. if in their title well i think you know there's always every season it seems some sort of chaos midway through point season end up changing a coach and certainly not everything bringing back your pint is this talk on their phone whisperings of joe's a marine dortmund done by and at the moment the real cat amongst the pigeon pigeons in the bundesliga but look i think they can have to find somebody pretty cheap the not to be out if you don't throw shooter amounts of money at the big league manager going someone cheap they're going to be someone they can be so much cheaper and some quick so i know eric you know how it is mentioned if bar calls phil answer there remains to be seen now moving on on this match day we witnessed a maiden kick off in germany's capital city you know in berlin defeated hansa berlin one neal in their 1st berlin darby in the bonus league in case you can't
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make your way to germany here's a look back at how the day unfolded in berlin. had to build in fans having to match day 10 at the city to themselves. but on saturday. they came by road by rail and river to their 1st if a top flight dobby against one you don't believe. the tension before kick off was palpable. a flare fired from outside the stadium would still play. but the only moment that mattered to when your own fans came from the penalty spot.
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yeah i was hopeful that we would win the game i thought it would be a very close one i was actually where. i was expecting a draw but this is better. so it seems the points. thing and he's blamed that's the way it is and hopefully that's how it will be in the future. i think many people in workplaces on monday have the bragging rights and that means a lot to those people and to be waiting for this occasion for a long time and now it's here it's. very. expensive for a long time ok there were fireworks as well as fired up fans on hand to win this is historic fixture do you think this will become a mainstay like day classic are these teams good enough to you know convert berlin into a football town or in terms of quality know anyone that watch a game will tell you the stink yesterday the fans whipping up a real atmosphere inside the ground that is really cool to watch from that
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perspective but the football down the pitch was pretty rotten actually but you know take away the quality factor and actually in terms of cultural significance and fan support why not this could certainly be a huge occasion to start a brilliant era for these 2 clubs you know obviously this wasn't the 1st. darby in the bundesliga previous one was in 1987 this was the 1st east berlin meets west berlin ever in the book is the only on the 1st club from the east to get to the top division and of course the occasion came one week before the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall so it's almost as if they had written this game but you know anyone what you or anybody watch what you're around the world to say wow what an atmosphere this could be something special a future i know unfortunately both of those are on the bottom half of the table that's enough talk about that let's turn our attention to the top half take a look. ok still at number one lot buck have been the most consistent over the last few match days as you can see dog made in leipzig mired in freiburg to 4th and 6th
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4th and 5th and ashoka after their when they jump up to 6th on the table and obviously things are changes so tight i'm sure the teams bottom will be given themselves you know hope is well now before i let you go day classic is the next big match you know byron versus dormant in munich march humbles has a play to get his former club get how do you see their fixture well the big question is by and against goldman is hanzi flick the judge in knowing exactly against lucien fava i fancy to win that game by an absolute chaos in this culture where he steps really yes ok you'll be back well with ok i will definitely hold you to that well that's a full time for us i'd like to thank mr ed wright said it always say the right stuff be sure to tune in next match day from the team here in berlin done. i'll be visiting.
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