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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 11:30am-11:45am CET

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3 princes. only dream of leading the arab world. there are for power and boundless ambition comes to the middle east into a grave crisis. to rival principals of the cold starts nov 27th on t w. tesla chooses bolin for its new european gigafactory. praises german engineering facility is planned for the region needs a new and old which is being to old by delays. the e.u. rules products made in israeli settlements just in the europe carry the made in israel label. and who calls the shots among the brics economies the hosts of this
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year's summit of the merging markets finds itself ceding to the financial much of the aging. inventors willing let's do business tesla is set to build its 1st european factory on the outskirts of beldin c.e.o. elon musk says tesla chose germany because of the country's reputation for engineering prowess forgetting the fact that bolin still hasn't managed to open its new airport and just as controversial the premium electric car maker has chosen to build in must say these backyard. the location couldn't have been more apt clutching his award for the tesla 3 he learned musk broke the news. that evening with the lawsuits most of you here we've decided to put. the gigafactory europe in the berlin area. the presenter was lost for words. the new factory will create 10000 new jobs but senator for economics was swift to
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express her delight those who have vision come to berlin welcome tesla. tesla already has a gig a factory in shanghai shown here it's roughly the size of $120.00 football pitches soon around half a 1000000 vehicles will roll out of here each year the complex to just 12 months to build a record. will be a similar size it will specialize in the compact s.u.v. model y. and producing if the embattled trees the factory itself will be close to the city's long planned new at port referring to the now 11 year construction period for that musk tesla would certainly be stepping up the pace. of my colleague rob what is holding this along with our financial correspondent chelsea lately rob starting with you did anyone tell musk about that airport stuff up if he does know
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about secrecy cracked a little joke about it he said that the construction projects will have to happen a little bit quicker than the folks at 13 is since they started building but i'm going to get well that seems like they are planning a lot quicker than that he didn't say a date for when this new plan will open but tesla has previously says that it does want to start producing cars in europe in 2021 look at the i think if it's not the only reason that he's chosen germany as you mentioned the engineering prowess is something that he's seitz's here but it's also worth bearing in mind that the government has set aside a 1000000000 euros to put towards the construction of electric car batteries so that's something that test it can profit from by being here as for belin well must also want to produce the design and engineering school in the city itself he says he likes the autistic had ok that's nice well chelsea what about costs production costs for example i know they're not cheap in germany but we are talking about
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a premium product your own weight. that's right so i mean germany is an expensive labor market but the tesla vehicles are very expensive the average price of tesla's affordable vehicle is about $50000.00 so they do sort of pay a high price for that and i think as as rob said they are really hoping to tap into germany's experience and building vehicles and maybe be able to sort of poach employees from other vehicle manufacturers nearby so i think strategically this makes makes sense for them and they also may be trying to sort of get some cachet from from really locating themselves and the heart of europe's auto sector chelsea just a 2nd because other what everyone to get too excited here i mean what is the
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likelihood of this actually all happening rob because we know that most want to get to mas has come up with some fantastic amazing ideas but ideas that haven't really been put into practice yesterday that it has been accused of maybe over promising and delivering or exaggerating for example that they're building a very similar plans what it sounds like we might get close to berlin in shanghai still that might not actually meet the demands that were 1st promised he's also been accused of overstating the potential you know things potential for addiction potential for plants however you look at that shanghai plant building that started earlier this year they've already begun test for the auction so there is a precedent for plumbers like this being built and it being built quickly just a quick word from you what do you reckon is tesla's global expansion plans all the right road. i think it appears to be for now with tesla you can never be entirely sure but they are ahead of schedule as as are outside with the with the
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shanghai plant and they really need to be investing here in europe because in part due to the emission standards it's going to be a large market for electric vehicles going forward. for that course but in frankfurt that rob thank you very much for coming in through this next ruling has sparked anger in israel the european court of justice says consumers should be able to make informed choices it says exports from israel's okupe territories to the e.u. must be clearly labeled as such not far from the town of ramallah a small vineyard on the slopes of the israeli occupied west bank it's not israeli territory but the bookings will say made in israel and the wine is also exported to europe. the european court of justice has now ruled that the labels mislead e.u. consumers from now on the wine cannot be sold in the e.u. unless the bottle states that it originates in israeli occupied territory the
