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this is d.w. news live from berlin dying the for democracy a vigil with aung kong for anti-government demonstrators the 22 year old perished after falling from a building he was the 1st students to died since the start of the campaign for more democracy in the territory activists say they'll escalate their protests also coming up america's top diplomat says nato must evolve or risk becoming obsolete mike pale met with the german chancellor for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. and as part of our special coverage of that anniversary will take
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you to the most symbolic landmark the brandenburg gate is the center of this week's celebrations a giant installation is in place for a gala concert tomorrow we'll take you there plus. i'm carl kasell and welcome to the program hong kong is on high alert as pro-democracy demonstrators promised more protests after one of their number died the 22 year old fell from a building sustaining fatal injuries hundreds have gathered where he fell to mourn his death valley and to continue the fight for greater freedom in the territory. protesters held a vigil for a deceased hong kong university student at a makeshift memorial near where he was 1st found injured on monday events. leading
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up to what happened to a child say look are still unclear but it's believed he fell from a multistory car park after police fired tear gas during a protest he succumbed to his injuries on friday. prominent activist joshua one called for the people of hong kong to stay united we mourn together and we urge all the people wear black issue to get or the day and tomorrow to show our side dorothy and unity and now is that high put it off a man who set up in the band as investigation on the clash with the king no exit for truth and justice and which is really in saying and and reasonable for how they got him and a lot of the polish attempt to hold on people and later protesters blocked roads set street fires and vandalized subway stations. riot police fired tear gas at least 2 places and they've been accused of using excessive force including the
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regular use of tear gas and pepper spray. protests started in june initially because of a planned extradition bill to mainland china however shortly afterwards demonstrations turned to mainly demanding democratic reforms more protests are expected on the weekend the death of child say look could well for their heighten tensions. are. boiling as in hong kong he is at the spot where the young man fell and water people are gathering. it is still unclear what caused this student to fail he was inside this when he fell from one flew to another and died this morning this has caused a lot of reactions a lot of emotions in this city to how the theme commemoration events here we see congo's not have been lit for him. to what
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caused the death of him what caused him to fall from this from the police is denying that they had chased him inside this garage or that he had fled from tear gas but they have not come up with an ounce of people who do not trust the police to investigate this case they are demanding an independent investigation this has been one of the demands for some time here in hong kong however this is not inside and we are not going to see the emotions go down within the next few days or weeks i believe. he is building or in hong kong for us there now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world clashes have erupted between protesters and iraqi security forces in basra as anti-government demonstrations enter their 3rd week over 250 protesters have been killed in baghdad and the southern port city of basra many buy and live ammunition. brush fires and eastern australia have been burning out of control with firefighters describing the
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situation as unprecedented the affected area covers a 1000 kilometer stretch of the coast many residents have been ordered to evacuate . police in the u.k. have released details of the $39.00 vietnamese people found dead a neighbor federated truck near london last month to the victims of the parents human smuggling bring were 15 years old a majority of them came from the same province in vietnam. u.s. secretary of state mike palm pale was in germany for a visit time to to coincide with celebrations to mark the anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall but he also came to address disagreements over current political and military alliances. the u.s. secretary of state had come to berlin with china and russia on his mind instead wherever it might come peo went he was confronted with the question whether he said french president in manoa mccall's gloomy view of nato which mccall had described
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as brain dead so many good answers so many cameras yes i. pompeo added on a more serious note. if nations believe that they can get the security benefit without providing nato the resources that it needs if they don't live up to their commitments there's a risk that nato could become ineffective or obsolete or reminded that there's a price to pay for having the us as a partner a message heard loud and clear in the german government chancellor merkel expressed profound gratitude as germany marks that since the fall of the berlin wall. we will of course never forget that the united states of america with its president george bush helped and supported us so enormously on the way to german reunification that's been the not to be the focus the chancellor merkel but
