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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 2:00am-2:15am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin bolivia has a new leader at least for now opposition sen get enough on yes declares herself in terms of president saying she will float do everything is necessary to pacify the country but supporters of former president able to rally suppose her in same rallies was a victim of a coup we'll get the latest from our correspondent. and fears of more violence in the middle east israel's targeting the targeted killing of a palestinian militant leader in gaza is met with a barrage of rockets fired on his real from across the board.
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i'm calling osman welcome to the program we begin in bolivia where opposition is under yanina on yes has declared herself in term president following the resignation of a vote. on is made the announcement during a session of congress despite lawmakers from able morale as his party caught in the session they say his removal from power was legitimate earlier landed in mexico where he has been granted asylum for all he said he was the victim of a coup and has urged his coalition to block the nomination of a new leader. our
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let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world in she late tens of thousands of demonstrators have again taken to the streets to demand major social reforms despite new concessions from sebastian pinera as government over the weekend police used water cannons to disperse parts of the crowd mass street demonstrations have gripped the country for at least a month. in hong kong fresh clashes have erupted between police and anti-government protesters demonstrators threw petrol bombs and police responded with tear gas during a protest outside hong kong's chinese university the flare in violence came after police shot a protester at close range and a man was set on fire on monday. australia's highest court has agreed to hear the appeal of cardinal george pell who is serving a 6 year jail term for sexually abusing 2 choir boys in the 1990 s.
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tells case rocked the catholic church in australia he's the most senior catholic clergyman ever convict convicted of pedophilia. i want to go back to our coverage of the situation in bolivia now let's bring in d.-w. course on the deal 100 mirrors he is standing by for us in bolivia's political capital of os so as we had mentioned opposition politician yanina on yes has declared herself interim president i mean what more do we know about that move. becomes today the 2nd woman to be president awful valdivia she did in a session in which the party you support even without is mass they didn't. came to this session so but she did she has a name now or so far she has
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a name any of her ministers in our air vice president something a little bit we are because tomorrow morning she should start negotiating with all the parties how they are going to organize a new all that shows who are going to be the new commission lead there to give it the commission the electoral commission so it's something that she should we want to spectate out for today but she has she hasn't named any or her minister nara her vice president just to clarify is this something that's only going to take place on interim basis what has onions said about her role now with the country. yeah i think now the situation is quite calm i think that defied the ever more this is not anymore in the country how it's a lot to to how do we get more of peace here even believe you but this is not going to be easy for you now on you as she has just one 3rd of the majority off.
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of the congress so it's not going to be easy for her to go varies just a couple of months or but she needs to organize the state before after did their resignations often lots of ministers on are not so awful far it is here in the country but she has to do it because she was said today that in 2 months before january 10 to 22nd we're going to have a new election here in believe you so it's not going to be easy but she has to do it what about abel morales now of course he's in mexico i mean do we know what comes next for him me is he likely to trying to regain the presidency. we don't know very much about abel morale is today he appeared with the minister of foreign affairs of mexico marcello grab but they don't want to talk about it we don't know where exactly he's going to leave or if he's going to meet the other
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politicians in mexico but we know because we were talking today with some people close to the congress and we know that he is from mexico in the negotiations with the p.r. in the congress. your 100 mirrors reporting for us in the past thank you very much . firefighters in australia are scrambling to contain dozens of dangerous bushfires they're burning along the country's east coast authorities are warning of extreme danger in the northern state of queensland cooler conditions are expected further south than australia's most populous states new south wales or authorities had warned of catastrophic conditions on wednesday the fires of killed at least 3 people in recent days. porter jerry joins me now in studio he has more on those fires i mean 1st of all just bring us up to date what's the latest on the situation there was so as you say
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this is one of the nation's worst of a bushfire threats or as it stands at the moment the fire is they are contained in an area that stretches from the mid north coast of the state of new south wales up to central queensland and this is an area that's about a 1000000 heck it is of land so this is a 1000000 hectares of land that has burnt or is burning at the moment there are dozens of fires still burning and a state of emergency has been declared in both of those states in new south wales on tuesday was catastrophic conditions warn the fire authorities had warned that hundreds of farms could be just royd luckily it didn't turn out to be as bad as that because there was a huge deployment of firefighters and some cooler conditions came in that that helped things a bit older. there could be more worse to come at the moment basically all eyes are on queensland because it's very hot there and authorities are warning that there could be
