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i'm. committed. to the point. this is news coming to you live from berlin bolivia gets a new leader for the 1st for the time being anyway opposition senator. declares herself interim president saying she will quote do everything necessary to pacify the country but former president evo morales accuses her and others of staging a coup also coming up hong kong on the verge of total breakdown that's the
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assessment of police chief who said pro-democracy protesters were carrying out quote insane. they've been back on the streets have 2 days of pretty clutches. and we meet an indian boy who has become the very definition of inspiration. swims competitively even though he lost his arms in an accident this family support he's won 3 national trophies and is now aiming for the 2024th paralympic. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us in bolivia opposition senator and yes heads declared herself interim president following the resignation of former leader if. the constitutional court has endorsed on years even though there were not enough low. lawmakers present in congress to appoint her or as is.
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accusing her of instigating a coup i. yes we could but levy is opposition chance the presidential palace is finally there is off to 14 years but in the most controversial of circumstances janine and yes has bitterly opposed the country's ruler since she entered politics over a decade ago now the senate vice president has declared herself the next in line to the presidency. thank you to everyone in bolivia fix keeping faith i promised her a tan democracy and stability to build a fia. but has onions come to power democratically. there she made her constitutional case bubbles put on it is that you know. with the ruling party boycotting the national assembly she told opposition lawmakers that
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she had to step into the breach and take the president i actually i assume the state presidency immediately as specified in the constitution for me. but longtime leader evo morales a shadow still looms over events at the morales is now in mexico where he was granted asylum after he resigned from there he is continuing to reel against his removal from power her. on twitter morales quickly responded to and yes his declaration writing. the sneakiest and most nefarious coup in history has been completed a right wing coup mongering senator has proclaimed himself president of the senate and then interim president of bolivia a former president told the news that morales is after a legit vote rigging was necessary in order to save democracy. and that i will
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leave you the lesson bolivia will learn is that a government that takes a step outside the rule of the law must be condemned by the bolivian people and the international community because when you allow the 1st violation the 2nd and 3rd come too and they grow they become a snowball. morale is still high support especially among the countries poor indigenous communities. they've responded with anger to this declaration yet less than a month after contested presidential election plunged the country into chaos the battle for the. only seems to be escalating. let's get some analysis now from the tussle lynch that of essex university in the u.k. she's a professor of government and an expert on authoritarian regimes thanks for being
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with us this morning professor up 1st of all we've got an opposition politician. declaring herself interim president of bolivia while the former president if this is calling it a coup how do you see this playing out. well hopefully they're going to be able to hold elections and yes had announced yesterday that they were hoping to hold elections by mid to late january and that's what's going to be really critical to restoring confidence and trust in the system i can see that what alice from mexico will be trying to rile up his supporters will be stating that he's going to be making a comeback but that's going to create instability because for the moment there's a large portion of the population that is fed up with him and fed up with the fact that he violated 2001 constitution and then engineered a 4th term in office so the big hope conclude is that they could somehow be instability in this interim period by announcing that elections are going to take place and then that will gain public trust the sunni chance that we're almost will
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stage a comeback coming he still has quite a following. he does and i think it's definitely likely he is going to seem to come back in just a matter of when and it is more likely to be successful if you just wait and bide his time a little bit and then allows this next elections and play out and then tries to come back it's going to be a huge mess and he tries to matisse's. well ok let's look at the bigger picture here bolivia is having a crisis obviously there's an uprising though also in neighboring chile ecuador and who honduras are experiencing on rest how concerned should we be about this instability in latin america. it's very concerning but this has been a problem that latin america has faced for decades because they have incredibly huge gaps between rich and poor as we see in chile and you have very personal istic style of will you've got very weak parties and you have very low levels of trust
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political trust and trust in one another and this is a recipe for a lot of instability and we've seen this over and over again where there's been cycles of dictatorship told by a little bit of democracy and then followed by instability it's actually have been a really democratic period for latin america and so the hopes are with this particular instance in libya if they can restore stability quickly move towards democracy that could be a model for other countries professor thank you very much for talking with us that was natasha lynch the professor of government at essex university. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. is facing the biggest challenge yet of his presidency with potentially explosive televised impeachment hearings to just open later today they were crosser seeking to prove trial abused his office by seeking ukraine's help for his 2020 reelection campaign trump insists
