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meet ups or not i'll give you access to the latest news around the wall this one is push notifications for breaking things you can also use the d.w.i. that doesn't photos and i think there's. more coming up next it is business africa with benghazi and don't forget you can always get the latest news on our web site d w dot com i'm headed home free thanks to your company and see you again very soon after. the british. tour linked to from africa the old story link to exception stories and discussions from the news of easy town while with safety deputed comes much coffee cup join us on facebook j w for the. earth home to millions of species
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a home worth saving. googling geos tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. so i'll be up high and dry and left in the dock rolling power cuts as drought leaves the country's hydroelectric power plant desperate for water. and the world's oil cantelli opec says it isn't wired about the rise of alternative energy sources because energy demand is also on the rise. in bed for school and it's your business turning up the heat. climate change is already hurting several countries in africa
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especially zambia the country is facing its worst drought in years but the lack of rainfall has also affected its capacity to produce electricity by june this year water levels down the world's biggest manmade reservoir were down to a 3rd of what it was last year that forced the zambian government to implement some drastic measures since october zambians have been putting up with 15 hours of rolling blackouts a day to try to conserve whatever energy can be produced for the mining sector and while that could help protect the main source of exports the power cuts are hurting the productivity of workers the majority of zambians work in the informal sector. to talk about that my colleague is here to ponder gene bay 2. there's loads of. loads and loads of load shedding rolling blackouts for ordinary energy consumers what else is the government doing to try to solve this problem what they are doing
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they're really like running at a 3rd of capacity they can only produce a 3rd of what they need at peak demand so that's a huge deficit of power for the country and the solution at least that was announced by the main electricity supply is asco was to imports electricity for south africa for 6 months that's a great idea $22000000.00 great idea just explain to viewers why that's such a great great idea because of africa as it has its own energy is and we really don't know if that's even sustainable at all also we have to factor in the fact that he has a huge debt to g.d.p. ratio so buying energy from another country is by no means a good decision they have a currency a depreciation problem so buying in dollars also puts them at a huge disadvantage so there's a whole range of problems that the country has with electricity and its economy that if you put together a just not to work into it so that it's advantage and obviously a problem scraping together the funds to. just in what really needs to invest in
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why hasn't it invested in the 1st place in say the g.t.a. well it has been and the way it has been there's been a lot of announcements but of course we don't know if the money's really going where it should there was a $4000000000.00 hydro power project announced by both zambia and zimbabwe in the summer and that would be on the river which the 2 countries they are in both sides of the river and it's on the talk of gorges supposed to be built by general electric and china power but that's of course not going to be something we can see from you know from night and day that it changes overnight going to happen so it's a long term project there's another one also at another river in zambia a few a gorge but that's something that's been hold was being built by a tiny's constructor and we don't know why that hydro power project of worth $2000000000.00 by the way was hold there's no reason why so we don't know if it's related to the drought going on or if there were just issues with the project specifications with the chinese a constructor it was old a little bit of
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a hush hush thing what about in some of the other countries like south africa which we mentioned before. that's been going on for a really long time now it's problems with electricity and i guess that's going to be with them for quite some time what. the whole region has problems spoken about so the african we've spoken about zimbabwe of course as well the major problem major problem is the energy mix of these countries if you look at zambia it depends on 85 percent of its power coming from hydro power and it's investing in hydropower more hydro power and yet it should be probably doing more to invest in other power sources which would enable it to be a bit more diversified so that i solo for example is solar or wind or just other energy sources which enable more diversification and less dependence and the same could be said of south africa it's relies on 90 percent coal energy and that's also a problem so diversification is the big board here obviously surely
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a champion of thank you very much for coming in. well the opec oil exporters say rising demand for energy especially in developing countries means global demand for oil will continue to increase the continental costs a 12 percent rise in demand by 24. opec's annual report says that oil producing countries have no reason to worry about revenues despite the rise of renewables oil will still be the most important source of energy in 2040 it's mostly because the global economy is set to double by then all energy sources will face the increased demand. in 2040 or oil is expected to have the largest share of the global energy mix at 28 percent followed by gas and coal renewable energy sources will account for 19 percent nuclear energy 7 opec assumes that many more millions of barrels per day or m.b.d. are needed. it is countries that will be required to meet the majority.
