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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2019 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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french president obama is in china to drum up new business and blow the trumpet for free trade accompanied by other e.u. leaders he met his chinese counterpart xi jinping at a vast fair in shanghai against the backdrop of a trade war between washington and beijing. at the international import expo in shanghai my call and she raised a glass to global trade but behind the bonamy are deeper efforts to ease the tensions stifling global commerce the e.u. wants china to open its markets further despite repeated promises of reforms european companies are still disadvantaged in china now. creating new balance links requires that chinese market access procedures be accelerated to make more transparent to enable foreign companies especially innovative ones to establish themselves in china with confidence. of the question. she repeated his mantra about globalisation and opening up chinese markets to foreign
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investment but he offered no new initiatives to ease trade tensions with washington and europe. china has been feeling the pressure of the trade war growth has tumbled to 6 per cent prompting the country to seek new ways to boost the economy. job for china will be happy to conclude high standard free trade agreements with more countries will also speed up negotiations on the china e.u. investment agreement at china japan south korea free trade agreement to china gulf cooperation council free trade agreement. michael and the e.u. delegation will now try to seize the opportunity he now heads to beijing where he hopes he can build on the shanghai goodwill with she to address taboos such as the pro-democracy protests in hong kong. following this story 1st cliff
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it i sense a little tension there on behalf of the europeans i mean really this trade wars between washington and beijing but what's the french president at well i think what he's trying to do is basically to remind china that europe is still here china has become so focused on the u.s. we're hearing reports of people like you the trade negotiator was supposed to go to brussels he didn't go because he had to go to washington you know and basically europe needs to remind china in the event of a trade deal that europe also has a lot to offer and as we can see there he's presenting the great french wines and b. fund results of gone with a lot of europeans it's not just a french visit he's brought other european countries and companies with them so that's very interesting french wine is great but i mean doesn't china need europe just as much as it needs the u.s. when it comes to global trade it does i think i think the fear is that if they come to a deal with the u.s. that that will include say china has to buy a certain amount of stuff from the u.s.
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and that won't include european things that it won't be open for tender so they're worried that china will need europe less in the event of a trade deal with with that which ana could china cut off europe to some extent. it could i mean that's their fear at this bit fearful about being isolated and about being frozen out so they they want to make sure that for example in the event of a trade deal that there are tariffs against european cars and all these sort of goods so they're looking at these areas you know what about something like branding we were talking about french wine there's great italian cheeses the europeans have already always been really gung ho about making. really adam it rather about making sure that their products don't get copied. that the names of their products get abused that's right i mean that's one concrete advance that we've had so far in this rock for both stay rock for bordeaux will stay bordeaux and that's something
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that's a real concrete advance for the europeans that they can guarantee that these these great goods that they have on offer will be sold as such in china and they'll be guaranteed and protected to china honest and that i think it's learning to think it's one of the big processes it's also a big part intellectual property protection is a big part of the trade really is a kind of comes under that category but it's also a reminder i think that europe as i say all of this is about reminding china the of the importance in europe and also to size of europe but also showing that europe can work as a unit as a unified whole just briefly what about losing sight of hong kong because that's something that's on europeans agenda or the moment when the call goes to beijing tomorrow and there he will have to balance the need to talk about what he called a taboo subject of hong kong with the need to present this as a united front and to push for trade so it's a balancing act for him a tricky one if it can and thank you very much well china's so peace investment in its bells and road initiative is the port of ingrates in europe and foothold for
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chinese influence in the west in the eyes of washington and it's a u.i. lies the greeks caught in the middle the greek port of parathas is china's good wage and europe it's the 1st deep sea port that container ships from asia reach after passing through the suez canal china wants to make it the final destination on its new maritime silk road its spending billions to expand the port for greece in its economic desperation selling parathas represents lots of much needed cash investments and jobs and china gets the property and infrastructure at a strategically vital location for an unbeatable price. in 2016 chinese shipping giant cosco acquired a majority stake in the port for 370000000 euros since then container shipments have increased more than 10 fold to 4900000 containers since july parade as has
