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are you a. small. documentary starts november 14th w. plane . land. this is due to your news live from berlin venice prepares for a state of emergency as slug waters rise the 2nd highest tide ever recorded as that water gushing down the city's streets in alleyways the mayor blames climate change and is asking the government for help we'll go to venice for the latest also coming up bolivia gets a new leader for the time being at its opposition senator get me not yet declared
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herself the interim president but former president evo morales accuses her and others of staging a clue. hong kong on the verge of total breakdown talked assessment of the police chief who says pro-democracy protesters are turning out to insane as they've been back on the streets after days of heavy clashes. and we need an indian boy who has become the very definition of inspiration or swims competitively even though he lost his arms in an accident with his family support he's won 3 national trophies and is now ending for the 20 to 24 paralympics. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us the mayor of venice has blamed the climate change after the highest tide in more than half a century flooded much of this. city storm surges and high winds battered the
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islands overnight the tide level peaked at just under 2 meters leaving homes underwater boats stranded and tourists wading through the iconic st mark's square the city's mayor said he was a preparing to declare a state of emergency a city wide flood protection scheme has been plagued by spiraling costs. and we can speak now to julio bauble he works at the venice institute for the study of the history of the resistance and contemporary society an institute that is now endangered by the floods julia thank you very much for joining us give us an idea of what you've been seeing there in venice how dramatic is the situation where the situation we were expecting to see the situation yesterday back to the lake that we create during the night when we got this storm right in the moment in which maximum tide was coming in so we can get we got this heavy storm moving. one more than 100
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kilometers per hour and that was the highest growth. we got to the 2nd tied to the highest tide that recorded in resort a record to you that at some point it was looking really bad i can tell you perhaps you stop it just in time because at some point the storm is coming down maybe 10 or it goes out of the water to go down otherwise i think it will have even exceeded the maximum of the 1965. and more rain is expected julio i worried are you about your institute and where you work could this be affected as well. i can tell you i didn't laugh last night because i was really afraid of what was the situation here because we don't have all of the library here but we have an archive of who is a unique and it is talking about this the story of resistance in the 20th century in benny's you can see there are no other cars like this one and it is in the center. as soon as the island where we are separated i thought
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i learned from the from brian as he spoke to the aca as soon as the public transport was at the neck of the game they came to see and we were in the iraqi. border stop at just a few centimeter from where that was the interest of the archive but i can tell you it was a. it is a metaphor of how dedicated this city is and how. how the situation was a bad handled that not in the last 20 years but in the last 50 years nothing changes there by the 966 that i can tell you that you said this is being handled poorly i mean what do you think of what the city what authorities there have done to prepare for situations like these. it is a bit difficult to summarize in few moments but i can tell you the project that he's supposed to protect the grannies. and oh i see it was broken really gaining it was known to scroll down to where a lot of a lot of doubts about that the city council of venice protested to the last moment
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in which it was possible to prepare to have it and i never did with that and it was because the scope of any kind of objection with a by the federal government now what we got was a lot of corruption and the system that is not working that's what we got after 55 years all right julio baba from the venice institute's of the study of the history of the resistance and contemporary society thank you so much for joining us here and. you're welcome thank you. now in bolivia opposition said sen you know on yes has declared herself interim president after the former legal it will morales resigned the constitutional court has endorsed and yes even though there were not enough lawmakers present in congress to appoint her what are they says gone into exile in mexico he is accusing on yes of instigating a coup. i. yes we could but levy is opposition chants the presidential palace there is after 14 years but in
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the most controversial of circumstances. and yes has bitterly opposed the country's ruler since she entered the libyan politics over a decade ago now the senate vice president has declared herself the next in line to the presidency. thank you to everyone in bolivia fix heaping faith i promised her a tan democracy and stability to believe via. t.v. . but how does the news come to power democratic movements there she made her constitutional case. put on this is that you know. with the ruling party boycotting the national assembly she told opposition lawmakers that she had to step into the breach and take the president i actually i assume the state presidency immediately as specified in the constitution for me.
