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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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business washington and beijing have reportedly agreed to cancel tariff hikes on each other they agree to a 1st phase of a trade deal that is being true says cease fires in this dispute this development could represent the 1st time times are actually rolled back. the announcement came from beijing where a commerce ministry spokesman said china and the u.s. would remove tariffs in stages there has been no reaction from washington but hope has been growing for signs of tension will progress to a wider deal. if the 2 sides reach a phase one agreement both sides should in accordance with the contents of the agreement revoke the tariffs already in effect in the same proportion and simultaneously this is an important condition for reaching an agreement. china and the us have been fighting a crippling trade war for over a year now installing punitive terrorist on hundreds of millions of dollars of
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goods with us. they have a few chemical weapons they've always got a camera on cliff is out china expert chelsea delaney joins us from the frankfurt stock exchange we'll come to her in a 2nd 1st with you cliff it is this is the beginning of the end i think beginning of the end is the way to describe it i think it be premature to say it's more than . they've still got a mountain to climb and you saw your as you mentioned the introduction you know the language we've had truces we've had all kinds of things in the run up now but the fact that the chinese foreign ministry came out with a reason the strong statement shows that clearly they're prepared to sort of put their money where their mouth is now and so definitely it's the start of the process if that is the case chelsea let's go over to you and frank why isn't there jubilation on financial markets. well there definitely has been a positive reaction and global markets u.s. stock futures are up the docks is up a little under one percent but it's not you believe it's not euphoria one of the
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reasons for that could be that over the past month global stocks have risen a lot since the u.s. and china 1st announced this agreement in october that they've been working on u.s. stocks have risen about 5 percent to record highs the docks is up about 9 percent so there is an idea there's people think that this may be already priced into markets. so we would get traders read it so i did in your opinion. i think i think the traders really want to see a concrete deal there's been so much back and forth over the past 2 years and i think they they would like to see a concrete agreement but i think there's also a question now in markets of what happens after a phase one deal is actually signed what will this mean for the bigger issues that the u.s. suspension pushing china and like intellectual property and state owned firms and incentives for that so i think investors are going to want to see
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a clear idea of what the u.s. strategy is going forward if they do sort of remove the tariff tool from their potential tool box clip of what you reckon is the extent well i think it's a bit like chelsea was saying they're the traders one clarity i think everyone wants we don't even have the venue yes we're looking for a venue where they can sign this. one you know it seems you bouncing back and forth hurts trying to get shia and trump in the same room together is proving quite difficult they're talking about could actually run up to december and also we've seen things where you know i think that happened in asia during the day and then america has woken up and said something different or vice versa so i think now we're kind of waiting to see if any if there's any reaction there from the from from the states to this but i mean i think it's a few positive signal it's probably factored into the market already there's a lot of things outstanding left to be done finding a place but i think generally the more positive stuff and positive sentiment you know from cliff and chelsea delaney there for us and frank thank you very much both
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of you why he is one of the chinese take a course in across his of the trade war critics say beijing could use it as a spy on other countries if foreign governments build a new high speed internet networks with wild ways where in a switch east berlin is undecided on the matter. quality founder ren junk fate is a legend in china. he wants to counter widespread claims and accusations that his electronics empire is too closely involved with the powers that be in beijing but if you were to go high summer holiday traditions have to talk about that we have to market persuasive products they are our best argument for all. the controversy is about the future of the internet while way is a global leader in 5 g. technology which radically speeds up data transfer that boosts capacities to steer and monitor citizens and traffic something that makes 5 g.