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a great friend of the united states germany it continues to be an enormously important partner for us i saw the defense minister statement about increasing germany's contribution today to over time we think that's powerful because we think that relationship with nato matters and we need everyone working together to make sure that it remains a potent force for good in the world the pump you know was referring to defense minister on the cape come kavin boa whom you met earlier in the day his support for her vision of a more hands on german security policy could also help her achieve her goal to succeed on the lam ethical as tom fla. for more i'm joined now by thomas kline a brawl coffee's the vice president of the german marshall fund of the united states. that's a public policy think tank 1st of all thank you so much for coming in we just heard some of those statements from chancellor merkel and from secretary of state. how surprised were you with what seems to be a rather conciliatory tone things haven't been going so well between the 2
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countries likely i wasn't because everybody here is basking in the afterglow of 30 years of for the fall of the wall and this was a kiss and make up type and i heard the secretary of state speak in a way that any american secretary of state in the past could have delivered could have delivered a speech i think the word trump did not it wasn't even mentioned or maybe only once and he even left that alter ego ego of his at home so that previously had criticized the multilateral order yes or himself in criticizing him selfe a different point peo showed up in berlin today let's talk more though about that relationship between germany and the u.s. as you mentioned the word trump may not have come up but the president has been speaking about in particular nato since he took office we want to listen to a clip this was from last summer's nato summit in brussels trump blasting
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a planned gas pipeline between russia and germany take a listen. think of late about this time i got it it should never been allowed to happen but germany is totally controlled by russia and of course that surrounded by his own nato allies there that's just one example he also asked germany to give more money to nato now what effect do you think the president has had on this relationship not only between the us and germany but more broadly nato itself well if germany is controlled by russia wonder what the president's controlled by but the effect of all of that hammering on to piling on to germany as i as i see it has had a profound effect on the public the public finds the the german american relationship to be in crisis while the american public doesn't see it that way we have a profound gap in the perception of where we stand why you think that is because of
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that because of that critique of that what i find to be a very stark and some say unreasonable critique of the country the countries have always had some policy differences gas pipelines was an issue between germany and the. the united states in the 1970 s. at that time reserve you the soviet union so those those issues and those frictions don't go away but they're now in a different context the philosophy embed it they're embedded in the larger picture and that's i think what concerns people. the u.s. secretary of state is making this visit with this big anniversary not of the president himself is there anything we can read into there no i don't think so. he said he will be coming to germany and so i don't think you can read anything into i'm happy that he's here and i'm satisfied that there was such
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a kiss and make up session this is how it should be just not convinced. i just hope mr trump hears about it as well now so much focus of course with this 30th anniversary the berlin wall falling i mean taking the lessons maybe from that moment and one thing that mike on paper said today was interesting he said quote the west lost its way in the afterglow of that proud moment what do you make of that do you think that the west has lost its way think that the west has overreached and that it has it has had the belief set that under western and especially american hegemony most of the rest of the world would join the democratic peace and become a capitalist and democratic countries that certainly hasn't happened and therefore i think one has to have a much more constrained realist approach. to the world today. part of
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that approach the world at least from united states has been america 1st recently that's the motto from the president that's potentially leaving a void in this power balance is germany do you think preparing to step into that void are you seeing the country taking on perhaps more of a responsibility on the international stage that's been the debate in this country for years german you know is not only a late nation state in the 19th century it's also late internationalist understanding that the liberal international order is to the benefit of germany and that it has lived in peace and well with it and that it needs to invest more into it that it's not enough to be part of the west it also has to produce the west we have seen some surprising steps recently we've seen the secretary of defense here is saying the proposing a safety zone that's patrolled internationally that's something you would have heard from germany in the past years and she has delivered a speech just 2 days ago in which she prepared if she presented a plan for
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a more robust and more more far reaching german security policy that will be a debate in this country what that means and what the goals of the show be and. it is an unusual step for a defense minister to take such a broad and bold view thomas kline of broke off vice president of the german marshall fund of the united states thank you so much thank you. now to our special coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall during the existence of the german democratic republic that's of course east germany some $3000000.00 of its citizens fled to west germany as refugees most of them played in the west says that's now of course but they don't live for themselves but the experience of being an exile is something that they've never forgotten and in the case of one man we met in stuttgart it inspired him to take action when in 2015
