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forces with these impeachments to think the election is still going on for 2 years ago now i know i'd that's my opinion yeah i don't think there's a whole lot i don't cover there i really don't we're trying to find out of the americans of that will change the people's minds that the fact there is no live on t.v. from tomorrow oh i think the country is so polarized that everyone's going to hear what they want to hear so it might but unless something crazy happens i don't think so. you're watching the news live from berlin terry barton is up next i'm called aspen thanks for watching. the. famous naturalist and explorer. on the bridge next on the frontline boats 250th birthday remarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on the t.w.
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. just some of the women were in the early stages of pregnancy they miscarried due to being told. one woman gave birth while being held by the religious police she was on her way to hospital with a mother because she'd gone into labor on the sofa she had no food available her son she was arrested she had a baby while she was in custody and being taught it. they
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were a loss of miscarriages that. they knew no mercy. it was our job to torture the women. but i don't remember how many we taught it. it's my name is that's my real name my ass called me i was based in rocca who will not. know. my name is a boom for us i live in the province of derose or. i'm 45 years old when the troops came i swore the oath of allegiance and worked with the i asked him . to his back was. as my name is yes men i was a maternity nurse during the time of isis working in paediatrics. my name is i at 27 years old and i'm from tarasov i'm
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a primary school teacher i began my career at the time if they arrive for the vices in the beginning of 2015. my name is normal hammad i was born in 1901. my husband was an ordinary soldier. my name is i am 33 and live here in russia i was married to a member of yes he came from belgium. i. am from.
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our then i they started by letting us in with their religious rhetoric they spoke on behalf of islam their qur'an teachings were very convincing and how to resist you thoughts these are angels who descended from heaven just for you i think. we were so glad when they came and thought religion would make things better and everything would be like the old days or better they treated us well so we stayed
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in cooperated with fam for a time that's a hard ball club but on it we were informed that they had just taken control of the public hospital they told us that we had to work for them that they had a list with our contact information with and that they could force us to come. but i want to have you heard. the cd they want you just to teach on the jihad i had even in the qur'an they only remember to the vest isn't jihad had well and murder her mum had been acquitted my children learning that and that's a subject meant for men i don't see how it in even better so i try to teach at home and with the ok of some parents even as leader let us on at a small groups came to my house then i was teaching at home. and. the mother of one of my students talk too much. in the flat and they found out a teacher was teaching at home and was not following their instructions on. that month and even told my husband has little or no she better get training in sharia
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law and teach children at the mosque can do what she's told me but there is lot more or else my head would know it was a threat they had no choice in the sort of the sort of. service nothing to do with the person i went to them and explained that my husband had taught them out his death and i had no money they said i could work for them when i 1st i had to attend she realises.
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we work another on the go during this training we were constantly reminded that we were one of the hosts with the we have to abide by the rules they had our names but they were monitoring us closely on the 2nd one of them we were with them. the by is the oath of allegiance it makes you one of them simple followers aren't seen as real members they said they might be true to the group as others had done before them but the woman who took the oath became proper i asked members. who have never had to go to open at the end of the training we were given a private employment we were received one by one. and they may just take a very specific. margin and we did it in the presence of any as wife she was
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responsible for these kinds of things. she made sure we took the oath about i'm now . when i ask came my husband enlisted and for bade me having any contact with my family to be honest i could not bear the thought of leaving him and he was half of my life. and we already had 2 children and i was 6 months pregnant. and i had no. i was expecting his 3rd child to want to. know. what do you want.
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and need my i don't know why i joined i was. a with a fund of all his friends talked him into it i tried to get him to change his mind so many times but in vain. when we were in mosul i threatened to leave and return to my parents. he said go then. but the children stay with me or they are mine or to be honest it was too risky for me because of i os and the army. almost fell below. the age.
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that. was like an illness a plague like the flu actually unfortunately i became infected. my husband process. and he can so open minded that if freeman who loved life if. he was calm and witty. and everyone respected him if none of then he became a lot more religious developed he started to pray and so on as this ration i noticed his opinions had changed. i don't know how to put it it was a gradual thing all right one day he visited his parents in their village.
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the next day his mother phoned me and said he was gone for gas have you no longer have a husband forget him. over a month later i was visiting relatives somebody said they had just passed by my house and had seen my husband there. i went straight home i was so happy. he was there that. should not happen by took him in my arms but he was different. he looked the same
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for what he had changed. he sat down he was like a stranger then he said i have made my decision and you must accept it. from now on you belong to islamic state much. the last of me and i didn't go on the look of the 2 members of i s arrived and said you start working for us tomorrow no one on the thursday we were given weapons.
