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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2019 5:45pm-6:00pm CET

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i'll be talking to one of the government's economic experts. and the indian government faces some unexpected visit as it tries to ban plastics. that's your business beijing and paris signed contracts totaling around 13 and a half 1000000000 euros during a visit by french president of mammal macaw to china deals was struck in aeronautics energy and agriculture including approval for 20 french companies to export poultry beef and pork to china the european union and china struck a deal to protect the geographic origins of $200.00 regional products like cheese chinese state news agency says they agreed to work together to push forward the completion and delivery center program of the european plane maker as a 350 model as well as step up investment by us in china. under a hang is in singapore for us and following this story closely. maybe sort of just
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explain to us who really needs because. i can guess a lot of these deals that beijing is doing with paris are just side deals in comparison to its problems and deals it's trying to strike with the u.s. . it may look like a site deal at 1st glance ben but china has months and up its power play now with the us withdrawing from the paris climate agreement and china reaffirming it actually makes china the lesser of the 2 bet guys what doesn't help the u.s. image at this moment is today's report by the united nations that said that the u.s. tariffs on chinese goods has hurt both economies and especially hurt american consumers at the heart of it all so doing business on the environmental front is also quite a tricky one right now at a balancing act tell us more about that trade deal though between the potential
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trade deal i should say between the u.s. and china where we are right now well china's foreign ministry insists that there has been constant contact between the 2 negotiating teams and just this week china has been more daring in requesting or demanding that the u.s. removes all of its tariffs on chinese goods before moving forward with setting up a meeting between a cd and paying and president donald trump no it feels like it feels like it may have this didn't do it china is doing this because they feel they've made more concessions than the u.s. inciting this focus in conceding to the fees one of the treat deal and those as of now beijing has not confirmed a stopover in iowa in the u.s. on route to the new apec summit location in brazil and rain forests in singapore thank you very much global c.e.o.'s have been walking a fine line with beijing the past few months criticism of what's going on in the
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international business hub of hong kong is out of the question pretty much any sort of sly remark on the economic giants human rights record and all protectionist business policies is a no no of course that's not the message the chinese are trying to send from their premium import fair. china's swelling ranks of middle class parents are eager to boost their kids' skill sets using educational toys an ideal environment for lego the danish toymaker already has $120.00 stores in china and next year to expects twice as many lego is also established its presence on digital platforms like ali baba 10 cent and j.d. dot com. in an interview with state t.v. lego c.e.o. neil's christianson soft petals on the remarks critical of china we welcome fair competition what we what we don't like is if somebody kind of misuses brand names or ip rights to mislead consumers so what we've seen also since last year is really
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that. have gone in and have effectively helped protecting those rights many companies remain frustrated she presented himself as an advocate of free trade at the opening of the import fair in shanghai but other firms are critical of growing government influence preferential treatment for chinese state enterprises and theft of intellectual property. no one wants to miss out on the giant chinese markers europeans hope that the e.u. china investment treaty will bring about positive change negotiations have been going on since 2013 and could be finished next year. now to some of the other business stories making news london and washington remain committed to reaching a post break that free trade agreement that's according to a statement from downing street in a phone call prime minister barak's johnson has just president donald trump to lift tariffs on goods including whiskey and exclude britain from possible juvies on european cars. a boeing whistleblower has told the b.b.c.
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up to a quarter of oxygen systems in the company's 787 dreamliner could be faulty passengers in danger of cabin pressure is lost boeing denies the allegations. and germany. has confirmed the cancellation of 1300 flights on thursday and friday cabin stuff of preparing to hold it to taste. overpaid and conditions. the international monetary fund has cut its full costs for the eurozone and its biggest economy germany the council of economic advisors to the german government has also trims its growth out there for next year to just half a percent so it doesn't expect a broad or deep recession the council suggests the berlin drop its treasured balanced budget policy critics have long blamed berlin's for galette evil crumbling infrastructure and problems with high speed internet access i asked exactly what sort of downturn germany is facing. right now we have
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a downturn and certainly if you look at industry automobile manufacturing they're really in bad shape why because they're exposed internationally they export a lot they have investment goods and the whole decline in trade the trade disputes has really hit german industry pretty hard and that may last but at least for now the domestic sector services is holding up very well so we don't have a broad recession at this point why they do you your colleagues say that germany doesn't need a reinvention of its industrial and economic policy but it does need to develop it further why not a total reinvention i mean joanie is in a bad spot right now well there is a storyline a narrative which goes like well let's look at china why don't we do it more like china here in germany and in that that's wrong because we have things which work well if you look at research and development germany is doing very well we invest a lot in research and development we're actually. up in the rankings there so we
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don't we can build that further but we don't need to read invent that also competition we need to protect competition we need to improve competition to have you know companies start up new ones inefficient ones go down we need to allow for that because that really leads to more productivity what about future technologies though because germany is not at the forefront of digital technologies of artificial intelligence china is leading there and i mean in germany it's hard to get a good connection a lot of the time absolutely i mean we are we have areas where we're not good i mean we're good in. manufacturing we're not good we don't have any major platform kompany is we're behind they're a key element there is we need a digital common market we need to harmonize regulation data security we cannot be the pope of data security we have to harmonize to get a european do. common market to get really an area where these new startups can
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scale up what's your advice then to the government to encourage more entrepreneurship to get more citizens to become entrepreneurs in the 1st place absolutely i mean we have a decline in the startup of small companies and growing that's that's a problem in that means we should not go into an industrial policy which pushes for champions which are then protected we need to make sure that any measures taken also in terms of setting incentives and subsidizing new developments they have to be across sectors nondiscriminatory that's important and back to the trade war. does europe or could europe be left out of a trade deal with the u.s. and china or is mr mccall the french president has pointed out well certainly we've been lucky so far because the u.s. has mostly focused on china and you know they have some good points i mean china hasn't been as open and should be opening faster so we're benefiting from the
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pressure the u.s. is putting on china but we have to also make sure to have international solutions for which work for europe but you know if you think of automobiles having tariffs there would be a real problem and sometimes you know there we haven't got enough support it's important that we remain open and free trade and if you mention president might call the strategy off you put 10 ish has problems we need to be open to competition we need to be open to free trade and global agreements what can be done thank you very much you're welcome india has been trying but failing time and again to introduce a total ban on single use plastics it's time it's running into unexpected resistance from the very people who are basically drowning in the bobbish. whether it's dumped in the street or polluting river ways and the sea plastic waste is abundant in india the country produces some 5 and
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a half 1000000 tonnes of it every year now the government is taking action launching an ambitious campaign to ban single use plastics from 2022. not everyone is behind the drive plastic producing factories say their businesses are in jeopardy. it's. business and business. and. for some consumers to the shift away from plastic is proving to be more complicated than expected. i'm doing it because. when you buy for example not my concrete impact on me i want to know. if i'm going to not think that i'm going to tell you that i want to find. another group feeling the effects of the
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impending ban or garbage collectors some of india's poorest people earn a living by sorting trash now they're worried about their livelihoods there is a lot of. companies have a lot of gillis industry has a lot of. stored. that they will lose jobs with people there's a lot of chaos because there isn't enough awareness on how and why does it all. while environmentalists have welcomed the government's crackdown implementing the policy could prove to be an uphill battle.
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the for. the fact.
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. this is the w. new line from a day after the united states confirms its withdrawal from the paris climate accords france and china say they stand shoulder to shoulder on the climate emergency presidents emmanuelle not. paying reaffirm that support for the law not deal describing it as irreversible also on the program special cover.


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