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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin fears of a new flare up of violence in the middle east israeli towns near the gaza strip come under rocket attack just hours after an israeli airstrike kills a commander of a palestinian militant group will ask a reporter in gaza whether an escalation is likely also coming up bolivia's former president is on what i was a slice of mexico where he's been granted exile but back in the bolivian capital of past the army and police threaten their crackdown on on rest between his supporters and opponents. get out while you can australians are urged to flee catastrophic
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bushfires one fire chief says conditions are so bad that crews are on able to stop the flames. and she may not fly but this pig feels right at home at the airport meet because they were keeping helping to make air travel a bit less stressful for nervous flyers. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us israel has been carrying out more airstrikes against militants in the gaza strip after its targeted killing of a top palestinian commander overnight israel says bob top of the palestinian militant group islamic jihad was behind a series of rocket attacks on its territory palestinian militants responded by firing rockets at israeli civilians. including tel aviv citizens across southern
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and central israel have been a struct instructed to stay inside it is one of the worst escalations of violence on the israel gaza border in years. and for more on this story we can speak to journalist lucia he's following this in gaza city has and thank you for joining us can you bring us up to date on what's been happening at the moment there in gaza. well as you mentioned today was a day of exchanging fire firing rockets from dollars attends a focus were fired into they say the city's reach tel aviv but most of it was to the nearby cities or the israeli jets and air forces targeted many places mainly military sites and some of the know some people some of the. no faction claimed responsibility or. announce
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anything but apparently they are those people was. according to his well the they stand behind firing rockets so since the morning goes. is a different day it's out of there was discrimination after years of of the quietness schools government institutions and banks are closed today. and now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he did speak earlier at a press conference let's listen now to what he said about the killing of this gaza militant from a horn of one with a blue moon. in the past year this arch terrorist was the main generator of terrorism from the strip. planned and carried out many attacks. he fired hundreds of rockets to communities in the gaza periphery the suffering we haven't ignored he was in the midst of crossing additional attacks these 3 days he was a ticking bomb. so we heard the words there at
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a ticking bomb you know how significant it was he. well i mean actually it's weird how how how this name may become in the top news actually the name of a. couple of months ago as israel accused him of standing behind foreign group gets into his well. when the rockets fired when when netanyahu himself was giving a speech and a city of ice. before the elections. he's he's he's not the top leader of military wing of islamic jihad is not the fair specimen he's one of the commanders was in as islamic jihad said he is the commander of north. region in the gaza strip. talks and people started to talk about about him since they started to accuse him. of standing behind the rockets fired into israel and it
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has now led to this as you said significant escalation as and where do you think this is heading. well this is the this is a hard question to answer it's too early to say if there is going to be a force war it depends actually to be honest on the how mass reaction hamas is the biggest power in gaza and it has its the biggest. military capabilities in gaza if they joined it and then tell us in and they responded on fire and rockets into israel it might go broader and bigger but if hamas which is more. willingly according to analysts that will will will give the opportunity to islamic jihad to respond grocott which means that this would be.