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dangerous. course we can guarantee germany that we won't pass on any data that's a promise or for what it is wrong. way produces marvelous surveillance technologies such as the city of the future where nothing goes unseen the chinese police state exploits the technology ardently but chancellor merkel has ruled out excluding quality entirely from germany's own 5 g. network resistance is mounting though even in her own party it is for me it's about huawei without having any leverage as a company being completely at the mercy of the chinese state leadership that would mean our networks weren't being run by huawei this but by the chinese state and the communist party of china that doesn't correspond with our ideas of security and confidentiality berlin is still weighing risks and benefits but for now huawei is rolling germany's 5 g. infrastructure remains undecided. prices continue to soar in china as african
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swine flu spreads across asia millions of animals have been slow to china as was hit less so there is already reduced by 14 percent vietnam the philippines korea and indonesia are also affected it will get as asian for animal health is warning of a global crisis currently supplies are low in china and officials wired about the latest outbreak in indonesia where the government is tracking developments closely . pigs are being dumped into the river in your sim otra authorities have already recovered more than 100 dead hogs. there are many pig carcasses floating into our region invidia river and sea on back lake our job is to clean and move these carcasses on to land and bury them we are coordinating closely with the police and army in our region to stay alert for people who might try and dispose of carcasses in our area. over $4000.00 pigs have died since swine flu finally reached
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indonesia a quarter of the global pig population has already perished the world organization for animal health is alarmed. off it only for a month we are really facing a threat that is global and so we must not only focus on countries that are affected because they are a potential source for spreading the disease to countries that today are still not harmed and i hope will remain so for quite a while. swine flu has had its biggest impact on china though every 2nd pig on the planet lives there this year alone $200000000.00 animals will die or be called prices have exploded and demand can only be met by imports some from europe and now there are fears that the academic could spread further and faster. this week marks 30 years since the fall of the
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berlin wall it paved the way towards german reunification and transformed the fate of many towns on both sides of the iron curtain one was in the west germany like many places near the border itself of economic neglects while the country was divided but many businesses in the town have embraced the opportunities offered by the unification. it's midnight and syllogistic center for $24.00 plus in pot has felt is saying $750.00 tons of products are shipped in the warehouse every nice the products come to this transfer point from all over germany to be loaded on to other trucks their arrivals and departures are timed decisively to save money 20 years ago peter paul mind was a logistics pioneer in the past good at all by the by the time this area was pretty remote without a lot of road infrastructure but that has changed dramatically for us in the last
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20 years when it comes to shipping the road network has been built and it's very extensive. that would also be bold one. step for the highways cross here there are important connections in all directions now all the big players in logistics are in the region. here at the former inner german border the east german watchtower and barbed wire have been turned into a memorial band who works for the local government here he's responsible for welcoming new companies to be area he experienced the border here opening in november of 1909 but these days yes other problems in his district there's hardly any more room for new investors. helping those companies is getting more and more difficult because there are fewer properties large enough to serve big companies and it's hard to find suitable personnel when there's not an employment rate of only 4 percent. of. the properties that companies look for are
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close to the highway like in the time a fleet of. there's a lot going on in the business parks here near the logistic centers there are plenty of small and mid-sized businesses like this alex tronics company in the past employees here built simple switch boxes but today they're producing complex automation technology. the employees from former east germany so for us it was definitely a positive development today there's no trace of the former german german border in this area on the income foundation back to the logistics firm $24.00 plus the company's a testing ground for new software and the just stick solutions everyone here is thinking about digitalisation barbed wire and border walls were for here long ago. and cabin crew a german flag carrier of started a 2 day strike the airline cancelled 700 flights today another 600 tomorrow the
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strike is organized by the u.f.o. trade union that represents the town's as cabin crew it wants higher expenses and allowances for flight attendants as well as for better access to regular employment for seasonal workers despite the high costs of the strike is sticking to its annual profit target. was doing business with it.
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the film.
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. this is the w. news live from berlin splits the nights i was the french president describes the alliance's brain dead germany on says call to spend more on defense german chancellor the nato secretary general geoff president idea that europe should go it alone instead they stick with the transatlantic alliance this tradition of talking about money agreeing that freedom does not come for free also on the program foreign dignitaries gather as germany for past to celebrate 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall among some is us 2nd.


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