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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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swop was actually brought to the attention of president vladimir putin on wednesday during his daily call with russian journalists when asked about victor mr putin said the kremlin does not comment about cats you're watching the news live from berlin coming up next your business with javier i gave us our minder all the latest news and information are around the clock on our website d w dot com thanks want to. go to the euro max you tube channel. closed mind of stewards. with the exclusive. must see concerning parts in culture again you're a. good place to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribers don't miss out.
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over. the debris of. the u.s. china trade talks stall on agricultural imports well donald trump claims an agreement is just around the corner china makes a 1st step to lifting a ban on u.s. poultry products. also on the show the german parliament clears the way for the controversial north stream to pipeline raising concerns about dependency on russian gas in germany and europe. and in the struggle to keep the peace in their country young colombian business people help thanks to rio fires me entered made into so
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site. it's time for business on the w m how you know to get us welcome to the program the chinese government has lifted a ban. and on poultry imports from the united states the measure will allow american poultry products worth more than $1000000000.00 to be exported to china u.s. trade representative robert light hisor confirmed earlier reports by the chinese news agency she won at the same time the u.s. will allow imports of pre-cooked poultry meat from china. the news comes as agriculture is reportedly becoming a big obstacle in the u.s. china trade talks and his dad who is joining us right now from wall street for more of us that it's good to see you what's the current status then of that face one deal doll trump keeps announcing. so what a cold face one oriskany trade deal it's proving to be as tense as her previous rounds of negotiations especially when it comes to demand from day united states on
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telly keep issues like intellectual property protection or force technology transfers or reducing or counseling targets in a case of china that countries seem to be playing hardball not to appear weak in what it could compromise around 60 percent of what todo with deal according to trump but china is not willing to compromise to a particular a come number when it comes to increasing u.s. agricultural product parcheesi is while the u.s. officials believe that tar eaves are the only way to make it stick to any compromise the house of his let's talk about another front for u.s. trade the european front many we're expecting an announcement by donald trump today on possible tariffs on european car imports did we hear anything at all. there is a still no official war on whether trumpet ministration is planning to impose tariffs on car imports the truong did say wednesday he had been fully briefed
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already and will make a decision soon blind. they'll be flexible so for another 6 months bill a is expected as a german i would have been lobbying and defending their investment here in the us to avoid an outcome that will tax your p. and cars with that 25 percent duty. simply plan for example mark said the beginning of an $800000000.00 expansion bill electric vehicles and around $1000.00 jobs here at. bringing us the latest from wall street thank you very much in new york. germany has given the green light for a special north stream to gas pipeline regulation agreed with the e.u. it means the pipeline will not fall under new e.u. regulations next year they would forbid gas problem to supply north stream 2 because it also owns it but clever berlin politicians have found a fix for the problem. donald stream to pipeline is owned by russian energy concern
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gazprom the gas it carries is also gas problems but the new e.u. regulations says the pipeline owner and gas provider must be different companies as of 2020 but that would apply to north stream too which is still being built so the german government is claiming that since the pipeline is as good as done it shouldn't come under the looming legislation. the plan is for the 1200 kilometer long pipeline to transport an additional 55000000000 cubic meters of russian gas directly to germany the gas is needed to secure electricity supplies now the country is phasing out nuclear and coal power e.u. countries as well as the u.s. maintain that a 2nd gas pipeline across the baltic increases europe's dependence on russia. in the u.s. there have been warnings of sanctions on european companies taking part but michelle holmes who's just returned from washington thinks that some likely.
