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i. don't want to principles of the cold storage nov 27th on t.w. . plane . plane. plane. this is g.w. news live from berlin venice braces itself for more flooding as the tide rises again the water is not expected to reach wednesday's levels but it still puts the city's unique cultural heritage of france and the government has declared a state of emergency also coming up on kong's trauma leads to a 2nd death a 70 year old street cleaner caught in clashes between proto marker c activists and
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a group opposing that look at the latest on welcome arrivals in berlin turkey says there german fighters for the so-called islamic state the german government says there's no proof but it still has to work out how to handle that. and now it's baby shark time. to. find out how the infectious south korean song got 3900000 hits on you tube and left in some on expected basis. i'm sumi so what's going to thank you for joining us flooding continues to threaten venice the government has declared a state of emergency and approved 20000000 generals for immediate aid pry. minister
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she said the country has described the catastrophic flooding as quote a blow to the heart of the nation and the mayor of venice says the very future of the city is at stake. and let's speak to our correspondent james jackson is standing by for us in venice and he joins us for more on this story hi james good to see you we understand it has been another dramatic day there in venice tell us what you've been seeing there. it's been extremely high level of tide today people have not felt prepared i've spoken to shopkeepers and they say it never reaches this level normally it's not as high as 2 days ago but still 70 percent of venice is expected to be under water today it's just started raining the whole of some mark's square is flooded there are seagulls floating around rubbish you can probably see behind me we've had various politicians famously famous politicians walking poss minister on the mare of venice himself so it's been a dramatic day with helicopter heads thus the tide is beginning to go down arrows
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very quickly it's taking a little bit longer to go down but it's going to have to wait until that happens before we can see how much damage is being done well amid that flooding of people there in venice have been trying to cope with the situation and concerned of course about more rain possibly being on the way let's take a look at some of that coping efforts now. land and sea become one again another exceptionally high tide is wreaking havoc on venice. workers dismantle elevated walkways to protect the public. it is yet more destruction after days of dismay. not jurado has given everything to this place. none of the fridges are working we're trying to dry things off. for 200 years this grand hotel has stood the test of time untied. but this week the devastation is
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considerable these are saying was a shock but i think we have $70000.00 euros of damage more or less obviously we're still counting the level of damage and we're still trying to fix parts of electricity i mean there really matter. as all of venice take stock of the damage some are wondering if nature is finally closing in on this lagoon city's fortifications not rado. long we're from the venice venetians born in venice most of us are venetian so to say stop with venice never. put it to the prime minister to kidney damage for himself visiting since mark's basilica and meeting those working to rebuild he pledged millions of euros in help but. i saw great distress. today i spoke to a newsstand owner mr bulger who saw his kiosk collapse in the ju decker canal. he
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lost everything. you can imagine what it means 1st someone who owns a business to see his world drowning in the water or services and if you don't have any he also promised to turn this into a reality the more a title defense system that has been plagued by corruption and delays it was designed in 1984. before then locals must contend with an almighty cleanup operation that is expected to cost hundreds of millions. for a game so we saw that the people are trying to assess the situation from what you've seen what is the extent of the damage so far so we've seen a lot of flooded shops we've seen coffee shops and hotels the whole streets a fold with water making it really hard to get around there's
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a lot of people coming out of the streets to see what's happening but others are pushing water out of their shops piling thing fun at her on top of things just trying to get rid of as much water as possible and see what they can do about the damage i spoke to someone a minute ago who said they've had to throw away for mattresses afraid and a sofa because of the damage in the last few days and today so it keeps on happening to the local venetians and they're very they're not happy about it they're not. feeling particularly hopeful about the city's capacity to reimburse them or the federal government has approved 20000000 euro is in aid how will that help. so 20000000 euros really isn't a lot of money when you think the the local man. has 6 has estimated but it's 1000000000 euros worth of damage that's been done of course venice is a sort of us go cultural heritage so that means that there's some things here which
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are completely priceless and irreplaceable it's salt water that's flooded which is especially damaging because it can crystallize it could be destroying precious works of art but also the people who live here the houses are destroyed and they're not feeling particularly hopeful about getting that money back some someone i spoke to this morning told me the government always sends money but we never see any of it our correspondent james jackson reporting there in venice thank you. a man has died in hong kong after being caught in clashes between pro-democracy demonstrators and a group opposing them the 7 year old street cleaner was hit on the head with a brick on wednesday it's not clear who threw it earlier this month the student fell from a multi-story parking garage and later died the unrest in hong kong has worsened in recent days after more than 5 months of anti-government demonstrations.
