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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2019 8:30pm-8:53pm CET

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makes. it sound how. small. the fourteen's w. . little thing the. french will focus on the central europe you've seen massive demonstrations protests demonstrations up to the prime minister to decide whether he won't focus to pursue i believe in the independence so far i'll do the fury with time running out for brussels on london to get a breath to deal with climbing people the blame on britain if the negotiations fail my guest this week here in prague is the czech foreign minister. he has surprisingly clear differences with the government he so of why doesn't he resign.
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from his face which are welcome to complete so they go but just a few days before britain is due to leave the european union post johnson says he wants a deal to trust him. or plans are still possible. for us if you don't answer the question do you trust. it's a little time to find an agreement. in the situation but there's trouble and development in the u.k. there are some proposals on the table but time for negotiation is limited i notice you don't say you do trust him you will for going you have an option. that he's willing to leave you if you will result agreement for us and his not
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a good option but if it is not able to find a compromise and have a majority in the parliament for agreement i don't see an overture it's now clear that if there's no deal there's likely to be considerable damage not just to britain but to the e.u. economies as well why do you sit in silence waiting for this slow motion car crash to happen without making your opinion felt and. easing the path to a deal because a deal is in your interest we have been quite vocal that we want a deal but the ball is on the british side at the moment but in everyone's just on one side is it what we have negotiated for a number of months or for more than a year about angry men which was how to find a compromise on the $27.00 side as well and now we are dealing with a situation that one side or was negotiating without clear support for doc to come
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to negotiation and the ball is really on the on the british side we would like to see what are their proposals specially when it comes to backstop because this is the main challenge for us. you talked about divisions among the 27 it was difficult to get a unified line here. brussels always says you're absolutely in unity on the issues that's not true is it is true whether it was necessary to accommodate concerns of many member states before you reach the agreement last year and it was not an easy task for you want to go she is also to accommodate in interests and concerns of member states like iran and but many others but you have for instance you have child michel who's the new european council president he wants. he says that no deal is better than a bad deal you have from the line is going to be the new commission president she
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wants to extend the deadline for britain so she would be willing to extend the article 15 and go sheesh so you do have divisions here you have 2 divisions minor one maybe that's a mild this is for us for us it's also important that if you wants to extend. the period for negotiations and there are good reasons for that presented by by westminster let's consider it. are you content to blame britain put all the blame on britain if the negotiations because that's what russell's is leading towards that's what. has already said if things fail it will be the british british fault do you share so i would blame for this. 1st of all i think that the blame game is something that is not contributing to face negotiation but the player that's is playing. the game has been there let's try to limit the
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demi. that has been already caused by it is blame game it is not to blame one side or one side only thing that for the for the sake of the women i think that we should be open. for the proposal from the other side let's discuss it with you 27 but it's important to keep the unity in the european union that's something that we have strive for you have been able to maintain the unity over the past year and it's important also to be prepared for. establishing relations between the book and u.k. after the. happened european industry european history is very nervous getting this as we get down to the deadline also the citizens we have around 200000 people people living in newquay and so far they don't know what's going to happen they live in are such empty and this is also not
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a very positive part of the whole process come with new features of warning about a seismic shift in trading conditions if it leaves with no deal and many of the chinese are become manufacture in europe we are also concerned about the impact that's why we always supported women to. but it does provide us a place to negotiate future relations between you and you including a trade relations between the block and great britain result of the result of the agreement we will get to the situation that becomes our sort of country from one moment to. arming the relations causing a lot of problems to not only car manufacturers but for many other industries i understand what you're saying you mentioned the irish backstop which is the main stumbling block to getting an agreement are you happy that this one issue could talk paedo the whole deal between britain and the e.u.
