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to go to the mall no criminal. law but . this is e.w. news a live from bahrain a hong kong protested dies of his injuries all to falling from a building the 1st a student deaths since the start of the antigovernment campaign for democracy activists up 44 allegedly found to escalate their protests also coming up spain's
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socialist prime minister gets ready to face off against his political opponents him but it will be a tight and general election on sunday among most controversial issues all caps and i'm certain it is an absolute comics plan for women. and as part of our coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall we look at one of the darkest chapters in east german history children forcibly removed from parents considered disloyal to the regime with one town least possible stories the unification. i met at a home for a welcome to the program a hong kong university student who reportedly fell from a building during clashes between police and protesters has died other students have held a memorial gathering for. they're calling the events leading up to the incident and
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still unclear but it is believed that the student fell from a car park carriage often police fired tear gas during a protest last weekend and in a coma since being found. to protest leaders your show wong has responded to the death of the student here's what he had to say. when morning together and we urged hall of people where blacks are sure to get her today and tomorrow we show our side darkie and unity and now is that high for the government to set up the independent investigation on the clash with making no secret truth and justice and which is really insane and on reasonable for how the government allowed a polish attempt to murder holcombe people. well fully his springing correspondent but his putting a in hong kong good to see that he is tell us what is known about the circumstances that led to the student's death. while he fell
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from a park deck that is known we do not know what happened inside the park check. there were clashes around this area i am known near the park tick at the moment at that moment on day one and police and protesters were chasing each other i'm somehow he went into that building there were. people saying that he fled from tear gas they were also people saying that he was chased by the police into that building and that he fell while being chased by them there are also rumors that he had been pushed all kinds of humans but there's nobody very little evidence on anything that happened there even under the security footage camera footage has also not captured his the moment where he fell so we do not know really what caused him to fall from there but what we know is that he's the 1st student who died in the course of these
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clashes that have been happening during the whole summer so this is a highly emotional moment in hong kong and people are angry they're pointing fingers at the police saying that the police were just hurt your show won't cause his death yes and on that point have we heard from the police in response to that. they are denying that they have anything to do with that they are there it's a bit unclear at what moment there were policeman inside this car park that even ng but it is unclear at what moment so a lot of the explanations that the police are giving is we have entered at this and this moment then footage comes up the chose people policeman entering earlier then they're basically saying they're still investigating but they see no. evidence that the police have been involved or have been inside the building at the moment of his death so that is what they are saying at the moment but his reading in hong kong
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for us thanks indra. well let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world support is a form of brazilian president luiz inacio to savor celebrating a supreme court ruling that could mean he'll be free from jail the court said people appealing conviction should remain free silva usually known as nuda is one of around 5000 people appealing sentences for corruption. in iraq 10 anti-government protesters have been killed in baghdad and the port city of basser security forces have used live rounds and tear gas in the macy's disturbances that began in october over government corruption and a lot of jokes. an earthquake in northwest in iran has killed at least 6 people and injured more than 300 others the magnitude 5.9 quake struck early on friday in iran's eastern us about john province more than 60 off shocks rattled the
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mountainous region filled. with a month. well france's president emanuel michael has taken all the european leaders by surprise by criticizing nato and an interview with the economist magazine back home so that the airlines was experiencing what he called brain death now he says it is being undermined by a lack of coordination and by the unpredictability of u.s. president donald trump but charles i'm going to the head of nato himself and have rejected the remarks. part of the berlin wall is displayed outside nato headquarters in brussels 30 years after it fell stoltenberg is meant to be celebrating the anniversary of the victory over communism but instead he's declaring his alliance isn't dead. nato is strong. united states north america and europe we do more together than the done for decades. one
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of nato's most important members has spoiled the party in a historic week for the alliance emanuel mccall is calling. to question some of nato's founding principles. in a magazine interview the french president said the mutual defense pact was in danger of breaking down. he said what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nato and you have no coordination whatsoever of strategic decision making between the united states and its nato allies its last month's events in syria that have worried 1st the alliances largest member the united states announced a troop pullout without consulting its allies in another alliance member turkey marched into northern syria despite the fact he meant objections of berlin and paris they're worried it threatens european security. but does this all add up to a threat or just a blip in nato history nato and germany insisted in berlin that the alliance is
