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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2019 11:30am-11:46am CET

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i have got white hair. learning the language you know a lot this give me a good opportunity to interrupt it's a play you want to do their story to my friends reporting and reliable information for margaret. and you're awful folks fox the german chancellor is among its guests as its key electric models into production to task europe's biggest carmaker finally put the diesel scandal behind it also coming up saudi arabia is calling it a has storage milestone and a move that will transform the economy the kingdom prepares for the stock market debut of state oil company. and to asian leaders are gathered at the asean summit in thailand hoping to agree on an initial white train. back up to business
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i want to johnsonville i'm going to have you with us it's time to go electric on a large scale with global sales of electric cars expected to grow as much as 48 percent this year the car industry is keen to get a piece of the action fox is going big on its 1st electric vehicle in its ideal range production of the idea 3 launches today at its to help plant in germany this is the car for its viking is pinning its hopes on the id 3 is based on a modular car platform called annie b. it's used to produce 6 model for 3 of the groups brown. hopes its all electric platform will give it a competitive edge. the id 3 has one big advantage it has its own platform and that means a large number of people can be produced on that platform that way the cost per
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vehicle can be kept very low when it comes to development and production. the electric motor has fewer parts than a combustion engine building it requires fewer people despite that the number of employees in stick out is going to rise. we need more people because we'll be building more cars previously we built a new car every 2 minutes now we're aiming for every 90 seconds. but elsewhere in germany some $7000.00 jobs are to be slashed the rise of electric power is sparking a shakedown to me industry. we shouldn't be kidding ourselves electric mobility will lead to job losses course we estimate that between 15 and 20 percent of jobs will be cut by the year 2030. 5. folks who described the production of the id 3 as c o 2 neutral the price of the model taking into account the incentives offered by
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the german government starts at $26000.00 euros. and. q a down east in speak up for us that's because of course in the eastern part of germany . electric idea is going to be the 1st to free vehicle could you elaborate on that. yeah i know it does sound very very contradictory but there are ways to make it carbon neutral the 1st one is the production the problem with a electric car is that in the production process there's a lot of energy that is used up and there they are changing to renewable energies to reduce the carbon footprint and also the 2nd thing is an electric car is always only as electric as the electricity that you basically drive it with and there should be w. is trying to provide customers with a platform where you can also charge with renewable energy and the 3rd thing is
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also basically everything else that they conquered use they're going to offset with carbon neutral project for example also going to borneo and then reforesting forests they're all right a little salt is going into this but so far at electric cars are still lagging combustion engine certainly in terms of sales is a false flags investment and stake are worth it. you know it's a very big investor investment it's 1200000000 euros basically and also the thing is that they're planning to make this plant and recall the biggest plant in europe for electric cars which is huge and they're planning to actually produce $330000.00 cars a year insistent about it in the 1st half of 295-0000 cars round about when you'll be registered in germany so it does show that a lot of v.w.
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is future is riding on the electric car and it's a very very big bet to make basically it's it's a big day certainly for the town of speak out there is speech just happening right behind you as we speak what else is planned. yes there is a lot happening behind me actually i think at the chancellor is about to speak right now and it is a big big deal because when's the last time that such a huge crowd wasn't because it's a very historic place as well because as we said it was in eastern germany and it was a production placed for the top on the most iconic car in eastern germany but it's also a big deal for germany in general because they haven't really been the pioneers in electric cars and in producing them and v.w. is trying to change that with the cold and they're basically trying to make a pilot project here to make it work and then exported all over india other plants
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internationally q are there are there reporting for us live from speak out with us launches electric fully electric productions thank you so much. now fox of arms move comes as electric pioneer tesla prepares to start building cars in the key chinese market production and trials of its model 3 are underway at its giant new factory in shanghai the electric a 4 door sedan is intended for a broader market in tesla's previous models the plant opened ahead of schedule and as part of the company's business investments drive in china which accounts for more than half of the world's electric vehicle sales. all right move over apple soon the world's most valuable publicly traded company may not be from the take bubble of silicon valley but from the halt to deserts of saudi arabia after years of delay and amid new security threats posed by rival iran's state oil giant aramco is on the verge of going public the move can raise huge amounts of money for the