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of mass then there were 10 women in my unit 3 drove around in a van and the other 7 stayed at the station to torture those arrested. what they were all tool well built women. the aim was to intimidate people. pick the toughest among us women who knew no pity with anyone. we had to patrol the neighborhoods looking for women who didn't wear proper clothing that's why we arrested them and brought them to the his police station we must help. others. since in most of our our you had to wear a white and a face veil to begin with the woman could have their eyes free. but then they changed their minds the whole body had to be covered the women even had to wear gloves those were the rules. if women were now and were not fully covered up and even with
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a tight fitting up by or material that was shiny. it was against the rules. and it tom. you have the only handicapped guess what their restrictions on clothes and what i can work we can move normally i couldn't a minister and i lead to a baby imagine putting an i.v. into a baby's vein with fully covered eyes of the other and i can see if they. make a push for their instructions had to be followed to the latter i handbags had to be black so did i shoes black same for socks and everything was going to be honest we looked like garbage bags completely black out. ringback
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there and was to sell us their own clothing it was a money making enterprise i was arrested wearing clothes like the ones i have on now so i was forced to buy an i s outfit for 6 or 7000 syrian pounds then they let me go any. possible even 7 year old girls had to wear the shari'a clear than. any amount of a 10 year old girl was seen as a grown up and had to dress accordingly and had a better. might have been the remote but that me oh my hope once a girl wanted to go shopping. she was 10 or 11 years old.
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she wore pajama bottoms and her prayer smock over them up as. she entered a store to buy something. i happened to be there. you know when it's not hard to look at just moments when they his spot driving past spotted her. they stopped. well but all they had seen her trousers and her top. listen i had a guy storm damn he was from kuwait or a saudi i could tell by has an accent. he shouted at her. why are you dressed like that you slot. the kid was so scared she went herself. what to do whenever we saw his bus if we don't start trembling we move away as far away as possible and we wait for it to pass we were really terrified whenever we sat and.
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we had to load the women onto the bus and drive back sometimes they were facing a lot 2040 or 10 women it was different every day. but we never returned empty handed. on a quiet days we arrested just 10 of them. we never got time off. and 1st started the women were whipped by the hizbullah and locked up for a few days but then i had to buy appropriate clothing from us and was said. that forgotten but now i remember. once we arrested
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a woman for wearing nail polish benson they tore out in nails with clients just for wearing nail polish. so what. my worst memory is of a woman who wasn't wearing a niqab. while they tortured her i found out she was dumb she could not speak i felt really sorry for her lot so i tortured her although she could not speak. ah. there was one woman who was responsible for the women who committed minor moral offenses we called her the biter. once she bit a woman's breast and didn't let go until she was dead she died because she was bitten in the breast. or. another woman had recently given birth to her son was running
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a fever. she panicked and ran out into the street to buy medication at a pharmacy a his but vehicle passed by the religious police stopped her and said why are you out dressed like a whore her by it was made of shining a light. but that was forbidden and they showed no mercy. she said i've just given birth. but they bit her hard and then used electrical pliers we went home. with all the. time it's and one of women were humiliated them hey you have no way exterminated will do. the job. we have and they were objects of lust and puppets that the men took at will and then put back in their place women were like
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merchandise with no rights or value in society. we shut us out in java. from harvest but i never stopped working with god's help fundamental and i still do today you know i had been on the stand mother. in santa say my name is that's how i run a hairdressers in mosul let me tell you what i experienced this do we have. to be a 1000000 clinton 5 have one that there was a raid on my salon during opening hours they confiscated everything they can find all this here is new in this awful of a how they took whatever they wanted of us and destroyed the rest but they took the place apart like the bandits stole everything and you think what jewelry furniture money is used and gold see that have. yes hello.
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i continued to work covertly after that storm and had more customers than before they were home and go and see correct. me here with the homeboys for turning a clone. and i'm looking. for. no other ladies hairdresser dared to carry on but i serve customers in my home and . the idea of the heck out of the cave women hope again they said is not going to leave you looking beautiful.
