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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2019 8:30am-9:01am CET

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germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades when your mother was born in 1969 the ones already 8 years old you know my grandchildren were born after the war felt born in. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. starts nov 6th on d w. one .
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without this peaceful revolution matchday tens 1st of abundantly good jewel between an east and west berlin club would never have been false of all. never before had that been a bundesliga fixture with as many historical of the times when you invest in stats our fans rang in the historic occasion with a flurry of fireworks which they found fitting the week before the 30th anniversary of the full of the walk. in lay the jews in league leading black but have the chance to make history too with their best season stuck in 42 years. while another eastern club like they can also make history. the biggest time when they go on bundesliga history gold and face undefeated bulls pushes their coach past a personal milestone birthday boy for a week to clean the plastic present and in buy ins visit to frankfurt robot love until ski. it is on record to chase. to.
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check outside of that by and have very little to celebrate because certainly what forget the visit to frankfurt any time soon and especially not what happened in the white of that much. it's time to say goodbye in the cocoa back after by ends crushing defeat in frankfurt he knew what was coming. here we know how these things work so everyone can relax. and relax probably isn't the right word we needed to vent after the game relations with the top brass were already tense before the match a match that others will have happy memories of. that she'd been under pressure for weeks with growing calls for his removal from fans on social media.
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many believe kovacs wasn't up to leading the referee champions. things somewhat hoping that kind because with return to the buy and bench the goals followed their brand of hope the full mrs webbe by and barely scraped by with results shooting from 4th and frank things will be intense from the 1st minute and them is we've got to be wide awake and if we start of the way we have done in the last few weeks we can end up trailing early on and kind of. give it. a good starts normally means not being a man down to 10 minutes tang's like challenging old son a pass in c.s. and him i've read comments probably not what coach meant about getting stuff came by and now had 10000000 i know listen to back. i because that's brothers when i say
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mean just. before the french could rally his troops frankfurt school would not just once but twice put a stop was fully hostage it was already the 11th goal conceded by brian this season and that number was about to quickly rise further frank that coach had conjured up a game plan and that's just how his side played the 2 mill wasn't just a bewildering bit of team football it was further proof of zion being of the past. djibril searle finished off the mesmerizing news that his 1st goal in france but colors his actions match found wasn't tassos on the coach was already getting with japan's not on social media. one fan complained he'd never seen by and so poor. one of the few bright spots a band his robot love and don't speak he's already amassed 14 bundesliga goals
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topping the league by a mile and here he extended another back to school ring in the 1st 10 days of distance i. learned he and his wife bewitched fans on halloween recently what about kovacs. halloween i wasn't there last year either i made it clear that it's not my kind of thing who's. no need to get spanked on halloween then because enough of the past against frankfurters anyone expecting by him to come out firing in the 2nd tough was sorely mistaken the hosts made it 31 just 2 minutes after the restart downbeat abra with frank but it's pushing things out of reach for the visitors here to the buy in but now i look on the sluggish saw it's. just as well ok that was checking his watch and not the comments on buy ins facebook page. the fact that this calamity. occurred in front of his former fans
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known to be among the loudest in the league likely and he made things worse. frank 1st laid waste to buy an mot in him to make it one against him well it's defense and number 5 from patsy in seattle like child's play it was planned biggest loss in the league. and after last week's unconvincing cup counting against bull come no surprise to some. there were signs before it's no mystery what happened today you saw the game in both him and because of that it's really no big shot what happened here for me is kind of reasonable rational or simple so just because that was like a 24 hours later next weekend will see another moment of truth. dormant have also come under heavy criticism too many draws too few goalscorers.
