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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  November 9, 2019 8:30am-9:01am CET

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i would like to see what remains the history of the division of the jerk germany temporally in. searching for traces of the berlin wall. next d.w. . this way discover the. house work starts nov 14th. the park in berlin it doesn't look all that special berliners have lots of green
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space to choose from but this isn't just any park after the fall of the berlin wall in 1909 this brought sectionals moments land was turned into a retreat area. that's takes us to this week's topic and to the starting point of my tour. i'll be following the birth. right through the heart of the city. today i ride along before my border between east and west berlin on this bike following the line of the berlin wall i would like to see what remains of the history of the division of the europe germany and berlin so i'm starting here in moa park going to the brandenburg gate and then all the way to the east side gallery let's go. we'll find out what became of the wall and why pieces of it are still standing. our weekly viewers video spirits' you off to norway.
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plus a check in fan takes us around the sights of his hometown sent francisco. my 1st stop on the berlin wall trail is the memorial site on bet no washed. it's the 1st stop for anybody wanting to learn more about the city's division rust colored colds and sections of the wall mark the location of the former border. here a section of the wall has been reconstructed as it was during the division. the viewing platform provides the best view of the border fortifications true
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dimensions this is how they appears up to 989 the main wall and inner walls with the death strip in between. in order to help us understand the impact the war had on the city and of course on berliners people who experienced it firsthand often tell their stories here at the berlin wall memorial it's exciting and you can learn a lot about how people cope with adversity. these 4 children from berlin district no the wall is little more than a rusty artifact of by commentators. elko rosen remembers it as part of the world she grew up in as part of her street she lived a bare no mistrusts 11 just above street level. oka rosen was 16 when the border cut through a street and her life how can she communicate this experience ok rosen leads the
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kids along a street that bears no resemblance to the burner strasser of her childhood. when this was all east berlin and the street over there on the other side of those bonds was west berlin yes our building stood here now just imagine when we leaned out the window our low bodies were in east berlin and i had bodies in west berlin. the construction of the wall in august 13th 961 put an end to that situation for not right away 4 days later the streets leading from east to west had been blocked but the front door to burn off strasser 11 was still open. one day had lunch our parents said all right when you're done in a single take a few belongings and today we're going to flee. we're leaving east berlin. this is on the look there's our escape that's my mother running
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a camera man happened to film the family as they fled. we were able to leave by the door and my father handed baggage out because we wanted to take a few things. look there i am my sister my mother and my father. and just imagine i even took my bird along and its cage. i couldn't leave it behind i think it was the only bear that fled to the west. excrete itself was little more than a walk across the street participants in the events like rosen are living proof of what happened here in a divided city. the building on burner strasser was bricktop. torn down and eventually replaced by the actual pearl and what the city remain divided for 28 years. if i were walled in now i wouldn't think it was so nice. i'd be very very curious
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about what's behind the wall what it would look like and how it would be if i were allowed to cross it off. they should i won't even wall in my worst enemy because he won't have much room to move around . some of my. residence and all i know is that i'm a mix of east and west one parents from the west and the others from the east but i don't know which ones from where. last year over a 1000000 people visited the berlin wall memorial on their own i watched also it includes this documentation center historian showed me around the permanent exhibition. we display historical
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objects here that are important because they allow for an immediate experience especially for visitors who don't know much about it who don't know the details about the berlin wall. only taken. here i see pieces of homemade diving equipment that who about hoya buying used for his escape in 1963. well why did the berlin wall exist why did they put up a wall through a city that's not you and it compacts a very complicated question but if you want the short answer i'd have to say that it became clear after the founding of east and west germany and 949 that 2 different political systems would become established. and then they'd have a situation of mass exodus. there were many people who wanted to escape east germany in the 1950 s. and it culminated in the building of the wall. it was
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a consequence of this exodus you know. how did the war stand for so long. also because it was a manifestation of an entire system. east germany was integrated into the system of eastern bloc states and so it was dependent on developments there. and not until the 980 s. was the development such that a little bit of an opening was possible. but of course it was the east german citizens who took the decisive steps towards toppling the wall here. how do you teach such a complex subject to someone who has no connection with berlin who perhaps comes from south america or asia and then learns about the wall here yeah. for one we do it through the historical sites we talk very specifically about what happened on
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down there are shasta so it's very clear that the burning will split the street into 2 parts so one side of the street belong to east berlin and the other side to west berlin. everything that made up the cold war in general was condensed here. because i've had it thank you so much my pleasure thank you. i press on toward the city center following the reverse here behind what's now the government quarter the river mark the border between east and west until 989. but it was. and it just as closely as elsewhere is these white crosses on the banks testify many escape attempts year ended in death.