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if any in here be i know it was all very risky and i was scared if they had found out they would have killed me but i took the risk and i was scared but i didn't let my children know. the hifi. if a woman went out alone she would be arrested and the women always had to have their husbands or brother with them. i'm actually those who went out who took a taxi alone where rest bias. my but in the end i didn't even go to the stores alone anymore besides the salesmen refused to serve you they'd say no sister please
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don't return if the his boss seizing alone will be both arrested and if you were with your husband it would look for all kinds of excuses to trap him as a beard too short we tunic too long hair not to standard they noted every detail as a result we avoided shopping or even when we needed it we didn't go out any more of line. with the book or even at home i was on guard it was forbidden to open the windows. to bucket but it was forbidden for a woman to look out the window. it was even for bed and open the curtains a. good read on the bus so that even if a neighbor came to visit me i had to be fully covered on that we were afraid that
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the neighbors would spy on us and give them information about says even inside we were afraid they were. then i got a bent but don't put there from time to time to head see if i says would make a surprise visit to us just in a share we were following the dress rose out of the buddha to make sure we weren't changing our behavior behind our backs sort of. got going after a piece. well the whole of how i ses women. how they see us is full of hatred and life became a jail for women both those in the organization and the others. life was like a prison they suffocated at home and elsewhere they were trapped
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they were suppressed and could hardly breathe. you even had to be careful what you said in your own home with the fossil. record it better go all house and hunt all the school which. i'm necessary that they his people knew nothing about their colleagues i knew nothing about them and they knew nothing about how everything was kept secret. what we should. have to fear them high on if you ma even we were under surveillance. there was a female colleague watching over us. if i let someone go because i knew that she immediately reported me you know you had them on earth that you can see if. the god i'm glad a friend her name was found here she was a very close friend and good little colleagues limited with the breeze she was
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teaching with us at the mosque the norm that one day one of the officials appeared in the middle of class to spy on us in the most about during a fight and didn't follow the instructions with her students. which taught children things for their rights she had them draw sing children's song has. gotten when they officially showed up she had all of this is a normal well i saw her way of teaching some at the moment and then she got really angry who would that was a clash between her in fact and. state they arrested fascinator house i'm so happy i got out. that me all she was accused of adultery. and for this the punishment according to them is stoning. they take the person and execute them. go back on my door with that's exactly what they did fatten.
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me she rest in peace. the muslims like me or the remotely but a little bit of a lost. look. but not that because. i would have been her do that then i want to lodge a very few hamas shall take. up the. work and that ima be a hooker my husband often took us to see executions to demonstrate that the punishments were in accordance with the qur'an. well one time we were in the car and he said come on i want to show you something. the 1st person execu. that it was a homosexual all of that according to the qur'an the guilty party has pushed off a cliff in this case they pushed him off the roof of a building tied to a chair off a 2nd one killed was
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a woman. my husband forced me to watch her being stoned to death in a public place so they threw stones until the blood poured out of her face and i as she raised her head several times and then they kept on throwing stones until she was dead what 7. i knew a woman of power one of the ladies she was the wife of an ear. that she came from abroad she was very bossy and very nervous. she allowed herself to do
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many things she forbade us to do but if we went to a house once she had invited as we couldn't refuse. we went there and saw how she actually have to use wearing normal clothes she wasn't covered at all she was smoking. she allowed herself to smell. the same to work. with and the same goes for makeup. she wore makeup for hope that the workload or. the female i.a.s. member smoked i got them cigarettes from a woman who lived nearby she sold them secretly. all the i.a.s. people smoked the rest of us were not allowed to. i also got them she said tobacco and all kinds of western cigarettes they forbade alcohol but drank it themselves i don't mind that it was forbidden her rum for the rest of us our mother had. been
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a but i forgot to mention that the hospital was a public hospital and it was originally free for everyone it was a hospital of public service but with them on their services were only free for isis members the people they had to pay to were. not isis members women served mainly to satisfy their sexual needs and it was a way to reproduce to have more children to increase their numbers rather than in the words i met my husband when he asked my brothers for my hand in marriage that was he already had 2 wives one had remained in belgium she did not want to come here with him. my family were in favor of the marriage for financial and religious reasons unlike me the 1st time i saw him. he had
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a long beard and long hair. i was against it but they forced me to marry him because when he took me to his home his wife was not there and. during the 1st night he told me what he liked doing and how i was to satisfy him. he was broussard's they all were. yes men are known for that and women have no say . they simply have to do as they're told without question. he. of course i was unhappy when he beat me on our wedding night who looked like this and he was the one who brought up the one so of course it was sad that he was often violent not only to me he also hit his other wife in my presence just as he hit me when she was there neither of
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us dead say anything. most of the. a couple how do you think. there are several kinds of marriages such as sexual jihads. the female slaves and slaves were sold to several men in the as our fight is repugnant sexual jihad on the other hand is marrying an enemy of a fighter. the woman thinks that later god will reward her as if she had participated in jihad in the fighting. but. make up your head of a car this month and there was a woman named him and she oversaw all the marriage and sexual jihad matus. she had the girls' names ages and physical descriptions. coordinated all this with the fighters and the. emir's preferred virgins. enemy is not a simple fighter. how can i say this. they each had specific requests for
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marriage. everyone had his own requirements. limit on what we went on patrol in the bus and handed the women over to the guards we took them to the torture chamber. but that she did them eat up their the his but commander inspected them and if he liked one he would make a marriage proposal. if she said yes he issued the marriage papers and she went home with him if not she remained in custody and was tortured. and then the stuff took my fact i experienced some strange things when i worked for them. one time i asked for a midwife i went to fetch her she was allegedly supposed to help the wives give birth. mom a hard job loss and once or twice i fell for the trick i want. michel but.
