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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 12, 2019 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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india. how can a country's economy grow harmony its people find that. when there are do workers who look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces many challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clipper projects from europe and. eco india on v.w.
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. and hustle yourself it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why for i don't do this because we can't stay in venezuela i'm not going on the subway that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. donald trump keeps wall street guessing after his speech at the economic club of new york investors hope for hints at and then to the u.s. china trade war but instead perfect more attacks against the chinese government. also on the program giant tractors and pressures could soon be phased out for mass production in farming smaller helpers are now pulling their weight in the field. and animal rights activists say the chickens for use in poland's factory farms for
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consumption all over europe are overweight and sick. except for business on the w m how you know i guess welcome to the program. investors expected answers to some pressing questions about the future of u.s. china trade relations on tuesday as donald trump spoke at the economic club of new york but there were no answers during his speech trump once again attacked china saying the country cheated on the u.s. ever since entering the world trade organization he blamed former governments for letting this happen the u.s. president also accused the european union of setting up trade barriers he considers unfair markets went up briefly after the speech even though investors were actually hoping for trump to announce some progress in the u.s. china trade talks and our financial correspondent on wall street who said we had all has been following those remarks for us high hopes the reason is good to see you so what do we make of this speech investors seem to be quite disappointed
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not really hearing anything about the future of u.s. china trade relations basically we will probably need a couple days or even weeks until we figure out event phase one of the trade deal with china will end up happening any time soon so far as long as trump does not implement it 2 percent duty center 15 investors will keep the optimism and the risk almost go away and so far we know there is to be in progress on intellectual property practices and currency issues a compromise have from china to generously increase at the imports of u.s. i'm cultural products will depend on kwame's disposition to cancel charges according to. the economic advisor for now there will be no charge of adjustments until a deal is made so investors will need to keep guessing how we are as you said before there was a breeze there were also rumors that trump was eventually considering delaying
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tariffs on european car imports that is something of course that is of very closely here in europe do we know anything about that. not yet but. we deposit believe composing charges on european cars has been downplayed by usa commerce secretary wilbur ross so why is it is they now it seems that the u.s. had president kuchma well give another 6 months breather for the u.s. then the european union to engage in negotiations if he does so probably some kind of agreement should happen by the middle of next year right when the presidential election campaign will be in full force. a mini deal that will avoid tarbes on the european cars could also support trump's economic message that he said presidency it's depending the country's economy on of course the american workers was amazing cutting it down for us thank you very much in washington in new york.
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and speaking of the u.s. china trade worthwhile way is paying out more than $285000000.00 in bonuses to thank its employees for helping the country cope with u.s. sanctions the chinese tech giant has been scrambling to remove u.s. components from its products since american firms were banned from doing business with it back in may while way has since unveiled an operating system it says can replace google's android. bricks and supporters in the u.k. often envision a free trade agreement with the e.u. right after britain leaves the bloc but the european parliament's bret's a cordon interests as opposed to brics a free trade deal can only be reached if you k. lawmakers are willing to compromise on several standards those european standards voters wanted to get rid of the coordinator also doubts the agreement can be negotiated within a year as some in britain claim. breaks it coordinated told a brussels committee that a future free trade agreement with the e.u.
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could only be reached if you k. lawmakers were willing to level the playing field for the ones he said the scope of any agreement would be seriously restricted. it will be very if you don't. so question the next year or people will say just. how far creasy on to realize that all respecting labor standards. time and other european union playing field general. also pointed out that the canada e.u. free trade deal had taken one years to complete and the more complex situation and crucial trade interests mean that a one year time frame for an e.u. u.k. deal would be doubtful. some of the other business stories we're following for you at this hour exports from israel's occupied territories to the e.u.
