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this is good news coming to you live from berlin it will be tell it in years since the fall of the berlin wall on the 9th of november it was the climax of weeks of civil rights protests in communist east germany we talked to a prominent east german activist who played a key role in those events and helped shape the new united germany also coming up the german defense minister wants the country to the country's military to take on more responsibility internationally and she also says it's time for germany to be more robust about drifters ending its own interests. and should resume bashing
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president moves to increase the minimum wage but would it be enough to quell the country's worst undressed in decades. plus when you're born in some way commute means fending off drooping men women in japan out of things times out on widespread sexual assault on a crowded train. hello and welcome good to have your company. germany celebrating the turn to the anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall we stick place in the 9th of november 1989 festivities began on monday with $200.00 events exhibitions and artworks like here at the brandenburg gate throughout the city the light installations that historically. reenacting the events of that fateful lia in
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a special virtual reality city tourists can experience the berlin of $989.00 through their own eyes. and one bat who doesn't need a virtual reality because he was there 30 years ago is with me yes. welcome to you mr eisner you were the co-founder of the new form civil rights movement in eastern germany which played a key role in the events which led to the fall of the berlin wall a you are a scientist a molecule a biologist 1st of all tell me what was it like living in eastern germany as a scientist and what did you face. you know scientists we were all dissatisfied because of the isolation from the from what was going on in the great of new developments we learned all these things have a year or a year later best. you know. when did you 1st become critical of the
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east german government and what consequences did you face as a result. critical we were all over that time but in private and more openly and gathering people to discuss matters that came up. in the late seventy's i would say when when we realized and i realized for instance that the eastern bloc. would come down economically and ecologically and and the political situation burst and you said it started in the seventy's that the wall actually fell in $1809.00 so how did you channel this discontent in eastern germany in the zia. by retiring into private life. and i did my
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work at the institute for experimental work and later on this here reticle worked with computers it was a profession and then we had family life were very young and this was very much in private in the shell of a of a. of isolation and. active isolation from from the greater than from the communists or roundings and so but that changed in 1989 because you took bought in the biggest protests that essentially had seen on alexanderplatz 5 days before the wall effect useful tell us what was it like. i felt awkward then and there and yes and when you address a crowd of 500000 people and you hear every word you say dozen times coming back
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from from overwhelming loudspeakers and you do know whether to speak most lonely or more quickly and more loudly and well and that i slip of paper and just looked at it and tended to say something important for for the 5 minutes ever saw was allotted to me i had to look at it and open exit machine yesterday at alexanderplatz just on that specific demonstration the mood from the pictures i could see that looked electric yes the population was was happy it was common of all but those who spoke you must realize that we were the most diverse politically oriented people and looked at where enclosed in sort of coral like like mass things that go out to their odio afterwards and and there were people who were not your friends anyway only part of them the others where where the communist
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leaders sitting around having coffee. it was a very very intimidating in a way since an interesting one to ever scared that the army might move in because at that point the communist regime was still trying to contain these protests yeah that was real danger and it was not sure that even weeks later it wasn't sure that they would not strike back at some occasion and we're very eager not to trigger the military action from the soviet troops which half a 1000000 soldiers were after all in germany and around the linn so one had to be very circumspect in what to do what to demand how to behave. and probably so did you realize during that protest or shortly after that the blood in wall would fall within 5 days and that if the last days of the communist regime
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had gender of the day they people obviously were happy or open minded and hope that now would become free east germany. would. miss reforms and with a new life and having the possibility to speak openly we we were concentrated on the issues that were attacked and nobody thought at that moment strangely enough about that of all would come bone of few days later. i was surprised as well yeah i mean i think if everybody was so taken aback by the unexpected and suddenly fell off the floor of the war petty years later and now mr nash what are your feelings you're still hearing there is a degree of ambiguity among eastern germans about what happened and the consequences how do you see it. after all in my opinion it was