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it wasn't just the wall that stopped you escaping from east germany there was also the infamous secret police. they had a notorious prison near berlin and if they thought you were planning to flee the country the chances were high that you would hear that prison. at ocean had snows the shanty prison the scene of humiliation and horror she was held there a $974.00 as a political prisoner of the state security service. i was kept here for almost half a year. and 2 and a half years in who were an extra back near the texas border in the worst women's
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penitentiary in east germany at the time in 974 she was a star announcer on east german television. but in fact she had no belief in the system on a vacation in budapest she entered the west german embassy to ask about emigrating upon emerging she was arrested by the shanty. my children were 11 and 12 for 5 months i didn't know what was happening with them and the stasi had no obligation to tell me set up in a former soviet secret police prison. served as the central remand prison for the state security ministry. from 1951 to 89 after the war was built the prison held mostly people who were trying to flee on emigrate from east germany minister for state security. personally took it upon himself to interrogate the hats.
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as new could put it we've given you the opportunity to take up this wonderful profession and now you want to turn your back on us. and since i was famous my case went right up through the government circles but aren't there you know and hanukah. they wanted to make an example of me to scare others off anyone from television or any public figure as if to say look what will happen to you if you try this or even entertain the thought that such person. today shown how to guides visitors groups around the memorial showing them the plane delivery vans like those that once brought them here. this baucus 1000 is fitted with fine detention cells. from the 1960 s.
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on physical violence was not used but the stars he had other ways to torture the prisoners. and here number 104 was my own cell. well and while you sat there brooding and thinking and crying. this flats would fly open and somebody would shout we're not in the sanatorium here sit on the stool and don't lean on anything. well a day has 24 hours from 10 at night to 6 in the morning i was allowed to lie on the cot so i had to spend the rest of the time on the stool or pacing back and forth if i wasn't being interrogated. edition hence was sentenced to 3 years in prison she waited 2 more years papa mission to leave the country but the stars he left its mark on her life even if it never succeeded in making her
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a victim. the brandenburg gate stands as a symbol of germany's reunification until the fall of the wall it symbolized the very opposite it was a part of the deaf strip right by the berlin wall. do you know what this gate represents. no not really. do you know where the berlin wall was most here that's what it's my guess that it was here around here do you know where the wall ran. back there behind the gate there's a line on the ground that leniently levy thing would be so i've been there i like it but where are we now in east or west berlin. i mean here.
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in the west in the east yes the east or. do you know what the brandenburg gate stands for no no i just got here it's my 1st time here i actually do not know. a couple start it's a symbol of germany's reunification so. exactly i'm very good. no it's not about my travel experiences but about yours send in your holiday videos and they might end up as a female here on the show this week's video is by settlement of our from philadelphia seth has been on a trick a trip to norway fantastic pictures of your mountains and waterfalls.
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now on my tour along the berlin wall trail i for right that put stoplights here you can see a couple of sections of the original berlin wall during germany's division the area was a vast empty field now it's one of the busiest squares in europe. after the fall of the berlin wall everyone wanted to have a piece of it it was the time of. people who took more from the war. later. well what's left of how many real pieces of the berlin wall. it was a golden opportunity for the so-called war. these were people who just arrived and
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collected pieces of the berlin wall as many as they could carry a short time before the situation looked very different early in 1909 east germany to her head in his chilling vision of the berlin bull's future. through the way we'll be standing in 15 and 100 years. it stood for only a few more months then it was just a way piece by piece and finally served a constructive purpose the broken concrete was used as base material for new roads . the original intact segments of the wall itself are rare today but some of them can be found on the grounds of companies and institutions that hope to share a bit of billions history with visitors. in berlin's official souvenir shop original pieces of the berlin wall of various sizes and shapes are sold with a certificate. no but seriously
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the businessman bought them out after the wall came down because there are several locations i can't reveal them their secret. provides us with authentic pieces of the war. today there are still professional wall pickers that work full flow cup of last skis company. he buys up bits of the wall of all sizes that would otherwise be destroyed. the old saying to city of the pieces is regularly verified in tests that analyze the concrete age and make up a mere visual inspection won't do it. for the customers can't verify the authenticity so they buy a bit of the wall at my shop and bring them to a government agency for an official analysis that happens a lot with our merchandise and we've done well on the test so far. all to defecting from east germany with apparent fuck up of love ski takes personal satisfaction from breaking down the wall.
