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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news while i go from berlin tonight remembering when the wall became just a wall in our special coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall we'll take you to the world famous east side gallery where art is turned a symbol of division into a canvas for hopes and dreams also coming up. in iraq the protesters say security forces are shooting at them with lines bullets it's a brutal crackdown as the battle of the bridges in baghdad continues and scientists
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declare a climate of urgency as the u.s. begins leaving the paris climate agreement and agreement that france and china say must be irreversible. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us so that november week when everything changed the german capital was marking 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall on the night of nov 9th 1989 east germany's communist regime reopened the border the announcement allowed citizens to safely cross to the west for the 1st time in 30 years it turned the he did and did leave border into just a wall of this week as well as remembering the people who died trying to cross the city is also celebrating the freedoms that followed. and our very
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own david leavitt's he is out and about in berlin among the festivities this week good evening to you david i can tell behind you you must be adds the east side gallery tonight. that's right and it's been turned into a kind of a screening show this is not just a new movie it's a movie about the history of the berlin wall and what better place to see it than on a piece of the wall itself the east side gallery is the biggest and one of the only remaining parts of the berlin wall that are still standing and no where i'm standing today is not has not always been a place to watch movies if i had been here 30 years ago i could have been shot dead by east german border guards just for being here now they would have been maybe in the towers as part of the wall complex or they could have been on patrol boats in
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the river behind me and where i am in this part of berlin the wall itself is not the border the border itself is in the middle of the river but they were you can see marks by these lit up blue poles and right here about 10 people died trying to cross from communist east berlin into what was known as free west berlin though if you look at the figures across east germany during the time of the berlin wall the number of people who tried to escape east germany and died during their attempt is over a 1000 some say it's around 1200 and most of those who died trying to escape were young men between the age of 18 and 25 now it's no wonder if you look at those figures that in 1989 when the border opened people came down so the berlin wall with pics with hammers to take it down and there was there was
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a huge movement to take down the berlin wall and really the only reason that this stretch of the berlin wall 1300 meter stretch of it survived is down to the efforts of around $100.00 artists. the east time connery was started in. february 990 artists were invited to paint an original portion of the berlin wall back then the initiative was designed to help east german artists who had suddenly been left without an income but in those exciting days of the former communist state opening up artists came from all over the world. when berlin was divided it was common for people on the western side to draw graffiti on the wall but on the eastern side people approached at their peril the wall became more and more fortified with heavily armed guards tripwires searchlights and lookout towers border guards were ordered to shoot to kill anyone who tried to escape and more
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than 100 people were killed trying to cross the border in berlin alone just a few months after those instruments of oppression were dismantled the east side gallery turned the symbol of terror into a canvas for free expression some of the artworks have become famous around the world because the gallery is exposed to the weather the images of her to be restored or even repainted several times today the east side gallery is a popular tourist destination. you know i'm very own david leavitt's he's there at the east side gallery david i remember being exactly where you are about 25 years ago as a reporter talking about berlin 5 years after the fall of the wall that we've got 30 years after the fall of the wall and talk to me a little bit about what it's like there now other than the fact that it's raining and people are trying not to get wet. oh you did notice that yeah it is raining
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pretty heavily but what i can tell you is despite that i'm seeing a lot of people here stopping with their umbrellas with their rain coats with their bikes and they are fascinated by the film that is playing behind me this is a film that takes you from the early days of the berlin wall from its construction what you're seeing now. all the way through to the popular movement that gave way to the peaceful revolution the end of the east german regime and what came out after the. east side gallery the berlin wall the stretch of the berlin wall that had been a symbol of division turning into a symbol of of unity and of berlin as an open and cosmopolitan city that it is today and even though it's dark and it's raining and people are running for shelter i really feel that you can you can feel history here even now 30 years later yes i think it's a very good point it's impossible to escape it even if you are getting drenched our
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very own david love itself there braving the elements at eastside gallery david thank you. and all this week g.w. is bringing you special coverage of the boards on the events leading up to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago we'll also have live coverage of saturday's ceremonies and commemorations here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a folds alarm at amsterdam's is schiphol airport has prompted a massive deployment of security personnel spanish airline apology. saying that the hijacking alert system of one of its planes was activated by accident no passengers were hong. kong leader kerry lamb has condemned a knife attack on a fruit beijing lawmaker an attack that left him wounded hong kong politician unius hope has been a target of anti-government demonstrations before over his alleged support of violence against protesters the french actress catherine deneuve is recovering in
