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time for school in france we have company 3 young activists. close up in 60 minutes on d w. people world over information provided. they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter. in touch following us. this . coming up on the program. leaving the country we'll find out how a town in guinea is feeling the effects of migration and what makes people want to leave also coming up. with. a unique.
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and you are welcome to the program migration is a controversial topic some seed leaving the country as the only way to get a job and get ahead and the benefit to. those living abroad are worth more than that. official development assistance but that assistance to go can also leave pieces of the very people needed to create what you need these at home the educated and the ambitious well talk more in a moment about tackling this style m. about fast let's see how one town in guinea is affected by a migration. it's the rainy season in guinea a money sucker pits like this one used by the club olympique to man who can be hard on the bones but for most of the players here the game is
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a welcome diversion from gloomy daily life there are few jobs and few opportunities many want to go somewhere else it's getting harder and harder for the coach to put a team together since so many players leave. and those i don't know if they think they'll find jobs in europe in germany france spain italy they want to realize their dream and help their families here on the other it would. be worth. many more nice to them we are there's no work my dream is to go away and earn money someplace else there's no support in this country i'll definitely leaf. they feel especially ignored by the government many families in memory are affected by immigration they tell us peaches of capsized boat drowned young people a much more than just news items. family was he turned his oldest son died last year on the mediterranean his mother is consumed by grief.
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but you know my heart has not been at peace since he died. with disabled he manages to make ends meet by repairing t.v.'s he says the loss of his son not only brings pain it also endangers the family's long term survival a few weeks ago his 2nd youngest son only 14 years old also left. a son has gone is killing me it's my biggest problem i don't want to lose him like the 1st one. left because they had few opportunities. the e.u. hopes to fight the root causes of migration in guinea with about 100000000 euros from the emergency trust fund for africa and some of the money is also going to. return knees are being given a chance of
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a new beginning with financial aid and training like mamadou bassy who is learning basic founding skills he's coming to terms with his failed attempt to leave and he's frustrated to see on social media how others have made it to europe he wants to somehow get back on his feet. i heard this project will help me succeed i pray to god that if it doesn't work things will be very difficult for me but that is it. that mammals bus station the buses are actually are the field cars many young men set off from here or stop here on their way north they tell us that because the drivers are supposed to report them the migrants switch to motorcycle to. who every determined to leave guinea will probably find a way. joining me now is sudanese born entrepreneur brahim who is currently in berlin for you conference about migration from an african perspective. many thanks for your time we've just seen the reports where many in
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a town in guinea have left to leave why is this happening across many countries in africa. asia is about aspiration if you have young people who are. educated. really move a bit out of life and they need to join up and there's no job available there's no hope. then to decide to make. these is is just a note that that is the human history over the last thousands of years you know. people lose whole song we have the right to do some words so what needs to be done. i think what we need to be. this number of things i mean in the african countries saeed's we didn't need to be active i thought young
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people we need investment to create jobs because job soon will be connected by governments jobs will be created by investment we need to have the right. framework for investment that only come was good governance that's what our foundation is focused on the issue of good governance good governance means we did need to focus in the liver awards in didn't what the what is needed we need to upgrade our education system because as it is at the moment is not fit for better bush we need more technical schools we need to create says kids which are needed by the current. economy what was the economy needs we need to do that ok so we talk about good governance but what happens if governments fail the own people. it's really said. what happens in many areas is you can end up was if you do shit like what have been did so that my own
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country. and right his soul or if i didn't see be able to voting with their feet you know if they don't have a new bush unity to change governments through the ballot box or through this quick . then they take the difficult to get across the heart of what across the mediterranean nobody wants those young people to be to be lost you know in the mediterranean order and. we're really in africa we need to be active. by the way most of the african make the asian or african migrants estate in africa actually they don't come from 3 little with over 70 percent of the migrants. migrating intensity inside africa and that's right that's a good. because we need to have fairly believe the free movement of people
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like what you have a new group because that held our record and he's ok now you've mentioned yourself your foundation without him foundation also they brought him prize now 12 years ago you found that that he brought him fries and 7 hours of booze 12 yes no afrikan pasta has been found word enough to win it how can we translate this. 22 points here. we have to leave standards were not lording out of standards to produce if we're not every year. so we have to be true and credible secondly excellence is difficult iow to sit away or being friends if this braise was offered to you will be in the them or the last will vs could have been able to find you will be emptied out every year with this price you're live in
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germany. can you suggest to me to a 12 names in europe who deserves a prize just over the last one of us is difficult ok ok then time will not allow us to go on but many things. you're welcome thank you for having me now this animal here the elephants produces huge amounts of something that isn't quite so my jesting poop elephants dung is used for many things from federalizes to fuel but now is not often couple of stone in use the i infusing its engine to adi tista of africa our correspondent there in kurdish reports. let them sleep is always good to see people's reactions while preparing is didn't a stick after all and louvel is no ordinary gin it's flavored with elephant's back
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. yard is a little bit funny to think that that was elephant dung but it's it's good surprisingly good for me doesn't it you didn't expect so you know. what makes me relax or feel better about it is all that i'll call that sterilizes whatever that was inside the down side doesn't really make a big difference to me it tastes good. less and slay and his wife or like ever the special ingredients for their gin in south africa but the scope gave words if. and there is some danger involved a pride of lions watch this with bated breath nearby. the 2 former academics came up with the idea while i'm so far there in business. terms of grass and leaves it's obviously very botanical it's because the elephants all this amazing
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food and they digest so little and the rest of their food is just passed through their digestive system very quickly and ends up on the on the felt floor. indeed that doesn't smell to bet. still the pocket rangers are just getting used to seeing people collect elephant feces. it's still for you a little bit with elected government. somehow oh. yes yes. we collected about just over 3 of the size bags. and this will be. more we have about. $4000.00 bottles $6000.00 bottles which will have to get out of. the elephant feces get washed and dried the workshop
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then it gets steeped in gin for 24 hours just like a team pick the final product is a premium gin for more than 30 euros per bottle it's a clear success for the gin distillers. it's been crazy so it was it started off as maybe we could do this is a part time thing but we've soon realized if you want to make it successful and if we if you wanted to grow the business and it had to be a full time job so forth for the 2 of us it's a full time job. the spirit make us now i hope that the elephant infused will claim a permanent place on the shelves of south africa stores and box. i personally do really like the taste and it seems a lot of people here are agreeing with me on that you just need to sort of not really think about what ingredient is in the. news africa you can catch all stories on our website on facebook page with some pictures
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of the kenyan awareness of the new york marathon. thanks for joining us. discover the bauhaus code. for t.v. on. the. go to the girl max chance. the mind of students.
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with the exclusive. must see concerning. place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribing don't. normally. the world join us on facebook. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to our arts and culture news and at the top of a big week here in germany here's what's coming up on the show. looking to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall later this week former east german civil rights activist tells us how she experienced the night of november 9th 1989.
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and the beethoven pastoral project inspired by his famous 6 symphony. and gauge actively with today's urgent questions of environmental protection and climate change. but 1st the fallout of brecht's it whether it ultimately happens or not has been felt in the british capital for months now many companies with a operations have announced plant and office closures and london itself is hard hit as banks and financial firms take precautionary measures with many shifting assets to the european mainland no wonder then that the art market has reacted in kind with many london galleries making their contingency plans and so far the winner on that front is paris. art dealer davids warner has 3 galleries a new york one in hong kong and one in london but with the u.k.
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set to leave the e.u. he's now opened this gallery in paris too with a show by raymond pettit.


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