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their coach has seen better days is quiet presence hasn't come over so well and he doesn't exactly have those you can close by. still this crucial week began with a strong showing from lucy in fact the play julien branch in his favorite attacking midfield position responded with 2 goals firing dorman past league leaders bloodbath and into the next round. now they have to beat the only remaining undefeated team in the league the germany under 21 where lucas mention nearly helped the bulls get in 1st blood in the 22nd minute just for oil by the cross but . with just 5 goals conceded vosburgh have the tightest defense in the league scoring wouldn't come easy fit to. the jewel between 4th place both good and 5th place dortmund remain school. the half time
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whistle of. 2 women knew what they were doing wrong. and also nasty in the 1st half we really struggled to get behind their lines on the plane to space but we might start a lot better in the 2nd half the most and so different she felt so much the under-fire coach had once again made some clever changes he rested 5 players for midweek including shields and zach and june as well as sun show and of itself and although monk or royce picked up an injury after 18 minutes and was replaced by not feel good so you see in fox right station machine kicked into gear in the 2nd half assed rafiki me not featured in the cup match latched on to a ball in the 52nd minute and played in talk and i was up my the belgian made it one nil. a special goal. his 1st ever to do.
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just that or 1st going on at home it's a good feeling for me for me mentally and for the team won the cup for the for the months off a team that previously seemed incapable of shining without the luminary likes of it still royce essential was not then fed rafael guerrero to double the league's job and once again playing like 2 of. the portuguese attack it was likewise on the bench in midweek now he's brought a smile to his coach's face. and up to copyright bronze one of penalty lights on. my. good side had a chance of a personal confidence booster from the spots. that with premier with 3 minutes left. former top of the previously undefeated.
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book now that's celebrating your birthday in style. is that it was a great present we wanted to weigh in the man i want. to lose in a lady it's good i'm happy with the 3 you know this is a good time. farmers also got to be pleased that dortmund have gone 3 league matches without conceding a goal that's a solid run but this week of truth continues on tuesday went dormant host into milan in the champions league. and if you can catch your breath well then face by and next saturday but never mind the traditional big for now there's another team up. added to kick off a compact section. mention bloodbath the league leaders for 3 weeks running knew they had a hard task ahead of them away and leave a person defensively strong hosts but bloodbaths defense under pressure for
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a 90 minutes but the foles with a cold ability to go. in the 18th minute new style mark is still ham broke into the box past of the middle and found that she will also give them a spin it seems 2011 leverkusen equalise shortly after thanks to assure this week comes from lukas the rio 2 and on running kevin fallen. but the focus went back ahead before half time courtesy of. the french men's 5 goals and 3 assists have been key in firing got back to the top of the standings. thanks to an effective blend of new and old players with 7 wins in the bag and enjoying that best season since the late 1970 s. . i after a brief slump shelf back to their winning ways up against 17th place they had a big chance to. jump back on track with
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a 100 so it's done you know but it was the 1st to hit home. just before the break shot the levels with a little help from stephanie. although daniel caligiuri would have liked to take credit. coach david wagner couldn't care less. alfredsson bogus and restore the host's lead from the spot but the visitors came back again from behind bars and come back nicking in the 2 teams from another caligiuri free kick. now was no one to seymour. with 8 minutes left i mean r.h. pounced on a fatal mistake before slinking through the outspoken defense to seal the win after an october goal drought the match when it is back on track just as shaka. alfred surely does when does he go stance it's hoffenheim failed to impress posting just one win in his 1st 6 outings but lately it's been smooth sailing again slowly
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behind a bone the hosts got off to a quick stocks robots go opened his brain does legal recount to the pool which is free came from since he makes his sounds a quarter of an hour in the slick lives or how they cut it back double that leaves had to shout back then himself sent a cross over to look condi at coolly controls it dodged his marker and hit her with the flow. of. the story 1st help those were enough to secure hoffenheim school straight away bringing them back into the top pot for the table those who full source choices lead to molly's one mistake. with just 2 wins so far in the league and 4 consecutive times florian cofer looked less than confident at the prospect of high flying frye book. finding the net. it's
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not brains problem recovered you your son can send the ball forward to their rocket man milorad sheets up to the ladies and then 9 minutes. later in the 2nd half rashid's are set up to talk ever selassie for his 1st league goal since their fixture against freiburg in april. but where braman to struggle is in defense early are usually puzzling because fumble on a back pass under pressure was seized on by news paid to sit down with the 11. and when freiburg were awarded a free kick in the 93rd minute kofod fears the worst. brain and have conceded more goals from set pieces than any other team in the early . pages and back to price against his former club and brain and once again fail to
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learn from their mistakes if it's drawing a rug for the frustration for coalfields. on sunday rhineland rivals does not often cologne face still for the 1st time in the top flight in over 20 years and level on only 7 points they fought tooth and nail. but desoto had the upper hand this time proven attendings pounded home a penalty and especially 8 minutes an hour rain can i handle spotted eric tommy up front and planted a full up field from foot to miss half with an impressive solo sprint tommy delivered the final blow to collide and give platoon to their 1st when they came to let me time top flight out saying. after 7 losses of him by a lot to say he's good guys to his men just in case and from the rhineland we now heads to east in germany.
