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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  November 10, 2019 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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it helps the people who are suffering but i get so much feedback from people thanking the foundation for being there for them and for showing people that anyone can be affected by this sickness is a sickness and it has nothing to do with being weak based mitzvot hits. their work continuous in the hope that others make the more trucks and cars fix. it watching the news live from berlin up next the bundesliga shell has all the highlights coming back with more news at the top of the hour it's watched. closely. carefully we don't know if it was soon to be sure. to be
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a good. deal. to discover the. subscribers to the documentary on youtube. could bring dormans hot streak to a screeching halt with hans the flick on the sideline a handful of teams came into the match day with 18 points to break from the pack pack to the top half of the table. leipsic bringing a legal office of the pits lately and it's a berlin where head to try to tame the blazing bulls and the royal blues of seoul
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could test it their whole pitch meet vantage versus leaks up more fortunate to savor both sides one last time out but about say hey. welcome to the boat as they get here on t w i'm chris harrington to classical 1st the definitive champions dominated top in the last time they visited munich but back then barnes defense wasn't broken and defending their crown was paramount's now with hansei flick in charge byron could be in need of some kryptonite because door mean and front man fall for a must think they are super mean at the moment with 3 wins on the bounce and words like revenge coming out of their camp could momentum be enough in munich by an interim coach hunchy flick kept the same 11 that had defeated olympiacos in the champions league midweek opposing coaches young father also trotted out the
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same line up from his champions league comeback win over inter milan hoping to improve awful record in munich after some early probing from both sides the home team quickly got on the scoreboard after just 17 minutes plain and thanks to none other than robert love and off ski. another record for the pole as he's the 1st player to score in 11 straight bundesliga matches i. don't one's 1st half performance lack the intensity that had called for prior to the match. and only 69 seconds had been played in the 2nd half when the ball once again twitched the twine of the dortmund net after a triple checked with the video assistant referee sayres cannot preschool stood to nail. dortmund finally seem capable of threatening manuel neuer skoal in the 69th minute substitute squandered an opportunity to cut biron sleet and what would be only chance. meanwhile the
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bavarians continued to pump the gas pedal a few minutes later and live in dusty put things out of reach with his 16th goal in 11 matches yet another league record. and if things weren't bleak enough for the black and yellows they scored an own goal with 10 minutes left. for nail scored by match who most would switch back from munich to dortmund this offseason with dortmund again thoroughly trounced in byron's 1100 spanish league a victory interim coach can see flick made an impressive case for more time behind the wheel in munich. i live 6 team over then it has been too hot to handle it too cold to hold for the bulls the tip of the spear in terms of arby's office then has had a foot in 10 goals in life 6 last 2 domestic outings hits a needed to put up
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a wall to keep out not only vanna but the rest of the bulls from going goal crazy in the capital city. this wasn't just any great you also today in berlin exactly 30 years on from the fall of the berlin wall has a commemorated that historic occasion with a replica that their fans tool down before takeoff. there was another symbolic moment in front of the os could nothing sums up the spirits of reunification like an old east german trami bursting through the wall and said channel that spirit to bust into the late nights a 1000000 little step hammering part. of the berlin bull midfielder made his mark on a day of huge significance for his hometown abi like to keep the peace a good lot she was left with no chas but hansen almost immediately handed lites a good chance to equalise carry records handful was punished with a penalty and then left the school. 11 with 38 minutes and
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not qualified and on the stroke of half time like 610 to game around through marcel savants. by the austrians at finding the net with the help of a deflection by afterwards he won down in the break on butlins big day and it got worse for them in a flurry of late goals 1st kevin can pull weeds through that offense to make it 31 . the slovenian rightly congratulated by his team mates are to showing it was that composure to lead. and it was cool when conrad lima rich through their hats a half like a truck through the berlin wall before setting up their own up my the strikers 2nd goal securing like 6 when in stoppage time. have to did manage to pull a goal but when like 6 failed to clear their lines they design can pounce on the loose balls and make it cool. but that wasn't enough to stop light saber rattling