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limited and it will has an end within. short time maybe days maybe hours we don't know. our journalist hasn't been speaking to us from gaza city thank you very much former bolivian president evo morales has flown to mexico where he's been given asylum what alice resigned on sunday amid protests against alleged election fraud his resignation has left a power vacuum in bolivia were unrest has continued on the streets of the past between what are the supporters and opponents the police and the army are threatening a crackdown ever morale is heading to mexico into exile the mexican foreign minister confirmed it in a tweet he assured the ousted believe your leader your life and integrity are safe while many believe the insecure is morale is of growing increasingly autocratic in his 14 year rule across latin america he's still often viewed as a champion of the poor who brought economic growth to one of the region's most
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impoverished countries like these supporters who gathered outside the believe an embassy in mexico city they claim rallies resignation was prompted by a coup. this was a democratically elected president follow him are measures that are brutal exploitation measures against workers and farmers. morale is ousting has left a power vacuum the deputy head of the senate says she is willing to take over as interim president until new elections are held to help the country get through the crisis but the decision is up to the believe in congress. but. this is just to provide some certainty for the country. for an end to the vandalism. so that there are no more deaths women who are raped. i don't think bolivians deserve this. it's urgent that there is some certainty for the people. so if civil organizations
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agree i will take up the task. really even after morales departure tensions remain high on the streets of the capital. police and the military are steeling themselves for more violence. let's get around now some other stories making news around the world spain's acting prime minister paper sanchez has signed an agreement aimed at forming a coalition government the deal will see his socialists join forces with the far left when he does pull the most which is led by publicists the pair will still need support from smaller parties to secure a majority in parliament. activists have been back on the streets in hong kong following some of the worst violence and months of anti-government demonstrations on tuesday police fired tear gas at protesters who blocked streets and set a car on fire outside one of the city's universities. the european union's top
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court has ruled that member states must label goods including some wines made in israeli settlements the court said that israel's expansion into the palestinian territories is a breach of international law and consumers must be able to make informed choices when they shop. now australian firefighters are on high alert for a catastrophic threat from bushfires dozens of fires like these are raging in the states of queensland and new south wales they stretch almost a 1000 kilometers along the east coast from bristol been to sydney residents of some 100000 homes near sydney are doing their best to take shelter after authorities warned that it was too late for them to leave their homes a fire that erupted in sydney's northern suburbs in the late afternoon immediately cut off escape routes for some residents one local fire chief says conditions are so bad that what a fire takes hold we are not able to stop it. protect
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life. protect property. and sure everybody is a safe as possible. these are the principles guiding austerities on australia's east coast bracing themselves for the worst bushfires in the nation's history more than 50 blazes are burning across the state of new south wales are expecting conditions to get even worse. but plenty of people have heeded the warnings and of left early oversee others of chosen not to and accordingly i would vos to those who still might be there is that it is too late to leave or most of those farmers and children use now you know your only option as far praja is. fires are expected to spread quickly due to high temperatures and strong winds all stories are warning of catastrophic fire danger for to city of sydney to. about 6000000 people are affected by the fires people in monterey both communities have been urged to stay
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away from bushland and to flee their homes before the fires escalate we had to have shifted 27 use. this before we live in the blue mountains where it was forced to but we've never had to destroy property or this is unbelievable i've seen the finest in the files of the jump rugs and that's just i mean that's even more than catastrophic because watching them in this you know you can do and always find a reason everybody just work each so hard. 3 people have been confirmed dead and at least 150 properties have been lost so far authorities have to clear a 7 day state of emergency in the area. and we can speak to journalist roger maynard in sydney now hi roger bring us up to date what is the latest that's been happening. well they predicted that this would be a day of catastrophic conditions and judging by the pictures that are coming out of so many parts of the state is eastern seaboard that certainly confirms the view
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here he said the blazes broke out in the the northern suburbs barely a 20 minute drive from the city albert rich and the the fireman the firefighters were onto it immediately within minutes a hercules aircraft flew in and doused the entire area with pink slime fire retard and dust the flames almost immediately so that emergency was over and but but but the been many many other fires breaking out all over the area out further west than in the western suburbs of sydney the fires up in the blue mountains that have been fires further north that tarin 3 homes were destroyed and the in the wine growing area of 100 barely there were 3 fires there as well and the conditions have been getting worse all day. all up north or his reckon there's been some 300 fires around the state during the course of the day 11 new emergency