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a change in wind direction and that could fan the flames of existing fires and even spread new ones so yeah the worst could be still to come there is will judge here from australia i mean you're familiar with the risks and the fire risk facing the country i mean fires are nothing new what has made these ones though so bath well astray is hot and dry everyone knows that but where these fires. isn't an area that's had prolonged sustained drought over many many years and and when there's been no rain that leaves behind land that is very very dry you've got shrub land grosse trees that's and you combine that with very hot weather lawyer humidity high winds this is just perfect for bushfires and unfortunately that's that's what's happened they've basically it's in an area that's had very bad drought of the many years that if one local fire official saying that these fires could be out of control for months climate change is only going to increase the heat the dry conditions there does the government have an kind of plan going forward well in
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respect to the bush every time anyone from the government been honest to link the bush tries to climate change they haven't done so so basically they will not talk about the climate change and whether it's contributed to the fires in any way in terms of australia's planned its paris agreement obligation is 28 percent in reductions in emissions by 2030 or the report last week found it performed the worst in the g 20 so as you say these 5 is going to continue for months it seems likely and the government probably won't be able to avoid the question of climate change in the next months. reed thanks very much are changing gears now and there are fears of a spike in retaliatory violence between israelis and palestinians tonight after some of the worst attacks in years along the gaza border people in southern and central israel were advised to stay inside after palestinian militants fired
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a series of rockets into israeli territory those were in response to an israeli airstrike in the early morning hours that killed a militant leader in gaza. cheese day morning scene at the home of islamic jihad senior commander abu atta. hours later islamic jihad fighters respond with a barrel of rocket attacks from. over the border in israel the warning sirens sound once again. israel's iron dome air defense system intercepts many of them but some do get through. damaging peoples' homes and injuring some israelis. many choose to evacuate from the israel gaza border israel's response in gaza more airstrikes killing several palestinians.
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israel is not interested in escalation but we will do anything to defend ourselves . islamic jihad founds revenge for the death of. bombing siobhán we are sure our people and our holy fighters that we have no choice but confrontation. israel's strike on a popular anti israel militant came during a period of relative peace but now the deadly to and fro of rockets is back. israel is in political turmoil right now perhaps headed for a 3rd general election in less than a year netanyahu is under intense pressure and has recently been criticized for his failure to stop rocket attacks from militants in gaza now he's responsible for a targeted assassination but consequently more rockets. are to
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sports and a germany side that is desperately short on players the men's national football team is battered and bruised as a preps for 2 big games that could punch a ticket to euro 2020 with 2 black eyes and a broken nose one player in particular might be the perfect metaphor for the current state of the squad. it wasn't an easy weekend for had to bear leans nicholas stock to defend a broke his nose in saturday's clash with rb lights but there might be a light at the end of the tunnel a debut despite the injury to the german national team. if the national coach calls up and says he wants me here and i can walk then i'll come and that's why i'm here in. germany coach has had selection headaches good lot this year thanks to injuries and he's own decision to send defenders jerome and mats
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hummels into early international retirement he needs all the help he can get at the back. i just prefer to have played with a more consistent line up but we've had to make a lot of changes for every game in june in september in october and again now. obviously that doesn't really make things any easier. communicating with stock has been selected before but injury left him unable to play now though it's all hands on deck and this time it seems even a broken nose can't stop him. i had a little operation it all went well 'd and now i'm here. and i hope that i can finally make my debut it looks worse than it is. if start does make his debut against the roost on saturday he will have to be the man in the mosque
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for germany. meanwhile england is preparing for its euro qualifier with montenegro on thursday but club rivalries might be getting in the way manchester city is for him sterling and liverpool's joe gomez clashed during sunday's big premier league game and the spat continued when they met up for england duty fights breaking out gomez's face appeared to be cut although no broken. as their reports saying sterling turned on him in the england team sterling who is wearing a gray hot at their has been dropped from thursday's game and has issued an apology . for tennis great roger federer is back on track at the a.t.p. finals he won in straight sets over italy's matteo berra teenie after losing his opening match in the end of the season tournaments federer now heads to the semifinals after a confident display in london the 38 year old took the 1st set on
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a tie break and then the swiss maestro failed $63.00 in the 2nd set the prestigious round robin tournaments features the top 8 men's players and were i. you watching the news live from berlin coming up next our documentary film women of isis i'm called aspen let's watch a. cool . the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to soon the racial politics on the phone it's 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition good on t.w. .


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