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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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their critics accuse both of stabbing their allies in the back end of will be in power like a dictator 2 leaders who appear to see eye to eye and that has lawmakers in washington seeing red i'm often berlin this is the day. we've been friends for a long time almost from day one we were to build a more stable and peaceful and prosperous middle east the kurds have risked a lot to stand with america to fight against our shared enemy we've had a great relationship with the kurds into we fought with them very successfully against isis we do not want to see turkey engage in office of action against the kurds. we have to distinguish between 2 things we have no problems with the kurds we have problems with terrorist organizations music assume. a big fan of the
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president. also coming up with the american football quarterback colin kaepernick his performance on the field has never been questioned his kneeling on the field well that kept him out of work is that about to change. i know that he's better than so many other these quarterback that are in the way. the n.f.l. can get past themselves a little bit. on the right side of things. going to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with turkish president to one receiving a warm welcome at the white house getting the cold shoulder from the rest of washington these are tough times for the u.s. turkish relationship from nato to our media from syria to russia there are fundamental disagreements that threaten to pull both countries in opposite
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directions add to that public impeachment hearings in washington and you wouldn't expect president drunk to roll out the welcome mat now for president air to one but that is exactly what he did and while it may not have been a disaster the visit was all quiet and uncomfortable for the turks and the americans a members of congress did not play poker face with mr erda one in a closed door meeting at the white house a heated exchange reportedly took place over turkey's assault on the kurds and over turkey's denial of the armenian genocide president trump yesterday tried to tell reporters that all is well between the 2 native allies despite turkey's invasion into kurdish controlled northern syria last month. and i will say that we've had a great relationship with the kurds and we fought with them very successfully against isis we have a great relationship with the kurds we have had we're with them now we get along
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with them and by the way i think the president he may have some factions within the kurds but i think the president has a great relationship with the kurds. and we have to distinguish between 2 things we have no problems with the kurds we have problems with terrorist organizations and there are some terrorists among the kurds and who are they. and why keiji there are of the terrorist organizations p k k the kurdistan workers party does if it did it means we have coverage tonight from washington and is stamboul the problem for the alias is with us from the u.s. capitol and he doesn't use yulia han from turkey's largest city to both of you good evening public we start with you the timing of this meeting it seemed well it could have been better was the focus of an impeachment hearing just up the street and heir to one roundly criticized by the west for invading northern syria i mean it
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was pretty bad. you said it brant the timing definitely could have been better for president trump of course the impeachment hearing just literally oped the street from the white house was taking place and as you can imagine most of the journalists who were there in the white house were eager to get some sort of reaction from president trump but he says he was actually too busy to watch the proceedings and he focused instead on of course that meeting which was taking place or had taken place with his turkish counterpart president of the one we also conference get that actually many had been asking from both the republicans and democrats for president from to rescind this invite to president of the one over concerns with regarding at turkey's treatment of the you know the u.s. has long standing at kurdish allies in syria and also of this you know anti missile
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system that turkey had bought from russia and also at the crackdown from turkey on opposition figures but president trump continued with the meeting as we saw and essentially ignored what was being asked of them from members of you know republicans and democrats who will probably get your take on what happened in the oval office yesterday you know we had trump there to one and a bunch of us senators who feel very differently your belt mr elder one been trying to see. how did that. well 1st and foremost i think it's important to stress that that's not something that we often see in fact it's pretty unusual brant as you know to invite me in this case 5 republican senators to a meeting of this level now among them was actually one of president trump you know a close allies that's lindsey graham a senator and he was there because of course they along with members of the republican party and the democrats have been very critical of turkey's purchase of
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this weapon system from russia and also like i said before you know the treatment of the kurds by turkey in that particular in syria and of course they were pretty outspoken in many respects against president trump in the past few months and also of that you know turkey's policies in general now what was quite interesting is what we heard with regards to president and i'm taking out an i pod and showing at what's being described as a propaganda video showing at what's been said as turkey kurdish terrorist attacks no doubt didn't go down well in particular with lindsey graham who was very vocal you know and like i said before an ally of a close ally of president trump but what's quite interesting again is that today we've heard from lindsey graham you mentioned it earlier and he's actually you have blocked a resolution you know formally recognizes that the armenian genocide which was one of the issues had really angered the president of the one so it's been
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a very interesting 24 hours you could see that again what about from where you're sitting right now i mean how did this oval office visit play there in turkey. were people there talking about the video that mr. well what donald trump and others got to see there in that video is basically the dominant narrative here in turkey that the kurdish fighters that in syria are terrorists and that the u.s. is betraying its ally turkey by supporting the terrorism that narrative is that repeated being repeated over and over again by media that are overwhelmingly pro-government that so that's what brady many people here in turkey if not most of the people do think so not many thought it was where that ad and showed trump that video they even thought it was it was great that he did well upon his return from
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washington to add one today this visit basically as a success he said i quote him trying to make sincere efforts based on mutual trust and nothing really substantial came out of these meetings but maybe that's not what matches to anger at right now the message really is that donald trump rolled out the red carpet to prison ed and just weeks after he started his military incursion into north and syrian incursion that has been widely criticized not only in the u.s. in what about this time that mr everyone seems to be walking right now we do turkey is of course a member of nato was an ally of the united states that the same time it seems to be cozying up more and more with russia how's that being portrayed there. well you met many critics say that turkey is not exactly behaving like a nato ally right now and that's because that's what pablo mentioned before.
