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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 8, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from hong kong protester dies of his injuries after falling from a building it's the 1st student death since the start of the anti-government campaign pro-democracy activists are calling for rebellion and vowing to escalate their protests also coming up spain's socialist prime minister gets ready to face hall against his political opponents in what will be
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a tight general election on sunday among the most controversial issues on separatism the fall rights plan for women. box doesn't buy into this false feminism which is so one sided we are the real feminists even though we're right wing we are pro-life and defend family values. and as part of our coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall we look at one of the darkest chapters in east german history children forcibly removed from parents consider just loyal to the regime we hear one family's personal story a realistic nation. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a hong kong university student who reportedly fell from a building during clashes between police and protests. there's has died other
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students have held a memorial gathering for their dead call the the events leading up to the incident are still unclear but it's believed the student fell from a car parking garage after police fired tear gas during a protest last weekend he had been in a coma since being found. a protest leader joshua walling has responded to the death of the student here's what he had to say. to get that we've heard. we have black. alice i thought you did. not supply what he got and that he set up the independent investigation on the class we need to know the secret truth and justice and which is pretty insane and one reasonable quality got them that the police to put a hold on people. for this leader joshua wong there well for more let's cross over to our correspondent who is in hong kong mathias what more is known about the
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circumstances that led to the protesters death. well what we prefer from a billy no is that he fell from this parking deck he was found injured at the bottom of the parking deck off to some heavy clashes between the police and protesters around parking. garage and it seems that protesters have fled into the building and that the police have been firing tear gas have really around the area and it is believed that he fell while fleeing from the police or while something happened inside that parking deck there's no footage there have been cameras inside face garage but there is no footage from the incident itself so we do not know exactly the watch led to his death but what we know is that he is the 1st person who came to death in the middle of these clashes
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while being add to protest site there have been other people that have these suicides to have been other deaths that protest is linked to the events through to the protests but this is the 1st time that somebody came to death in the middle of these clashes with the police so this is a significant development how are people in hong kong reacting to the news of the protesters death mathias. yeah i am at his university you know people here have had morrill and now they are sitting here and they are folding paper cranes paper cranes have become one of the symbols of this protest movement people are wearing black black has been the color of the protest movement and it became the color after this 1st that's as i just mentioned when somebody seemingly jumps to suicide. they have also smashed
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a stop box on campus starbucks is accused that the your company that runs the starbucks outlets in hong kong is a key. of siding with beijing we hear from other parts of the city that people are gathering so we are going to see more i think tonight mathias thank you very much and of course we appreciate your coverage there force in hong kong correspondent in hong kong. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in iraq 10 antigovernment protesters have been killed in baghdad and the port city of basra security forces have used live rounds and tear gas in the latest disturbances they began in october over government corruption and a lack of jobs. the bolivian government has blamed the opposition for post-election violence that has rocked the country vice president of the an average urged opposition leaders to accept the results of october's presidential vote president evo morales won
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a 4th mandate in the 1st round of the election amid allegations of vote rigging. and billionaire michael bloomberg is considering entering the 2020 u.s. presidential race warning that the current field of candidates is ill equipped to defeat donald trump the former new york mayor has not formally announced his bid but he's expected to run in the democratic primary in the state of alabama. french president emmanuel mccollum has taken other european leaders by surprise by criticizing nato in an interview with the economist magazine my concent the alliance was experiencing brain death he claimed it's being undermined by a lack of coordination and by the unpredictability of u.s. president on trial but german chancellor going to medical and the head of nato back have rejected those remarks. part of the berlin wall is displayed outside nato headquarters in brussels 30 years after it fell in stoltenberg it's meant to be