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but longtime leader evo morales a shadow still looms over events it. is now in mexico where he was granted asylum after he resigned from there he is continuing to reel against his removal from power her out. on twitter morales quickly responded to and yes his declaration writing. the sneakiest and most nefarious coup in history has been completed a right wing coup mongering senator has proclaimed himself president of the senate and then interim president of bolivia a former president told the news that morales is a legit vote rigging was necessary in order to save democracy. the lesson bolivia will learn is that a government that takes a step outside the rule of the law must be condemned by the bolivian people and the international community because when you allow the 1st violation the 2nd and 3rd
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come to and they grow they become a snowball. and yet morale is still has support especially among the country's poor indigenous communities. they've responded with anger to his declaration less than a month after contested presidential election plunged the country into chaos the battle for the. only seems to be escalating. and let's get some analysis on this story now we can speak to america every toss she's a senior lecturer in latin american politics at the university of liverpool thank you for joining us senator on yes has declared herself interim president as we saw and the former president evo morales is calling this a coup is it the what really has happened here. well the new interpretation of the situation and what alice's restaurant nation moose is has
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become very controversial so already opposition argues starts with his resignation following. a suggestion from the military that he should resign is as legitimate and the reasons they're in starts over now his electoral fraud allegations are up and also about what our assessment respect of a limited. terms presidential serves in the elections. so what are the supporters out in bolivia and abroad argue instead that's the military's. declaration or so a news article and they shouldn't have been involved in commenting on the political situation. they also argue that's what alice offered new elections so those suggestions should have been followed up and start where does all of this leave in
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what alice she still has a huge following in bolivia is there any chance that we could see him try to stage a comeback well or do you think one of 2 reasons stats the opposition has moved as it as it did was to prevent what i was running again what allison as far as president there see i mean there are. so or he still has a large following and the outcome of of 2 turns who supports our elections indicates i would have had a good chance of rubble. and they obviously see this us as dangerous and another pillar of her support are the social movements so they have to clerics many of them have declared themselves against what they call. against police for certain facts what's happening. and medic if we take a little bit of a broader perspective here we see bolivia in crisis there have been massive protests in chile ecuador and hundreds have also seen protests how interconnected
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is this on rust in latin america what are we seeing here well if you look at so countries like chile and ecuador departs us there have been different groups so in chile in the accord or even steaming toward justice in our guidance. when government's policies of austerity high levels of inequality are particular issue in chile as well as the constitution. so. do you just saw probably inspired by the changes in the chiefs wouldn't protest movement of the we should also i'm just there are differences. all right medical a senior lecturer in latin american politics at the university of liverpool thank you thank you very much let's check in now on some other stories making news around the world violent protests have again broken out in the chilean capital santiago after the national currency the peso dropped to an historic low weeks of
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mass street protests that plunge the country into crisis protesters are demanding wide ranging social reforms and they want president sebastian pinera to stand down . israeli tanks have moved in along the border with gaza tensions have risen since an israeli airstrike killed a palestinian militant leader officials in gaza say the death toll in the latest escalation has reached 12 a barrage of rockets has been fired into israel in retaliation. at least 7 people have been killed in a car bomb explosion near the interior ministry in the afghan capital kabul no one has yet claimed responsibility the blast comes a day after a prisoner exchange between the government and taliban insurgents that is aimed at diffusing violence in afghanistan. and a protester has been killed during a new wave of demonstrations in lebanon a man was shot dead near beirut by soldiers who had opened fire to disperse protesters were blockading rose lebanon has seen weeks of nationwide protests
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against the country's ruling elite. hong kong police chief says pro-democracy protesters are pushing the city to quote the brink of a total breakdown the last 2 days have been among the most violent since the demonstrations started 5 months ago the main flashpoint has become the university district where there have been fresh clashes between demonstrators and police. they say they're protecting their university. they use anything they can get their hands on sigrid barricades. campuses have emerged as the latest front in battles with the police. the students are determined to fight for their freedom. this is a fight for a whole generation we are not letting go slowly change our good place our hope. it doesn't take long for things to escalate. the familiar click of tear gas being