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all the lights a club with a church really unique history lots of cash has been pumped into the club that's also how they sign coach you leonardo's money he's been brought on to win silverware but like saying have a measly 2 points from the last 4 games. but then i had been in great form as they thrashed most book in the car and had another son and i guess mine's. my turbo football bowl results after just 5 minutes nice work from van and what no subs on the side of the burner sets up a perfect pull for the austrian midfielder and couldn't have missed that one if he tried of the then it was also involved in the 2nd goal not here is my tz lost the ball but a flashlight as he passed a use of pounds and then rocketed up the pitch. his bullish string run was then
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sorts out by teammate christopher and concluding. to deal with 30 minutes played and textbook attacking football now goes man squad couldn't be stopped i'm not a player in particular even if he doesn't see that by himself the boys saw him they were all 3 methods using 3 or 4 players and played out really quickly it was never a case of one guy just dribbling past 2 or 3 players if you miss because whenever mike's cordoned off the lights of player another appeared in space this time it was incomplete 3 nil up to 35 minutes might 6 failed to be right good lay the cruzan voce book or shocker in their previous outings 13 place might seem like the kind of investigate they could thrive against. but also you can celebrate but don't get carried away because everything can change in 3 days on the same come 3 days how about 5 minutes that's how long it took for like 6 or find the nets was. small. the
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1st for myself house the map of the about yes even like things outside backs a given free reign to storm for would. abandon the 44th minute hows and clean things up to give light sic the highs and a half finally in the fullness of of it was 541 years ago glad backroad history with the biggest ever put his leg a victory but then they spanked dortmund 12 nil sports historians in the ground must have been eyeing that record already at half time when like 6 players thinking . we scored goals and. it gets easier. and it was just top performing solo and that brings us back to the team opened up about the man who made it 6 nil just 3 minutes into the 2nd half of the above and when that
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is not scoring himself he's busy setting up his teammates as seen in this cross minority muki a leader of the above those who have lost count that was 7 nil of joy and glory for light sake the fiasco from my particularly that back line they were simply miles behind the plate on this one. is kind of called regardless of your system you have to make the tackles and we missed out in spades today massa feminising lesson team of then i had scored just once in the previous 6 league matches against my c.m.'s 3 assists and completed his hat trick shortly before the final whistle my yellow light 6 biggest ever on disney go with not a bad day at the office. it's not that clear for the opponents what he will do for coming to red so i want to get the ball and to phaeton to make one i want suggestions are if you get the ball in the free space so it's a very important player on today's court. also great great to goals for us and i
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hope we will do the same interview just like. it was a scintillating week from leipzig following a dip in form earlier in october they now have the best goal difference in the league. thanks largely to this guy. and now we stay in the east. 30 years since the fall of the burnin wall saturday finally saw him and his story coming together in the german capital in their 1st ever top flight encounter deal on from the city's former east coast cancer from the west is becoming germany's football capital. football in berlin is exactly where it should be years with no club in the 1st division. and now there are 2 but they have to be decades of history to make
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a real. when the city was divided the fans actually supported each other they then he played 4 times before since reunification in the 2nd flight to pseudo rivalry sure there's the east west part or rather just 2 teams playing each other but it won't be much more aggressive than if we were hosting like to show freiburg. dogs are afraid to go seems who is this dumpy even capable of putting berlin on the map as a footballing one shocking case as far as fun choreography goes both sets did more than their parts kind of prissy. and on the pitch only own had a strong start they had a massive chance from christopher lenz that just didn't want to happen i and then things got physical that certainly looks like to us. but chances were few and far between it was. half time. i'm not exactly
