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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2019 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin chile's president moves to increase the minimum wage in a bid to quell the country's worst unrest in tech age that says police use water cannons and tear gas on protesters in the capital santiago also coming out. in iraq and government protesters accuse security forces of shooting at them with live bullets the military calls on protesters to stop blocking roads and bridges in baghdad as their harsh crackdown continues. when your morning subway commute
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involves 'd fending off groping men women in japan are saying time is up. and this week marks 30 years since the physical barrier separating peace in west germany came down berlin wall may be history but tally united is the nation today we take a look at some of the differences that persist decades after the fall of the wall. well i'm terry martin and welcome to the program the president of chile has proposed a minimum wage increase in a bid to calm tensions amid the country's worst unrest in decades protests started last month sparked by a hike in subway fares and then widened into a mass movement against inequality president sebastian pinera also wants congress
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to approve other measures but will it be enough to convince angry citizens to give up their protests. it was the demonstrators clash with police in santiago unappeased by the government's latest concessions. protesters build barricades and police respond. but according to dictionary and prosecutors police tactics do not stop with tear gas water cannon and arrests they are investigating more than $800.00 allegations of abuse by police including torture rape and beatings. president says his government has nothing to hide he has vowed to investigate crimes committed by police with the same tenacity as they pursued demonstrators who destroyed property means of course it would work well with the same force and rekha any abuse it has been committed
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and the lack of respect use of force will also be investigated by the prosecution and the court of justice if. that's what happens in a democracy look at the rule of law that's in about it. what started as a protest over a rise in subway fares almost 3 weeks ago has grown into a movement to gates what many on the street see as the yawning gap between rich and poor and the lack of support for ordinary people highways are just one of the many services chill am's pay for directly truck drivers block the ring roads around the capital they say tolls for the roads operated by private companies are too high i. consider not a good reason why we agreements have been in place since 2006 the companies have a earn back the investment 8 times over and they keep charging us and people line debit some demonstrators once
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a new constitution for chile one that protects social services and resources from being privatized for them increasing the minimum wage is just not enough i. call for lake is covering the story for us in santiago she says mistrust of the government and police remains high. well presidents it was them being it us trying to appease protesters with symbolic gestures like the approval of minimum wage subsidies many see right through him in recent days he has embarked on a charm offensive of sorts giving lots of interviews visiting victims of police brutality in the hospital but to many people out in the streets protesting again today it's too little too late and most importantly it comes from the president that they want gone the protests actually spread out today they didn't only take place in the centric plaza d'italia square people also gathered in santiago financial district and what struck me personally the most was how far riot police
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was driving protesters into residential areas there were hordes of people that had nothing to do with the protests hiding out in full is not daring to go out in the street fearing the lingering tear gas or being hit by stray rubber bullets so there's a deep feeling of insecurity and a huge mistrust in the police force and that is something the president will have to tackle if you want to keep these protests from escalating. to nicole for lake there in santiago protesters in iraq have accused security forces of firing live rounds of people who are blocking a bridge in the capital baghdad demonstrations against the government started early last month since then more than $250.00 people have been killed and thousands injured the military has called on people to stop blocking roads ports and oil refineries saying it's costing the country billions of dollars.