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far as they classified and 70 blazes are still burning many of them out of control tell us more about the emergency precautions that have been taken that there where you are in sitting. well obviously there are a lot of people are preparing a standing by to help in this situation we've got something like 3000 firefighters on the ground wealth working literally around the clock at the moment trying to deal with the places in sydney and elsewhere in new south wales and those are not 20000 emergency service personnel standing by to go into it further assistance it needs faith police firefighters and even the army there's also a fleet of helicopters sangbae to go in and fly people out to the isolated areas where fires my. olds it is the 1st time the city which is a 0 to 5000000000 people has actually been classical as well as
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a castle strong fire disaster area and the seeding much of sydney is built in the cloak of black cloud of dust if you like as the smoke from countless hours around the state descend on the city rajan of the australian government has been criticized for its approach towards climate change let's listen to the mayor of one town in a new south wales. not a political thing it's a scientific fact that we are going through climate change and of course it's not relevant at the moment when people's houses of burning and you've lost lives but they are overall thing is we draw in this country we haven't had rain for for years in some places. all the dams and creeks and rivers are drawing a and we need to look at what we're going to do about that in the future and to deny climate change is to me very ill informed and
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educated way of looking at things. roger how much criticism is the government facing her for failing to do something about those climate conditions. well over a lot to be honest but the lady was the mayor of glen innes you lost a road of the weekend in the floods and her words in the statement clearly struck a chord here and the crisis sparked a war of words over who's actually to blame for the bush fires with the government being accused of ignoring climate change alas led to some really ugly seems particularly in poland today well one greens senator accused the politicians of being nothing short of awesomeness were ignoring the issues in the problems that lot of cause the bush fires and to being supporters of the coal industry which he really was a conservative reflector journalist roger maynards because they're from sydney thank you you're watching news still to come on our show we need one of the
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americans facing deportation after the trump administration ended a program protecting the children of undocumented migrants they've taken their fight to the supreme court it's begins hearing arguments in the case today. but 1st most schools in southern iraq are closed after teachers announced a general strike in support of the protest movement that has rocked the country for 6 weeks and recent days security forces have sought to crackdown on rallies but protesters have kept going with sit ins in the south and across the capital back that. the 14th floor of this building used to be a turkish restaurant now this monstrous concrete structure from the saddam hussein era is a symbol of the protests in iraq a few weeks ago snipers fired on protesters from up here now the protesters themselves have occupied the building. he has been scorching here since the
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beginning of october the 35 year old is unemployed and he sees little opportunity for himself in the country. the view from the roofs looks out over terri a square focal points of the protests against the greed and incompetence of the ruling class. the government has done nothing for us in the past 17 years we've been wrong. but the government is proposing a series of reforms it hasn't hesitated to fire on citizens with tear gas and live ammunition leading political parties have reportedly vowed to crack down on the protests the price has been high she 15 people were killed in just one weekend and hundreds injured with hospitals overwhelmed people are treated on the street. the worst thing is when patients are choking on nerve gas and will stabilize the condition of the jewels locking the limbs seize up.
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clashes have erupted on bridges leading to the government quarter as protesters try to enter the country's nerve center nobody is allowed to get close to the prime minister's office or the iranian embassy is even tehran has drawn the protesters ire iranian mullahs occupy key positions in iraq and control powerful militias fearing a loss of influence the millers many believe once a massacre. there is no doubt though that directing operations and by jove they control the entire security operators the torture of protesters with their own special methods it's all follows a certain script. in iraq it's all about oil money and power billions of stashed away in secret all the while infrastructure crumbles electricity cuts out water is contaminated and the education system is collapsing. and his friends have
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had enough they want nothing less than radical change. the government presses our protests takes us hostage kills us it hasn't offered us anything we need to be liberated and that human. revolution. iraq's future is unclear and so to the fate of millions. let's take a look now at some more stories from around the world afghan president says his government has released 3 high ranking taliban captives in an apparent prisoner swap for 2 western academics the insurgent group has been holding the australian and american professors hostage for more than 3 years it's not yet clear when they might be freed. french president has kicked off the 2nd paris peace forum government and business leaders from 30 countries have gathered to tackle
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a variety of pressing global issues on the agenda are terrorism cyber security and climate change the u.s. is not attending. and former u.s. president jimmy carter is in the hospital after a series of falls the 95 year old will undergo surgery to relieve pressure on the brain carter broke his pelvis when he fell last month that is home in plains georgia. staying in the u.s. the supreme court will hold hearings today to consider whether president donald trump's administration illegally ended the so-called dreamers program it allowed undocumented migrants brought to the u.s. as children to live and work there illegally the program was introduced under the obama administration. georgetown university in washington d.c. is where. studies and lives. she was born in mexico but was brought up in arizona. is an undocumented migrant but as a doctor recipient she's been able to make great leaps towards