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celebrating the anniversary of the victory over communism but instead he's declaring his alliance isn't dead. nato is strong. united states north america and europe we do more together than the done for decades. one of nato's most important members has spoiled the party in a historic week for the alliance emmanuel mccall is calling into question some of nato's founding principles. in a magazine interview the french president said the mutual defense pact was in danger of breaking down. he said what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nato and you have no coordination whatsoever of strategic decision making between the united states and its nato allies its last month's events in syria that have worried 1st the alliance's largest member of the united states announced
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a troop pullout without consulting its allies in another alliance member turkey marched into northern syria despite the fact he meant objections of berlin and paris they're worried it threatens european security. but does this whole lot up to a threat or just a blip in nato is history nato and germany insisted in berlin that the alliance is still alive and well. even if we do have problems and even if we do disagree from the german perspective you know it's very much in our interest it's our security alliance. for its part has been signaling an increased commitment to the alliance visiting trainees soldiers defense minister and it played complicated said she's in favor of making nato has 2 percent spending mandatory she at least is optimistic about the western alliance even as other members questioned its future. mission was to bring in our political correspondent told us. is having a bit of
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a crisis it seems told us with the french leader talking of brain death is germany in any position to help put the alliance back on course. i would say germany is an political capacity to play a leading role in nato germany has defended to nato many many times in fact german leaders have called nato indispensable and we just saw there what i'm going to merkel have to say about nato so politically certainly germany is one of nato's main defend as another question terry would be whether germany could play a leading role militarily specially given the problems that the german military is facing problems that we've also reported here at length so you have to see this as a 2 side process on the 100 politically germany contraire leading role militarily that is another question altogether now the german defense minister is talking about germany shouldering more global responsibility when it comes to security but
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we're not hearing much from chancellor merkel herself how much support is there in germany tomas' for beefing up the military. it is a difficult question here in germany i would say most politicians do view positively the fact that germany could play a leading role internationally could play a bigger role internationally but the question is how where are some british and say you could be by beefing of defense spending for example by having a bigger military presence there are those in particular in the social democratic front to say that that could be done differently for example by playing a larger role within the united nations by playing a larger role when it comes to conflict prevention and dick lomas see so yes i would say many do think that germany as a big power in europe could play a bigger role internationally because the iraq may have differences as to how that can be done. or told us as you know the u.s. secretary of state might pompei i was in germany taking part in events this week
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marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall let's take a look. it was in some ways a deeply personal visit us secretary of state my pump you use the 1st day of his stay in germany to return to his former military base he was stationed here is a soldier in the eighty's one of these 2 teams back then patrolling the border that separated east and west germany together with the foreign minister. this was also no cajun to east of recent tensions in the u.s. german relations. it was a bit of a walk down memory lane for me they're very. very strong. you could say i saw. you could say i saw a piece of history that i was a tiny little part of back in the late 1980 s. i think it's indicative of the incredible poured relationship between our 2 countries michael moss expressed gratitude for american support of the german
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reunification process is it always because. we have committed so you with great solidarity and gratitude we owe our for. to you as well as our unity. she'd annoys company or also wanted to show solidarity with jews living in germany in the eastern city of hull or together with mass he visited the side of of recent anti semitic attack and they are not see gunmen had shot that 2 people last month after he was unable to enter a synagogue and carry out a mass shooting i could thank you for coming here with me today thank you for being here to say honor to those individuals who were killed here to the people who want simply to come here and worship in their own faith in the way they desire in the in my computer will meet german chancellor i'm going to america to discuss current issues in foreign policy. and there are quite some issues between the u.s. and germany at the moment economically and politically told us can this symbolic