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and we can get an update on the situation now correspondent yes printing a is standing by in hong kong hi mathias what can you tell us about this lace that latest incident of this man having died on wednesday. yeah so the man was hit on wednesday with a brick as you said it was in a northern suburb of. hong kong and protest is facing counter protesters in this in this place we do not really know who the counter protesters were with their local residents or were they people who had gathered there to face the protesters both sides was throwing bricks at each other and this man cleena who was on his lunch break was got in between the 2 sides whether he was part of one of the sides or whether he just was happened to be there we do not know so he was hit by a brick in his hat and then he was brought to
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a hospital where he died today it really shows how these protests have escalated mathias they've grown more violent this week we also miss that they've taken on a new look at tell us more about how they the protests have changed and what that means. well what's new for the 1st is that they have been going on for the whole week office workers have come out of their offices at lunch break to stage a 2 hour protest around noon and we have seen these battles for the university campuses here where i stand this is one of the universities it's occupied now by the protesters but some of these clashes especially at one university in the north of of hong kong have been very violent it looked almost like a medieval battle scene from a movie with. fire bombs being thrown to the police they answered with tear gas it was smoke everywhere and then some people even brought arrows and flashes which
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fortunately did not hit any of their intended targets but it all looked pretty pretty awful lettice as all of this is thing going on are there any holes on how much supports these protesters still have among the general hong kong public. there are regular polls about a lot of questions our own these protests from which we can. deduct that basically about 2 thirds or 3 quarters of the population are on the side of the pro-democracy movement now that doesn't mean that all of them support what all the protests or what some of the protestors do. about 40 percent think that the violence has been excessive the violence by the protesters 70 percent those think that tobias by the police has been excessive but we see this divide around about 2 thirds one 3rd
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75 percent 25 percent throughout all. the questions these polls that show the late is there from october and october saw another escalation to these polls were conducted after a significant escalation and at that time there was almost no shift in the in the divide there are almost no indices of people in these polls and there has been no shift compared to august and september but we have not seen the results for november yet i am not sure the the. questions might have been asked before this week we will probably soon see the results so i am not sure whether they will reflect on this new escalation where university campuses now have been blocked permanently and also major roads have been blocked permanently it could mean that this this would change the picture of it but so far we haven't seen that correspondent here spending up reporting from hong kong good to talk to you.
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was way just heard there hong citizens are pretty divided in their views about the pro-democracy demonstrations some support them a lot of us are opposed that difference of opinion extends to chinese name letters living in the territory a neighborhood forum on hong kong's political crisis one of many such events that hong kong's vibrant civil society has organized so she ology lecture i mean nearly as happy to speak out publicly something she would have never considered 11 years ago when she 1st moved to hong kong from the chinese mainland to ranjit into a 100 with hope i suddenly heard so many different opinions when i arrived and some of them felt completely unacceptable even just talking about them was too much to see i had a feeling of danger which i felt they were foreign forces trying to change me or even brainwash me yes but then i became curious on the edge of the house
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today mentally ardently supports free speech when the pro-democracy movement took to the streets in june she joined them and when the government ignored the demands she even went on a hunger strike. since then the protests have escalated massively with police using tear gas and rubber bullets and protesters who link petrol bombs and rigs almost daily and things just keep getting worse many people in hong kong are shocked by the violence. victim is one of them he also arrived in hong kong more than a decade ago he works in the financial sector and proudly identifies as a hong kong. boley all hong kong people must condemn the violence and the illegal acts no matter where we are from including our friends from germany the us japan
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that we only to stand up and say no to this so this must stop. but he's not concerned about the city's freedoms to those who say they fear that hong kong might become more and more like the mainland he responds so what question 19 the 90 or so when i'm from lunging but i know very well. i often go to shanghai and to beijing and. i don't know hong kong very well so much i think there's nothing to fear. i think the source of this fear is that people don't understand the mainland. we nearly however is afraid of losing her freedom because videos she publicly defends the democracy movement are circulating online when her father recently texted her from the mainland warning that what she said was inappropriate he knew who was behind obama's equipment my
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car doesn't know how to bypass the great firewall there's no way he came across my speeches on the sense of chinese internet i didn't tell him so the only way he could have known is that state security told him so i asked him where the agents had visited him he didn't reply. immediately hasn't been intimidated by the threats so far she's due speaking out hoping to preserve the hard won freedoms. let's get a round up now of some stories making headlines around the world hong kong's deeply unpopular justice secretary theresa chiang has allegedly been assaulted by demonstrators in london chiang was department is in charge of prosecuting protesters fell after being surrounded by a heckling crowd hong kong's leader kerry lamb and the chinese government have strongly condemned these actions. 3 major lebanese parties have agreed to nominate a former finance minister mohammad sufi sufi to serve as prime minister sufi his
