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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 11, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CET

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crisis. of the cold. november 27th. india and bangladesh pick up the pieces. and then look at the other side.
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well. it's good to have you with us. spied on the violence that many had said would eventually come to pass in a span of just one student protest or has died a probating supporter has been set on fire and another pro-democracy protesters has been shot by police yes the moments after the shooting a lot of warning some of these scenes could be distressing for some viewers. among time a. long time. i'm also. i . i.
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i do think that if you think of. that protester being the 3rd person shot by police since protests began 24 weeks ago the shooting occurred even as police battle protesters in the chinese city fighting rubber bullets and tear gas the territories chief executive carrying them addressed the media on monday here's what you have to say. if they're still any. wishful thinking that by escalating violence the hong kong as a government will you do to pressure. to satisfy the so-called politico demands. i'm making this statement clear and loud here that will not happen. violence is not going to give us any solution to the problems that hong kong is
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facing. our joint or is he now as a city is to end the violence. and so return hong kong. soon normal as soon as possible let's get the reaction from the pro-democracy camp in hong kong i'm joined now by pro-democracy activist george wang joshua welcome candyland there saying correctly that violence will not get protesters anything how do you react to that. remarks weak and from kerry lamb she has proved her south incapable to con showed a police force at all creating the chaos to date with the brutal foulness of riot police she has done nothing to assure the markets and visa sacked her as today police turn central business district of hong kong into a war zone but the government would respond that it is the police force responding
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to what they have called extensive illegal acts committed on the part of the protesters are you saying protesters are not the dollar at fault protest her have to plan to organize a general strike but how the hong kong got and then what the riot police crackdown on protests is what we experience life wrong what it was should to a young university student also we have surf of how those riot police stormed into the campus with wrap up with it and event in the c.b.d. of hong kong those profession is white colors all being gassed by the police and i think that china's be unfriendly in a pot 22 years is what we experience and now is that high for the world to realize hong kong is a totally state just for you calling it alternative of a vendor lism but then that have been incidents of vandalism on the bunch of
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protesters as well at hong kong's university of science and technology for example . a coffee shop was vandalized a bank of china branch was vandalized pro-democracy. was stabbed last week a protest told so died last week today a protester has been shot clearly that is also something that the government is responding to do protesters have nothing to account for to all. hong kong government and beijing should be a constable and responsible fund alyssum from the poster is their way and the effort to show that is called hand to direct capital what have we air for a lot into his truck showed them age being incited and motivated by china's federalism in a pos 22 years before blaming the powerless people and i think that's the root cause and a fundamental political demand of protester is asking for an institution no matter
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what to set up that independent inquiry by the committee to investigate on polish file is and best political team on getting something rate more than 80 per cent off hong kong was but what we observed during that hospital road base there know and 11 yes oh primary and 74 yes so elderly both arrested joshua briefly what will it take to end this spiral of violence stop police brutality we're setting up the investigation committee and give us back to vote to elect the chip executive of hong kong the government of hong kong should not be beijing it should be elected by a hong kong people or a reliever there for the time being pro-democracy work to rejoice or won't speaking to us from hong kong thank you very much.
