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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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it's. called to be. the world's biggest. movie instead of silicon valley the world's most valuable publicly traded company from saudi arabia the. regulator has approved the listing of the state oil giant. exact details surrounding the size and scope of the i.p.o. remain unknown. after years of waiting saudi aramco for its biggest climate polluter and the world's most profitable company will offer investors a piece of the kingdom's prize a. state owned aramco accounts for 70 percent of saudi arabia's revenues. the i.p.o. on the riyadh stock exchange could value the company a 2 trillion dollars and make around co worth nearly as much as apple and microsoft
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put together. for us. i think we are for the listing which will increase our visibility internationally we are a very strong company by sharing a lot of information as required by any listed company that will be a lot of analysts that would review our data and compared it with other listed companies. aramco accounts for 10 percent of the world's oil production and the company has the biggest carbon footprint in the world climate campaigners are worried they want fossil fuel companies to scale back and cut carbon emissions not to expand this is a move in the opposite direction. but the economy of saudi arabia must change to survive well camp last forever some analysts say around 70 more years prince mohammed bin wants cash to diversify. the prince wants tourism
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manufacturing and renewable energy to drive growth in the post oil world he has major ambitions to transform saudi into a top 5 global tourism destination. german car bosses a meeting with lawmakers in today to discuss green and future technologies summit comes as top. begins production of what it calls a breakthrough vehicle. here comes the car that has been gearing up for for the last 3 years the id 3 it is b. w.'s 1st mass production purely electric car. herbert deeds the c.e.o. of the company is pitching the id 3 as a do or die moment for germany's critical automotive sector tend to feel at the moment you hear a lot about the decline of the german automotive industry but whether it comes to this is up to us it's an issue of whether we take advantage of the opportunities
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that are brought by change. once beat it german chancellor angela merkel was on hand to tour the factory or government will now have to stump up to subsidize charging stations it's taken v.w. 3 years to rebuild its plan in which will now become the largest electric car building plant in all of europe b w is a late comer to the immobility business but customers should be taking delivery of the id 3 by the middle of next year the market for electric cars is growing fast but it will be a long time before they replace vehicles with combustion engines the most optimistic forecast suggests that in 20 years fossil fuel driven vehicles will still outnumber them by 2 to one. of course you need a charging point. for us to talk to her about that and some other things going on there. there are 21000 public charging stations
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and that's no way near enough is. no it's not i mean you can say that this is the beginning of a new era with as much pomp and circumstance as you want to if your car is stranded on the highway without any juice well no if it's empty that's it so the problem is that merkel sees a problem she actually said she promised it is going to be 1000000 public charging points by 2030 but that's still a long way to go and that is why as you mentioned she's meeting at the summit and she's actually working on the master plan charging stations but there were a lot of promises made before and they really haven't. come true yet so we'll see whether these cars here whether they act can actually be driven in germany or they will go somewhere else exported somewhere else where they can actually have a better infrastructure. masterplan those cars behind you and meant to be the
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1st carbon neutral vehicles in the world what does that mean. yeah it sounds a bit strange doesn't it the thing is that the way the w. is doing it is that they are changing from in their plan since vehicle to changing from fossil fuel energies to renewable energies to produce the cars and they also forcing their suppliers to do the same at the same time they know that they can produce all of the c o 2 so all of that as a country do say offsetting an environmentally friendly projects but the problem also is if they want to be that environmentally friendly the batteries that they're set themselves are not very eco basically because sourcing the materials for them is environmentally hazardous and they come period. cycled so you can really say it isn't completely environmentally friendly car killed over for us in speak up thank you very much. asian leaders are in bangkok for the annual summit
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with trade high on the agenda the main focus is a massive trade deal covering half the world's population but despite progress securing a final agreement is tricky. for the summit's thai hosts it was the breakthrough they had been hoping for progress towards a major trade agreement even if the deal will not be signed intil next year it will create the world's largest trade zone accounting for 30 percent of global economic output and half the world's population along with the 10 as the un countries it also includes china japan south korea australia and new zealand. welcome the progress that's been made in the negotiations for that regional comprehensive economic partnership. it will bring about the world's largest free and fair economic area and it will be important from a strategic and economic perspective to implement
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a free and open indo-pacific. china has been the driving force behind a large asia pacific trading area to offset the effects of its trade war with the us. with the current global situation experiencing complex and profound changes especially with the slowdown of the global economy the as the plus 3 cooperation offers valuable experience that will help boost confidence among countries in the region. should go. but another powerhouse will not be joining for now india fears a flood of low priced chinese goods that could harm its many small businesses but delhi says it's not slamming the door on accession as for the u.s. it's only a small delegation and that's raising worries that washington's influence in the region may be waning as china's waxes even if u.s.
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government officials deny it. following those talks. deal or no deal. well there was a bit of confusion all day basically because this morning the tiger prime minister and chelsea was on right now said negotiations have concluded but the signing off the deal will only take place next several weeks so everyone was wondering what that meant do we have it do we not have a deal just a few minutes ago i received over the journalists received a joint statement and in that one it said india has still significant outstanding issues so 15 out of the. countries that. are set. out complete with all the chapters they have finished with their ego she ation which has been going on for 7 years india still is not ready to sign this point it
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is on that india will join or not but what is very likely is that by next february february all the other. member states will actually join that so my assessment is that india just little too much they lost they were quite surprised that the other 15 were in head with us so now we'll have to see whether india actually gets its act together enjoying every little smiles you have but just tell me trump skipping ozzy and we will asia lead and snub his advice. well i won't hold my breath for this special summit that invited leaders here for because there is not really any point and this is not just me saying that it was regarded as a snob by the us president trump did not show up here just to give you context obama
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during his years in office. went to 7 of those down summits and only missed one due to the government shutdown at this point thailand especially if you're. sorry that the us did not show up with a high level delegation here have to leave in f.l. and those in bangkok some of the heaviest rains in years have soaked parts of new south wales in australia welcome relief in a region experiencing some of the was drought ever but longer term the forecasts still graham. videos have gone viral showing children a new south wales wallowing in the mud and a happy drenched young farmer takes a selfie with her relieved livestock. the weather bureau says parts of the state received nearly 100 millimeters of rain over sunday the most in 7 years and not before time. cattle drink like their lives depend on us and many farmers have
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already given up. bryan hunt is not exactly ecstatic despite the rain. on a hillside we look to for. so many things and it's put a bit too full of water into those tanks it's too little to make up for the damage already done by the dries many farmers lost their harvest again this year but for the 1st time there's hope. that if we can get flow 'd out rowing but we noted pretty quick i'm afraid to be wonderful. much much more would be needed to restore normality to the farming community it would need to rain for weeks months some even say years. that would be a lot of right. luxury
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behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production but who is monitoring the some contractors and investigative documentary goes to italy and china close behind the glamorous facades of fashion hours a luxury beyond the borough starts nov 5th on d w. after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th d.w. . to france dear antone oh dear cecilia
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distance of visit us and i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble that's. when i was 8 france's exchanges in germany was split in 2 and remain divided for a decade to. give all of us when your mother was born in 1969 the wall was already 8 years ago and you know my grandchildren who were born after the war felt born in a great unified germany among the full time the time of great joy. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. never mind that. darkness has fallen and it's still a peaceful and every nation for your sakes my grandchildren.
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churchill number 6 do you w. . above. the but . this is the news law of the from but festivities are kicking off to. the full all the way and they include all insulation on funding in front of the brandenburg gate a correspondent joins us with all the details also coming up rival protests over lebanon's political scene chef thousands take to the streets to demonstrate against
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the looming a link.


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