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then i discovered that the midwives did not really come for a delivery. and it was because of the sex slaves. i wanted to. they could be the wife of a soldier of the free syrian army or his daughter or the wife of an infidel. i thought they lived in sin it was said. and then they were held as sex slaves no doubt but the men came to abuse them that's the good and then they became pregnant . then the midwife had to come and abort the child. this was when i found out i swear i went crazy. i had no idea such things existed before have been this has nothing to do with humanity or religion i'm so tired. not just physically not just mentally. it broke our hearts we were forced
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into it only god alone will judge. ready ready ready ready ready
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ready ready ready. don't need our own bug a lot more than i want to but what i brainwash people that they do not relent until that convinced them. some women went into battle with them. that they were female fighters who took up arms and went to the front line like men they did it because their husbands were with them into battle so i'll fight by his side they were also widows of holy warriors who had fallen and as martyrs they aren't themselves to avenge their husbands other women were convinced that they would go to paradise and that they were persuaded to fight to the bitter end by them appealing to their faith. and all home of the community i think i'm talking about that kind of you know might help if they close the schools we could learn they turned him into training centers for fighters thing that can help look up to what
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they then announced the creation of a new beginning a typical middle man but. they wanted new members of our age but us girls who weren't in months. these women used any means possible to convince of the women to enlist and take part in the fighting. they flattered them by telling them that they would be like men and they would become important people in the us and that they would have power and authority. and if cost money. what they offered them a lot of money out of my unit when they invested results is in order to convince them when i won a huge. the . look at.
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them so i go out when the assault on rocker started the others continued but i ran away i took my children and fled because of the bombs. i was detained in the ein is a refugee camp in qubani i stayed there for 2 months then i was released. in the end i said that my husband had a heart condition and wanted to have surgery in iraq then i fled here to turkey. to get away from us ringback. they had forbidden me to leave if they said they would find me anywhere. if not. the battle of russia had just begun and some managed to flee but i didn't care for them are. wrong yet
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though it will. probably not find that the current. crop will go short of. putting them or. that part of the crux of action. for just a couple of the political left plus my friends that much this is a have they are this is are that at least this rifle this cancel the others mark the bottom here shall the 2nd shuffle for the purpose for it. i would let that. off. because i'm sure it was a trick of. luck
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. was. a lot of this it is only the most important thing this bill must show is that men must not use violence towards women as the violence by men to wards women must stop . and there has to be equality. but above all one has to be peace so one she said there. was a. bit let the end. suffering women honestly i'm still afraid of them enough to know if they have sleeper cells in iraq and anything can happen and they still scare me they can always recognize you and find deals and to be honest i have reached
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a point where i no longer trust anyone from since this whole i sustained we don't trust anyone anymore no one asked my perception. or the iraqi oil to all free and god fearing women. you must not join this organization that these people are not just they have no respect for god what they have nothing to do with islam. they are criminals. or what you know what i want to say is you must not make the same mistakes that i did by arrested and tortured people do not make the same mistake that is my message
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. down to homie and i encouraged others by remaining the woman i was before and because i did not let the situation demoralize me enough is that we are human beingness or we are women. i did a whole lotta in the future i want to give strength to iraqi women of the 2 and make them visible to everyone of her i want to show the whole world their strength . especially the women for most often what they must not be oppressed or excluded
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and might i want them to receive the recognition and respect they deserve i say our own joy i want to support these women. i think an ethical and an ethical. syrian born american is it's a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with cheney who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. but america's curious about the bar's regulars across the road worlds apart.
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close up in 90 minutes on d. w. . it's all happening coach of the african. tour linked to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and welcome to the day of news african program life from funny journey from the news of easy to now i would say demi to come smash africa join us on facebook and t.w. africa. good. thanks.
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we wound up booking travel now amazing time. this is news coming to you live from berlin hong kong on the verge of total breakdown that's the assessment of a police chief who said pro-democracy protesters for carrying out quote insane. they've been back on the streets after days of heavy clashes look at the latest from our correspondent in hong kong also coming up bolivia has a new leader.


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