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hi. small part documentary starts nov 14th on t w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin forging new alliances in the place against climate change the day after the us confirmed its pullout from the paris accord france and china say they stand side by side president's model of my phone and she didn't paint reaffirmed their support for the landmark 2015 deal calling it irreversible also coming up
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a new setback for president trump in the impeachment inquiry a key witness in the probe reverses his testimony confirming that aide was withheld from ukraine to pressure it into investigating its democratic rival. plus all this week were celebrating the pull of the berlin wall 30 years ago soccer teams from the city's 2 halves now both play and germany's talk to beijing and for the 1st time last weekend they will look back on the 1st reunion of soccer fans of west berlin back in 1980. 2 i'm terry martin good to have you with us chinese president xi jinping and his french counterpart to manuel mccaughan have issued a joint statement reaffirming their strong support for the paris climate accord in beijing president michel and said cooperation between europe and. on reducing
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emissions would be decisive as follows the trope administration's move to start the formal process of withdrawing the us from the 2015 accord but she and the call have said the court is irreversible. quickly delicious milk over the past 2 years in the fight against climate change we have consistently acted together with great effectiveness and commitment to the i regret the choices made by a few other countries but i want to see them as marginal choices. when china the european union and russia ratify the paris agreement and make a firm commitment to the isolated choice made by one or another country won't change the course of the world as. well as talk this through now i'm joined here in the studio by our environment reporter tim schoenberg could see attempts well the french president and the chinese president they've both reaffirmed their commitment to the paris climate accord they say it's irreversible now what does that mean well
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let me explain a bit china is the larget largest what's not just a matter of c o 2 emissions relying on coal as their prime energy source they've just agreed so far on not emitting more c o 2 from 2030 on so furthermore china is not a full member of the paris agreement which means their commitments and not completely as binding as the industrialized countries commitments are. so what we see here this is a common agreement on. speaking up for the paris agreement is a step up from the you to bind china more into the paris agreement to to make them to to make them step up for more climate targets so basically when you're on a european mission when it comes to this to this agreement so the you tried for for a long time. 2 yeah 2 to improve the chinese targets an on climate so we have to
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see this and in this kind of context but the chinese president also said something so let's give it a listen. to the radio which is not been in the face of some of the most major changes ever seen over the last century china and france as permanent members of the security council and representatives of eastern and western civilizations must assume more responsibilities as 2 powerful nations. ok china assuming more responsibility in combat in climate change is kind of a big deal the use also onboard of course but can china and the e.u. fill the gap that's left by the u.s. pulling out of the paris climate well that is the big question that theoretically as i said china's the lug largest emitter of emissions over the world potentially
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they could but in fact the withdrawal of the of the us from this agreement puts a lot of pressure on the agreement and on the international community being member of this agreement so just the fact for example china and india just made commitments to the players agreement because the u.s. . also were taken action and large pots so they you see that now we see that there is a gap and but they remain today nevertheless is is the signal it's encouraging it's it's as i said it's encouraging but we also have to be clear as the as china just has the status of a developing country it's not gonna feel the get the financial gap that the u.s. is leaving behind with its withdrawal and of course the big question is are the measures that have been agreed to going to be enough to to stop the earth from warming up too much just yesterday we. heard from 11000 scientists who are calling
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for sweeping changes they've endorsed the calls that have already been put out there and they're saying more must be done to avoid a climate disaster there's real momentum building on this issue isn't it i mean definitely in the recent months we've seen freida future on the streets the extension rebellion civil civic groups forming going on the streets protesting we see at least in europe arise of green part is on the polls we see the e.u. the commission president elect fun the line calling or wanting more just wanting to do more for the climate in the u. announcing that in her 1st speech so i think there is definitely a momentum and we see in the recent is and violent politics has become part of the big stage and politics very much entering the political mainstream also here in germany parties conservative parties now also recognizing the need to go in that
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direction to back from our environmental desk thank you so much for being with us thank you. now some other stories making news around the world today gunmen attacked a security checkpoint in southern thailand killing at least 15 local security volunteers police say they suspect muslim separatists it's the worst attack in years in a region where nearly 7000 people have died in an insurgency that erupted 15 years ago. schools in schools reopened in the indian capital delhi after being closed for 2 days due to the air pollution crisis a air quality has improved slightly since the weekend but remains that healthy levels emergency has triggered protests at the government's failure to take action . republicans have suffered setbacks in state elections in virginia and kentucky u.s. democrats took control of both houses of virginia's legislature for the 1st time in
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more than 2 decades and in kentucky the democratic candidate for governor is projected to defeat the republican incumbent by a small but you're. in a significant development in the impeachment inquiry against president trump the u.s. ambassador to the european union has reversed his earlier testimony. now says he did know that trump had threatened to withhold aid to ukraine if it didn't investigate trump's democratic rival joe biden in testimony on tuesday sambal and said that by the beginning of september quote in the absence of any credible explanation for the suspension of aid i presumed that the aid suspension had become linked to the proposed anti corruption statement. well earlier we spoke to d w washington correspondent public and asked him what this means for the inquiry and for president trying. well it's a blow to president trump another one this time coming from the u.s.