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fired. seems like this play out across hong kong like here in the financial center . they're now seemingly a normal part of 5 months of unresolved protests the police say this city is on the brink of a breakdown. journeys daily life disrupted after protesters through debris on the tracks. this man asked what he'll do says the protest leader no choice but to go home and not work the. police and protesters accuse each other of brutality on monday the protesters set amount on fire after an argument. police are investigating the incident as attempted murder. they've also defended shooting a protester saying they were concerned for their own safety. in a situation like this we believe we're acting according to the guard lines to
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protect ourselves as well as the people around us. here with more protests expected the fear on both sides is that they already volatile situation is only likely to get worse. let's bring in correspondent he's at the bridge leading to chinese university where protesters have a set up barricades have a ts bring us up to date on what's been happening there where you are. well as you said this is the bridge that enters the campus and this is the bridge where police tried to enter campus yesterday which led to these clashes protesters have set up barricades here they have barricaded all the entrances to this university now this university is different from other universities in other parts of town in that it is in a hilly area and there are very few access points to this university so it's very easy to block off now the campus is under the control of the protesters and they
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are preparing for the police to return so they have set up not only barricades but they've also prepared hundreds and hundreds of molotov cocktails and weapons to counter the police if they were to enter but i in my opinion it's all it would be very difficult for them already for the geographical layout of this university and there is also now an injunction in court pending where the student unions have asked an injunction that would prevent the police to enter university campuses without. permission from the university administration this is what has been the practice in hong kong and this is what the what why the east these these attempts yesterday to enter the university led to these clashes because they thought it was a breach of the rules that were at the princes the students thought it was a breach of the rules that were existing like this are there any efforts at the
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moment the ask the late in the situation as it seems to grow ever more violent is there any and mediation happening between hong kong leadership and these protesters . not that i know yesterday there was an attempt by the president of the university into negotiations with the police and the approach between the police and the protesters demanding the crew to police to retreat from this bridge and then the protesters would have to promise that they would not throw anything at the police in the direction of the of the police but when he was still talking to protesters police advanced already and the protesters were continuously throwing stuff so then clashes erupted and this was by far the most violent clashes that i've witnessed since i have been here in hong kong reporting from the very beginning off this movement there were hundreds and hundreds of police had today 1500 rounds of tear gas fired in the whole city but a major part here in its seconds it was it was really. fire so this is of
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course leading to an escalation and the government has made clear it is not intending to give in to any demands now what negotiations can there be if the government says that all of that giving into the demands what would be wishful thinking so i don't see any effort by any side to solve this in negotiations and there's nobody no neutral instance who would be able to do this at the moment. considering that also everything the government negotiates needs. to go from beijing correspondent to ts telling our reporting there with the very latest from hong kong thank you. donald trump is facing the biggest challenge yet of his presidency with potentially explosive public impeachment hearings due to open later today lawmakers will question 2 diplomats on whether trump sought ukraine's help for his 2020 reelection campaign democrats are seeking to prove that
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trump abuses office by threatening to withhold millions of dollars in aid to ukraine unless its government investigated the son of his chief political rival joe biden trump has called the process down but democratic leaders say it's significant and a serious. this was nancy pelosi back in september announcing that democrats in the house of representatives would begin a formal impeachment inquiry into president donald trump the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections but after an impeachment inquiry is announced what happens next. first the house has to sanction an inquiry by voting on it so far they've only agreed on rules allowing trump's lawyers to attend hearings 6 house committees are then tasked with
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gathering evidence and conducting hearings they send their strongest cases to the judiciary committee. it drafts possible articles of impeachment in other words the charges to be brought against the president and brings them before the house. if a majority in the lower house votes to pass the articles the president is impeached and the trial moves to the senate. here a 2 thirds majority is needed to convict and remove the president from office. you're watching the news so to come on our show we meet an indian boy who wins swimming competitions even though he lost his arms in an accident with his family support is now ending for the 2024th paralympics. but 1st kenya's president who has pledged to end female genital mutilation by 2022 kenyatta and other african leaders attending a un conference on population and development are also calling for an end to trials
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marriage the 3 day summit in the kenyan capital nairobi brings together more than $6000.00 participants from $160.00 nations to discuss sexual and reproductive health and women's rights. these a new buildings on the edge of nairobi's biggest the city is busting at the seams especially in the poorest areas nairobi's population has grown by 40 percent in the last 10 years budgets for improving water supplies or education aren't keeping up with the rapid population growth bringing problems that particularly affect young women those attending this population conference in nairobi agree improving women's rights is the key a vision of full equality for women and girls and of reproductive rights for all that vision is still far from reality 25 years ago un member states agreed that rather than trying to influence the size of their populations
