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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2019 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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she'll be all right back. i was wishing when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hardest for. i even got white hairs that. learning the german language head off just gets me and click the button again to in truck loads of say you want to know their story. her fighting and reliable information for margaret some. of that i don't need to keep all the way about
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a big old fart over a mention on the force i'm told the most recently that looks well that was the bottom of the falaise at the last dragons and that's what i heard called the home 3 . degree books on. no winners in the u.s. china trade war that's according to the united nations but washington is reportedly set to offer a big call of brown's to secure and eventual deal. and the world's oil cartel opec forecasts long term demand for oil will continue to rise if a bit slower than earlier thought. this is. and we start with a lose lose situation they united nations says the u.s.
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china trade war is harming them both a report by the un conference in trade and development suggests that consumers are bearing the brunt of higher terrorists the report comes as washington says america's trade deficit is actually rising. u.s. president donald trump talks a good talk about reducing america's dependence on foreign products but the latest report from the u.s. commerce department says america's trade deficit is higher now than a year ago on an annualized basis and that demand for foreign products has actually been rising under trump what's more the u.n. conference on trade and development in geneva says both china and the u.s. are losing their trade war washington's trade war with china continues to draw fire from other quarters as well. there's a lot of people who have frustrations in the u.s. and europe about chinese policy and i think many of these are warranted in terms of
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intellectual property rights or force technology transfer or lack of reciprocity in trade investment i don't really think the way trump is approach these is the best way to deal with them i think there are efforts that you could make with the chinese that have their own interest in reducing some of these barriers so some will say the focus on china had been long overdue i think we'll have to see what he actually produces out of it because i think there's a better approach that approach might take into account america's overall appetite for goods from other countries the commerce department says though trade is declining with china the u.s. is more than making up for it by buying from other nations our correspondent. joins us now from wall street. and that all of these negative reports about what the trade war is doing to the u.s. and chinese economies there are also reports of major concessions on the horizon what are you hearing. daddy is there what it seems and you know the u.s.
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and china are actively considering rolling back as part of the initial trade deal but is a still not clear which ones most of the attention is focused now on the 15 percent to do december 15th on chinese consumer products worth over $160000000000.00 these include for example smartphones and these are important since they can somehow do real the holiday shopping season here in the states if they get it implemented some media are pointing out at the top of the story is also considering cutting the 15 percent duties already imposed on september 1st so that will be good news and short term relieved as a fall between it gives a push you know to reduce or eliminate all the targets already in place but as for now we still need to wait and see which of the countries musters the deal which is also favorite book all speaking of the deal as it's not sure yet whether the upcoming deal if any would address any of the key issues absolutely you
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know even a very troubled ready set and upgrades one would compromise around 60 percent of the total deal u.s. companies are not convenes of the obviously they won't come to deescalation of tensions and tariffs but however do you still want to see real commitments from beijing when it comes to implementing a structural changes in the end of the war has not forced b.g. to substantially reform a structural issues like subsidies and all their industrial policies thank you sandinista haro there on wall street for us. u.s. president donald trump says he will be ending trade assistance to cameroon starting in january the us president says it no longer qualifies for benefits under the african growth and opportunity act washington says cameroon has failed to address concerns of human rights violations a military court ordered the release of opposition figures last month but that
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hasn't the situation an armed independence movement in english speaking regions was countered by a military crackdown leaving 3000 dead so far according to the international crisis group. cuba's 37th annual international trade fair has opened in havana it brings together some $4000.00 entrepreneurs from 60 nations around the world who are willing to brave tough sanctions from the u.s. government and a long wait for payment. the cuban government is proud of this trade fair. thousands of companies from the u.s. and europe of once again come to havana that's despite new american sanctions that make trading with the communist island even more difficult companies like spanish printing equipment supplier affair prograf inc want to keep doing business here in damascus and it doesn't need us that's the end of the us sanctions are doing a lot of damage to our business customers are already tightening their purse
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strings that also makes things more complicated because there may be less money left for us and when it's time for payment they may pay another supplier 1st making us wait a long time for our money i'll get over it oh this is a problem we take it up. but that doesn't stop too many companies from doing business with cuba like us shipping company carli based in florida it continues to rely on the cuban market obviously short term but if. you also. think. if you. are here for the kids you're pretty good. it can take as long as 2 years to receive payment for goods and services from cuba in a recent shift it's mostly been russian companies that are willing to take that risk their trade volume with cuba is expected to top half a 1000000000 dollars this year. they opec oil exporters say rising demand for
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energy especially in developing countries means global appetite for oil will only increase if not as much as initially forecasted the cartel for forecasts a 12 percent rise in demand by 2040. oil will still be flowing in torrance in the future according to optics on your report it says as late as 204000 will remain the world's most important energy source what's good news with some is a setback for others industrialized countries for instance that are trying to replace fossil fuels with renewables to counter carbon emissions the opec report says oil consumption will rise in asia especially and with a global economy set to double by 2040 all sources of energy will be needed in the year 2040 projects that oil will account for 28 percent of the world's energy mix followed by gas and coal renewables will account for 19 percent
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a nuclear full 7 percent opec says the figures a corroborated by other studies but even by 2040 or virginia bush by. estimated to make up our own 19 percent of the global energy mix natural. expedience is the largest demonic rules this year of course the most an oil is expected to remain before with the largest share economies are growing especially asian giants china and india the need for energy of all kinds whether fossil or nuclear is already enormous and for now opic isn't scared of electric mobility either its members are certain that even in 20 years time only one in 4 cars will be electric. apple has committed 2 and a half $1000000000.00 to tackle california's housing crisis but critics say the
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problem of skyrocketing rents is one the company itself helped to create. welcome to california a place where some people's homes look like this. on to other dwellings more like this but but this is it i had an essence of it which is more conducive to. homelessness for at least the discards doing the good i try to make you feel like it's not on my list because you know. in the past few years the states has in crisis has intensified the arrival of highly paid tech workers in the san francisco bay area in particular has led to fear spitting boys in cities a ready dealing with a shortage of homes. cupertino where apple is location it is no exception now the tech giant is following in the footsteps of google and facebook by
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committing funds to tackle the problem critics say it helped create what we know the overall commitment from $2500000000.00 to work on a broad range of issues from affordable housing development to 1st time home buyer assistance the bulk of the money will go towards building new homes for those on low to moderate incomes and to provide the mortgage assistance to 1st time buyers some $50000000.00 has been earmarked to address homelessness. while many have welcomed the steps some critics say the tech giants motivations are unlikely to be entirely philanthropic. the high cost of housing has forced the company to offer more competitive salaries as highly skilled employees demand to pay that ensures a reasonable quality of life this in turn further drums up prices apple's cash injection is an attempt to break that vicious cycle. investment bank goldman sachs is putting on
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a family friendly face the wall street giant is introducing a global policy that allows its workers to take at least 20 weeks of paid parental leave and goldman isn't stopping there and also plans to offer up to $20000.00 for certain fertility treatments aimed at helping workers fit their careers around family planning the measures will be especially welcome in countries where parental leave is not mandated by law countries like the united states. and that's it from us thank you for watching.
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