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israeli vintners the government and the israeli settlers council are all furious. with the hype for me this is a despicable decision we condemn it the jewish people will not market self again through european demands no other place in the world is demanded to market self only israel there is a characteristic of anti semitism here but those who will be hurt by the fact that people will stop purchasing and buying products and most of the palestinian workers of judea and the west bank will be covered for you before the steam palestinians see that differently. of the european court of justice. labeling settlement product. very significant rolling with. european union countries. what's legal and to stop what immoral we hope that it will come when all of these settlement broadcast which is this
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whipped and blood of palestinians will be banned from international markets but the e.u. stopped court wasn't considering a ban it's only interested in ensuring that e.u. consumers know where their wine comes from. before last year's election in brazil joey abel's a narrow described china as a predator iran with a sluggish economy in mind he's softening his tone as the president welcomes his chinese counterpart to the capital brasilia the billboards his welcoming freedom for hong kong it reads this one china senses and china combine brazil i don't think she will enjoy driving past that on his way to the summit of bricks emerging markets. zille russia india china and south africa the brics nations they account for 40 percent of the world's population and 20 percent of global economic output china is the economic powerhouse of the 5 its gross domestic product exceeded 30
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teen trillion dollars last year india's population is almost as high as china's but its g.d.p. is only a 5th of that if you take a look at the next 2 they have a fairly level picking brazil of 1.9 trillion russia 1.6 and south africa comes in at just under half a trillion what do the numbers mean let's bring in america professor for international relations to talk about this what does china's dominance mean for the other brics nations just 1st of all. and i would say that it really puts the concept of breaks into question so this was a concept that was invented in 2001 by goldman sachs to describe their fastest growing economies and it was useful to our hand but now there is real concern about the growing dominance of china it's coming very strongly from india this concern
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but also from russia and as those billboards that you just described in brazil so maybe that concept is not making so much sense anymore and economically because these are not the fastest growing economies together anymore but also politically and it sounds like china is getting its own way you both are now or is softening his is toda on china could brazil end up signing up to china's built in road initiative it it hasn't been keen so far right because you're absolutely right the average person aros. rhetorical used to be china has not buying from brazil china wants to buy brazil and now that that discourse has softened very significantly and i would say that there is a serious risk that brazil may also be tempted into the arms of china and b r i just like the $152.00 countries that are part of it especially as the brazilian
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economy continues if it continues to run into trouble and the brazilian economy is not doing well and the fewer alternatives that brazil has the more likely it will be that it will turn to china because b. r i offer is easy money in the short term but it comes with other problems so brazil beats to be very careful and brazil's economy is quite sluggish right now so tell me is it time to let more economies into the club and create a more level playing field within brics. that's an interesting idea i did say that the bricks concept is pretty redundant enough it was always a controversial concept at least politically because these bricks economies are very different economies you know some of them are democracies some of them are not mousies they have great effect they have great differences even within that and even within the democracies and i'm not sure they makes any any sense politically even to expand it what we really need i would argue is something like an alliance
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once in atalissa where we have like minded countries coming together and there is very little like mindedness amongst the brakes and expanding it will it solve the problem i mean not because i thank you very much for the analysis from hamburg. thank you. and just briefly fans of starbucks will like this next story the world's biggest branches opening in chicago this week the full story building is a fully functioning grocery as well as a cafe a coffee beans a sense through flows between transparent shoes customers will be able to sample rate coffees from around 3 various brewing methods will employ around $200.00 people. business with.
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so subscribe it don't miss out the 1st. take it personally. with the wonderful people that make the game so special. more than football on line. you're a great danger get out of there. a clip from the latest charlie's angels movie starring kristen stewart naomi scott 6 and a bill in scope all seen here on the red carpet at the world premiere in los angeles on monday night also patrick stewart is the playing one of them manages.
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more about that in a minute but also coming up today. the only north korean artist in exile. talks about his life working as a propaganda artist before he escaped the sas and his life since then. and the moving photographic exhibition of homeless people here in berlin. charlie's angels was a huge lee successful t.v. series back in the 1970 s. featuring initially far forsett mages jaclyn smith and kate jackson as 3 beautiful private investigators righting wrongs on america's main streets the franchise go to reboot with 2 films and another series at the beginning of the century but none of these really achieve the success of the original now hollywood is having another go with yet another movie. a new charlie.


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