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the russian made s. $400.00 missile defense system the 1st part of that system was delivered in summer and has not been made over racial yet and apparently trump to add one not to activate the system at all and today rejected that proposal and said i quote him it's an infringement of sovereign rights so he says he's not going to let the russians down but at the same time he still holds out the option of buying u.s. patridge defenses so it seems like and one is trying to see how far he can take this i mean in the end so far he avoided u.s. sanctions over buying this russian made to system yet so far he's avoided the sanctions. lawmakers in washington there are what they're thinking about these sanctions aren't there because they don't want what they're seeing you do they this relationship between the wall and blood to be able to. you're absolutely right on
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it and it's quite stark difference because let's not forget and we actually heard it there you know president trump had some very kind words to say for president edwin actually at one point he said he was a big fan of president and the one i thought did not go down very well at all here at like i said before republicans and democrats feeling very onesie about that and you know you have been mentioning there this purchase as well of the turkey you know turkey you know from russia s 400 missile defense system which you know president tom said was a very serious challenge but you know you he also said it didn't it didn't seem like anything was really resolved in this meeting that took place here in washington and that congress does want to sanction at the one and you know many members of the press and members of it you know think tanks and so on have been very critical of those policies towards the kurds but once again no sanctions meaning appear to have really materialized and this is you know despite the fact
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that the white house national security adviser robert o'brien reiterated that you know there was a real threat and this was a real threat to the united states and it's causing a lot of unease here once again president trump you know just how very kind words to say for the president of the one so for the moment doesn't seem to be any sanctions on the way you will be before we remember a time to be answered a major focus of the moment is turkey's handling of not only a massive number of syrian refugees but also these former fighters from so-called islamic state is heir to one do you see him trying to weaponize this situation. well that might turn into a major problem for europe in particular and yes many are afraid he might use these suspected isis militants to accept pressure on the euro like he has repeatedly threatened to set to open the gates and send syrian refugees to europe whenever he
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is unhappy about something the european union does and the numbers are really huge at owen says he holds currently more than a 1000 isis suspects in turkish jail 700 of them about $700.00 of them offering nationals and that's just the people here inside turkey there are thousands more currently in kurdish camps in the north of syria and iran now shares the responsibility of dealing with these people and he just started this week of just sending them back to european countries and many of these countries do not want to take these people back others including germany some people were sent to germany today seem to be unprepared and everyone knows all of this he knows how to make european governments very uncomfortable yet that he definitely does a correspondence really haunted stamboul in public affiliates in washington to both of you thank you.