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a great day that germany would be comrie unified as a greater german cultural nation would come together again this was a great part of it but of course it was everything happened so quickly without proper preparation and economically it became a complete crackdown afterwards and many people were not satisfied with discontent about but about but that it happened so quickly that they make a side of it but after all it's now over united and we have to come to terms with the problems that still are. around. one of the prominent activists who took part in protests which led to the fall of the berlin wall 30 a pleasure to have you with us it was a pleasure to. hear secretary of state mike compeers visiting germany for the
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anniversary of the fall of the bomb in war he served as an army officer in germany during the cold war from paramedic u.s. troops and then visited the form of border town of more data right with the german foreign minister. the town was divided by a war during the cold war giving it the nickname little. later pompey is due to visit at leipzig where mass protests took place that led to the fall of the burning boy. did or death do not take freedom and democracy for granted a warning from nato secretary general and started bag who's been giving a keynote address here in berlin the speech is part of an event marking 70 years of nato the military alliance between 29 north american and european nations that was set up after the 2nd world war. stoltenberg is going to be in the german capital on a 3 day visit to commemorate the fall of the berlin wall have
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a listen to what he had to say the bond. between europe and north america made it possible to integrate germany into a. national community. to the cold war without a shot being fired to create the conditions for european integration. unification over germany. would have been impossible without united states security guarantee. but jimmy's defense minister wants the country's military to take on more responsibility internationally in a speech setting out new difference priorities on a good kind and bell also said it was time for germany to be more robust representing its own interests and she has proposed setting up a new national security council. and that's analysis and national security council
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of this nature would make her contributions to international crisis management faster and more effective it could also make an important contribution to how we formulate foreign policy strategy through foresighted agenda setting. good to lies so for more on that i'm joined by our chief political editor. we should tell us 2 more about this idea of a national security council how is it supposed to work well she didn't go into the nitty gritty details but clearly here she is aiming for more streamlined policy geared towards german national security interests in this national security council and that would stretch from economic policy but also to international development aid this is something like that countries like the united states have been doing for decades here in germany is something of a novelty and it could meet quite a bit of resistance here in germany as well the defense minister. also outlined new
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priorities and a vision for the german armed forces what did she say. well she basically said that germany needs to be engaged more that it has to become more of a player strategically and she didn't which usually is what you hear from german politicians including the german chancellor angela merkel that did not exclude committing more troops to regions like this are held area where germany already has troops stationed in the country of mali but she also mentioned the indo-pacific that there needed to a push be a push back towards china joining allies there this is a completely new take a new commitment she's a voice there and quite clearly this is not german government policy but this is the woman who wants to become angela merkel successor is german chancellor so she's taking quite a bit of political risk here. political editor thank you. let
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me now bring you actually it was some other stories making news around the world moscow is reenacting a military parade has in 1941 when german armies lead seized to the city historic vehicles and soldiers in period uniforms marched under a giant screen showing news stream footage of the war the day of military honor as it's called replace the old soviet holiday marking the revolution of 1917. french police have been clearing to makeshift refugee camps in paris officials estimate the tent cities are home to as many as 1200 people including children about 600 police officers school to the refugees to buses to take them to reception said. the german airline lufthansa has canceled 1300 flights on thursday and friday affecting some 180000 passengers is because
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of the 2 day strike by cabin crew of a pm conditions the industrial action mainly affects flights leaving german airports. iran is resumed you really been richmond at an underground nuclear plant in a father significant step away from its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers it comes after the united states we drew from the agreement and really impose sanctions on tehran. to form twitter employees have been charged with spying for saudi arabia a complaint from the u.s. justice department published in the washington post detail the saudi government's efforts to recruit 2 men and use them to obtain bus the information of government critics including a journalist with close ties to the murdered writer jamal khashoggi. turning now to chile where the government is coming under extreme pressure as violent street protests showed no signs of abating president sebastian. and yet as
