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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 7:45am-8:01am CET

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sure it is the playing one of them manages. more about that in a minute but also coming up today. the only north korean artist in exile soon moved talks about his life working as a propaganda artist before he escaped the sas and his life since then. and a moving photographic exhibition of homeless people here in berlin. charlie's angels was a hugely successful t.v. series back in the 1970s featuring initially found forsett mages jaclyn smith and kate jackson as 3 beautiful private investigators righting wrongs on america's main streets the franchise go to reboot with 2 films and another series at the beginning of the century but none of these really achieve the success of the original now hollywood is having another go with yet another movie the new charlie's angels is
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all about female empowerment and women can do anything just because they can doesn't mean. that in the franchise's latest installment the angels have gone global with the butt kicking agents all over the planet. i sure are just a decrease that person says you are backed up by newcomer bill and sky. but together these new angels have to protect a young whistleblower engineer played by naomi scott i'm the only programmer on occulting to revolutionize the power industry but there is a possibility it can be weaponized and i need to. know. what. not i'm jake the movie is written produced and directed by elizabeth banks who plays the angels manager possibly ironic over exceptional women. you guys are like babies to. work out. in feel.
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that it's the 1st film in the charlie's angels franchise with a female director this past week and you keep. i really wanted to build the camaraderie and sorority and surrounding scene where you want to change the names of khali to me like. i. was really good brings charlie's angels into 29 teams with plenty of action but also. the message of solidarity and fight is in taking down international. if you can. take it. david leavitt's joins me now here we go again david so what is different this time around right well i think you really can't tell this time that this is a movie made by women for women i mean i think looking back at the old charlie's angels the series the other movies from the early 2000 we have this idea that they
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were always about female empowerment but if you actually look at that old series it's kind of condescending i'm talking about the series from the late seventy's you know it's kind of like oh look they're cute they can shoot taking care of this is no hold up today i don't know and the 1st 2 movies in the early 2000 starring cameron diaz drew barrymore lucy woo these are really raunchy comedy is that are clearly made by a man who are mad you know anything like that i just like to write it rough and hard because it's not it's about you know i signed that release waiver so you can just feel free to stick things in my slot yeah so listen this compares to the no one. it's the new one is all about fashion which i don't know you know you get this this new character who's supposed to be an engineer who turns into the new charlie's angels and she's so excited about the closets that they've got also the flirtations things are so much more n.s.a. and this movie that really surprised me i'm going to do awful text but go i'm sorry
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where you got you've got these this is the sort of have the hots for this young chemists and there are jokes about my favorite my favorite chemical is phosphate and then kristen stewart walks by and she's all are you flirting with with the handsome nerd that's sort of the extensive it in this movie which is so different from drew barrymore licking this hearing we all hope my. times have changed it is different i can see that but it still begs the question why is hollywood really doing this again well hollywood's all about action franchises right now if it's a commercial thing you know they're leaving leaving it to amazon and that's likes to take the risks they want movies that have name recognition and that's what a movie franchise like charlie's angels does it's also got a very commercial soundtrack with every on agron day miley cyrus a lot of del ray. stars that young girls the teenage girls and young women really really like to their credit though this is different it's got cameos by all
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kinds of really strong female role models olympic athletes. and you've got you've got kristen stewart who is in a relationship with a woman she's playing possibly the 1st gay angelus not really clear so this is a much more work much more 2019 version ok ok looking forward to the cinnamon e.u. as they say from november the 15th all around the world david leavitt's thanks very much. why we here in germany have been said to write in the 30th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall there's another country which has been divided even longer no wolf and south korea never signed a peace treaty at the end of the korean wool back in 1950. 3 and they're still technically at war the artists used to work as a propaganda artist for the regime but escaped and now lives in the south he fears that unity or reunification is a distant dream. hayloft somewhere in bavaria