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germany became home to a whole new wave of refugees. all he has left from his life as a citizen of east germany are a few photos and letters exchange with a french woman met in the communist state. when i got this postcard from all say i couldn't believe it's for me it was simply fantastic. it was 18 when he fled the east german dictatorship a few days before the berlin wall fell he went to cologne then stuttgart where he found a job started a family made a place for himself in a home that was both to familiar and new thanks to the solidarity of west germans. everywhere in west germany people were interested in us they gave us clothes. they gave us money we had to help everyone in everyday life work between. them and so in 2015 when a 1000000 refugees flowed into germany. didn't hesitate for
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a 2nd he got involved in helping refugees 1st in his company then in the regional chamber of commerce he helped set up a welcome center career counseling language lessons and discussion groups all of it is here to make life easier for asylum seekers in stuttgart casimir was held all along his journey. because of the fact that he's lived through this himself obviously affects him to see people in the same situation he was in here. you have people come here they don't have jobs they don't speak german they don't have all the advantages that i had it's so to help them is just the way of me giving back and in return i guess a lot of gratitude and i learned a lot too since 2015 the ties that bind have gotten ever tighter between this old refugee and the new ones thanks to his commitment and out of thousands of other germans a quarter of the refugees who came down have since found a job. are now to berlin where until the border was opened the brandenburg gate
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stood right in the middle of the barrier between east berlin and the capital the capital east germany and west berlin which was surrounded by the communist east but of course part of the west germany the brandenburg gate was a cold war symbol the standoff between the warsaw pact and nato and ultra sensitive spot on the line between the 2 blocs that's why it later became such a powerful landmark representing german unity the night the wall was opened it was the science of emotional scenes. and that is where g.w. political correspondent simon young is right now is at the brandenburg gate for us and that's where there will be some big celebrations of course tomorrow but 1st of all just tell us what's going on tonight what can people have been coming down here again this evening lots of tourists lots of lynas just to see what's going on i think behind me you can see the brandenburg gate and the stage that sets
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up for saturday evenings big show and there's some projections being displayed on there the minutes of you know pictures from the era of the berlin wall i just saw one shot with a little boy kicking his football against the berlin wall back in those days just a reminder of how you people how big the people became to the existence of division in this city and you have to remember as i think you said you know where i'm standing right now used to be the death zone you really couldn't enter here either coming from the east where i am now going to the west or the other way round so people are coming here today enjoying the atmosphere it's a little bit raining now but people are still coming having a look and celebrating the change that has happened in the world of last 30 years i mean this is such a iconic landmark berlin's most symbolic one take us back to those emotional scenes 30 years ago when the walking down. well yes and
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and people in november 1989 you know had had enough of east germany essentially and well as we know the 9th of november the date when the wall was finally breached was more or less a mistake an announcement almost you know on the car off the cuff by one of these german officials who said yes people can can cross now when do you mean exactly minister well i mean i suppose now he said he told assembled foreign journalists it was broadcast around the world and east germans kept started coming to all sorts of crossing points or ones that they they hoped they would be able to get through but also here to the brandenburg gate which is i say was completely a no go zone and people were demanding you know the border guards let them through and just a few hours later we had those incredible scenes that i think everyone is familiar with of of east berlin is in west berlin is joining together in celebration on top
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of the berlin wall right here just the other side of the gate from where i'm standing now jubilating opening the champagne bottles and the rest as they say. looks like it's getting a little bit wet out there no rain or shine tomorrow i'm assuming they'll be some big celebrations taking place that's right a big music shows are said daniel barenboim will be here with his. deejay west band will be here and i don't know who else or a lot of spectacular and there's also a big. display here 30000 messages of hope for the future of been sort of knitted together in a big big cockpits it's called the cloud of freedom that's on display just just a short distance from where i am as well so lots for people to see simon young at the brandenburg gate for us thank you very much. continue our special
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coverage of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall there's no doubt that it brought about huge changes but were they all for the better as we report that the pens on whether you're from eastern germany or from the west. 30 years ago on the night of november 9th the wall opened what happened that night changed many people's lives. how did germans feel today about the fall of the wall and the changes that ensued what consequences did the reunification have for you personally people in the east and west agree that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages 56 percent of western germans say this while 60 percent of eastern germans see the good things it's been 3 decades since reunification for eastern germans nearly everything has changed for western germans hardly anything to. the achievements of g.d.r.