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visit by the u.s. secretary of state do anything to patch up what is currently a very strained relationship. well the fact that mr pompeo has a personal history here in germany could certainly help improve things but you mentioned terry the key word of this visit namely the fact that it was symbolic it was precisely there to try and show that rolled of the u.s. made in german reunification and the fact that german and u.s. ties are very strong indeed despite the fact that there are very big problems indeed and i would say that those problems are still very much on everyone's minds and whether we're talking about nato whether we're talking about the environment where we're talking about north stream without we're talking about iran whether we're talking about syria there's a long list of topics where germany and the u.s. differ but the goal of mystical impales visit was to try and show that the spike those differences germany and the u.s. do have common values and common goals overall despite the differences now today
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a home pay a will meet german chancellor angela merkel and defense minister come in berlin how do you expect that to play out well it will probably play out much in the same line as his previous visit in may where some of the key details were obviously discussed some of the key issues where germany and the u.s. defied but at the same time i do expect that once again both angela merkel and misstep impale will try and show where the u.s. and germany see eye to eye and also where there is room for improvement goes thank you very much political correspondent tony sparrow spain is holding a repeat general election on sunday the 4th election in 4 years in the last round of voting in april this year the socialist party of prime minister pedro sun she has won the largest share of the vote but fell short of a majority in parliament sanchez failed to form a government so in this weekend's election he's hoping to increase his share of the
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vote but it's far from certain that the strategy will pay off. me gail. is fighting to defend his future he's campaigning for the socialist party the p s l e it's leading the polls but likely to fall short of an outright majority. either stands for the aspirations of us young people who want a world with more social justice. with fighting for better working conditions against climate change and we support feminism. the 30 year old has been an activist for 8 years he feels that these elections could be more crucial than previous polls. show men. at the center right p.p. overtake us and come 1st the likely team up with the far right vox which is predicted to come in the 3rd. and that's really scary as
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they would put in place inhumane policies against women. people and migrants. doesn't it and we need to convince as many people as possible to vote for us. but that won't be easy especially since the supreme court verdict on cattle and separatist leaders lead to violent backlash by independent supporters it looks like voters are set to punish the socialists conciliatory approach and to reward the tough stance of the far right vox party that's especially peeling to many young people. i don't know that's 40 years ago we handed over catalonia to the enemies of the nation who are now controlling its education system police and media. we need to send in all our available police to suffocate this revolt take back control and suspend catalonians autonomy status. but.
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things vox. just what spain needs not only. we finally have a party that speaks its mind without fear and ignores the rules of political correctness. we young people can finally say out loud again that we love our country. doesn't bow to this false feminism which is so one sided that we are the real feminists even though we're right wing we are pro-life and defend family values. the 24 year old is still hoping right wing parties will get the upper hand in these elections but it's likely that neither the big center left nor the big center right party will be able to shift the votes enough in the last few days of campaigning to win an outright majority and that means they would again have to join forces with other parties however if there's one thing that spanish politicians just don't seem very good at it's forming
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a coalition meanwhile miguel is optimistic that the socialists can still boost their share of the vait he's banking on the roughly one 3rd of focus who haven't yet made up their mind and if that isn't enough a different approach might be needed. politicians will need to take their share of responsibility if we aren't able to form a coalition the other party should give the tactical support to the front runner so that the party can work as a minority government. that might indeed been acceptable compromise for many spaniards because the one thing that voters seem to agree on is that the political deadlock in spain finally needs to end. she wus lisa lewis there reporting from madrid you're watching news still to come play dead in south korea why some people want to experience the death of. the 1st of some of the other
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stories making headlines around the world today chile's president sebastian pinera has announced a new measure. as to restore order amid the country's worst rioting in 3 decades the measures include tougher penalties for vandalism intensified aerial surveillance and strengthened police intelligence and rest in the capital santiago in recent weeks as left 20 people dead and calls extensive damage. and earthquake in northwestern iran has killed at least 5 people and injured more than 300 others the magnitude 5.9 quake struck eastern as a by john province and was followed by around 40 aftershocks. in mexico after the 1st funerals have been held for victims of a drug cartel ambush around 500 mourners attended the burial of a mother and her 2 sons while soldiers stood on guard 9 american women and children died when their cars were sprayed with bullets in northern mexico on monday.