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gunfire ricochets around the streets of central baghdad. demonstrates is trying to take shelter as bullets rained down fired witnesses say by iraqi security forces. since tuesday antigovernment protest is have been blocking a major bridge in the capital. police want them gone oh if you're in the united nations see they use knife bullets we're human beings protesting and demanding our rights how can it or you know what to do with those who fail got severely beaten look at what they did to my leg and my hand they started shooting live ammunition at us. pretense of also broken out in on the parts of iraq in basra in the south of the country security forces broke up an anti government sit in demonstration. more than
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$250.00 iraqis have lost their lives since the unrest began at the beginning of october and the the violence is being condemned by the international community. the secretary general says he is shocked by the death toll we have seen in recent days in iraq since the start of the demonstration but with neither side prepared to back down chaos has returned to the streets of iraq. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today hundreds of women have marched in the lebanese capital beirut demanding that the whole government resign protesters lit candles and bang pots and pans outside government headquarters a wave of demonstrations has forced the prime minister to step down. and government protesters have clashed with police in bolivia's capital city look pas opposition
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groups there accuse president evo morales of manipulating last month's presidential election and opposition leader has arrived in the capital aiming to deliver a letter to the president demanding is resignation. and german airline lufthansa has canceled 1300 flights on thursday and friday affecting around 180000 passengers is the result of a 2 day strike by cabin crew over pay and conditions industrial action will mainly affect flights leaving german airports. well celebrations are taking place across germany this week to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall highlights of the festivities include video displays beamed onto iconic cold war sites the berlin wall surrounded what used to be west berlin and east german authorities said they built it to protect their country from supposed fascists but in reality it prevented their own citizens from playing to the
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democratic path of the divided city portal to the rest of the free world. well after the fall of the berlin wall in november 1989 the 2 germany's were quickly reunited on a political level a socially and economically reunification has been difficult despite billions of euros and subsidies and an overhaul of infrastructure in the east major differences persist linda fear the reports. this is in the middle of berlin the wall is still here but as the memory of the city's physical division ended long ago but there are still great differences between east and west incomes remain high in the west that's visible in each paycheck. the income gap may have narrowed over the past 30 years but on average westerners still earn a lot more. reunification brought with it the collapse of almost all industry in
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east germany virtually nothing came along to replace it it wasn't for lack of money the government invested 1.6 trillion euros in the former east. but high paying jobs are rare in the east mind and 3 percent of major companies are in the west another key difference in the number of leadership positions in the east versus west after reunification the top jobs in politics education and commercial were filled by westerners what started as a quick solution to replace eastern germany executives has stayed almost entirely in place. federal judges university chancellor senior government officials corporate executives decision making positions are only filled by easterners. only 1.7 percent of top leadership jobs are held by eastern germans. and there's also
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a lingering feeling of dissatisfaction in the eastern part of the country 57 percent of easterners according to polls consider themselves 2nd class citizens that discontent also comes to the surface in elections the far right populist alternative for germany is twice as strong in the east as in the west. its. recent election results have shaken the political establishment bringing east and west together is proving much harder than expected great strides have been made since $1809.00 but experts say it will take decades more until the differences dividing germany are truly overcome. well our political correspondent thomas sparrow is with us here in the studio good morning thomas morning terry technically germany has been reunited for longer than it was divided and yet as we just saw many east germans are former east germans say that they
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still feel like 2nd class citizens in this country why has germany failed to recover a sense of unity among its people i think it's important to stress that germany has indeed advanced a lot in these last 3 decades that a lot of those differences have been at least reduced but as the german commissioner for german unity said there is still a way ahead the goal has not been completely achieved i think that has to do on the one hand with reality with that what linda just explained in her piece the fact that for example in the eastern part of the country salaries are lower pensions are different but there is a real difference between what people in the east and people in the west and the other one with perception and perceptions what do you specifically mentioned the fact that people feel that they are 2nd class citizens they feel that they have been left behind they feel that they are not as properly represented in the east as people in the west so i would say that those are the 2 key elements when talking about this on the one hand reality the fact that the goal has not yet been achieved
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of german unity and on the other hand that sense the feeling that many in the eastern part of the country feel that they have been in a way left behind and feeling that sense of dissatisfaction that eastern germans feel that also is expressing itself politically in the country it's reshaping the country's political landscape and it's being used as well by political parties in particular political parties on the far right of the political spectrum they have been using those feelings they have been tapping into those fears into that uncertainty to try and gain votes and that's something that we've seen for example in regional elections in the eastern part of the country only recently we saw for example that action in 3 states in the eastern part of the country where the far right a a 50 the alternative for germany actually managed to get very good results. for them and that was in part because they managed precisely to tap into those feeling that we're talking about right here so here we are 3 decades after reunification more than a trillion euros poor and into what used to be east germany and yet reunification still is not complete what is the government doing now to address that element of