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countries should instead focus on improving the lives of individuals particularly women. this project in nairobi supports go through vocational training and sex education. it's run by a german nonprofit with the backing of the german government to do what has been human fallen god is really young women have a child and by the way girls aged 15 to 19 have 21000000 unwanted pregnancies every year in africa often their lives are almost over because they don't have any chance to further educate themselves. germany says it'll up its contribution to un population research from 22 to 33000000 euros a year the conference organizers in nairobi hope that by the time it wraps up on thursday more countries will follow suit. now an indian boy has become the very definition of inspiration after repeated successes in the sport of swimming but
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what makes your story remarkable is that he has been winning despite having no arms . the water is after all cut here in dorry's happy place. swimming has helped a young boy overcome big obstacles and made him an inspiration for many in his native india at the age of 7 abdul qadeer lost both of his arms after an accident but he refused to let us life be ruled by it. so. when he was 7 years old my son accidentally touched a high voltage electric wire. we took him to a hospital in mumbai and doctors treated him for almost a week but they said the infection was spreading fast and that they had to amputate both his arms were saving his life with the priority but he had to lose his arms. since the accident abdul qadeer has adjusted in all sorts of ways he does as
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homework using its feet and he is a smart phone that way to you but it's clear that where he truly excels is in the water. and he set his eyes on a big goal. but for me the hard sell over the mistake in i lost my arms when i was in 2nd grade i had an infection that spread to both arms when i was in hospital. but i love to swim with it or i get bored and i want to win a gold medal for india in the olympics william a big no boy. it's more than just a day dream abdul qadeer is already a 3 time national swimming champion and he's got the medals to prove it but it required hard work and determination from everyone involved that will be what is r.b.i.'s will get in the beginning we were really at a loss about how to teach him to swim. we didn't know how to support him unlike
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other kids we couldn't hold him by his shoulders. we could drop them into the water but taking him out was a challenge. but. was determined and nothing could stop him. he started to swim in just 10 to 12 days and learned how to climb up the ladder on his own. to be used to fall and get hurt. but in just a month he became independent in the pool. was a bit negative will reportedly be i. was hoping to soon join an elite swimming institute and trying to qualify for the 2024 some of paralympics. this is deja vu news these are our top stories the mayor of venice is blaming climate change after the highest tide in more than half a century flooded much of the city tourist magnets including st mark's square have
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been left completely submerged a flood protection scheme has been plagued by spiraling costs. bolivia has a new interim leader opposition senator on yes help president hours after long term former head of state is in what alice fled to mexico he's accused her of instigating a coup and his supporters boycotted her swearing in ceremony. donald trump is facing the biggest challenge yet of his presidency with potentially explosive televised impeachment hearings to open later today democrats are seeking to prove that trump abused his office by seeking ukraine's help for his 2020 reelection campaign. electric car maker tesla is set to build its 1st european factory outside the german capital berlin the so-called gigafactory will produce both vehicles and batteries c.e.o. elon musk says tesla chose germany because of its engineering expertise the new
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plants will create 10000 new jobs. this is d.w. news from berlin for more follow us on twitter after w news or best visit our website dot com. coming up ben fizzle and with business he'll have more details on tesla's plans. that up it's a jerk in a car plant right here and her let's say to.
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cut. opportunities for everyone regardless of ethnicity or appearance unfortunately for many migrants in germany that may be a distant dream. many companies are trying to make their application process is more inclusive but does that really help against discrimination.
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made in germany in 60 minutes on w. d q you know that 77 percent of laughing are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me. ends meet and you. think you know what it's time your voice is 100. 77 percent talk about the issues. from the party to flash from housing boom boom times this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . there. isn't calculable. their egos and see. their rivalry dead.
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3 princes. who dream of leading the arab world. there are for power and boundless ambition have caused the middle east into a grave crisis. the minute principles of the gulf starts nov 27th on t w. tesla chooses bolin for its new european gigafactory. praises german engineering facility is planned for the region near the new exports which is being told by delays. the e.u. stopped cold rules products made in israeli settlements to spend for europe to carry the made in israel label. and she calls the shots among the brics economies the
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hosts of this year's summit of the budget markets finds itself ceding to the financial much of aging.


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