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from this of a wage hike and other reforms has done nothing to appease the demonstrators who accuse the belief of police of using excessive force the protests started last month sparked by a hike in subway fare as they have since widened into a mass movement against inequality. demonstrators clashed with police in santiago unappeased by the government's latest concessions. protesters build barricades. and police respond. but according to today and prosecutors police tactics do not stop with tear gas water cannons and arrests they are investigating more than $800.00 allegations of abuse by police including torture rape and beatings. chalets president says his government has nothing to hide he has vowed to investigate crimes committed by police with the same tenacity as they pursue demonstrators who
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destroy property go live in the course of the work well with the same force and rekha any abuse that has been committed and the lack of respect use of force will also be investigated by the prosecution and the courts of justice if. that's what happens in a democracy look at the rule of law that's in othello that. what started as a protest over a rise in subway fares almost 3 weeks ago has grown into a movement to gates what many on the street see as the yawning gap between rich and poor and the lack of support for ordinary people highways are just one of the many services chill am's paid for directly truck drivers block the ring roads around the capital they say tolls for the roads operated by private companies are too high. if the fences are not a good reason highway agreements have been in place since 2006 the companies have
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turned back the investment 8 times over and they keep charging us and people i'm dead but if some demonstrators want a new constitution for today one that protects social services and resources from being privatized for them increasing the minimum wage is just not enough i. see japanese cars fun and nickel surely she is covering that story for us in santiago she says mistrust of the government and police remains high. well presidents about them being it as trying to appease protesters with symbolic gestures like the approval of minimum wage subsidies many see right through him in recent days he has embarked on a charm offensive of sorts giving lots of interviews visiting victims of police brutality in the hospital but too many people out in the streets protesting again today it's too little too late and most importantly it comes from
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a president that they want gone the protests actually spread out today they didn't only take place in the centric plaza d'italia square people also gathered in santiago's financial district and what struck me personally the most was how far riot police was driving protesters into residential areas there were hordes of people that had nothing to do with the protests hiding out in 4 years not daring to go out in the street fearing the lingering tear gas or being hit by stray rubber bullets so there's a deep feeling of insecurity and a huge mistrust in the police force and that is something the president will have to tackle if he wants to keep these protests from escalating. reporting from santiago on the unrest in the chilean capital. now for women in many parts of the world taking transit public transport is a nightmare because their risk physical and sexual assault women in japan have not
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decided to take action almost every woman in tokyo is busy metro system has a story to tell about unwanted touching and groping japan's strong vicious like some of the countries have started designating women only carriages but that hasn't completely eliminated the problem. tokyo in the morning rush hour the japanese capital's trains are jam packed bodies pressing against bodies for some these are the perfect conditions for she can or could roping. i have been touched a lot of times around here and most people i know of had the same experience. using the adult smartphone function this path that sent me a picture of his thing that of the big city. to confound on and has been part of japanese pop culture for some time cartoon films showing schoolgirls as helpless
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groping victims of a large fan base in a country where some couples do not even dare to hold hands in public. situations like this one where a croaker is chased are rare. most victims suffer in silence. victims like ramon cut to gala who was sexually harassed as a schoolgirl in the train she kept silent out of shame and because groping seemed socially acceptable for so long in japan. she recently developed a program that you can read or an early warning system to combat gropers 40000 have already registered. when you got the a feeling of powerlessness comes from the fact that brokers are perceived as being completely normal it goes so far that the victims fear that the train will be stopped by their cry for help and that their fellow travelers will arrive late for
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work out of some kind of consideration they prefer not to say anything. wants to change that she was sexually harassed when she was at primary school the blogger has written a book about her experiences and demands that women talk about there's. still a moment i used to travel to school on the. train with my male friends their experience of that environment was very different to mine so i realized that men can really only understand the problem if we talk about it clearly. and that is what ogawa does now. she takes us to an event of women who don't want to put up with it any more the flower demo takes place once a month it's for people who have been victims of groping or who have experienced sexual violence it's best it's only the demo is a very important place for us a place where we gain hope and the feeling that our voices can change something.