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causation has a very big package of proposals that they've been trying to pass and as a bridge that divide and make those differences smaller that includes for example moving some federal offices to these that part of the country or trying to do a big companies to also have all phases in the east of trying to improve infrastructure in the eastern part of the country where you have for example very poor internet would train connections are also poor so that's sort of package that the government has put in place but at the same time the commissioner has stressed that there is a structural problem there's a structural issue in other words as we just saw also in this report this is not something that will be able to they will be able to change in 4 or 5 years this is something that is a very low growth is one that started 30 years ago still continues now and probably still will still continue in a few years time as well our political correspondent thomas sparrow thank you so much always a pleasure terry. and all this week is bringing you special
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coverage and reports on the events leading up to the fall of the wall 30 years ago we'll also have live coverage of saturday's ceremonies and commemorations now heavy rains sar causing record flooding across east africa more than 2000000 people in several countries are affected especially in somalia and south sudan there in south sudan a civil war has already left devastation now the rains are making things worse and forecasters say it could continue for weeks. water to the horizon entire villages have been submerged aide workers say they're among the worst floods in the areas history south sudan has declared a state of emergency. rising waters have pushed out more than 400000 people but not everyone can leave easily. so this is so hard for disabled people like me that everyone is trying to save
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themselves 1st. but are not all of the water is getting deeper every day and i can't crawl in it. we need help to improve the situation here. for the u.n. and aid groups providing relief in south sudan poses a huge challenge a brutal civil war has already worn down the country's infrastructure and health system and as waters rise so does the risk of disease. the situation is so bad that now we're living with dead animals waste and garbage all submerged under the water where afraid of catching diseases and getting hurt we need help people are hungry all our supplies have gone with the water where appealing for urgent support we need tents food and places to sleep east africa is no stranger to cycles of drought and floods but experts say climate change is making oceans warmer and weather
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extremes worse the indian ocean which sends rains to east africa is unusually warm right now that means up to another 6 weeks of heavy rain for a region already under water. meanwhile in brooklyn a fast gunmen have attacked a convoy of a canadian gold mining company killing at least 37 people the buses were transporting employees of the some of the in the east of the country and were being escorted by military personnel. 2 former twitter employees have been charged with spying for saudi arabia a complaint from the u.s. justice department published in the washington post detailed the saudi government's efforts to recruit the 2 men and use them to obtain the personal information of government critics including a journalist with ties to the murder of writer jamal approaching. and a false alarm at chipotle airport caused cancellations and a massive deployment of security personnel spanish airline air oil apologized
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saying the hijacking alert system on one of its planes had been activated by accident no passengers were harmed. now taking the subway during rush hour can be a harrowing experience for anyone but in japan many women have the additional stress of dealing with statistical and sexual assault almost every woman there has a story of unwanted touching or groping it's so much of a problem the transport officials started designated women only carriages a few years ago that has helped but it hasn't eliminated the problem now women are taking action to demand change. tokyo in the morning rush hour the japanese capital's trains are jam packed bodies pressing against bodies for some these are the perfect conditions for she can or croaking.
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i have been touched a lot of times around here and most people i know have had the same experience. using the adult smartphone function this path at 70 a picture of his thing that open the city. to continent has been part of japanese pop culture for some time cartoon films showing schoolgirls as helpless groping victims have a large fan base in a country where some couples do not even dare to hold hands in public. situations like this one where grover is chased are rare. most victims suffer in silence. victims like ramon. who was sexually harassed as a schoolgirl in the train she kept silent out of shame and because groping seemed socially acceptable for so long in japan. she recently developed
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a program that you can read or an early warning system to combat grover's 40000 have already registered. would you count the a feeling of powerlessness comes from the fact that brokers are perceived as being completely normal it goes so far that the victims fear that the train will be stopped by their cry for help and that their fellow travelers will arrive late for work out of some kind of consideration they prefer not to say anything. wants to change that she was sexually harassed when she was at primary school the blogger has written a book about her experiences and demands that women talk about there's. still a moment i used to travel to school on the. i mean with my male friends their experience of that environment was very different to mine so i realized that men can really only understand the problem if we talk about it clearly. and that is what ogawa does now. she takes us to an event of women who don't want to put up
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with it anymore. the flower demo takes place once a month it's for people who have been victims of groping or who have experienced sexual violence. the demo is a very important place for us a place where we gain hope and the feeling that our voices can change something. in japan a country where few are outspoken these flower demos are almost a revolution. only you know. some of the women talk about their worst experiences and seeing that gives me the feeling that we're moving together my. family. and tell something changes in japan among the ogawa will be coming back here every month. well football now on match day 4 of the champions league day brannock from v.w.
