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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CET

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video and. w. . this is the w.'s line from but when foreign dignitaries gather germany prepares to celebrate 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall u.s. secretary of state mike home pay of has been meeting american troops in southern germany where he served as an opposite during the cold war also on the program we visit the most famous shopping what used to be west berlin east berlin i did assume
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or say called for a 1st time to capitalism. germany's defense minister says the country's military should assume international responsibility that it's time the country was more robust about representing its interests abroad. and battles president moves to increase the minimum wage when it be enough to quell the country's worst undressed. i'm phil gallo welcome to the program u.s. secretary of state mike pompei rose in germany to join celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the building wall he served as an army officer in germany june 1 today troops at a training camp in bavaria for 4000 u.s. soldiers and they took part accompanied by german foreign minister high come not.
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the secretary of state visited a village had once been divided by the east west border hence its nickname little berlin was the pump arrow is now in leipsic. which is where we join d.w. but in a stress welcome marina so the tour appears to of their begins in a small but very in a village where he has a personal connection tell us from. yes actually the city of the small place of it is quite hard to pronounce even for a german speaker it's a very small village but it's quite famous because it was divided by east and west and. was based not far from there are so you so sure in the late eighty's and he still likes to tell the story of funny patrol the air and carton and so this whole journey to from poppier this whole journey is not only a work trip but it's also a journey back in time so from it all right she then went on to light since as you
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gather with germany's foreign minister high commands that's where we are right now he 1st met with civil rights activists you have to know that life was back then and i did 89 it was at the center after the civil rights movement and so they met with civil rights activists and they both mouse and company a will give each one press conference here at the city's old city hall just behind me in about half an hour the relations between germany and you know i think straight states have been strained recently does this have any bearing on the visit . well you know that since ever since i took office and 2017 this relations between the us and germany have gotten a little complicated to put it mildly there's a list of issues just a few the u.s. repeatedly asked germany to get more involved worldwide to do marches spend more money on to fans to fulfill the requirements of nato the u.s.
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is also harshly criticizing the german russian protract not streams who got the gas pipeline and of course there's also the question of tariffs donald trump is threatening to impose tariffs on the european union that could also hit the german car industry very hard well the list goes on. but there's one thing that is interesting to mention the german foreign minister heikal mosque just recently actually this week he thanked many countries all around the world for that and waltham and involvement in the fall of the berlin wall for you were german reunification but he didn't mention the united states with one word not at all and well that sparked criticism in the united states. now the secretary of state's well them travel to but where he's due to inaugurate a statue of whom. is actually a statue no one or barely no one in peru and everyone say it's the statue of ronald
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reagan the former u.s. presidents and he's actually honorary citizen of berlin and many city officials thought well that's sufficient but now he got the statue is it will be placed at the balcony of the u.s. embassy in the heart of pollution and a run of regular process will have the opportunity to look at the side where the berlin wall once stood and where he hold this very famous iconic speech asking his son his counterpart mr gorbachev to tear down this wall that was a 987 and of course we all know that 2 years later of the wall fell. marina strauss in leipsic thank you. it was part of d.w. special coverage of the 30 found a version of the fall of the looking out what for many students was their 1st time shopping in the west on the 9th of november but 900 $89.00 k.