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a makeshift studio for an enemy of the state sun moon has fled north korea meaning he's the only contemporary artist from that country who can work for even. freely means incognito wearing a mask to protect both himself and his family here he's painting a fish in blood red sea spray it sounds most last painter before he returns to south korea where he lives in exile. it's interesting to compare the current situation in divided korea with german reunification here east and west one again many people remain divided i feel the same way i see and draw myself within this in between. north korea is the world's last remaining past the end of stalinism and it's one with a perfect command of propaganda techniques perspectives that create a sense of being overpowered using the masses as ornaments. and his early work so
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move copy the official aesthetic and was so good at it that he was trained as a north korean propaganda painter. i started painting because i wanted to make chemical song and kim jong il happy with my pictures. son move letter basically harmonious life he was looking forward to a great career as a painter in service to kim jong il but then in the mid 1990 s. came the catastrophe. predated nations estimates some $20000000.00 are starving resorting to eating roots and grass there's only enough food for each adult to get 100 grams per day box who needs 3. starvation drove into the tumen river he swam to china knowing he could never return so most escapes still affects him to this day he depicts it in his paintings and sketches the absurd odyssey through pyongyang beijing and laos covering thousands of kilometers in order to reach south
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korea just over the border. he was helped by the chinese mafia who smuggle him to laos where he struggled his way through the jungle. when he finally saw the church crosses above seoul it seemed unreal and freedom brought confusion a cult of personality in pop music a uniformity of commercial brands. the dominating position of religion. all strategies that seemed similar to those used in north korea. in north korea there is one political ideology but in south korea there are several powerful ideologies and since i painted so many propaganda paintings i was sensitized to those things. today using a propaganda stick style to oppose the powerful and challenge taboos in both north
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and south korean exhibitions in china germany and the united states have made the artist increasingly well known. combines ideological symbols from north and south korea seeking a new language a fellowship. he turns propaganda into a melancholy utopia. and powerful. at the end of our interview sun moon sings a song. proly. cuz seen in the the. it's the in official anthem of unified korea. fascinating story that now with winter approaching here in the northern hemisphere and the night sky i think cold of this is the most difficult time of year for homeless people at the moment in a church here in berlin there's
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a very moving exhibition of photos featuring people with most of as a blind eye but not the photographer the burra rupert. remember i meet with people who have become invisible people on the margins of society. basic essential things were taken away from them there aren't really seen anymore in fact they're not seen at all. and based photographer has been taken photos of homeless people for 10 years her latest works are currently on show in a church in berlin and an exhibition called no space and counters with people without a home. it's important to me that you see the person and the human with his story with us when he bends and that
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you show and meet the people in a dignified way. takes photos all over berlin and disadvantaged areas but also of people sleeping out in the open at the chancery the people she's photographed get their portrait as a gift. not everyone agrees to have their picture taken but cast naaman did he lived on the street for over 6 years today the 54 year old lives in a shelter. seeing his portraits brings back memories but not only bad ones. there reminds me of my grandpa looks almost exactly like me fat short with a cigarette in his mouth like me. so much of the world. but i like a. book with.
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shows home as people and their daily fight for survival on the streets from a new human perspective. again a very moving story mall on these stories and lots of other topics from the world of ops and culture on our web site of course at the v.w. dot com slash culture and off age book page jupe do check back that's all for now thanks for watching and do join us at the same time tomorrow if you catch. the.
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syrian born american is it's a local bar in berlin. he lives just opposite with me who was a member of the hitler youth as a child. some residents are suspicious of refugees in the neighborhood. but i'm there he's curious about the bar's regulars the cross the road worlds apart . close up in 30 minutes on d w. india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people. violent when there are do murders we look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india.
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to minutes on d w. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving the. global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like deals that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global 3000 on t.w. and online.
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this is news coming to you live from berlin bolivia gets a new leader for the time being anyway the opposition senator yet declares herself interim president saying. she will do everything necessary to pacify the country but for president the former ramos accuses her and others of staging a coup also coming up hong kong on the verge of total breakdown that's the
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assessment of a police chief who said pro-democracy protesters were carrying out insane acts they've been back on the.


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