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still alive and well. even if we do have problems and even if we do disagree on the german perspective nato is very much in our interest it's our security alliance has been. for its part carolyn has been signaling an increased commitment to the alliance visiting trainees soldiers defense minister and it played complicated said she's in favor of making nato has 2 percent spending mandatory she at least is optimistic about the western alliance even as other members question its future. and we bring in our political correspondent thomas starr now thomas nato is having a bit of a crisis as it seems with the french. talking of brain death is germany in any position to help put the alliance back on track. germany has political clout i would say that's certainly the case germany has defended nato in various occasions
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and as we just heard also from london local germany believes that nato is absolutely fundamental to germany's defense so from a political standpoint from a political position germany certainly can play an influential role another issue completely different issue is whether germany can do the same militarily given it by particular the problems of the german military has been facing now for a very long time so i think we have to understand this 2 part situation where germany could play politically a very important role but whether it can do that militarily that's another question that absolutely is the question when we have the german defense minister talking about germany shouldering more global responsibility when it comes to security but we know i mean hearing that much from chancellor merkel so how much support is that in germany for strengthening the military this is and this has been for a very long time a very divisive issue there there is i think a difference among german politicians as to what exactly germany could do whereas
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some do believe that germany should increase its military presence there should increase its military spending there are others especially the social democrats for example who are a bit wary of that and say that germany could increase its diplomatic clout you know the means by for example. crisis prevention or development aid or things like that so there are certainly different views as to what germany time doing this regatta i tell this u.s. secretary of state might compare is in germany for events related to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall can this symbolic visit by the u.s. secretary of state do anything to patch up what is currently a very strained relationship. well vesty secretary of state farm teo can influence that relationship in particular because he has also got a personal history when it comes to germany but i think it's absolutely vital to understand his visit as as you just quoted yourself symbolic of the idea of this visit was above all to refer to those ties between germany and the united states
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that go back for a very long time even though it is absolutely clear that now in this particular time germany and the united states are facing a lot of trouble and they're facing a lot of differences when it comes to syria when it comes to iran when it comes to the environment when it comes to trade when it comes to north stream that pipeline so there are there's a long list of problems a long list of differences that you cannot hide even though you can overseas stress that for a long time germany and the u.s. have had a very strong relationship yet quite a long list there indeed thomas and later today we know that pompei will meet german chancellor angela merkel and defense minister kagame by the way in berlin so how do we expect that will play out well they will certainly have that very long list to discuss and although they will probably once again stress what unites germany and the united states they will also have time to discuss some of the issues where they do not see eye to eye and in particular one of those is the role
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germany can play in nato and the decision of the announcement by the by the united states of germany should increase its military spending something that is not new but has increased a lot in recent months so those are issues that will probably be discussed in these upcoming meetings on political correspondent tom aspiring thomas thanks. well spain is to hold another general election on sunday the 4th in 4 years now in the last round of voting in april the socialist party of prime minister paper sanchez won the largest share of the vote fell short of a majority in parliament sanchez failed to to form a government so in this weekend's election he's hoping to increase his share of the vote but it's far from certain his strategy will pay off. mcgann. is fighting to defend his future he's campaigning for the socialist party the p.s.l.e. it's leading the polls but likely to fall short of an outright majority. either
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stands for the aspirations of us young people who want a world with more social justice. with fighting for better working conditions against climate change and we support feminism. the 30 year old has been an activist for 8 years he feels that these elections could be more crucial than previous polls. show men. just center right p.p. overtake us and come 1st the likely team up with the far right vox which is predicted to come in the 3rd. and that's really scary as they would put in place inhumane policies against women. people and migrants. we need to convince as many people as possible to vote for us. but that won't be