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a better future now i have a better chance of getting more scholarships of attending university and getting a job like i had never had a job until i got to college and i remember when i got my 1st paycheck i was able to fill out that social security box and i was like this feels so weird and it feels good and also like i was able to get us that i.d. but it's little things like that that make it easier and just driving itself in arizona you know that if you do get stopped by a cop they can't like to point you. and dr recipients have not been afraid to protest they've been organizing demonstrations like this one in washington d.c. in defense of the program president ordered an end to dock in 2017 but several federal courts challenge the president's move the final decision lies with the supreme court close to 700000 people who were brought to the u.s. and children have been allowed to renewable 2 year authorizations to live study and
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work in the country a future despite having lived most of their lives in the u.s. search. now we've seen the countryside with our people our movement saying that the decision to end the 1st place was wrong if this case goes in a direction in which the program is ended or wound down in some way the lives of not just immigrant youth in this country but their families their networks their communities are put in immediate danger there is a lot at stake with the supreme court. back in georgetown is nervous about what the future holds but remains hopeful. i'm kind of numb to the whole point of is what's going to happen to dr recipients it's going to happen to dreamers. just let me know because at this point i'm kind of like i need to make a plan and if that plan is going to the u.s. i need to know. but i am in
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a way i hope i don't get heartbroken by the decision and like every time i do get a bad decision is just grief over it for a few time for a few days and then getting back up in fear you know alternatives that's been my whole life and i think it will continue to be my whole life. the other doctor recipients will have to wait the decision from the supreme court is expected sometime before next summer. in tennis news world number one rafael nadal had a disappointing start in the a.t.p. finals group stage with a 1st career loss to germany's alex on a set of in straight sets nidal is hoping to secure the year a number one ranking but he was completely outplayed by the reigning in t.v. finals champion has now beaten roger federer novak djokovic and rafael nadal in consecutive matches at the london event over the last 2 years. now when we think of animals that can offer us humans emotional support it's usually dogs and
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cats not pigs but you're about to meet she's a therapy pig and part of a program that brings trained animals to sense that this goes airport to help passengers who have a fear also why. let's. just another day at work. she's part of san francisco international airport swag brigade she's not catching any flights but a person smiling to help stressed out pass and just relax. people are very happy to get distracted from the travel from their routine whether they're flying to on their journey or location or work by everybody is usually very happy. i did seems it's not to load a whole bush there's no lipstick on this page. just perhaps a touch of nail polish. and people seem to enjoy it. i've never seen
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one here so it's interesting that it's fun i got really excited her 1st they've never seen a player play. they did their tricks i can't help. but leave doesn't do just simple tricks she has a knack of bringing people together. we walk in and we find today that most people have their heads buried in their devices they're not engaged or we walk in people start to look up they start to react they respond super positively they start to engage with each other. the programme is a hit with time flies but is it all a bit of a bore fully lose. their lives very well. to people.
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through teo and. it seems everyone is happy including lea lu who obviously loves holding the limelight. ok. let's get a reminder of our top stories we're following here on day w. israelis take cover as towns come under palestinian rocket fire this follows an israeli airstrike that killed an islamic jihad commander and gaza israel says he was behind a series of rockets attacks on its territory. and australians living in rural areas in the state of new south wales have been urged to flee to the cities of bush fires raging across the state residents of some 100000 homes near sydney are also work for us. coming up next on news asia smaug yet again over the indian capital makes breathing a struggle for residents. aiming for gold meet the young indian boy who is refusing to let a tragic accident get in the way of history it's and us didn't auto warm the earth
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fell into a coma while a north korean custody and later died why are its parents seeking justice here in berlin. she has that coming right up on t.v. news asia thank you for watching.
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leg. unstuck the leg loyalists defeat and remaining tommy play. forrest drama 56 hard to clinch victory against france. play the game 60 minutes plenty.
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spring to spring to excel how tied to the flame. this world. our documentary starts nov 14th w. this is deja news coming up. by pollution another day of choking small in the indian capital how much can its residents take plus. auto won't be it died after being imprisoned in north korea now his parents are seeking justice right here in berlin. and we meet a 6 year old girl whose parents believe that becoming a beauty queen is how best to escape poverty.


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