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sport is here to talk us through it morning day so 2 games to spare still in the group stage and a handful of teams have already qualified for the knockout round are they the favorites then to win yes so after last night p.s.g. you've been to some byron munition are the 3 1st teams to advance into the knockout rounds and there are 3 of the biggest teams in the world but just because they're through doesn't mean i think we can necessarily call them favorites i mean looking at byron for instance there in the middle of really disarray and actually they just got rid of their coach sunday and it was their interim coach on the flicks 1st 1st match under the reins so if they can get through it doesn't really i mean you know want to say anybody can do it but they're struggling and still managed and we actually have a quote from interim coach on the flick about that experience. as it's been. i'm very pleased with the team puts on it's it's not been an easy week for the
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players and stuff after the coaching change. we've reached the last 16 of the champions league and way very happy. very happy but it was a lackluster win there for bion is that going to be enough to assure by and fans that the season is back on track and that the flick is the guy to take them where they need to go yeah i mean as you said it really was a bit of an unconvincing to know when over the. they showed a lot of the issues that they've had in the past couple weeks underneath coco batch that didn't initially improve under flick the defense really looked in disarray they were pretty lost and as usual they're reliant on. who got another goal to kind of belgium out plus a late one from paris to make it look a bit better so i mean flick he was only there a couple of days he didn't magically fix
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a bunch of injuries and change the entire look of the team but also that they're in flux it's hard to say that he'll even be there very long and at the end of the day it's still there through into the knockout rounds and they're only 4 points from the top of the bundesliga and this weekend they have a massive match against dortmund coming up where they could actually even keep moving up that ladder ok speaking of dortmund how did they and the other 2 buddhist league teams fare in the competitions it was a solid showing for german teams in the champions league last night dortmund pulled off a thrilling 32 victory over into milan where they came back from 2 nil things to kimi scoring 2 goals so that it has them breathing down barcelona's north america and then by leverkusen held on against a political madrid for a 21 win which was really solid from them so big night for all the german teams and there is a pretty decent chance that all of them to advance day thank you so much dave braddock from d.w. sports. this is d.w.
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news and these are our top stories. chile's president says he'll seek to raise the minimum wage by around 15 percent and investigate human rights abuses by police as he tries to quell the country's worst on rest in decades truckers blocked highways to protest against road tolls and there been fresh demonstrations in the capital something. in iraq one person has been killed and dozens more injured in fresh clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces protests against the government began last month. across east africa above average rainfall has triggered record flooding affecting more than a 1000000 people nearly half of the displaced are in south sudan a country had already been ravaged by a civil war. u.s.
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secretary of state mike pump has arrived in germany for events marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall and the end of the cold war he will visit leipsic and berlin to highlight the role of the united states in defeating call because. this is t w news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at d w news or visit our website that's gone cold. you're watching the news up next in business chaos as a 2 day strike causes germany's look tonsil to cancel more than a 1000 flights find out what the unions which. and don't forget you can always give t.w. news on the go just download or out from google play or probably apple store will
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give you access to all the latest news from oprah home the world as well as push notifications credit for making news and also use the data to send those photos and video. one of the joe's will be here in just a minute with businesses for you know what.
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the good thing. shortage of teachers in rural areas it's a big problem for russia and a huge problem for children. arsalan jaan isn't a teacher but he wants to do something positive. he voluntarily travels to remote areas and teaches kids to open doors of opportunity for them.
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60 minutes w. . he wanted to smash the berlin wall long before it finally fell. away as you also should state you know linda but he's actually better known as the legend of german rock music is this. let's find a mall is amazing my sister linda. costs 21. this week on t.w. . searching after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th w. literature invites us to see people in particular and
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i like to see how some stupid stein grown up her. might object. to share a work of. other you books on youtube. cancels 1300 flights a 2 day strike action but of times a cabin crew leaves 180000 passengers stranded we go to our correspondent and frankfurt airport for the latest. also coming up here ways role in germany's 5 g. infrastructure remains undecided as berlin is weighing up risks against potential benefit. to do business i want to get johnson berlin good to have you with us ok so you're flying from or to.


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