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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 14, 2019 2:45pm-3:00pm CET

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into society. this is the business i'm on in berlin welcome surprising figures from china show the country's industrial output grew at a significantly slower rate than expected during october production increased by 4.7 percent year on year despite many analysts expecting growth above 5 percent demand in the world's 2nd biggest economy has been slowing and g.d.p. growth is at its lowest rate for 3 decades chinese investors are hoping to get in near term boost if a preliminary trade deal can be reached with a us. maximillian count felt from the market the institute for china studies joins me now in the studio welcome now china introduced all these measures in order to shore up growth like cutting taxes for example it would appear that these measures that work you're right we've seen i receive
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a continued slow down in the if you look at economic growth as a hold of was reduced a few quarters ago at a attempts to score to resource low down to the lowest growth ever basically and for october data we see a slowdown in retail a fixed asset investment uncritically investment into fat manufacturing capabilities now you said that. the stimulus measures on particular working in this is particularly reflected from new bank lending which has reached one of the lowest levels of the. arctic. and our team is. the government is working on the supply side but the demand side is not holding up so there is there's too few bankable projects there is too much money restrictions in the financial system which lead to bank lending slugging and others as a result of growth not picking up now that sounds like bad news all the way for china but we although we know that the u.s.
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china trade war has weighed heavily on both sides there's mixed messages around whether these 2 sides will come to a resolution now china has a key condition for a deal now let's listen to the statement from the country's commerce ministry released earlier today show judge i don't want free both producers and consumers spend if it when we cancel tariffs and in the interest of both china and the us and also the world it helps everyone not just one side for a phone or bush or don't find the thought that. now is china given it the weak position it is in at the moment is it in a position to demand the cancellation of tariffs from the u.s. generally speaking no china exports far more goods to the us done done the opposite and likewise china invests heavily into u.s. financial markets but there is a weakness on the american side and that is particular to gartner group cultural
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products and this is something that comes up time and again in negotiations the american side demands purchases of agricultural goods this is the to clear him important at the moment because the us is heading towards election in 2020 and in the states that do exports are good cultural goods to china a lot of them are voting for trump which means that if he can secure a trade deal for them they might not come off and go through him. so given all of that how likely is it then that we will see a settlement this year well there was the talk of the so-called face one trade deal now we've heard we've heard similar stories before just been promises of purchases of these are great cultural goods but usually what happens is that it doesn't tiriel us this time markets has been the case in the past markets have responded to to with hope towards a trade deal we've seen currency appreciation on the chinese side but i wouldn't be too optimistic i think we need to wait and see waiting and seeing is what we've
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been doing this whole time absolutely thank you very much max from the market the institute for china studies thank you for your insights shifting our focus to europe now germany has narrowly avoided entering a technical recession the economy grew by point one percent in the last part or surprising analysts who had expected stagnation there were fears that europe's economic engine was headed for recession after growth slowed in the 2nd quarter export reliant germany has struggled as a result of the u.s. china trade war and slowing global demand. our financial correspondent chelsea delaney joins us now from frankfurt chelsea narrowly avoiding recession may be good news but does it actually inspire confidence. it's certainly early if definitely after all of the worry there's been about a recession but it's also an extremely low bar to be clearing here and i don't think it changes the the longer term narrative for germany which is very constrained growth expectations the german economy is really been hurt by these
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trade through china and we continue to see weak growth in the manufacturing sector but there are some bright spots including consumer spending remains strong construction activity is strong so there is hope that the economy has at least bottomed out but even even if that's the case the growth expectations are basically for stagnation going forward and there are a lot of downside risks including from these trade tensions which china and changes for the for the auto sector with. growth with the transition to electric vehicles so there's it's still not really looking great for the german economy the german economy is not out of the woods yet chelsea delaney in frankfurt there for us thank you very much a meeting of the so-called brics countries is underway in the brazilian capital brasilia they're trying to strengthen economic and security ties a challenging task for such a diverse group on any day but in a time where multi-lateralism has taken
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a hit it's an even harder project. he has to see in the brics countries chinese president xi jinping after all china is the undisputed heavyweight among emerging economies brazil russia india and south africa are merely audience members . there are lots of good suggestions on how we can strengthen trade systems commercial hurdles and improve communication and cooperation the suggestions shows what the economy needs . host brazilian president jarrod boss on our oh is stuck between a rock and a hard place he's no fan of multilateralism and he seeks close ties with u.s. president trump still china is a key investor for brazil what is it you would use. the premier of course china is our most important trading partner moves together with my entire team as
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well as the brazilian business community we want not just to expand we want to diversify trade relations. that's probably music too she's yours after europe and africa china has long had south america in mind for the construction of its gigantic infrastructure project the new silk road. the peace process in colombia is facing new challenges that could endanger a deal signed by the state and former. but there's also a new push from communities to strengthen peace with the government young business people are supporting projects that help x. fighters reintegrate into society d.w. visited a textile factory and brewery that has gotten involved rubin. is
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checking the brewery equipment the beer is one of the items being produced by former farm rebels following the peace agreement between fark and the government just like who then about 3000 exploiters live in these camps made for x. park members to reenter society the former fighters receive the equivalent of $200.00 euros a month it's the same money that finances the brewery. even though it is very popular sales income doesn't cover production costs. which is go back to those in the know that colleagues gave us the brewery in the fermenter they buy them for us and trust us to take care of them the way racking up debt to keep the project going we end up working just to pay off the debt. was there on this body there with us. it's a problem that the ex fighters in the cooperative weaving for peace know all too well here just a few meters away from the brewery clothing is being assembled the factory is only
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able to stay open with the help of a small company called money fiesta from bogota the entrepreneurs design and sell the clothes at the cooperative. but another better known i think but for us the reason behind it is the most important thing the story of the x. fighters who are using this year as a chance to once again become a part of society by having a go but at. the clothes sell well but the factory doesn't have the necessary resources and machines to help the ex fighters live from their sales. colombia has invested 8000000 euros in government projects independent projects like lateral or manifest or don't receive any support but government representatives emphasize that their financial aid is helping 50000 people and they finance a new project every 10 days. see the in the white building
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will you know if there was another place on earth that founded a new company every 10 days it would be considered the most productive place in the universe might succeed does a 1000000000 years. many colombians are against the peace process the situation has gotten worse since 2 former high level fark leaders once again took up the armed struggle against the state for joshua one of the agreements negotiators this situation means it's more urgent that exploiters find success in their projects is to call them reality going to be able to view these colombian men and women live in a world where dealing drugs and illegal mining attempting alternatives will fall to the. states has to offer them better opportunities that are more attractive than criminal activities or ok let's hear that if of economy if you've got. until or and the manifest
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a team know that it won't be easy but they and the exploiters want to prove that little by little peace in colombia is possible. chinese production data disappoints and germany narrowly escapes recession you heard it here and that's it for me and the d.w. business team for more you can always go to d.w. dot com slash business or follow us on social media i'm joined now the lot in berlin thank you very much for watching.
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