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been the largest container transfer shipment in the mediterranean. now consul plans to put a further 800000000 euros into expanding the entire port not just the container terminal a huge harbor for cruise ships will be built there complete with 5 star hotels many greeks hope that with china's help the old port of parathas can be returned to its former glory the opec oil exporting country says rising demand for energy especially in developing countries means global demand for oil will continue to increase of a full cost of 12 percent rise in oil demand by 2046 share of that will fall over the next 5 years as output of u.s. shale and other rivals is expanding rising climate activism and widening use of alternative fuels and putting the strength of long term oil demand on the most feared. stocks around the world have made gains signs the united states and china
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may be inching closer to a trade deal japan's nikkei hit a one year high and shares in shanghai hong kong and seoul rose following a financial times report washington is mulling a plan to roll back levies of $112000000000.00 worth of chinese imports european stocks including germany's dax were also up on the news. let's bring in our financial my correspondent the lady. we see the dow up a record high asian equities a year high the dax is also getting close to an old time high how much higher can they go. and that's really think that this could be the beginning of a months long possibly even years long rally they're saying this is an inflection point that could go on for a while which is pretty remarkable given that stocks have been rising for over a decade now but in this bull market for the longest ever so it's not just the trade to turn so it's also the day that out of the u.s.
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and china and germany has been a little bit better than expected things like business sentiment seem to have bottomed out here consumer spending data and labor growth has been quite strong in the u.s. i think all of that is adding to this optimism. colin optimism because i mean what i hear greedy advance is talking about rallies that could go on for years i think of a crash. and it's extremely difficult to call it crash leaving it's an easy way out of the wrong but there definitely is cause for concern here it's not and not everything is green but there. one of the concerns is corporate profits they have to climb into and this 3rd quarter most likely and they could turn into a profit recession which could definitely weigh on stocks going forward just as waiting for us in frankfurt all not stalked optimism if you want to call it that thank you very much. for these next prized coffee beans approving those stimulant
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for the economy of it indonesian province usually makes headlines for its stricture real goals now it's gaining fame as a place for coffee tourists to visit. the best coffee in all of indonesia grows high in the mountains 1800 meters above sea level. it's special location gives ghio arabica strong aroma connoisseurs say it has a perfectly balanced blend of sweetness and a city. life used to be pretty uneventful in the remote village of taka gone in sumatra such a province now coffee shops are popping up all over the place the beverage has become so popular that the local agriculture agency is gearing up for a wave of tourists. and get the shot that we cooperate with the tourism agency to design a tour package which includes rafting and overnight stays we teach them about how
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coffee beans are processed followed by rafting that week and. we're not the one to dump. the growing popularity of coffee drinking is not the only reason that the farmer maradi now gets $21.00 instead of $3.50 for a kilo of beings. farmers can sell their products to the buyers who come directly to tuck a gun or they can sell their coffee beans online this mode of sales is very helpful to farmers because they can sell at a higher price compared to the past when access was limited and sometimes middlemen would cheat the farmers. to. new sales opportunities combined with the growing desire for quality coffee has created new possibilities in this remote location high in the mountains of sumatra. and just of a word of warning before we go for you business travelers and tourists numerous flights from germany will be cancelled already shed jolt this thursday and friday
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the cabin for union has called for a 2 day strike at the town's us citing an ongoing labor dispute with germany's largest airline the union says all flights starting in germany will be affected. is working on an emergency shuttle to minimize the impact on passengers the airline has condemned the walkouts and is considering legal action to prevent it. and the union are odds of a pay and pensions refusal to recognize that unit. was doing business with it.
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air. this news coming from berlin turning a spotlight on the past in germany begins a week of celebrations to mark the fall of the berlin wall 3 decades ago even such taking place across the capital we speak to ordinary people whose lives were changed by the wall coming down including 2 women who were spied on by the secret police. we also speak to a select who was a u.s. negotiator and the reunification talks about his role and his assessment.


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