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easy especially since a supreme court verdict on catalan separatist leaders lead to violent backlash by independent supporters it looks like voters are set to punish the socialists conciliatory approach and to reward the tough stance of the far right vox party that's especially appealing to many young people. after they are more 40 years ago we handed over catalonia to the enemies of the nation who are now controlling its education system police and media. we need to send in all our available police to suffocate this revolt take back control and suspend autonomy status. things. vox is just what spain needs not only in catalonia. we finally have a party that speaks its mind without fear and ignores the rules of political correctness. we own people can finally say out loud again that we love our country
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. doesn't bow to this false firman ism which is so one sided that we are the real feminists even though we're right wing we are pro-life and defend family values. the 24 year old is still hoping right wing parties will get the upper hand in these elections but it's likely that neither the big center left nor the big center right party will be able to shift their votes enough in the last 2 days of campaigning to win an outright majority and that means they would again have to join forces with other parties however if there's one thing that spanish politicians just don't seem very good at it's forming a coalition meanwhile miguel is optimistic that the socialists can still boost their share of the vait he's banking on the roughly one 3rd of focus who haven't yet made up their mind and if that isn't enough a different approach might be needed. politicians will need to take their share for
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sponsibility if we aren't able to form a coalition the other party should give their tactical support to the front runner so that the party can work as a minority government. that might indeed been acceptable compromise for many spaniards because the one thing that voters seem to agree on is that the political deadlock in spain finally needs to end. with us and breaking news just coming in for you police in eastern germany say that 2 people are believed to have been injured in a mine explosion in the town of titan tal about 150 kilometers southwest of now up to 30 others have been traps in an underground safety area. well for more on this let's bring in our correspondent kate brady kate what will can you tell us at this stage well helen of the details are limited at this stage as you mentioned this is taking place at a mine in eastern germany toys gentile and so far we're hearing reports that 2
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people have been injured in a reported xplosion and up to 30 other people are now currently stuck in a security area underground now we know that. emergency services are at the scene rescue workers are on the ground there but this is at a mine in. eastern germany where we're hearing the latest reports now of a explosion there at a mine as i say is about 30 people reportedly still stuck underground but at the moment as far as we know it is on the ground and that rescue operation is underway kate brady our correspondent in berlin bringing us the latest on what appears to be an explosion at a mine with 2 people injured around 30 other people trapped thank you so much for those details so far kate. well here are some of the other stories making news around the world dozens of bush fires are raging in eastern australia forcing the
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closure of a highway linking at sydney and brisbane and the blazes have tool through tens of thousands of hectares in queensland and new south wales strong winds and high temperatures are finding the flames in some areas. beating them michael bloomberg is considering entering the 2020 presidential race warning that the current field of candidates ill equipped to defeat donald trump the former new york mayor has not formally announced his bid but he is expected to run in the democratic primary in the state of alabama. well now for more of our special coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall and it is one of the darkest chapters of history former east germany parents forced to give their youngsters up for adoption because they regime said that they would disloyal hundreds of such cases have been documented reporter on your cock met a woman who spent decades looking for her daughter. 'd when evers i mean it
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subfields despair she takes a walk in the forest during the past 35 years she's felt this way off. all those years i always had it in the back of my mind i have 2 children and how are they and whenever i saw people taking a walk with older children or a mother with her pram or playing with her child all these things would trigger that feeling by me who. gave birth to 2 daughters in the former east germany in the 1980 s. but her joy was shortly after a few years earlier she had tried to flee east germany but was caught and convicted reason enough for the youth welfare office to come to the house and take the children away. in the 1st moment i stood there paralyzed then i ran out the door after them and yelled where you take you my
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daughter give me back my child the officer turned around pointed a finger at me and said if you don't quite down now i will call the police and you will have to go to jail. you. they have given me 3 years' probation so if i did anything i would go to prison i just stood there and asked myself whether i should protest or stay silent. and happy. sasson of us another story. 7 it's half initially gave up but after the burden wall came down she started gathering evidence in the 1990 s. she managed to connect with her older daughter but the years apart had created an estrangement too big to bridge and they broke off contact just one year ago her younger daughter suddenly made contact so we don't stop was unable to cope. it's as if it were not this i guess the 1st phone car i will never forget that i
