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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2019 12:00am-12:16am CET

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he's curious about the bar's regulars. to cross the road worlds apart. starting november 11th on d w. this is daily news live from berlin bolivia's president evo morales has bowed down to opposition pressure and resigned promise is standing down after weeks of protests sparked by claims of fraud in last month's election victory would have given ramos a 4th consecutive term in office coming up spain's general election does little to break the long running political stalemate the governing socialists win but fall
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short of a majority the conservatives make gains and the far right talks party surges into 3rd look at the latest from madrid also coming up. he's big and yellow and 50 years old big bird and the rest of the cast of sesame street celebrate hanukkah century of the educational t.v. for kids. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program olivia's embattled president evo morales has announced his resignation weeks after an election by claims of fraud an element prompted same's of celebration with thousands of bolivians taking to the streets andean capital saw 3 weeks of unrest following the election in october which morales claimed he'd won pressure had been mounting on morales to step down with bolivia's military chase the latest in
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a line of say new figures calling on him to go. took to national television to announce his decision. i resign my presidency why did i decide to resign so that opposition leaders missa to come up show do not continue to persecute my brothers union leaders i mean that all of. interesting the full let's bring in correspondent yohann ramirez who's standing by for us in bolivia as political capital love has you know had president morales has resigned why why did he decide to step back now. rebecca he decided to serve aside because he didn't have any other choice after 3 weeks the opposition was where interest rates protesting against him and ask him to resign and today especially was a very difficult day for evermore alice especially when the chief of the army suggests him to resign so that was very important situation because i mean
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he didn't have any more the support of the police anymore and then he didn't have the support of the army you know how the support of the bolivian workers a century ago which has been a sector that has been very very important for him to us supporting for a very long time so today they said if ever morale is. step aside and it can give the stupid libya we agree that they will run this is the life of the power so i think i think that that was a very different because i couldn't have any choice now that this sitting up us is so is that huge party everyone wants to freeze in the streets partying celebrating this moment and that's what you what you hear are fireworks up to the protestors riot so everyone celebrating what does this mean for bolivia. it means political change i mean everybody has been in power for 14 years and now
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there was the most forward for a powerful man in this country for for 40 years even before he was a very important political actor when he was in the opposition and now suddenly he's now there his vice president also resigned so now well conceived a change in this country that the commute the city code is this this society. far from the political parties they are in the streets they are now that neither is this country so maybe it was for a man to come out to this guy who wants to go was on an island in this country maybe he's going to be one of the meters of this of this concert from now on so it means for i think huge and very important change not just for bolivia for us but also for latin america lots of change in the future in bolivia thank you your 100 mira's in the past. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world in iraq schools of people were injured in renewed clashes between
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anti-government protesters and police in baghdad on sunday rights group amnesty international says iraq's crackdown on the protests has descended into a bloodbath in the southern city of nasiriyah 3 protesters were shot dead by police trying to disperse them. romania's presidential election is set to go to a runoff after voting on sunday exit polls put incumbent president klaus your highness in the lead with nearly 40 percent of votes he's likely to face left leaning challenger viru nick vieira. in the 2nd round. police in hong kong have 5 here gas to break up anti-government demonstrations activists were same blocking roads and vandalizing sites around the city this is the 24th consecutive weekend of protests with demonstrators calling for democratic reforms and an inquiry into police violence. is to spain now where results show the ruling socialist party of acting prime minister pedro sanchez gaining most
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seats on the ballot doesn't give sanchez the majority he needs to form a stable government and in the plaiting the country's political deadlock the conservative people's party got the 2nd largest share of the voters with the right wing vox party coming in 3rd with an doubling its states since the last election in april but that. data correspondent lisa lewis is at the headquarters of spain's socialist party in madrid lisa the ruling socialist party looks set to win the most sate again for short of a majority what's the move there. well absolutely the mood here is rather gloomy this socialist party was hoping to increase its share of seats in the parliament looks like they're likely that they will lose a few of their seats and it will get even more complicated complicated for them to form a government now pedro sanchez plan the interim prime minister's plan was apparently to form a minority government and his argument was if he if he increased his share then
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other parties would have to support him now if he loses a few of the seats he's got less arguments to say you know you really need to give me your support but he will now have to talk to a lot of different parties before hand over 2 or 3 national honors in parliament that had quite a large share of it and if he had found an agreement with them it would have been fine now he needs to bring in about 6 or 7 different parties and that would be incredibly difficult because none of these parties will give their support for free really so you will have to negotiate with them and the vox party was expected to do well and looks like they have more than doubled their states why why's that. yeah absolutely well it looks like the sentence on the catalans happened just about 4 weeks ago was really in their favor these savages were sentenced to 2 years long prison sentences and then after wards there were riots in the region clashes between independence supporters and the police and that has really played into the