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that is there. in japan a country where few are outspoken these flower demos are almost a revolution. or you know part of the last some of the women talk about their worst experiences and saying that gives me the feeling that we're moving together you don't wait. until something changes in japan a governor will be coming back here every month. and now for some sports south africa's rugby world cup winners kicked off a nationwide celebration to end the capital pretoria today the springboks were greeted by euphoric fans including the president fitted. the south african rugby union has brought insurance for the web telescope won it grids around the country even appointed someone to manage the trophies movements during the parade to make sure only squad members and the president get their hands on it.
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on to football and match day full of the champions league dave bronczek from the sports desk is here to talk us through the action welcome dave not to the games left in the group stage and we've already had a couple of a few teams which if qualified any favorites among them yes so p.s.g. you ventus and byron munich are the 3 1st teams to go through and there are some of the biggest teams in the world so of course you always expect them to be in the mix but i'm not sure if i call any of them really favorites through for instance and they are in in the midst of some complete chaos at the moment they're really struggling actually just last week and they let go of their coach. and have had interim coach the flick run the show for the 1st time last night so they're going through a lot and still manage to get through and we actually have a quote from hans you about that. as it's been. i'm very pleased with the
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team puts on it's not been an easy week for the players and stuff after the coaching change and another we've reached the last 16 of the champions league and we have very happy feet. so one fi flick the interim coach is very happy but it was after all a lack enough to performance by buying music is that enough to reassure fans that mines back in form for the season can save the season yeah byron really weren't very convincing in their 2 nil win over the be. displayed a lot of the kind of issues that they've been shown over recent weeks their defending was really out of sorts and once again they were bailed out by a goal from robert de bosky he keeps scoring but if he wasn't around you hate to think what they'd even look like and as far as the flick goes he's only been there a couple of days so i don't really expect him to be very long so things are still in flux and at the end of the day it's byron munich there are always you know title
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favorites or at least in that discussion absolutely the bines been was obviously a big guy said that there was plenty of action champions league and then also some surprises it was truly a wild night you had rodrigo an 18 year old for real madrid become the 2nd youngest player in the history of the competition to get a hat trick you had to shocked hard to nascar have a crazy last minute comeback from 31 down against you know but for me what really was the highlight of all this the most interesting thing was manchester city right back kyle walker who you see there behind us had to throw on the gloves and getting a goal for 10 minutes which is really a very rare thing it only happened because the 1st keeper was injured and had to come off and then the 2nd one received the red card so walker saw self behind the
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between the sticks and actually he counted pretty well for himself he didn't do too bad though he might want to stick to his usual position. thank you very much and we get up to date with all that's floating action. he watching the news all distinctly going to be bringing you special reports to mark the anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall today i'm going to leave it up with pictures of the longest bit of the berlin wall which is still standing it's now known as the east side gallery where a light installation is on to marking the anniversary have a look and enjoy. enter
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the conflict zone with tim sebastian if hong kong's pro-democracy movement imagined it had the i'm qualified support of the international community it is better think again my guest this week here in berlin is joey su a pro-democracy activist should be jailed movement now tried to make a deal with the hong kong government because that becomes impossible conflicts of.
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next on de doubling. down to. discover your concept discovered with. school legend up to 100 years ago as the ideals of the bond house are more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries reshaped things to come because people understood design as a way of shaping society. about half of that cost telling her. with ideas that are part of our future. that makes the bow
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to. the spine to the spirit to excel how a card to. play. archimandrite starts nov 14th w. are you saying that people are now out of control well i don't believe they're out of control nobody forces you to break them all to the government part so i think it's probably kongs pro-democracy movement imagined it had been unqualified support of the international community it had better think again the british government has slammed what it called a hard core of demonstrators warning that violence was unacceptable and had to stop i guess this week here in berlin is joey so you pro-democracy activist and spokes person for a number of student unions in the hong kong.


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