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the inquiry is corrupt and illegal. israeli tanks have moved in along the border with gaza tensions have risen since an israeli airstrike killed a published in militant leader officials in gaza say the death toll in the latest escalation has reached 12 a barrage of rockets has been fired into israel in retaliation. the highest tide in more than half a century has flooded much of central bennett's tourist magnets including st mark's square have been left underwater as the tide level peaked at just under 2 meters the city wide flood protection scheme has been plagued by spiraling costs. and australian firefighters are scrambling to contain dozens of dangerous bush fires burning along the country's east coast authorities have warned of extreme danger in the northern state of queensland the east coast blazes have been blamed for at least 3 deaths since friday. hong kong police chief has said
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pro-democracy demonstrators are pushing the city to quote the brink of a total break the last 2 days have been among the most violent since the demonstrations began 5 months ago the main flashpoint has now become the university district where there have been fresh clashes between demonstrators and police. they say they're protecting their university. they use anything they can get their hands on see create barricades. campuses have emerged as the latest front in battles with the police. the students are determined to fight for their freedom. this is a fight for the whole generation we are not letting go slowly change our place hope. it doesn't take long for things to escalate. the familia click of tear gas being fired. seems like this play out across hong kong
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like here in the financial center. there now seemingly normal parts of 5 months of unresolved protests the police say the city is on the brink of a breakdown. journey's daily life destructed after protests is through dave barry on the tracks. manal asked what he'll do says the protest leader no choice but to go home and not work. police and protesters accuse each other of brutality on monday the protesters set a man on fire after an argument. police are investigating the incident as attempted murder. they've also defended shooting a protester saying they were concerned for their own safety. though in a situation like this we believe we're acting according to the guidelines to protect ourselves as well as the people around us at the. gate with more protests
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expected the fear on both sides is that they already fall its house situation is only likely to get worse. well tesla is set to build its 1st european factory on the outskirts of berlin c.e.o. on must announce the plan at an awards ceremony here in the german capital the new gigafactory as it's called will produce vehicles power trains and batteries musk says tesla chose germany because of the country's reputation for engineering prowess the new plant will create around 10000 new jobs and will be based near berlin's new long delayed airport. tell us now and austria is domenic team booked an early semifinal spot of the a.t.p. finals with a stunning group stage victory over world number one novak djokovic joke of it sure took the 1st set 76 but the 5 time champion could not hold off team any longer the 26 year old won the next 2 sets and called this the best match he's ever played
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he's now beaten roger federer and novak djokovic it's back to back to book his place in the semifinals the prestigious tournament in london features the top 8 men's players in the world. i. an indian boy has become the very definition of inspiration after repeated successes in the sport of swimming but what makes up to a couple years story remarkable is that he's been winning despite having no arms. is apt to cut even tori's happy place. swimming has helped the young boy either come big obstacles and made him an inspiration for many in his native india. at the age of 7 abdul qadeer lost both of his arms after an accident but he refused to let his life be ruled by it. so. when he was 7 years old my
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son accidentally touched a high voltage electric wire we took him to a hospital in mumbai and doctors treated him for almost a week but they said the infection was spreading fast and that they had to amputate both his arms were saving his life with the priority but he had to lose his arms. since the accident abdul qadeer has adjusted in all sorts of ways he does his homework using its feet and he is a smartphone that way too but it's clear that where he truly excels is in the water and he said his eyes on a big goal. there but for now the odds are limited to the mrs i lost my arms when i was in 2nd grade i had an infection that spread to both arms when i was in hospital . but i love to swim with it on the board and i want to win
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a gold medal for india in the olympics. it's more than just a day dream abdul qadeer is already a 3 time national swimming champion and he's got the medals to prove it but it's a quiet hard work and determination from everyone involved it will be what is i mean in the beginning we were really at a loss about how to teach him to swim. we didn't know how to support him unlike other kids we couldn't hold him by his shoulders if we could drop them into the water but taking him out was a challenge. but abdul qadeer was determined and nothing could stop him. he started to swim in just 10 to 12 days and learned how to climb up the ladder on his own. little more to be used to fall and get hurt. but in just a month he became independent in the pool. of easy is good positive negative will
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be part of the. uphill candia is hoping to soon join an elite swimming in 68 and trying to qualify for the 2024 summer paralympics . coming up next we've got a documentary for you on mexico and springer you can get all the latest news and information around the clock that's any tell me your dot com i'm terry martin sumi will be with you at the top of the next hour thanks for being with us. it's. the insurers of the famous natural. list and explorer. to celebrate alex on the phone while its 250th birthday we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition good.


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