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pop star and island drillings in fields swamped by water cycle bull defects out of . at least 2 dozen people have been killed or toll that could have been higher if not. it was a vicious storm and the after affects us still being felt. made landfall at the weekend packing winds of 120 kilometers per hour and dumping incessant rain on the coastal regions of india and bangladesh more than 2000000 people were evacuated from their homes and family to emergency shelters where they spent the night in safety. but some refused and paid with their lives a bangladeshi disaster management official said the victims in his country died because they didn't heed evacuation orders. the storm has now passed but it's left a visible trail of destruction. and we return from the shelter we found our cattle
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were squashed into the fallen house everything's ruined. thousands of homes have been destroyed. by the sea it's the same picture in parts of india. houses have been smashed sheds have been washed away trees have been ripped from the ground it all happened at night we can tend to our house it's all covered in mud. in india and in bangladesh thousands are now faced with the task of rebuilding their homes. the demilitarized zone between north and south korea separates 2 countries that's to continue to be officially a wall a situation that's meant that people from both countries have steadily growing over the euros but a recent exhibit of the c.e.o. of be a knowledge of architecture i don't know but as i'm tempted to bridge that divide
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every day. visitors what are promised a look at every day life in. most so the koreans have never seen north korea with their own eyes at the seoul be anally they had the opportunity to virtually travel to its capital a city that's in reality off limits to them get it done. in the awning and soul are separated by the demarcation lines but the display depicts how people in seoul are travelling to pyongyang and people in pyongyang are going to seoul i meet an exhibition i hope everyone can relate to. the korean division has left its mark on both capitals the cities have steadily grown apart not just in ideology but also in appearance. or the time so. is so looks like every year they like to seoul but after ever seen. looks like the eastern europe like to
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impacted by the sorceress in the be an alley also hosted small scale discussions including talks with north korean exiles discussing ordinary day to day life and how politics has shaped differences in public behavior. about the just like south korean senior citizens elder north koreans play board games like bad joke in public spaces but in the north many public spaces are used mostly for official events in the south without interference from the government people fall entirely protest or they read books at the library but on south koreans have generally been more resigned on intercalary and affairs but since his election to. years ago president moon jian has been seeking to reverse that trend and gain support for his engagement policy with the north korea institute for national unifications april 2900 survey found the need for a new national consensus on unification
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a lack of clarity surrounds issues in particular how unified korea would look and what unification would cost $7.00 out of 10 survey respondents prioritize the south korean economy over unification with north korea about $30000.00 north koreans have defected to the south since the end of the war in 1953 most in the last 2 decades younger than john the arrived in seoul in 2015 she feels a lack of understanding at times of quilts of it and sometimes when i say i come from north korea and they give me a lot of rice at a restaurant other times when i tell people i'm a north korean defector i get negative comments and asked why i came to south korea when i see people in the media speak badly of defect i get very upset while most south koreans still support unification conservatives like the minor our republican party oppose president moon and his peaceful overtures toward pyongyang is in many
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ways and i had to speak up with the conjunction of korean people like that when you know you need proof in a fight korea but the problem is in a he's a he's a schedule and he's always in a communist agree we'd like to know west's and the rest of germany and used to germany unification back at the exhibition the 2 koreas joint history culture and identity is shared a common ground that has been weakening over the years after decades drifting apart a progressive south korean government is now seeking to bring back that familiarity and draw the 2 closer together that's our show for today you can find this episode online on our website the devil dot com forward slash shop also speak to us on facebook and startup. gold has witnessed a particular fire them stay focused today leave it all with some of those images from the city richard extra over.
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to. my 1st boss i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by this ocean for even something as simple as learning how to write them by side isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to add them by cycle of my home but it took me years to understand. finally they gave up and went on by me and by psychos and returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for those than writing advice as knowledge i want to meet those woman back home who are bones by
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their duties and social rules and inform them of old dead peace and rights my name is the about of people homes and a war that's easy to. roll out the red carpet she a calm small financial aid for crisis written greece eating thing is in athens to foster a deeper economic ties with the european country on the mediterranean greece secures another $600000000.00 euros of chinese investment also coming up some love them many hate them the school to us was supposed to offer and. vajra mentally friendly alternative to urban mortality after one deadly accident in singapore that bans on the sidewalks. and time to celebrate if you're single and buy yourself
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a gift to mark singles day in china. hello i'm monica jones welcome to do business asia china's president xi jinping is in greece today to strengthen ties his visit comes just one week after the greek prime minister met him in shanghai for the 29000 international import expo where greece was the official partner country at 1st glance the asian powerhouse and europe's debt strict member states make an even couple but they both seem to tend to the other's needs greece needs money and to china needs access to infrastructure and one of beijing's key purchases in greece was a majority stake in the historic port of pier a is today china's gateway to europe.


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