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israel says a series of rockets have been fired from gaza despite a cease fire that was agreed to earlier with the militant palestinian group islamic jihad the last 2 days have seen the heaviest fighting in months along the gaza border 34 palestinians died in israeli strikes on gaza. messe l. soar into the night sky above gaza before being snuffed out by israel's iron dome missile defense system. but as day broke it seemed to beckon a fragile peace here. news of a deescalation in the air. also confirmed the decease fire deal was reached under the supervision of egypt and it went into effect on the ground at 5 am with islamic jihad conditions of. the dealing
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kluge the occupier israel submission to conditions to stop the assassinations protect the much of return demonstrators and to begin the procedures to break the siege of gaza. the clashes began after israeli forces killed a senior commander from the palestinian militant group islamic jihad. the fought back firing hundreds of missiles towards israel destroying buildings anew in doing razor didn't striking panic into everyday life. it was is really fire power which proved deadliest air strikes on militant targets in the occupied territory of gaza killed dozens many of them civilians and children israel says the cease fire deal will bring an end to the bloodshed though not the grief. is
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it an olive branch for a once shunned american football star or just a public relations stunt quarterback collin kaepernick will all dition for n.f.l. teams on saturday but the trial leaves many questions unanswered like why now and who will actually be there to watch 3 years ago kaepernick started in ealing during the pregame national lanthanum to call attention to racial injustice sparking a backlash in the united states kaepernick couldn't find a job after that season and later filed a grievance against the n.f.l. and its owners and fusing them of colluding to keep him out earlier this year the 32 year old and the n.f.l. reached a settlement sacrificing everything that's what's going on to help answer that question and more i'm joined to the big table now my colleague chris harrington from b. w. sports chris good to see you this impromptu work al it's called by the n.f.l.
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what what's the n.f.l. up to with this it doesn't smell right brained it does a smell right at all 1st off a sort term notice kaffir nick and his advisors only had a 2 hour window to accept the offer by the n.f.l. the day it's taking place on a saturday typically quarterbacks in cap and exposition trying out for teams free age. trials with teams are conducted on tuesdays after teams have played the n.f.l. kicks off on sundays this is an open trial for 32 teams to come not some teams have said they're not coming we don't know exactly what kind of representation the teams will bring to the tryout you know but for a number of reasons and still the details of the trial itself we have no idea what he will be doing the n.f.l. at last reports haven't even decided on what kind of throwing regime in quarterback passes he'll have to conduct you know along with the type of workout it is but we do know it's
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a combine style workout which i'll touch on well we know that he has been basically out of the job for what 3 years now. but he says despite that he's kept himself game ready. as. without being in the game that's pretty tough to do he's been conducting workouts he's been very proud he's been you know for a continual basis waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning you know posting his social media workouts throwing quarterback passes and so on he actually went to twitter and here's a tweet now i'm just getting word from my representatives the n.f.l. league reached out for a workout in atlanta on saturday i've been in shape and ready for this for 3 years i can't wait to see head coach is a g.m. that's the kicker right there to head coaches and g.m.'s unlikely to be there the combine style workout bring it what it is is basically reserved for players that are about 2223 years old and have yet to play in the n.f.l. and we know that he's not 20 years old if he's going to get those same measurements
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you know comparing the times because basically it's a series of runny you know a lot of drills you know fitness tests basically to see you know how good his body he has stayed in shape over the his hiatus you know but. the short term situation all that all this together is it seems like potentially it's a set up for failure well remind us how did he get to this point i mean he's had a fall from grace significantly yet one point you know he was celebrated as the 40 niners signal caller led them to a super bowl did very well they lost a super bowl you know you know but he was nailing asked the question about after why reporters and know why he was needed he addressed the issue saying that it was you know to bring attention to the social injustice and he cited one example saying a lot of african-americans have been gunned down by police police have not been held accountable well court of public opinion associated him nailing during the
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national anthem is being unpatriotic and that's when president trump chimed danger in this you know time but you know now trump has come out and said if he's good enough maybe he. he gets a shot to play you know but that's when things went downhill from college capron he did the nike ad and so forth and became you know really the poster child for social injustice you know what i mean cause that's what people remember now when you say his name they think of the nike. let me ask you about music icon jay z. yeah so he recently signed an intertainment deal with n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell was he involved in any of of this what we're seeing happen this week yeah that's what some reports are saying jay z. is also now not only just you know overseeing the management of the music but he's also revamping inspired change it's the social arm of the n.f.l. and this has jay z. written all over it for one when the announcement was made in the interview was made with roger goodell he basically made the statement we are past kneeling which
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outraged a lot of column cabernets supporters or you know he received a lot of backlash for that and for all we know this was in the works for quite some time you know it's interesting what's been coming out the narrative it makes it very clear the college caprona camp and the n.f.l. can't even agree on the agreement but it looks like this is come to fruition with jay z. because it was reported the settlement that he did sign and so this is not a part of the settlement that was already reported so the only thing that that you can connect. well he was a no 2 in that settlement maybe he agreed to that settlement to never taken me again or to never imagine it again so at the end of the day are we looking at a situation where this could be a win win for the n.f.l. and a lose lose for going company with a win win for the n.f.l. it's definitely good for p r you know one of colic happening former players eric reed who's still active in the n.f.l. he still kneels during the anthem he's come out publicly say it is a p.r. stunt you know so that way the n.f.l.