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kingdom which it wants to use to diversify the economies that until now has been almost exclusively based on oil. after years of waiting saudi aramco berths biggest climate polluter and the world's most profitable company will offer investors a piece of the kingdom's prize a. state owned aramco accounts for 70 percent of saudi arabia's revenues. the i.p.o. on the riyadh stock exchange could value the company a 2 trillion dollars and make around co worth nearly as much as apple and microsoft put together. for us. i think we are. for the listing which will increase our visibility internationally we are a very strong company by sharing a lot of information as required by any listed company that will be a lot of analysts that would review our data and conveyed it with other listed companies. around koa counts for 10 percent of the world's oil production in the
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company is the biggest carbon footprint in the world climate campaigners are worried they want fossil fuel companies to scale back and cut carbon emissions not to expand this is a move in the opposite direction. but the economy of saudi arabia must change to survive well comp last forever some analysts say around 70 more years prince mohammed bin wants cash to diversify. the prince wants tourism manufacturing and renewable energy to drive growth in the post oil world he has major ambitions to transform saudi into a top 5 global tourism destination. all right let's cross over to often national correspondent chelsea delaney in france the chelsea why an i.p.o. in riyadh and not in new york or london. listing is saudi aramco on on a local exchange is
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a really important symbol for the for the government there because they've they've really made this push to get more investors investing locally and to saudi companies and they've made a lot of a lot of progress and transparency and regulatory changes so i think it's important for them as a symbol to a list this locally but they are planning at some point in the next few years to do a 2nd internationalist saying syrian to do the small local listing where they all the list about 2 to 5 percent of the shares and then in a couple of years there they've said they plan to do another listing they've actually chosen quite understand what's interesting li tokyo. because they have said the u.s. london and china they've all have so many political issues right now that it would be it would be safer for us to list in tokyo on interest to use with the i.p.o. of course is part of saudi arabia's attempts to sort of diverged from its oil dependency how's that playing out so far it's been rocky for the for the 1st couple
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of years they announced this push and 2016 and a big part of that was collecting more taxes doing more to raise energy prices for things like electricity utilities and that definitely weighed on the economy at the same time they have had trouble attracting foreign investment and into these key industries like mining logistics. just and to an industrial base so they have had some some stumbling blocks and they still remain highly dependent on on their oil revenues and still about 70 percent of their government revenues but it does appear that it's picking up a little bit the non awhile sector right chelsea delaney they reporting for us from frankfurt just. and asian leaders are meeting in bangkok for their annual asean summit with trade high on the agenda the main focus is a massive trade deal covering half of the world's population but securing an agreement could be tricky to asia. that as india and china disagree on monday
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i'm asian leaders present a united front for the photo shoot in bangkok as they try to hash out the world's largest trade deal the regional comprehensive economic partnership host thailand say talks have been conclusive an announcement is imminent china wants the ozzie amusing to approve the deal as it would act as a counterweight to its tariff war with the us. would you use your party with the current global situation experiencing complex and profound changes especially with the slowdown of global economic growth the asean plus 3 cooperation offers a valuable experience on the strength of cooperation that will help boost confidence among regional countries. is sure. to do will include 30 percent of global g.d.p. and cover half the world's people but india is concerned about a flood of cheap mass produced chinese goods hurting small businesses and its
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economy many here for the u.s. is disengaging from the region leaving china's growing influence on checked something washington denies. the trump administration xix trimly. and firmly committed to this region. after skipping the summit president donald trump has invited southeast asian leaders to a special summit in the united states early next year. well the summit is still ongoing we'll have more on the us in some of the later today and business asia for now.
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going to. bring your concept discomfort with us. after 100 years has the ideals of the bombs more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries or. people understood designs where shaping society. about half
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a man does cost on her. with. our future books on how a card to. our documentary starts november 14th d.w. . this week on world stories. planting trees despite opposition in china. saving penguins in south africa. we begin in germany where people of kurdish dissent are concerned about the turkish army's invasion of northern syria many of them fear for the lives of their families they're. all
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week i'll give you know looks forward to soccer training with his club. like most of the players could he know comes from the kurdish autonomous region and northern syria. he finds it difficult to concentrate on the game on the conflict in his homeland is still going on. in the familiar. we are worried about our families on the team talks about it. it's not just me but others have relatives there we support each other he's. always. came to germany as a refugee from syria and 2012 he now has german citizenship and is stunning to be a social worker his parents still live in northern syria how do you know it's keeping a close eye on the news he said but also angry with the german government. that. show.


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