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one of the obligatory sites in berlin connected with its division and for fall of the wall is obviously checkpoint charlie it can hardly be missed with all the tourists and hubbub around it. these large format photos summarize the most important points about the former border crossing were east and west faced off top to toe under high tension. as you know we regularly visit you with some shows the sights of their hometowns this time with some really big highlights golden gate bridge cable car chinatown well you probably already know where we're going to be in our meet the local slot
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and a rough guide through his hometown san francisco. hi amanda roff welcome to san francisco i'm happy to show you around some of the sights of this beautiful city let's get started because. san francisco is such an exciting and diverse city from the golden gate bridge to chinatown there's such a wonderful mix of people places and it's just always nice to live here. where we are san francisco's famous fisherman's wharf where over a century fishing boats and fleets of gone out to catch seafood in san francisco bay and the pacific ocean and they're still doing it to the state. and one of the big attractions here are the seals they came here about 30 years ago nobody knows why but i guess they just like francisco who can blame them.
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on a typical summer day in san francisco when it's cold i love to come here to say they can eat it's a huge arcade full of antique and contemporary arcade games you can come inside warm up and have a great time. this is one of my favorites very. but. and if you're in san francisco you can't mistake your trip on the cable car.
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on the cable car takes us right to grand avenue which is the heart of trying to tell. us i'm not. chinatown is really exciting very different very much its own little community which the old is trying to town in the united states still vital still colorful. here we are at land's end the western most part of san francisco i mean it's the pacific ocean let's take a look at the search your bathroom. the super bass were built in the 19th century as
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a huge indoor swimming complex they used to the water from the ocean and had numerous pools for di you being in swimming about 50 years ago it burned down and this is all that remains. the land's end means the end of our quick tour of san francisco hope you enjoyed it and hope to see in the city soon. i continue on our quest for traces of germany's division along the berlin wall its fall in 1989 was the 1st big step. toward reunification. an impressive relic is the longest section of the berlin wall still standing the east side gallery. a few weeks after the fall of the wall 118 artists came from 21 countries to paint this section. but pictures are
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expressions of a new era dawning and hint at the emotions fears and hopes it inspired. the wallace many visible traces in berlin and not just in the central tourist spots . there are less unknown places that have come back into their own. one such a way says it's quite specks. until november 1989 it was part of the gift strip. the water was gone but basin filled in with rubble and topped with border fortifications. after the fall of the wall the urban green space around being a big thing was restored it's a good place to end my journey along the berlin wall trail. i've seen
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a lot and i have learned a lot and i think it's quite good to focus on one topic discovering berlin by following the path of the berlin wall bet takes you right through the heart of the capital you have a chance to catch some sightseeing highlights and at the same time you can learn a lot about the city's history or you want more by by see you next time you're on check it.
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out. 30 years after the fall of the berlin wall on t.w. . it was the night everything changed. the night every day people made history. tonight
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a divided country came together. it was a night the fault of the more. than 30 minutes to dull. their mouths isn't calculable. their egos consentual. their rivalry deadly. 3 princes. who dream of leading the arab world. there under full power and boundless ambition have crushed the middle east into a grave crisis such as the bible principles of the gulf states nov
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27th on t.w. . syrian born american visits a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with a father who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. what america's curious about the bar's regulars to cross the road worlds apart. starting november 11th on d w. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room for the night similar it was hard i was for. i even got white hair. learning the german language tell me a lot this gives me a little but you need to look in truckloads of slate you want to know their story
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lines the finding of reliable information for margaret. the book. the book. this is e.w. news lies a from bali india's top court gives the disputed holy site of ayodhya to hindus the ruling paves the way thing to do is to build a temple at the site it's hoped that the move will end a decades old dispute between hindus and muslims say that the site but many fear get will raise tensions between the 2 communities also coming up. gemini moxy 30th
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anniversary all be full of the taliban when we take you to the center of all these celebrations and reflect.


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