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hand of books because rocks has been saying we need to clamp down on them we could need to crash that revolt and we need to suspend regions autonomy status and other passengers have actually followed suit and say yeah we need to really be tough with them however the socialist party has had a somehow more conciliatory approach they've been saying you know yes we need to be tough but at the same time we need to be talking to them because in their interest it's actually in their interest to be a bit softer to the cutter catalans because they normally gain quite a high share of the vote in that region catalonia decides on 48 of the 350 seats in parliament and the socialists were determined to get a share of that so they didn't have as tough a stance as walks or other parties and that's what had actually them lose support in the rest of the country and that's why also one of the big reasons why their share of the vote has gone down so it really looks as though spain's heading for
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more political paralysis. absolutely it's very difficult to see how to get out of this political deadlock you know spanish parties really need to start learning how to form a coalition that's something that's very normal in other countries such as germany but it's very difficult to see how this can work with such a fragmented parliament here in spain at the p.p. the center right party and the socialist center left party in the past were able to form a coalition on their own you know they had 50 percent of the vote more up more than 50 percent almost 50 percent and they just need. to bring in a few seeds a few other parties into smaller parties now they really need to form a growing grand coalition next to make this work and they really too will need to learn that craft so very much a wait and see situated situation lisa lewis at the headquarters of spain's socialist party in madrid thanks very much. celebrations for the 30th anniversary
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of the fall of the berlin wall have been extended to the famous bridge of spies in the nearby city of potsdam the greenacre bridge saw the exchange of cold war prisoners a laser show of the crossings reopening a day after the wall fell. was the great hope and ode to joy rang through the night air as red laser beams illuminated the famous bridge between west berlin and potsdam 30 years ago on the 10th of november 9th here the 9 the border crossing at the clinic a bridge was reopened images from that historic night show 1000 streaming across the border previously closed to the public and i parted a everyone's happy but the current premier of ballons neighboring state patton boggs says he remembers many were also cautious. many people feared that everything would just be reversed closed up again and that those on the other side would not be coming back but then everything settled down the glin a kit bridge was of particular importance to both sides during the cold war it was
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known as the bridge of spies it was one of the few points of contact for soviet and united states forces both favored the crossing for prisoner exchanges because its remote location made it easier to secure in 96 the world's press famously gathered to record the transfer of russian jewish dissidents now time shot on ski who was released back into the west after years of negotiations balin and platinum book organized the anniversary celebration jointly because today the clinic of bridge connects the 2 states instead of keeping them apart. big bird the cookie monster elmo and the rest of the sesame street gang have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show that made them international stars sesame street was a revolution in children's t.v. when it debuted in 1969 today there are 10 different regional productions of the famous neighborhood for children in 150 countries. big bird's been
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a big star for 50 years now and to mock sesame street's 50th anniversary new york decided to light up the empire state building in green and yellow to pay tribute to one of the world's most successful shows. i think the secret is we started with these universal values that every kid deserves respect opportunity kindness all with a little bit of fun and combine those universal values the fact that you have to constantly innovate in change. with the culture and with the kids need to believe the view sesame street represented a revolutionary development in children's television and it was an instant global success. i was i was. you know that you
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had a banana. well that bird. really showed also touches on some difficult topics sometimes such as autism world hunger or even death just be. a good have to. give it to him when he comes back big bird mr hooper's not coming. educational and entertaining the show's producers create a safe magical world for children it gives him lots of energy to have fun and play with your friends that are important miller you were talking about the place where monsters cohabitate in with humans and the spectrum of humans that was represented on the show from day one was diverse and inclusive and that's been guiding light for the show over the years in may new york unveiled a real life sesame street it seems the lovable puppets are just as popular as ever . definitely want to be favorites this is day to day news up next the bundesliga
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with chris harrington but 1st tens of thousands have turned out to watch a spectacular parade in tokyo to celebrate the infront of emperor naruhito spectators waited outside the imperial palace to save the new empress and wife and christmas at home camper took over official duties last month thank you and some of the pictures of a journey from the japanese capital thanks for watching. thank
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you. for your concept discomfort with the bollocks. after 100 years of the ideals of the bomb house more relevant today than they were a. 100 years ago visionaries reshaped.
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people understood design as a way of shaping society.


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