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must be clearly labeled as such that's the latest ruling by the european court of justice until now such products were identified with the made in israel tack the court says that could mislead consumers about israel's presence as an occupying power in those territories. lebanon's bank staff have gone on strike complaining of customer aggression and it's the country's unrest the lebanese banking association says it will work with all floridians to prove safe conditions for them to resume work but the union has called on staff to strike until the situation returns to normal. german flag carrier love turns us says it has agreed to arbitration with cabin staff union to full and burning the further strikes for the time being the union held a 2 day strike last week forcing lufthansa to cancel hundreds of flights the 2 sides say recent talks have been quote constructive and show they can find a solution together. the agricultural industry is known for its powerful
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machinery like tractors threshers and shippers many of those machines have become symbols of farming but as with everything else technology this year to turn things around exhibitors at the world's largest agriculture technology fair agra technica are trying to prove that bigger is not always better. than. great thoughts like owners and dine i could soon be a pharmacy best friend. they can harvest so found extract weeds. or french startup nyota develop these that will help us. or came from the problem meeting we farmers because farmers was where complaining about playboy sure all which is more and more complex to find people to walk in the fall. when we have all these we say ok maybe we can alter my eyes some task. dyna is a vegetable farming very bought
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a camera records the plants growth and an algorithm that decides what stays somewhat goes. it reduces the need to start the week kill as. these small self driving field robots of the stars of i grew technica and hunted the world's biggest trade fair for agricultural technology. these drones fly over fields and help to locate pests for example all spray chemicals in a targeted mana. they can also cultivate land that's hard to access. actually a lot of places in china they're not able to use a track just because they are smaller plots we have a lot of small folders in china and also we have places now on the hillside so it's difficult to come down to us spraying so plant protection we call for the crops on the hillside. is this the end for making machines in agriculture. then certainly
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no lack of imagination these weird and wonderful creations could end up being the farm hands of the future. and stay in agribusiness we all have a vegan friend who has warned us about how meat is produced well poland is europe's biggest producer and exporter of chickens last year it raised more than a 1000000000 birds for delivery in what seems to be a thriving industry but activists there say the short lives of those animals could and should be much better. the chicks tumble along the production line like many other goods produced on an industrial scale this is how they spend today one of their lives they have 41 days left. most of it will be spent here a room big enough to house a jet plane it's home 254000 chickens the owners insist they're taking care
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of. because just so jim nicholson the vet comes every day sometimes there are 2 of them so they walk around the poultry houses and observe the behavior and physical wellbeing of the chicks when there are problems in the vast majority of cases their digestive disorders there's no risk to the consumer. to people because you the wellbeing of the consumer is borne strictly in mind but animal rights campaigners like anna is in a concerned for the birds they've labelled them franken chickens after frankenstein's monster. but they will see this missive out as it's like a 5 year old child weighing $150.00 kilos it's not natural. these chickens don't grow up healthy that's sick of the eva enough to understand. the final destination for the living chickens have to 6 weeks is the slaughterhouse after a process that sees them
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a nice the ties then electrocuted they become prostitutes. the main export markets for polish chickens are within the e.u. led by germany the netherlands and the u.k. ukraine and hong kong are also big customers attracted by poland's low prices and without putting creasing 10 fold in a decade polish production of the chickens shows no sign of slowing down. well that's some food for thought thanks very much for watching you know really business will be back next time or whenever you like on the dot coms you then take care of the buying.
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education is the future. how is the situation. world one. global $3000.00 takes a look which educational models create opportunities for the future. what does it mean to learn in an interconnected world with ever increasing expectations. around 3060 minutes on d w. it's all happening dutch of
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british. tour linked to news from africa and the world. your link to it simpson stories discussions can you and will come to the news actually program a night from born in germany for many years of easy to our website d w it comes much effort come join us on facebook at g.w. africa. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to be shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cancers and their problems are always the same chord to the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when
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it comes to the sounds of humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is james harrison i work at the dollars and. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes give the people the hill how women and synagogues heechul each other about their reproduction. and why it needs to happen all over the continent. and also known as africa we'll take you to an exhibition in paris i want to do something from the present to project on the future of. the.


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