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requirements demand for quickly quits is therefore projected to increase to our own 44.4 m. b. d. in 2040. from start to 6.6 m. bt in 2018. the cartel expects more increases in demand from india and china especially those economies are expected to grow fastest in the coming decades and trends like electro mobility aren't causing opec any anxiety yet it predicts that even in 20 years only one in 4 out goes will be battery driven. u.s. president donald trump says he will be ending trade assistance the camera starting in january he says it no longer qualifies for benefits under the african growth and opportunity sacked washington says cameroon has failed to address u.s.
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concerns about human rights violations a military court ordered the release of opposition figures last month but that hasn't ease the situation and the independence movement in english speaking regions as in a military crackdown and $3000.00 dead according to the international crisis group . in the other global trade news french president of mammal mccaughey is in china to drum up business and blow the trumpet for free trade accompanied by other e.u. leaders he met his chinese counterpart xi jinping at a vast import fair in shanghai against the backdrop of a trade war between washington and beijing. at the international import expo in shanghai my call and she raised a glass to global trade but behind the bottom many are deeper efforts to ease the tensions stifling global commerce the e.u.
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wants china to open its markets further despite repeated promises of reforms european companies are still disadvantaged in china now clearly. creating new balance links requires that chinese market access procedures be accelerated to make more transparent to enable foreign companies especially innovative ones to a stoppage themselves in china with confidence. of the question. she repeated his mantra about globalization and opening up chinese markets to foreign investment but he offered no new initiatives to ease trade tensions with washington and europe. china has been feeling the pressure of the trade war growth has tumbled to 6 per cent prompting the country to seek new ways to boost the economy. job hurt china will be happy to conclude high standard free trade agreements with more countries will also speed up negotiations on a china e.u.
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investment agreement at china japan south korea free trade agreement china gulf cooperation council free trade agreement. on the e.u. delegation will now try to seize the opportunity he now heads to beijing where he hopes he can build on the shanghai goodwill with she to address taboos such as the pro-democracy protests in hong kong. these next prized coffee beans approving a stimulant for the economy of indonesian province usually makes headlines for its stricture. fame as a place for coffee tourists to visit. the best coffee in all of indonesia grows high in the mountains 1800 meters above sea level its special location gives ghio arabica strong aroma connoisseurs say it has a perfectly balanced blend of sweetness and acidity. life
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used to be pretty uneventful in the remote village of takur ghar in sumatra such a province now coffee shops are popping up all over the place the beverage has become so popular that the local agriculture agency is gearing up for a wave of tourists. from up and get the shot that we cooperate with the tourism agency to design a tour package which includes rafting and overnight stays we teach them about how coffee beans are processed followed by rafting that week and. the fun of the one the company. the growing popularity of coffee drinking is not the only reason that the farmer maradi now gets $21.00 instead of $3.50 for a kilo of beings. about an issue farmers can sell their products to the buyers who come directly to target gone or they can sell their coffee beans online this mode of sales is very helpful to farmers because they can sell at a higher price compared to the past when access was limited and sometimes middlemen
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would cheat the farmers. to. new sales opportunities combined with the growing desire for quality coffee has created new possibilities in this remote location high in the mountains of sumatra. stocks around the world have been making gains after signs the united states and china may be inching closer to a trade deal japan's nikkei hit a one year high and shares in shanghai hong kong and so rose following the financial times reports that washington is mulling a plan to roll back levies on $112000000000.00 worth of chinese imports european stocks including germany's dax also close like the up on the news and your stocks of being pointed at record highs. u.s. flights from germany will be cancelled already this those day and friday a cabin crew union has called for
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a 2 day strike and the fans are citing an ongoing labor dispute with germany's largest airline the union says all flights starting in germany will be affected there is working on an emergency shuttle to minimize the impact on passengers the airline has condemned the walkout and is considering legal action to prevent it. and the union are at odds over pay and pensions and of thomas' refusal to recognize the union. busting business review.
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because. pyrotechnics instead of college playing in the berlin dermie. antonio discounts. the devastating loss for byron and nico kobayashi is our. first outclasses news in a 5 to 1. 16.
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every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the. code is in germany to learn german why not come with them simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos free german made easy. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes big brother is watching especially what you're posting on social media. and the speed steps and screeches that all south africa's cost spitting.
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hello i'm kristie when the law come to africa it's good to have you along.


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