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is it really is really worth brussels digging in its heels on this one but we should it's me pretty should the whole deal we should keep in mind the whole history of the island it is not possible to divide the island at the same time we need to make sure that we protect internal market and the best seller in britain the good friday agreement and we are trying to to preserve the both and the backstop is the way how to preserve the books we don't want to return back before friday agreement but this is very good if there's no deal you would jump the good friday agreement for you we also it would have to. come up come up with some proposals there us and if it doesn't you i will put up a board the e.u. will put up a board has already said it will if there is a new deal there were billboards so that's why we also would like to see that. comes up with some proposals there are some currently discussed
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a negotiated we are open to negotiations and this things if things go badly are you seriously telling me that it's worth risking a return to the terrible violence that took place a little more than are there simply to preserve that option use mules what other options. simply the fact that the backstop is not because of protecting the single market is also a way to preserve that there is more important it is also how to preserve the friday agreement was to protect you in the czech republic you have your own problems with the e.u. don't you you're part of the visit group which is known as the kind of awkward squad with poland hungary and slovakia you don't like quotas for irregular migrants you don't like the climate change policies you refused to sign up to the used 20500 carbon goal why. i don't think that the. french call up of countries in the sense
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of europe 1st of all very active in your opinion on many issues why did you refuse to sign up to the climate goal the 28 is lethal still negotiated we are about the need to have a strong climate and energy policy in the european union we are meeting our obligations when it comes to part 'd of the agreement at the same time we want to have a comprehensive approach to the dangerous troy's europe to see it that the reality your prime minister babesia has said to you is also only less than 10 that one turns of the global emissions you is not going to salvage the whole climate was all of us and let's. use a little in this time to your prime minister mr bush has said why should we decide 31 years ahead of time what will happen in 2050 that's not a very helpful comment because if we don't decide now 25th is going to look very
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different than it might otherwise do and i agree that it is time to start policies that will have impact until so that's a beautiful calm i am your prime minister is i agree that we need strong policies in this area 'd he doesn't the same time we would like to have a rational realistic debate in who's going to get their way the prime minister or you on this prime minister is also part of the negotiations we are taking part of the solution of the want to read you have doesn't want to reach any decisions now he says why should we take decisions 31 years ahead and he discussed this new president of the european commission about the climate change with other partners into europe he probably presented the position of my country that as an industrial explorer into the country would like to see that all the options at the town table will not to teach to the understudies ation loss of jobs. we don't have we don't want to have. a future. on migration as far as
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the was concerned you've been equally unhelpful when it came to taking the share of the huge numbers of the regular migrants turning up at the borders you decided to because wasn't he you in 2017 you took just 12 of them out of the e.u. mandated quota of 2700 not 1200 you took just 12 and then your government said it wouldn't no longer comply just like hungary and just like poland why i want your help we are helping you take the money from the e.u. you don't play by the rules of the we are giving a lot of money to prevent migration to solve some of the problems in the countries of origin or in terms of what's a lot of money 100000000 crowns. it's hundreds of millions to them it's owners of a 1000000 a. computer resources all you have available just under $4000000.00 euros a year no it is much more money. we are now preparing project with germany
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in morocco we have a project. in libya. and you know early giving hundreds of millions of ground to a middle east north africa we have just heard in the sense that out of the government libya has been a disaster haven't they minister because of the help we have results in its resulted in helping the libyan coast guard take people back to libya and put them in an acceptable conditions incarcerated in camps indefinitely being beaten up and sexually abused and that's thanks to the european union's policies. we using oil company think you're doing some good we have a very complicated situation in libya and largely to the fact that it is a mistake. internally divided country in conflict and international community has a very limited scope of how to operate in the country and how to provide assistance
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to refugees there at the same time there are many other. we have been successful and that's. possible situation in middle east where we have been able to assist the refugees in jordan and lebanon and we have been able to assist internally displaced people in the cities in syria as well do you plan to be out in mali don't you and we have we also spent and he says this is a country with an appalling human rights record last year they were coups by the human rights by human rights watch of committing atrocities that's the army in mali this is the government you're going to help now we are going to help the people and how is the money to get there directly or through the government we have 1st of all helping through the european mission that we would like to contribute in the 1st go through the government is human rights record is pretty questionable we are not locating any funds directly for the government we would like to work with the people of his local communities we would like to work through international