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is just cross the border in the thousands and many headed straight to west but it's most famous shopping boulevard before stand on a street that was a showcase of capitalism in the divided city today looking nice for streets and what it meant for many east germans to see it for the 1st time. christopher coke one of the many places where the 1000000 east germans headed just 2 days after the war began to fall 30 years ago a welcome kristoff where i. feel i'm on her 1st something dumb as you mention and cool for some dumb and its extension why i am right now stand like few other places in germany for the abundance of goods in a free market society and the might of the consumer both of which were unheard of in the east of the country now here shops sell the old go to
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a fashion from paris or handmade italian shoes there's even a tesla store nowadays you can stroll down the 4 kilometer boulevard or you simply come here to the d v the view partment store of the west as it is called it is a shopping paradise for those who don't mind to spend a little more in order to get something better and it became the destinations for many people from east berlin and east germany for that matter once the wall came down they came in droves because this store gave them offered them what they had been craving and which was mainly unavailable to them so add to that the fact that the west german government gave $100.00 dogs marks to each east german citizen that crossed the border and even have some extra cash to spend why not do it at berlin's most famous store. one of the top destinations for east berliners
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exploring west berlin was the luxury car a department store which was famous throughout the country even before the war caught evade was ready for the rush many east german shoppers stayed up all night for the opening. first and foremost we decided that all our guests should get a free cup of coffee here so they can warm up 1st. the grocery department was overflowing with exotic products a new experience for many. this one for a company of my eyes i don't know what i should buy 1st or what i should eat 1st i bought some muscle so these are new to me. these were nervy days the east germans had to head back across the berlin wall by 8 o'clock in the evening no one knew if they would be allowed out again. to christophe christophe so how
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would these 1st encounters between east and west germans. well they were cried to joyous also here at the at the cottage he had this big luxury a department store people that worked here back then said well people from east germany were quite quite interested in the fashion and like fine koloff that the store offered but despite the money that they had gotten from the west german government you know many could not afford what was on sale here people that worked here back then said well if you know people couldn't spend all the money or didn't have enough money at least the employees here organize some some candy for the kids that that came along and also people from west berlin said once the wall had had fallen it was very interesting to them to be able to purchase fruit from the farms that are in the surrounding areas of berlin which before when the country had been
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divided was off limits and. so the form of the will is being commemorated at 7 locations and so what's happening there the coup down today. just as we can see at the 6 other locations here at the cooldown there will be a large projection of pictures. footage film footage and sounds from the days when the wall fell we can see obviously the very surprised people very anxious people to get to the border crossing and to get across the joy that they felt afterwards there's always also pictures of the nervousness of the border guards for example that were completely overwhelmed by this onslaught of people that were just rushing to get to the west and you can feel the tension in these pictures of these people but we all know not one shot was fired and that led to the
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peaceful revolution to christophe coba 1st and down and betting thank you. and all this week d w is bringing you special coverage and reports on the events that led up to the fall of the burden will 30 years ago we'll also have live coverage of the main ceremonies and commemorations that are taking place on saturday and now for some of the other stories making news around the world police in england have identified all $39.00 people whose bodies were found inside a refrigerated truck in london last month or the victims of the apparent people smuggling ring were vietnamese citizens their families have now been notified. police and medical sources in iraq say at least 4 protesters have been killed in clashes in the capital baghdad officers opened fire as demonstrators attempted to move barriers near bridges across the river tigris more than 260 people have been killed in 5 weeks of anti-government protests. iran has resumed uranium enrichment
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as an underground nuclear plant or a significant breach of the 2050 nuclear deal with world powers and follows the united states is with unilateral withdrawal from the agreement and its reimposition of sanctions against tehran. germany's defense minister says the country's military should take on more international responsibility in a speech setting out a new defense priorities under threat also said it was time for the country to be more robust about representing its interests abroad and she proposed setting up a new national security council so and that's an honest and national security council of this nature would make our contributions to international crisis management faster and more effective it could also make an important contribution to how we formulate foreign policy strategy through foresighted agenda setting so. good to. see if we can find out more about what this means from the doubloons chief