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think of the neighbors heard everything but i didn't care. i vampire and then on we talked on the phone every day and it kept growing from there then after more than 30 years of separation mother and daughter finally met i . have yesterday i thought my heart would burst. right before i couldn't handle the situation i was hugged and cuddled and i didn't know how to respond suddenly this person was standing there to what was related i think i only realized that part
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nature wrong because the section looking letters to his ear did you immediately recognize whoa yeah he don't understand your child's. but i guess this can. now live in it's up can take walks in the forest with the youngest daughter and she has plans she will finally be able to need her grandchildren and to make up for decades of lost time. and all this week t w has been bringing you special coverage and reports on the events leading up to the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago we also have live coverage of saturday's ceremonies and commemorations. well this is the news these are our top stories in hong kong anti-government protesters have called for citywide vigils after a 22 year old student died from his injuries the events leading up to the incident are still unclear but it's believed he fell from a parking garridge after police fired tear gas during clashes with demonstrators
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last weekend it been in a coma since being found. germany's chancellor angela merkel has rejected french president nicolas claim that nato is experiencing quote brain death the chancellor along with nato secretary general young fellows newberg reaffirmed their commitment to the military alliance despite the recent controversial actions of member states turkey and the u.s. in syria. an earthquake in northwestern iran has killed at least 6 people and injured more than 300 others according to state media a magnitude 5.9 quake struck early on friday in the eastern azerbaijan province more than 60 aftershocks rattles the mountainous region. well this is the news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at the w news all visit our website w dot com. now sometimes life gets so stressful you really need to get away from it
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all and in south korea you can take it to an extreme by escaping to your own coffee that's the ritual at a popular healing center in seoul it says 20000 people have signed up to see what death can teach them about life. preparing for death or at least. choice jim q is a university student some might think a young age to be contemplating death he came to souls he won healing center for a break from the fast paced and constant pressure of life in south korea. everyone lives in such a hot blooded intense manner. you think of the person next to you as a competitor someone you have to beat not a companion. could have when i was in the car i wanted with a point of that was. i was on the up to. the rituals beforehand the experience of having
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a final photograph taken and writing his will made him appreciate others. to do. what i want to let people know that they matter. and that someone else would be so sad if they were gone. and that happiness is in the present. dissenters living funerals provide an exercise in imagining and feeling that separation from loved ones if only for a little while and that in turn can help teach people how to live in the here and now according to the head of the healing center. people like to think they have forever with their families they put off asking for forgiveness or reconciling with this strange family members but we don't have forever so that's
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why i think this experience is so important we can apologize and reconcile sooner and live the rest of our lives happily. for others who are perhaps closer to the end it's a chance to reflect on their option. of tickets because i'm chasing it on. my thank you provides an opportunity to really think about which way is the best way to go and if i don't go but then. once you become conscious of death and experience it. you undertake a new approach to life. and then a happy ending as participants are free to go and live their lives death for them is now just a memory. well this is the w.
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knees live from by not next to business news with monika you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that is d w dot com and a home free invite and thanks to your company i see 1st.
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to the point of strong opinions clear positions international perspectives it's 30 years since the fall of the berlin wall germany is celebrating but the mood is to changed with dismay many in germany say they've been left behind and feel like 2nd class citizens so what's going wrong for i don't want to the point.
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in 60 minutes on the d w. i'm sure that of us are. in support of. what's able. to be about. how to. can. just skiver your concept discover with the. legend up to 100 years the ideals of the bonobos are more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries reshaped things to come because people understood design as a way of shaping society. about half
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a man does crossover. with ideas of our future. what makes the. spine it's very exciting how a part of our day. comes from world war 2 arguments ring starts nov 14th w. it's the biggest rise in german exports in 2 years fresh data give some relief from the session p. as in europe's biggest economy also coming out 2 steps forward one step back one day after the u.s. and china agree to roll back tariffs the white house interim upton's to go through with it and the german government struggles to find a way around a new e.u.
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law that stands in the way of the controversial north stream 2 gas pipeline. and i want to go jones and this is due to.


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