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a fiery darby fan sit tight. but then the hats of fans had a bright idea file west shooting at the least that should have liven things up at the very least the rivalry was heating up it was like new year's eve in berlin and full of the wolf celebrations rolled into one. but there was one problem the referee hailing from distant varia couldn't handle a wild night out in the capital and white because the game. even when the phone to the studio for it restarted this still wasn't much to see. with particularly disappointing well i think. the big problem was that we agreed to play on the way they want to play just kick the ball longer didn't really get control of the of the ball could really make any actions. and this was the biggest problem the one to their level and play the way they wanted us to play. i do see neil neil
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through for the debut of a white than me kinda but shortly before the final whistle the rest and showed the 5 previously quarantined to the stands couldn't make it to the fields penalty. the the c. impulse s. the base but more on the west the in the he put it away and the rest is history the. more spectacular scores this past weekend. than the 1st in this league a dummy between have to and when you own wasn't the best match that historic day but one that will be remembered for fan trouble although also keep a rough they geeky of age to help stop some foolish found stream attacking hatch's players. but is that when something. special thought when he won. the bid or maybe
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it means we've won 3 points 3 points in the relegation battle i'm not so modest to me this year before going to any oh now it's 3 wins and 10 points they keep it up we'll be able to look forward to more balanced darby's next season. much day 10 was chock full of history by and swallows their figures last since 2009 laugh at 7th win in 10 blunders league matches is their best ever start and leipzig celebrated their highest for his legal victory meanwhile the bolian dubey ended in a mid one nil. but what does all that mean for the table. once again tasked with defending the top spot don't mend it like this climb up woods well bowling and drop to 4th half and i am of just breached the top half. down below mine book cologne and potter bowl one will win less despite that they
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only held on to the egg unlike another club after this unforgettable weekend. the final blow for nico was a 51 loss to his former club frankfurt which feels like a cruel twist of fate but not a surprise you can yeah we know how these things work so everyone can relax but the 24 hours after the debacle in frankfurt were likely anything but relaxing for the buyer and bosses they brought in come about because of his pedigree he won the league and cup as a player and buyer as munich's coach he won the double in his 1st season his brother robert was always by his side as an assistant. even after the loss in frankfurt kept looking forward. when we think we have to focus mentally we've got to forget this quickly. limits because on wednesday we got the chance to
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settle the group in the champions league but 4th in the league after 10 matches just isn't up to snuff o'brian germany's world cup winning assistant coach pansy flick will take over as pets a we wish them both good luck up . in the.
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mood. to. come to. the. good looking. more and more young people are striking to save the planet of the enemy and we're the people who would like to keep living on this planet and if we don't save the planet now it'll be too late just made how does a 16 year old organize a europe wide climate congress how does that leave time for us. goole in france we
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have company 3 climate and. close up 30 minutes on d w. and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley was that formed the foundation of this country. conditional down in freedom can only flourish if everybody holds it dear live our lives a life of freedom and defended me say i skipped. the last part of our germany in 75 minutes on d. w. . closely. carefully.
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don't suit your needs to didn't. discover who. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but i stand up and with that haven't been think deep into jem a culture of. nudity will take that as gram a day on the east coast it's cold out who know i'm right so join me for me to get on to the polls.
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this is the news line from berlin turning a spotlight on the past germany begins a week of celebrations to mark the fall of the berlin wall street decades ago with events taking off parts across the capital we asked what the lessons are for today and we need 2 women who are spied upon by the piece of german secret police the shah and.


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