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well for more of our special coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall it's one of the darkest chapters of the history of former east germany parents forced to give their children up for adoption because the regime said they were disloyal hundreds of such cases have been documented the reporter and you call meth woman who spent decades looking for her daughters. 'd when evers of despair she takes a walk in the forest during the past 35 years she's felt this way off. those years i always had it in the back of my mind i have 2 children and how are they and whenever i saw people taking a walk with older children or a mother with her pram or playing with her child these things would trigger that feeling by me who. gave birth to 2 daughters in the former east germany
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in the 1980 s. but her joy was short list if you use early she had tried to flee east germany but was caught and convicted reason enough for the youth welfare office to come to the house and take the children away. and in the 1st moment i stood there paralyzed then i ran out the door after them and yelled where are you taking my daughter give me back my child the officer turned around pointed a finger at me and said if you don't quite done now i will call the police and you will have to go to jail. they have given me 3 years' probation so if i did anything i would go to prison i just stood there and asked myself whether i should protest or stay silent. and happy. so
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i asked some of us for the story. so i mean it's happy initially gave up but after the burden wall came down she started gathering evidence in the 1990 s. she managed to connect with her older daughter but the years apart had created an estrangement too big to bridge and they broke off contact just one year ago her younger daughter suddenly made contact so he had stopped was unable to cope. it's as if it were not this i guess the 1st phone call i will never forget that i think all the neighbors heard everything but i didn't care. pretty then on we talked on the phone every day and it kept growing from there then after more than 30 years of separation mother and daughter finally met.
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i. had a yesterday i thought my heart would burst. right before i couldn't handle the situation i was hugged and cuddles and i didn't know how to respond suddenly this person was standing there to know i was related i think i only realized that part later on because the section of your liver is fairly easy did you immediately recognize her oh yeah here i get your child's. my biggest this. now is have you know it's up can take walks in the forest with his daughter and she has plans she will finally be able to need her grandchildren and to make up for decades off the last time.
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all this week is bringing you special coverage of reports on the events leading up to the fall of berlin wall 30 years ago also have live coverage of saturday's ceremonies and commemorations. sometimes life gets so stressful you really need to get away from it all in south korea you can take it to an extreme but escaping to your own coffin that's the ritual a popular healing center and soul arranges that says 20000 people have signed up to see what death can teach them about life. preparing for death or at least they were a personal choice q. is a university student some might think a young age to be contemplating death he came to souls he won healing center for a break from the fast paced and constant pressure of life in south korea. everyone lives in such a hot blooded intense manner. you think of the person next to you as
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a competitor someone you have to beat not a companion. when i was in the coffin i wanted with the point of that was. i did. the rituals beforehand the experience of having a final photograph taken and writing his will made him appreciate others. to do. what i want to let people know that they matter. and that someone else would be so sad if they were gone. in that happiness is in the present. the center is living funerals provide an exercise in imagining and feeling that separation from loved ones if only for a little while and that in turn can help teach people how to live in the here and
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now according to the head of the healing center. how the people like to think they have forever with their families they put off asking for forgiveness or reconciling with this strange family members but we don't have forever so that's why i think this experience is so important we can apologize and reconcile sooner and live the rest of our lives happily. with. for others who are perhaps closer to the end it's a chance to reflect on their options. and my thanks to provides an opportunity to really think about which way is the best way to go and. once you become conscious of death
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and experience it. you undertake a new approach to life. and then a happy ending as participants are free to go and live their lives death for them is now just a memory. you're watching g.w. news up next to our debate program to the point what happened to the euphoria after the berlin wall fell 30 years ago. thanks for watching.
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to the point of strong opinions from clear positions international perspectives it's 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall germany celebrating but the mood is
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to changed with dismay many in eastern germany say they've been left behind and feel like 2nd class citizens so what's going wrong find out on to the point shortly . next on d w. ready for liftoff. journey through our solar system. and taking the universe's measurements. can all be done with the space telescope you moseyed up. and researchers are working on a map of all the galaxies suddenly the universe doesn't seem so big after all the way to coral to doing in 60 minutes.
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he wanted to smash the berlin wall long before it finally fell. ill she also issued a new york state you know linda bird is actually better known as the legend of german rock music. let's find out more mom's amazing man mr linden. costs 21. this week on g.w. . germany's. this week celebrating the full of the berlin wall 30 years ago but the party mood is changed with dismay many in eastern germany say they've been left behind and feel like 2nd class citizens well when the wall came down on the 9th of november 1989 the euphoria was boundless and fun soon it was the word of the hour in crowd to pull people kept saying to each other
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a miracle it seemed to come to pass and the wall which appeared so in movable was 2 years but that was then and now it's now so we are.


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