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can always cover themselves and say we gave him a shot he's been bragging that he's been ready it's put up or set up and he wasn't ready but collin capper nick i think the measuring stick is so difficult if he's mean compared to what spring chickens do in terms of assessments and all of the physical drills he'll have to go through but if he does shock and awe a scout maybe we do see him wanted team. not an old man chris we have to say i say 32 and last but not least he has a figurative lee and literally show up we haven't had final confirmation i mean i think we'll have to wait until saturday but you know what was the what happened on saturday yes definitely chris harrington is always pressed me pretty said thank you ok. well before we leave you tonight we want to take you to south asia and the story of a national hero in india a most stuff fighter pilot was shot down in pakistan in february during
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a standoff over the kashmir region the pakistani air force has just opened an exhibition featuring a wax figure of the indian wing commander and i tunes from his captured plane pakistanis they are flocking to the gallery. if he joined the air force for glory and undoubtedly got what he wanted a national hero in his native india the wing commander now also has a whole gallery devoted to him in pakistan they clearly for different reasons the indian pilot made international headlines after he was shot down in a dogfight and captured by the pakistani military during a major standoff with india earlier this year. now the pilot's uniform as well as others seized personal belongings are on show at the pakistan air force museum in karachi. it's an unashamed tribute to what curators and visitors see as proof of pakistani military might and it's leaving school children and students with their
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eyes the glad. that this images that we could say are as good if not all of his belongings were confiscated and they're now on display here at the museum it felt very good today to see all these articles on display we are proud of the pakistan after. the exhibition also features debris of the downed indian fighter jet a reminder that the incident at the heart of it was serious following a suicide attack in indian kashmir india and pakistan conducted tit for tat as strikes in each other's territory in february and analysts raise the alarm that the skirmish could turn into an all out war but i doubt tensions come to when pakistan freed about a man from captivity and handed him back to india. but the hype around the pilot didn't die down. neither did the nationalist fervor that that his capture had
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fueled on both sides of the border. i. was at the exhibition many visit is a feeling as patriotic as ever. want to tell about the pakistani army did a good thing and they have made us proud they have failed us with enthusiasm so we can fight with carnage and pride if someone dares to attack us and we can say proudly that we are pakistani and we are no less than anyone else. the legendary story of wing commander and time on a source of national pride for fight india and pakistan. and the exhibit has sparked a flurry of reaction on social media like this tweet from an indian user in delhi pakistanis have become great fans of wing commander on the undone who spoke like a boss even under the most trying and intimidating conditions inside an enemy country as a p.o.w.
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after all statues are built for heroes and this was the response from a user located impact in england with a pakistani take on the exhibit of course we love we really enjoyed our fantastic tea and he didn't say anything bad about pakistan when sent back through the way and border we can always invite him again when he brings us another plane and fancies more fantastic sea. closer to world peace there that is almost on the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either d.w. news you can follow me a brit golf t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everyone.
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this republic is a digital lab lithuania and its 1000 sector. is a house for exciting new start ups. young talents flocked to the capital investments back new firms in the digital economy is flourishing. but will the boom last. next on d w. opportunities for everyone regardless of
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ethnicity or appearance unfortunately for many migrants in germany that may be a distant dream. many companies are trying to make their application process is more inclusive but does that really show against discrimination. made in germany 60 minutes. is a culture. there it goes inside. their rivalry. princes . dream of the world.
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their full power and the boundless ambition of the middle east to a great crisis in. the life of the gulf states nov 27th on t.w. . hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe i will are about below glad you could join us french cuisine is famous the world over so you may be surprised to hear that it's at the heart of a cultural war living the good life in france includes cullen airy delights such as meat cheese and fish the food is so treasured that it was named.


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