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north stream too is a difficult subject for the americans i made up position very clear and i believe that the arguments have been heard that we need to coordinate efforts with our allies and we shouldn't punish those companies involved in the project. the pipeline is almost ready if everything runs according to plan not stream 2 will into service in the 2nd half of next year. some of the other business stories we're following for you on the closing day of a 2 day summit the brics nations of the top emerging economies warned that trade tensions and policy uncertainty are undermining the global economy china russia india brazil and south africa urged the world to keep markets open and slam protectionism the 5 countries represent about a 3rd of overall output. in the hamburg region of northern germany farmers
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dominated the highways on thursday as state environment ministers gathered in the city for a conference around 4000 vehicles obstructed traffic as they flowed into words hamburg from all directions farmers hunters and shepherds all see their sectors threatened by tightening regulations. to namibia now where a corruption scandal has rocked the country's fishing industry and claimed political casualties 2 ministers have resigned after allegations they received millions in bribes from iceland's biggest fishing company sam perry the money was supposedly in exchange for fishing quotas and totaled around $11000000.00 euros. some harries trawler fleet catches thousands of tons of fish across the world's oceans by the look of things far more than they're allowed to to avoid being handicapped by strict quotas the company's managers are said to have paid one and a half 1000000000 icelandic crowns in bribes some 11000000 euros the bribes were
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aimed at namibian politicians they're accused of transferring the maybe as lucrative national fishing quota to the some hairy fisheries company in return your highness stephens and is a former some hairy employee. or whatever the obstacle was you just had to overcome it to get as much quota as possible including bribery yes paying bribes was no problem for some hurry this is criminal activity is organized crime. namibia's justice minister and fisheries minister both resigned on thursday for the time being at least fisheries minister bernard esau won't comment. that your son in law accepted money from on this i'm going to somebody you're he said you said that he was going to bring that money to you were you aware that the investigator mother the scandal has whipped up a storm in iceland as well where the company's c.e.o. is quote stepping aside. in colombia the peace process is facing new challenges
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that could endanger peace deal signed by the state and former foreign guerrillas but there's also a new push from communities to strengthen peace with the government young business people are supporting projects that help exterior fighters me integrate into society we visited a textile factory a brewery that have gotten boxed rubin down a meal is checking the brewery equipment the beer lot ohai is one of the items being produced by former fire brambles following the peace agreement between fark and the government. just like then about $3000.00 x. fighters live in these camps made for x. park members to reenter society the former fighters receive the equivalent of $200.00 euros a month it's the same money that finances the brewery. even though it is very popular sales income doesn't cover production costs. more just. colleagues gave us the brewery and the fermenter they buy them for us and trust us
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to take care of them where racking up debt to keep the project going we end up working just to pay off the debt. was there on this body with us. it's a problem that the ex fighters and the cooperative we've been for peace know all too well here just a few meters away from the brewery clothing is being assembled the factory is only able to stay open with the help of a small company called money fiesta from bogota the entrepreneurs design and sell the clothes at the cooperative. but another better known i think but for us the reason behind it is the most important thing the story of the x. fighters who are using this year as a chance to once again become a part of society by having a go but at. the clothes sell well but the factory doesn't have the necessary resources and machines to help the ex fighters live from their sales. colombia has invested 8000000 euros in government projects independent projects
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like little house or money if you don't receive any support but government representatives emphasize that their financial aid is helping 50000 people and they finance a new project every 10 days. see you know why build more of you know if there was another place on earth that founded a new company every 10 days it would be considered the most productive place in the universe might succeed does not build years. many colombians are against the peace process this issue ation has gotten worse since 2 former high level fark leaders once again took up the armed struggle against the state for joshua one of the agreements negotiators this situation means it's more urgent that exploiters find success in their projects is to call them reality going to be able to view these colombian men and women live in
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a world where dealing drugs and illegal mining attempting alternatives will fall the. state has to offer them better opportunities that are more attractive than criminal activities or ok let's hear that if of economy have you got. angela and them and if yes to team know that it won't be easy but they and the ex fighters want to prove that little by little peace in colombia is possible. and that's all for this edition of w business thank you for watching and remember you can always stay up to date on our web site the doubly dustups you next up about.
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opportunities for everyone regardless of ethnicity or parents unfortunately for many migrants in germany that may be a distant dream. many companies are trying to make their application process is more inclusive but does that really help against discrimination. made in germany. often double. the.
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strong opinions clear position of the international perspectives we're currently witnessing often violent protests in countless countries around the world people talking about a new global political awakening the words of the protesters have been common to well we'll be angry uprisings mean to us find out the point shall slay. him 60 minutes on the t w. shish hello airplanes this is the new balls speaking what come to the show with the ding dong xoai and concert. with mr skinner. rocking sound.
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bending credible look you. are in our way and. will come tonight. 3 weeks w. . what it takes to be successful let's see a good education for sure good not pleasing looks it can do any harm if you're well spoken to ideally in more than just one language yes i think those things could lead to success but there is one major hurdle hugh has very little influence over.


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