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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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being selected before but in russia and injury left him unable to play now vote it's all hands on deck and this time it seems even a broken nose can't stop him. you're watching you don't use the line from or near the monica jones is up next with business africa and we'll have the news headlines for you at the top of the hour stick around. we'll go to the euro max you to. go to a good line of stewards. with exclusive. the must see concerning barclays culture to europe. should be full curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribers don't miss out on.
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this you know i mean in your minutes i'm going yes. what i'm going to see what i'm on what i'm organizing i'm not going to sit there i'm. going to see it because i see very seriously when i've only said that i caught going on with her being funded . it's time to tackle africa's persistent electricity crisis says a report by the international energy agency adding that africa us young fast growing and increasingly urban population is key to driving global energy needs. we also neat the father of rural innovation taking a look at innovation up in tanzania where he and his fellow inventors work on improving life for locals. i don't want to get jones laughed. business africa and
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africa needs to scale up its policy and investment plans if it wants to overcome the persistent lack of access to electricity and clean coking and that's the bottom line of a new report by the international energy agency around half of all africans did not have access to electricity in 2018 and as africa's population grows well so is demand for energy africa is the world's most sun rich continent but despite possessing such huge solar energy potential the continent has less than one percent of global installed capacity around 5 gigawatts the international energy agency says to provide everyone there with solar energy africa would need to add 3 times that every year until 2040 years when power production would also need increasing around 2.5 percent of the continent's g.d.p. $120000000000.00 needs to be invested every year in power infrastructure the
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i.a.e.a. says that can be done pointing to china and india's development over the last 2 decades africa's growing energy needs are linked to its rising population by 2040 it will be home to more than 2000000000 people. around half of all africans some 600000000 people do not have access to any electricity today the current investments in energy infrastructure are unable to keep up with the population growth and growing demand a good example is how more and more africans are cooking most of them don't have access to clean cooking technology and need to rely on open fires or pollutant feels like paraffin. and the problem doesn't stop there the vast majority of companies operating in africa frequently experience power disruptions leading to financial losses to curb economic growth. and for more let's bring in joy during bierbauer joins us in nairobi sell africa is great fast as we know and so is energy
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demand investment is needed says this report and it mentions an annual 120 $1000000000.00 well that's not something that all countries half in their publics kopassus right a lot of the african countries largely depend on concession loans and grants as well from international bodies like the i.m.f. or the world bank and they're also the richest countries of the g. 7 countries like russia and germany and so we've seen many of these developed countries as well chipping in to help africa meet some. pressing demands for infrastructure development as well so we can actually comfortably see africa can of who are going to care of lost of its development to the needs at the moment so what kind of interest do those donors be it's countries including
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countries probably like china or also private investors what sort of interest do there actually have in africa's energy sector most of the donor countries or in this case international bodies leading to or renewable energy solutions when the are trying to help african countries we have seen countries like italy as well that are trying to make inroads on the african continent in different african countries and most of them are actually pulling out some. and. this sounds as if we're we've just lost connection to joy during beer and. yeah well that's a great pity because what she was telling us was highly interesting but obviously a problem with the connection maybe we can catch up with her later in the meantime
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let's go to south africa where south african airways has started a restructuring process that could see the cash strapped kariya cut its workforce by almost a 5th the move includes all divisions and departments except the low cost carrier mungo airships and the technical unit south african airways is one of several state owned companies that are fighting poor finances of the years of mismanagement and alleged corruption the government is talking with potential investors in the airline to ease the burden on the national budget. well he's known as the father of rural innovation bernard was just 16 when he started inventing things and it's still what he loves doing most and he also loves sharing his knowledge we visited his innovation hop in tanzania. bernat has long been interested in energy and how to produce it it's something he's taught