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political editor of mccain a welcome so how would this national security council work. well we heard i'm going to come by the defense minister but also the woman who would like to follow unger machall as next chancellor here she's the c.d.u. party leader talk about strategic culture and that really is something many analysts don't see as really at the core of german security policy so she's sounding a lot more assertive than many partners are used to from germany and also more sort of the many germans are used to because any kind of military engagement is usually generally hugely unpopular here in germany so the big question is what worth what kind of public backlash she could potentially expect many analysts have praised her for being brave at the same time there's a lot of political risk attached to this and the defense minister also outlined
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a new priorities and a vision for germany's armed forces so one of the well absolutely i mean any kind of foreign missing by that our military has to 1st pass the border start the parliament which designs and votes on a mandate and here she's hoping to see a much faster track decision making although she doesn't question the parliamentary army itself at the same time she also mentioned regions that are pretty much a no go so far from the german military like the interface if it region standing by allies like japan and australia and pushing back the strategic interests of china there so a lot of new territory a lot of rhetoric that we're absolutely not used to also from the german chancellor herself so how much support do these proposals have. well she's getting support from some on this spurt it's very much not along the lines of what i'm going to machall said i dare say this is not meant for the current government which is after
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all the so-called ground coalition with the social democrats and there was even a struggle to get that every new of an already existing mandate in over iraq and ruled in syria through so that simply won't be on the cards is seeing that vision be put into practice the big question big party conference at the end of the month when a lot more whether she's going to get any step closer to succeeding or machall very soon because the chief political editor thank you. to chile where the president sebastian pinera has pledged to raise the minimum wage as he tries to quell street protests that have shaken the capital santiago for nearly 3 weeks that was sparked initially by an increase in subway fans and wind into a mass movement against inequality. demonstrators clash with police in santiago on a piece by the government's latest concessions. protesters build barricades.
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and police respond. to coding to today and prosecutors police tactics do not stop with tear gas water cannon and arrests they are investigating more than $800.00 allegations of abuse by police including torture rape and beatings. president says his government has nothing to hide he has vowed to investigate crimes committed by police with the same tenacity as they pursued demonstrators who destroy property means of course it will work well with the same force and rekha any abuse it has been committed and the lack of respect use of force will also be investigated by the prosecution and the court of justice if. that's what happens in a democracy look at the rule of law that's in about it. what started as
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a protest over a rise in subway fares almost 3 weeks ago has grown into a movement against what many on the street see as the yawning gap between rich and poor and the lack of support for ordinary people highways are just one of the many services chileans pay for directly truck drivers block the ring roads around the capital they say tolls for the roads operated by private companies are too high and . if the fence is not a good reason why we agreements have been in place since 2006 the companies have turned back the investment 8 times over and they keep charging us and people i'm dead but in some demonstrators once a new constitution for today one that protects social services and resources from being privatized for them increasing the minimum wage is just not enough i not to say more after day's top stories new zealand's parliament has passed a law that i'm to cut greenhouse gas emissions to net 0 by 2050 by minister just
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praise the measure of. it was passed with support from the main conservative opposition party though allows some exceptions for emissions associated with animal production. police in france have cleared away to make shift of refugee camps in paris officials estimate they were home to as many as 1200 people including children about 600 officers escort of the refugees to buses to take them to rest reception centers. the international criminal court in the hague has sentenced a congolese warlord to 30 years in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity and to gander was found guilty in july of murder rape and sexual slavery during ethnic conflicts in 20022003 he has repeatedly denied the charges the 1st operation i have the rains are causing record floods across east africa more than 2000000 people in the whole of africa have been affected although emergency assistance is now arriving heavier than normal rains are affecting
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ethiopia and parts of northern kenya with somalia and south sudan hardest hit south sudan already devastated by a civil war had more recently been recovering from a prolonged drought but the rains are making things worse and forecasters say there's more to come. water to the horizon entire villages had been submerged aide workers say they're among the worst floods in the areas history south sudan has declared a state of emergency. rising waters have pushed out more than 400000 people but not everyone can leave easily. so this is so hard for disabled people like me that everyone is trying to save themselves 1st and we are going to know. whether or not all of the water is getting deeper every day and i can't crawl in it. we need help to improve the