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ambassador to the european union gordon sunderland who now remembers telling an aide to the ukrainian president voted to meet at selenski at a warsaw meeting in september along with the us vice president mike pence that u.s. military aid to ukraine would likely not occur until ukraine announced an investigation into corruption that was part of this investigation it included allegations against the son of the former vice president and possible democratic presidential nominee for next year's 2020 at election here in the u.s. joe biden. testified on october 17th to 3 house committees and it lasted around 10 hours you can imagine the level of detail in his deposition now it transpires that the week after his deposition he returned with his lawyers to
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capitol hill here in washington to review what he had said so as you can imagine their reaction to this news has created quite a stir among democrats in particular and president meanwhile is still claiming that the inquiry is illegitimate and the republicans that are standing behind them the majority are standing behind them have been calling it a sham that this is a very fast moving story and you know it's going to be a very busy few weeks in this ongoing impeachment inquiry into president trump. are washing correspondent publicly l.d.s. there now the fall of the berlin wall changed things around the world but it definitely had an impact on the people living in east berlin who were suddenly permitted to travel to the west football fans from the east came in their thousands to see the western club had to berlin in action on nov 11th 1809 it was the 1st
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reunion of the fans in the west for the city in city for decades. the 1st weekend after the fall of the berlin wall hundreds of thousands of people from east berlin streamed into the west many to olympic stadium fans using their newfound freedom to finally see play. until greece played on that november 11th they faced a direct rival for promotion to the league or they remember the game well. to the stadium you could see something was happening was that back then we usually had a crowd of 5 or 10000 now all of a sudden there were masses of people everywhere. since the masses of people from the suburbs in east berlin coming to the game and you could see literally the tragedies. the fans from the east got in free they just had to show their i.d. many were here for the 1st time others could hardly believe they were finally about
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to see a heretic game in person again. a dream. now has. been waiting for this for 28 years. there were 45250000 spectators in the stadium once in a lifetime atmosphere to fans from the west and fans from the east were together again by their friendship had outlasted the was there players will remember this game forever. this was a very special day. and try to bring that positive energy out on the pitch. a time we made you wanted to win the game. the fact that we appreciated the historic day we had experience together. my day was particularly special for
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18 year old spent catch my scored the goal that sealed the one all draw for was. exhaust me about that go as well as i was in the most difficult it was an amazing experience he told us that. the 2 players are still involved in berlin football tayo greece works from one yawn and spend christmas for have to those teams are in the blood just league get together for the 1st time ever 30 years after the fall of the wall. and all this week here at the w. we'll be bringing you special coverage and reports on the events which led to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago including stories of what it meant for the people who experienced. wealth in the champions league tuesday night proved successful for 2 of germany's participants rb leipsic security crucial 2 nil win against zenit st petersburg and dortmund pulled off a sensational comeback to beat a tally inside interpolant 3 to dortmund were to kneel down at half time but hit
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back in the 2nd half thanks largely to 2 goals from ashraf hakimi. just reminder the top stories that we're following for you here today on the double units china and france over reaffirmed their commitment to the paris climate accord president xi jinping and dependable mccomb declared the agreement irreversible came a day after the u.s. began fishley pulling out of the. us president has suffered a new sub back in the impeachment inquiry a key witness in the probe has reversed his testimony confirming that aide was withheld from ukraine to pressure to investigate trump's democratic rival joe biden . are good you know it's good news only go just download or up from up and play player from the office store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news
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also use the. app to send us photos and videos. says t w news live from berlin up next our documentary film looks behind the glitter of the fashion world course you get all this news information around the clock on our website that set up a dot com my name is terry march and you'll follow me on twitter t.m. news stream coming up next a marine to shiva should be with you tom for the next thanks for. coming on and follow the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. truce in the racial conflicts on the front it's 250th birthday we're importing the no 4 huge discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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