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himself a lot about over the years he developed this machine to flatten flexible cubes to drip irrigation. as an inventor it's your job to come up with something useful. i realize that people were ignoring the environment even though it's of central importance to human beings and. so i began developing ideas that will make a difference to the environment. he started at home by using wind to generate electricity this turbine powers his homemade washing machine the water is pumped up from a bore hole it's not only environmentally friendly but also saves time and effort if there's no wind he can always hop on this by can pump the water up that way. he's also had a solar panel installed on the roof so he's no longer dependent on the state power
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grid. bernard is not alone with his passion for inventing a few years ago he and some friends set up an innovation heart called 20 day in a russia the inventors come to this workshop to develop ideas and build products like this wheel chair made from discarded objects. john nazir is the hub's administrator he says it's a great place to get technical advice to amaze us with your innovation center about 6 to the community to solve. all of. the community can feel that we don't have. or. these are the things that we use them on hole. in the local jobs that can help us farmers also regularly find their way to the hub is it asks one possible to build a machine that plant seedlings directly in the ground the inventors enjoy the
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challenge. others stop by and burn it's house eager to see his inventions 1st hand his solar powered water heater is very popular he sells them for half the price of a normal heater proving that he's not only an environmentally aware inventor but also a savvy businessman. the agricultural industry is known for its powerful machinery track to thresh and chip us and so forth but maybe not for much longer exhibited the world's largest agriculture technology fad technica of trying to prove that bigger is not always better. than. great thoughts like all's undying i could soon be a pharmacist best friend. they can harvest so and extract wields the. french start up nyota develop these that
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will help as. a bird came from the problem meeting we farmers because farmers was where complaining about playboy sure all which is more and more complex to foreign people who walk in the fall so when we hear of these we say ok maybe we can alter my eyes some task. i know is a vegetable farming very bought a camera records the plant growth and an algorithm decides what stays and what goes . it reduces the need for staff to weed killer as. i am these small self driving field robots are the stars of our group technica and hunted the world's biggest trade fair for agricultural technology. the john deere company is known for its huge machines but even that being downsized. a few tractor could look like this electric rather than diesel lightweight to protect the soil and of course without a drivers cap. given the the complete definitely think the
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future is about autonomy that's even precision on our culture needs more precision there are various examples of that in this whole thing about you know. machines can also irrigate the crops and recognise wheat through senses. these drones fly over fields and help to locate pests for example all spray chemicals in a targeted mana. they can also cultivate land that's hard to access. actually a lot of places even china they're not able to use picture actors because they're smaller plots we have a lot of small holders in china and also we have places that are out on the hillside so it's difficult to conduct spraying so plan protection week or for the crops on the hillside or. is this the end for making machines in
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agriculture. there's certainly no lack of imagination these weird and wonderful creations could end up being the farm hands of the future. and now to some of the other global business stories making news. exports from israel's occupied territories to the e.u. must be clearly labeled as such as the latest ruling by the european court of justice until now such products have largely borne the made in israel tag the court says that could mislead consumers about israel's presence as an occupying power in those territories. and this one has cut its full year forecast to an 11 year low after a 70 percent drop in quarterly profits stephen ma the company's new chief financial officer blames low sales in key regions such as the u.s. europe and japan for his son's worst q 2 performance in 15 years.
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u.s. billionaire iran mosque space x. venture has launched a new batch of 16 mini satellites into space compact styling satellites will join an initial baksh launched in a must plans to put thousands of satellites into orbit in an effort to offer high speed internet coverage across the world space access revenue from the project will go towards developing space travel to mops. and that's your business update here on w for me and the business african teen in berlin thanks for watching.
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around. the sustainable school. starts nov 14th w. d q that 77 percent. are younger than. me and. you know what time off or says. the 77 percent talk about the cup.
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from one party t. to flash from powers that be. this is where. local to the 77 percent. this week d.w. . remember. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes give the people the pill how women in the senate go on teaching each other reproductive rights and why it needs to happen all over the continent. and also known as africa we'll take you to an exhibition in paris i wanted to be.


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