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organizations that are trying to stabilize the people that are affected by internal conflict in mali as well and we are also trying to help help the local to get basic security that's something that people really need to see this country report from freedom house said asylum seekers to your country are routinely did so you sure seem to step down and i think this is a question for the for the party for our coalition partner not for us to decide much of a senior member of the julia but of our agreement it's just that we are not commenting on personal policies of caution partners the head of the odious opposition party. the largest opposition group said he respected the prosecutor's decision not to press charges but said the whole case leaves behind a bad taste and the divided society you would you're not in you agree with do you. believe that. it leaves but. i believe that our judiciary play perfectly tourists are fully independent and if they
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come up with some decision that is outcome of independent inquiry the influential financial terms of the conflicts between mr publishes extensive businesses and his role as prime minister a stain on czech democracy just to silvio berlusconi tarnished it in this reputation 2 decades ago i wonder how low you are prepared to sit in this coalition and have this stain on chip democracy along do not get to a point where you consider your position lower than the near her for many rankings where our situation is improved over the past year or so really improve on a roof or can corruption not according to greco you haven't which is the kind of a view council of europe's anti corruption body un the brutal on the country you're going to give you 6 i mean recommend ations and said you haven't exempted any of
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that in many in many. been confirmed progress we have started implementing the corruption strategy adopted in the dozen 18. the president on his way back oh said your country is out of paper but not you have credit lines procedure mr noncompliance procedure. but these procedures of who take time to comply with some of them and also. applying our policy that is play and that has been referred to international international committee but the whole point to go back to the question what point do you consider your position and i can no longer serve in this government because i disagree with what's going on to supreme with what the prime minister says the president said the president went back on earlier and said he had previously said he would never stop an investigation into mr bobbitt he changed his mind and said this is part of quite possible it's speculation about what's going to happen after this is what he said but it's not helping or triple slaying incident who says it's going to percolate is worth it's
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directly elected president and that's up to the people to decide elections and what about 1st of all decision and what i would do you want to focus on what about and was the ultimate of them. to stay in opposition outside the government and i'm saying no government people have what would you have what would it be you answer that question you asked the question it will be a government supported by a populist and extremist forces and certainly not in the interest of my country that's why we probably heard the cost of this coalition at the same time as a social democracy we need to maintain and keep. the independence of judiciary we need to be the guardians of serbia faces with these charges isn't that all these charges then some saying that we need to play the role of the purse and that our task in the government i believe and 'd still hasn't been any final
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decision on any of the case is we are waiting for the for the outcome of the commissions of inquiry we are also waiting for the domestic cases to be finally closed until that. and the speculations which leaves a lot of but based. lot of pre-judgement. at the same time a double cross say in the country of the disposal of law you expect to wait until the court decides thomas petritsch thank you very much for bill go pleasure.
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the book. form for. the book trying to keep the book. plymouth time of year i just searched the list and find for the trouble up. to over come. and come here to come up it's time for. a little coming up ahead. please listen carefully.
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to suit the needs to do currently live discover the a slim. live subscribe to documentary to. not all think. well i guess sometimes i. think that. takes deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype of clay in here think the future of the country but i don't. need to see it take to describe the day i'm telling you it's all about. the time rachel joined me from the sunday w e post show and this is your balls speaking when i come to the
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show with the ding dong xoai concerts illustrious guests elin. live. don't come tonight. 3 weeks w. .
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight taking the case for impeachment to the people who come to war. good morning everyone so u.s. house of representatives opens historic public impeachment hearings against president. in the biggest challenge yet to his presidency democrats want to prove that he abused his power also coming up palestinian militants maintain their rocket barrage on israel in retaliation for the killing of one of their leaders in gaza israel has.


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