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situation here. for the u.n. and aid groups providing relief in south sudan poses a huge challenge a brutal civil war has already wore down the country's infrastructure and health system and as waters rise so does the risk of disease. the situation is so bad that now we're living with dead animals waste and garbage all submerged under the water we're afraid of catching diseases and getting hurt we need help people are hungry all our supplies have gone with the water we're appealing for urgent support we need tents food and places to sleep. east africa is no stranger to cycles of drought and floods but experts say climate change is making oceans warmer and weather extremes worse the indian ocean which sends rains to east africa is unusually warm right now that means up to another 6 weeks of heavy rain for a region already under water. south africa's rugby world cup winners kicked off
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their nationwide celebration tall in the capital pretoria today the springboks were greeted by jubilant fans including president ceramic poza a south african rugby union has a show of the webb ellis cup won it parades across the country and is even appointed someone to manage its movements during the parade and make sure that only squad members and the president get their hands on is. that of cameroon a west african country with very few settlers most of them closed down in recent years because people prefer to watch cable t.v. making life hot for filmmakers deprived of their local market but it hasn't completely stopped directors from going out on location and vold in the congress. the cameras are rolling in cameroon every month several low budget movies are made by independent filmmakers here. raise. but there's
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a problem on distribution companies or even movie theaters filmmakers like direct to khania kwai off forced to find other ways to show off their work some raise funds by holding exclusive premieres for friends and family or they get lucky if there's a film 1st of all on the story you're telling is good enough and you get lucky to be selected in the 1st of all you can have the opportunity to have your people see your movie or are for some reason so powerful that it is leviton by your movement. most films have a local theme such as the recent saving ban go which portrays the struggles of a cameroonian family but in spite of all the hard work few here are able to watch the result demaris dam has starred in more than 10 films but she's still struggling to be seen you don't really expect him to want to say hello 1st your movie and you
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know. and he feels for straight too sometimes when you don't get that part i don't put that 1st my number one reason for doing what i do is the passion for the art i love what i do a super p. come on now even though they haven't found much success on the domestic market cameroonian films have done well internationally many have won awards and made it to festivals around the world but it hardly pays the bills so most filmmakers like canny a do other work to survive. but he could never give up his true love. when the passion is what drives you the enthusiasm is what drives you it becomes very difficult for some folks for a film maker income alone to want to do something because you feel like filmmaking
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is who you are while premie is like this of a simplex and glamour and an opportunity to watch the movies it's ouse on the streets that these film crews get their real buzz. this is d.w. news these are our top stories u.s. secretary of state's mike palm pilot has visited an american military base in various is in germany to take part in events marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall and the end of the cold war. germany's defense minister undergrad current power has called for a more active military presence in the countries forming gauge once germany has tended towards minor roles in the foreign military missions because partly because of constitutional restrictions imposed after world war 2. the president says he will seek to raise the minimum wage by around 15 percent and
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investigate human rights abuses by police the announcement came as he tries to quell the country's worst unaddressed for decades truckers blocked highways to protest against road tolls and there's been renewed demonstrations in the capital santiago. in iraq at least 4 people have been killed and dozens more injured in fresh clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces a protest against the government began last month. this is d.w. news from berlin for more followers on twitter at g.w. news or visit our website w dot com. just to remind you i d w will have special coverage this week of events leading up to the fall of the bourbon war 30 years ago so i'll leave you now with pictures of the longest stretch of the wall that is still standing today it's called the east side gallery and is hosting a light show to mark the anniversary of the day. 'd
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shortage of teachers in rural areas. it's a big problem for russia and a huge problem for children. oh you know our son leon isn't a teacher but he wants to do something positive. he voluntarily travels to remote areas in teaches kids to open doors of opportunity for them. next on t.w. .
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on the road with our superheroes my mission is clear blue crush to go and meet constantly should explore germany. they died and check everything out there's a lot going on in. germany charging tested. checking. on t.w. . girls to get over knowledge i'm sure that of us are. in support of. what's a big what's able. to bring about.
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yes you know i mean in your minutes in going yes. most of the time what i'm focused on in the scene of what i'm what what and what can i see right now but it's a term i. can see it because as you say i say quote i've only said that iconic when i'm out there being fun to. hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe biloela thanks for joining us today they are terrorists who tortured and killed for their own caliphate the islamic state jihadists.


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