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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2019 12:45am-1:00am CET

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of the cold war. and with its welcome to arts and culture celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall in november 1989 mchale got bret's off the last leader of the soviet union is one of the heroes of germany's peaceful revolution at least from a western perspective 3 decades later the man who rocked the world with his vision of social democracy met with the rockers who wrote that soundtrack of hope that we just heard they are of course in the meantime good friends and scorpions paid the 88 year old got a better off a visit in last go. down to. listening to them with. courtland singer klaus miner serenading michel gorbachev with his famous ballad about the fall of communism and the end of the cold war. with the former polish president last fall when so also came to
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moscow 2 nobel peace prize laureates reminiscing about the fall of the berlin wall 30 years on. the most important thing was that the germans didn't leave the streets in cities across germany they said we are one nation we have to reunite. you. with friendship between scorpions and michel you grab a chance goes back to the final days of the soviet union when the country's last leader invited the band to the kremlin now 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall the rockers are thanking him again. without him german reunification and the fall of the berlin wall wouldn't have happened so peacefully it wouldn't have been the peaceful revolution but it was where no one fired a shot the fact that no one died and that the tanks didn't roll in that november the night to gorbachev is on the go. of course the
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main reason for the band's moscow visit was this sold out stadium concert. more than 10000 scorpions fans turned out to see the band sing their song about the last days of the iron curtain. was my. song but our business was on our kluft this song hasn't lost any of its power or its message nameless we're all still longing for a more peaceful world it's more than anything else and of. a world without all the hate the aggression the wars and the conflicts that are currently still happening. does was it so it stopped when the time.
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was good our way. in the late 1980 scorpions where one of the 1st western dams to play in the soviet union it was there that closed mind it was inspired to write when to change it was where it all barons came with tanks we came with guitars it was a new generation plus minus says music can build bridges where politics can't he and his band continue to tour the world without message them they may be back in moscow soon michaud got a chance invited the rockers to his 90th birthday in 2 years' time if i'm still alive he said there's no doubt about what song felt playing. all this week we're marking the fall of the wall anniversary with reports from locations that played key roles in that historic event and many of them of course attract thousands of tourists today but there are some less obvious locations just as deserving. one of them is underground and only visible now for the very 1st time
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a rediscovered escape tunnel from the year 971 has been officially opened to the public and our reporter adrian kennedy was there. where here for the reopening of a famous escape tunnel from year 971 it began here at $143.00. and was supposed to end just beyond that road up the. west and freedom so let's take. between 961-1909 at least 254 people escaped from east to west via tunnels built under the border. the most successful. allowed 57. to defect. but at least 4 people died and 200 were arrested this is the story of a tunnel that was discovered by the east german authorities tantalizingly short of
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completion. by far work on this tunnel. was brilliant i was in east berlin and in early september 1981 about 4 weeks after the wall was built scaped to west berlin or the sewer system or new york a man friends and i thought about what we could do about this dam wall and how we could get our friends from the east. we decided to dig a tunnel. known he worked on for tunnels the most successful allowed 29 people to a sky. his final channel was begun in 1970 as an engineer pfeifer was responsible for the precise calculation of the route to a house 100 meters away in the east. so this
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tunnel began in a building that used to stand on lac corner in the west here was the wall the tunnel started in the west and it went in the earth around here and down to that house almost 50 years after 5 years final tunnel was buried under rubble by the stars see its back in the spotlight the berlin mayor is here to cut the ribbon and usher the 1st visitors in ok let's go. so he will then you access tunnel. then you can see the world what's. the cost of a big experience gives a unique insight into the great lengths people would go to to escape from the communist east. in this case the channel was discovered shortly before completion. almost in the end and was
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being incredibly disappointing to have discovered just. a few meters from the actual destination here in the. pfeiffer says he's not a hero just an engineer. would not see in real time no was already about 110 meters long and then the border police started using ultrasound machines to search for the. new and government bodies also then the jig was up we had to start with. this is a picture that the east german secret police took of all wish for far watching them just drawing his tunnel after its discovery. now part of that channel has been opened up as witness in dark cold war history.
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well german born director holand emendation is best known for his blockbuster disaster films like independence day or godzilla but with his latest effort he's getting more serious with a cinematic tribute to the young men who died in the little known battle of midway a story of this pivotal world war 2 battle between the u.s. and japan in the pacific theater has been told before in a 1976 version for instance starring charlton heston but it's never been told quite like this. roland emmerich starts with the story we all know the somerset of 1941 the japanese attack on pearl harbor. the greatest military defeat in u.s. history and the trigger the broader merica into world war 2 intelligence failures. then he tells a story few people know the build up and battle between the u.s.
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and japan at the pacific island of midway just 6 months later a fight many historians say decided the war and a story largely forgotten even in hollywood. brings his full arsenal of special effects to recreate the epic scope of the battle in which $300.00 americans annually $4000.00 japanese lost their lives to the receiver. it took the german director who's lived in hollywood for decades more than 20 years to bring midway to the screen the director of science 5 lock busters like independence day and the day after to morrow new this time he'd have to get his facts right. midway incredibly well documented battles film and endless books about it and we'll i kind of didn't invent anything but just try to tell the story as good as we can. highlight woody harrelson as gruff admiral chester nimitz so what's the title i think it's important in getting people's concept of world war 2 right because there
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were a lot of very crucial events that happened in the course of world war 2 most of which people are familiar with but. people are not generally familiar with the battle of midway i wasn't think it's great that the people who were involved in getting the credit they deserve. the result is a thrilling and convincing war. there was plenty of american pride on display when an american the midway cast premiered the film for the u.s. navy but midway is not jingoistic emerick's depiction of the japanese is balanced and empathetic the director actually sees midway as an anti war movie with a message for the nationals politics of today. we have a rise in national listen and in fascism right now all over the world so it's great
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to remind people that there were once people who fought against fascism and bush heroes and you know like kind of defended democracy. with midway roland emmerich is trying to remind his adopted country what really needed break here's hoping that message doesn't get drowned out by the who rock chants of american national. and before we sign off we'll go to the french capital where. the world's largest art photography fair opened its doors on thursday at the. it's a commercial fair so everything there is for sale and there are typically many one of a kind pieces and the focus this year creators and environmental issues. with about 180 galleries from over 30 countries taking part there's lots to seize on that note we'll leave you with some more images from paris and wish you all the best until next time when. all of the wall coverage just.
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never. ever. move.
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to the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspectives based 30 years since the fall of the bowling ball germany celebrating with a movement against changed with dismay many in eastern germany say they've been left behind and feel like 2nd class citizens so what's going wrong find out going to the point. good in 30 minutes on t w. because you wrote it. to keep lasted on. and he read it to last because. there were 9989. the story behind one of the most remarkable days in recent german history above schabowski is known as the night the wall came down going to 75 minutes ma.
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story that people will know for information they provide the. they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. around to. discover your concept discover with. a legit call to 100 it is the ideals of the bonds are more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries really shaped things to. people understood design as a way of shaping society. about half of that crossover.
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with ideas of our future. what makes the. current spirit. of. this world work documentary starts november 14th on t.w. . this is d.w. news these are our top stories german not german chancellor angela merkel has rejected french president micron's claim that nato is experiencing quote brain death the chancellor along with nato secretary-general ban stoltenberg reaffirmed their commitment to the military alliance.


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