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citizens are not appreciated enough over half the people who live in western germany say the life achievements of east german citizens aren't valued enough it's a different story in the east where more than 3 quarters of people believe that their life achievements are undervalued. the freedom to travel was a dream the people of east germany could only enjoy after the fall of the wall and even today they travel more often to the west than western germans travel to the east how often did you travel to the east to the west since 1989 the people of western germany rarely cross over into the former east in contrast eastern germans travel 4 times as often into the west. even though 30 years on there are still differences in culture and attitudes people from the east and west still feel they're all simply. right now to what's considered
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a growing problem in many countries kids glued for hours to computer screens of tablets neglecting their homework and ignoring their friends as they play the latest online video games now china has decided to tackle the problem head on by imposing a curfew and time limits on children's access to online games you double reporter until it's and is here to walk us through this i mean look parents have been worrying about this sort of thing their kids playing too many video games since the invention of video games now governments is getting involved in what's going on well basically china is arguing that the what their view of their calling video game addiction is really kind of an epidemic facing the students around the country their feeling and addiction are just you're playing too many video games yes yes you're definitely right they're calling it an addiction and basically what they're saying is that kids consumption of online media needs to be rational or rationed throughout the week they're basically saying they want to have a curfew from between 10 in the evening to late in the morning where kids are not
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allowed to play video games they also wonder struck the amount of time they can actually spend in front the computer each day saying that they should only be allowed to spend about 90 minutes playing games during the week and 3 hours on the weekend and they're not just stopping there they're also criticizing the micro transactions and loot boxes and that really kind of fund a lot of modern online video games and they've also proposed a restriction that only allow children to spend around 25 euros in online purchases during a given week now i mean basically while they're doing this because they say this epidemic has really become a poison for the youth is actually the phrase they've been used using and saying that a lot of things like falling grades and that but they still try to and also when it comes to criticizing these loot boxes and micro transactions not alone there are politicians in north america and in the e.u. . i have also said that is tantamount to gaming or gambling or rather an online gaming and that government should be taking a harder look at it so restrictions curfews i mean how does the chinese government plan to actually enforce this stuff what that really kind of remains to be seen so
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far the ball is supposedly in the court of the companies themselves they need to come up with the system for each individual game which will allow them to pull these restrictions you know that could be something like linking certain accounts to certain cell phones or certain credit cards so they could verify their age but you know i mean kids are creative they're going to get around this it's going to be really hard to actually enforce this in practice i mean there's like you're saying you know my mom harped on me in the ninety's when i was a kid saying you know you shouldn't see a plane please do gaming but i always get around it and i promise you those kids in china are going to be just as creative as i was back then online gaming of course becoming a bigger and bigger industry same is true in china i mean could these restrictions have any kind of economic consequence you know i really wouldn't expect that to be absolutely honest i mean yes china is the biggest video game market on the world i mean they've passed the united states in general they're also the biggest media market on the planet and really if you look at it most of the companies who have gotten involved in the chinese market know that it's much more restrictive than the rest of the world so they've basically factored in these type of restrictions into
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their pricing in general and also when you really think about it we like to kind of imagine like gamers as these little kids 12 and 13 year olds but i mean what does your actual game or your average gamer on the planet look like maybe us exactly what it is exactly it's employed guy in his early to mid thirty's was a college education and a good job we're the ones who are actually driving the market so while we always like to talk about kids in this situation your average gamer is actually mid thirty's white guy so this could have an effect but i'm not going to break the bank really for these companies they would need a curfew on us instead of puerto aaron tilton thank you so much thank you. this is news these are our top stories in hong kong anti-government protesters are mourning a 22 year old student who died from his injuries the events leading up to the instant are still unclear but it's believed he fell from a parking garage after police fired tear gas during clashes with demonstrators last
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weekend. u.s. secretary of state mike pale is stressed the importance of the nato military alliance after a meeting with german chancellor angela merkel is wrapping up a 2 day visit to germany to mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. brushfires in eastern australia have been burning out of control with firefighters warning the situation is unprecedented the affected area spans a 1000 kilometer stretch of the coast and many residents have been urged to evacuate. for lenses brandenburg gate is awash with a light display ahead of tomorrow's 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall also to mark the occasion u.s. secretary of state mike peo helped unveil a larger than life statue of former us president ronald reagan who called on these soviet union to tear down the wall in 1970. so the news from berlin
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for more follow us on twitter at news or visit our website dot com. that stuff is our talk show to the points on the question why so many east germans feel like 2nd class citizen states so much more news on the way.
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