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the hospital after suffering a minor stroke that's according to her family the 76 year old actress is a star of french cinema she has been featured in more than 100 films. or campaigning in the u.k. as general election next month has officially begun voters will elect a new parliament on december 12th the outgoing parliament was formally dissolved this morning before prime minister boris johnson headed to buckingham palace to notify the queen opposition leader jeremy corbyn of the labor party began his party's campaign with speeches in several constituencies britain's withdrawal from the european union is likely to dominate. correspondent for lots of parts 'd is in london she says the tone of the campaign has already been set. day one of the campaign and it has already gotten nasty with name calling and accusations from all
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sides for the british though this election is all about bricks it according to latest opinion polls 80 percent of voters say that this issue will make them decide how to costs and vote and they have a clear choice johnson's conservatives want to get brakes a done with the bracks a deal that he negotiated in brussels the labor party demands a 2nd referendum but won't say whether they leave or remain one party to watch out for other liberal democrats they are the only party that have clearly stated that with them the united kingdom would stay in the european union the conservatives at the moment are ahead in the polls but with 5 weeks to go a lot can change til that election day it's already looking like a divisive campaign as british people gear up to once more have their say on bricks it at the ballot box. that was a lot of parts reporting in one day protestors in iraq are accusing security forces of firing live rounds of people who were blocking
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a bridge in the country's capital demonstrations against the government started early last month since then more than $260.00 people have been killed thousands have been injured the military has called on people to stop blocking roads ports and oil refineries saying it's costing the country billions of dollars. gunfire ricochets around the streets of central bank dat. demonstrates is trying to take shelter as bullets rained down fired witnesses say by iraqi security forces. since tuesday anti-government protest is have been blocking a major bridge in the capital. police want them gone oh i didn't let the united nations see they use life police we're human beings protesting into minding our rights oh well you know those who fail got severely
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beaten look at what they did to my leg and my hand they started shooting live ammunition at us. that. pretense of also broken out in on the parts of iraq in pants right in the south of the country security forces broke up an anti government citizen demonstration. more than $250.00 iraqis have lost their lives since the unrest began at the beginning of up to. the violence is being condemned by the international community. the secretary general says he is shocked by the death toll we have seen in recent days in iraq since the start of the demonstration but with neither side prepared to back down chaos has returned to the streets of iraq. chinese president xi jinping and his french counterpart in monroe macro one of issued
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a joint statement reaffirming their support for the paris climate accord speaking in beijing today president mccrone said that cooperation between europe and china on reducing emissions will be decisive this follows the trump administration beginning the formal process to withdraw all the united states from that agreement president she described the deal which was signed back in 2015 is now being irreversible and with your little list of milk over the past 2 years in the fight against climate change we have consistently acted together with great effectiveness and commitment that it will i regret the choices made by a few other countries but i want to see them as marginal choices on issues when china the european union and russia ratify the paris agreement and make a firm commitment that the isolated choice made by one or another country won't change the course of the world as it will. that was the french president speaking
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in beijing today well unusual weather patterns have delivered above average rainfall and record flooding across east africa more than a 1000000 people across several countries are affected many in south sudan there a civil war has already left many people in need now the rains are making things worse and they may not let up for weeks. water to the horizon entire villages have been submerged aid workers say they're among the worst floods in the area's history south sudan has declared a state of emergency rising waters have pushed out more than 400000 people but not everyone can leave easily. no one. didn't want to go to hell this is so hard for disabled people like me that everyone is trying to save themselves the 1st time now now. but i'm not out of the water is getting
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deeper every day and iconic role in it. we need help to improve the situation here. for the u.n. and aid groups providing relief in south sudan poses a huge challenge a brutal civil war has already worn down the country's infrastructure and health system and as waters rise so does the risk of disease. after this situation is so bad spent now we're living with dead animals waste and garbage all submerged under the water where afraid of catching diseases and getting hurt we need help people are hungry all our supplies have gone with the water we are appealing for urgent support we need tents food and places to sleep east africa is no stranger to cycles of drought and floods but experts say climate change is making oceans warmer and weather extremes worse the indian ocean which sends rains to east africa is unusually warm right now that means up to another 6 weeks of heavy rain for
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a region already under water. you're watching d.w. news up next business news with jenelle when don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d w dot com i'm pouring golf for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will see you tomorrow. i'm secure in the room that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not a lot of the who was into that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd 'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part.


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