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up their 2nd win in a row cutting half the celebrations shores. by less than a shock. snapped a 3 game willis one run on the road and they were looking to cling onto the european spot hosting fortuna dusseldorf aside try to get as far from the relegation threatened as they can the royal blues or down a center back but that might not matter for tutors had little to no fortune winning away matches it sounds like an easy want to call let's take a look. shelter fans were in jovial spirits likely expecting an easy home victory over dusseldorf and things started just as a hoax with danielle college early coolly finishing an interplay with video room on 1st 1st of the season and it chalked up one illness 33 minutes. but it has been heading 62nd minute penalty pretty things wouldn't be so simple setting off a dizzying final half hour. shaka left back in front thanks to us on comets
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towering header just 5 minutes later. the home side celebrations were again cut short by dusseldorf with having smashing in his 2nd of the night 73 minutes and i do so nor spot blind black canning's plays in a botched clearance lead to suicide on putting the royalties ahead with 11 minutes on the clock 32 shot. but the fireworks went over yet too cheeky chips were not for having succumbed to his 1st ever the missa to have trick in the ecosystem in. the seesawing 2nd half and at $33.00 a draw that felt like a win for dusseldorf and like a lost their shot. in our match they wrap up we have 2 games for you you don't believe in minds will lead off the action you
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know on cloud 9 after winning the berlin darby had to be optimistic ahead of the mite's match as any team would going up against the worst the fits in the leak. minds had to stomach and 8 no last time like sick last weekend when you and came into this game full of confidence after their win over half in the belly darby. whose teams came sharply out of the blocks but it was the visitors to feed upon. my scouts and i was in speed just a fictional cross into. i got in trouble had a hand in his team's 2nd goal his corner was met by sebastian condescend to make it to nil just before the break the swedes didn't wait to read and as the months defense tally i'm sure it was more of the same after the break corner from schimmel pettifer manderson goal. to 50 minutes the 5th strike of the season for under 7
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i might scare going on but the bar did win some. practical. reasons to go one of the right and an injury type to stage a new and celebrated their 1st ever been to sleep got away when. and that was frustration and months after another defeat. speaking for his good ole miss it it's not the club and being successful together but i don't have to stand here every week stressing the same thing again and again but the important thing is that we get things going and pick up points that's our goal but. stephanie elam got in his powder horn team and put it to the bottom of the table and wanted just their 2nd but the season against. and after strelley mama was felled in the box they had a chance to get the front i'm the i but closed as you list penalty was saved easily by thomas key banc. on the other end philip much gave the
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lead with a free kick just type what proved to be the winning goal despite players stupid people wall i stray shit about the ball i paid off we can't blame the referee today we played well didn't get our awards i'm on lucky to lose one nil. it's better for them today i can understand them well but on the other hand it was a great goal we take that from a game that doesn't even meet other born once again left handed i. let's get a check of all of the results so far on match day 11 byard gave a beat down a dog man live sit down and had to shell to end dusseldorf drew in a 6 goal thriller you know in berlin got the better of mice alberg as we decide on
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on friday cologne hosted often high with the score locked in one injury time often high but a penalty they are declared sarkis a dummy and had been fouled you're going to look at dia. from the spot had no problem converting to sail a 21 wait after the match cologne announcer sporting director army they had left the club billy goats did the ject to his departure. plenty of action still to come on sunday the team to be glad to host brave men wolfsburg and laver couzin battle it out in freiburg face off against frankfurt let's take a look at how those results affect the table act the very top gladbach are in a very good position win or lose on sunday they stay put and number one but there have been some changes rb climb so to buy or in hoffenheim dortmund drop to 5th
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teams 7th through 10th could climb if they pick up points in the bottom half look at you know in berlin up to 11th other than that nothing much else to report. well that's full time for us here on the bun is they go we'll be back on sunday with all of the big talking points from the match day dec classic of course we'll leave you with some of the best images so far this week it for me and the rest of the team. feels that.
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he wanted to smash the berlin wall long before it finally fell. a lazy off issues a new york state you know linda is actually better known as the legend of john rock music. let's find out more about his amazing man mr who don't live. on. it was the night everything changed. the night every day people made history. tonight finding country came together.
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it was. the fall of the wall. in 60 minutes. and literature invites us to see people in particular. to see how some time growing up. might. be books on youtube. alamosa he was always interested in us in east germany even during the era of the iron curtain and of that was really nice and as was ushered.
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in my crew up here in the east but somehow it was always a president's.


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