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predecessor resigned at the end of october following nationwide anti-corruption protests the demonstrations have thrown lebanon into political and economic turmoil . chile has announced it will hold a referendum to amend the country's dictatorship era constitution after weeks of anti-government protests demonstrations started nearly a month ago over a plan to increase the price of subway tickets the protesters are now demanding wide ranging social reforms and the resignation of president sebastian pinera. in bolivia the self appointed interim president janina on yes is building her cabinet and announcing upcoming elections but she says former president is on what alice will not be allowed to run but alice resigned on sunday and is now in exile in mexico thousands of his supporters marched through the capital of pass saying what alice was forced out in a coup and should be allowed to run again whoa whoa many have been stop
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protesting since they left power. evil merola says by the poor indigenous people some of the red poncho is because red is the color of the left and the poncho the traditional garb of indigenous people in the andes right now morocco says red bice's white hart with fury. this evil morale is a good man who has been working for the people because he didn't want to rob us like those evil gangsters people merola's who's believed his 1st indigenous president on sunday he quit and then fled to mexico from there he's given statement after statement saying he was forced out for being against the country's rich white minority. the laundry to sit in my crime was being indigenous. when a president governs in the interests of the social movements of the peasant farmers and workers then the police mutinies and carries out
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a coup because he wanted to sell but believe his government says there's another side to even morale as on display inside the penthouse he had built. they say he's been living lavishly despite his socialist rhetoric. a lifestyle far removed from that of his struggling supporters many of whom and just a couple of 100 euros per month. can be accumulated like a rich man while claiming to speak with a number that was poverty it's so what i mean to put what's on show is why evo morales never less anyone up to the top floors of the hives of the people they. believe because of the house of the people the national assembly from here the woman who's declared she's replacement is consolidating the power you need and yes he's promising new elections soon but she's ruling out a comeback by morality saying it would violate the constitution. of the morale is not sellable to run for a 4th term trying to do so is caused all these protests. since
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last month's disputed presidential elections the 2 believe us has been struggling for power right now morale is off as it should has the security forces backing but what still disputed is who truly has the support of the people. turkey has started deporting people it believes to be foreign terrorist fighters thousands are currently detained in turkish camps a group of 7 has arrived here in berlin germany says foreign ministry has confirmed their german citizenship but says it doesn't know whether any of them are fighters for the so-called islamic state turkey has said it will deport 23 more european nationals in the next few days and let's get more on the story with our chief political editor michelle. so what do we know about these deportees and their connections to the so-called islamic state or any other militant groups. well we know that they are citizens that's been confirmed here and we know that turkey
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refers to them as foreign terrorist fighters but according to the interior ministry here it's by no means established that they were really close to islamic state or any terrorist organization here in germany they are well known to the or storage fees they are seen as part of the salafist scene in those saxony where they originally come from so if there is more evidence handed over by the turkish authorities to the german authorities there might be a real case to build also a criminal case but for now they are in the process of being interviewed and also under observation by the german security agencies ok so they're under observation but what is germany planning to do with these deportees. well that's a big question and there was a warning here from politicians who are experts in the security field not to have a public hysteria over these people who are returning because this family is known
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to german authorities they are by no means counted into the group of some 700 who are seen as a real danger to german society if they are here and the question now is whether that status would be reassessed but as far as experts here are concerned this is a rather normal process because after all germany also sends back foreign nationals who are seen as a potential threat or who are have any kind of criminal record or don't so it's not really seen as a real security risk here by the authorities right now and yet a lot of germans might be asking themselves what are the security implications of germany taking these people who turkey says are foreign terrorist fighters. is all that really depends on whether any evidence is built but no doubt there is a risk in that evidence might not be delivered here to germany that there might not be enough tracks and we know of 2 other cases 2 women who are due to arrive
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according to to the turks or sorties in germany today at least one of them is seen as a direct link to islamic state but also there have also been efforts to deal radicalize these individuals so that is something that is clearly creating a bit of a stir here in the public but the or sorties from now don't really perceive this as any kind of rise in any risk to the public our chief political editor michel because now for us thank you very much. more stories now from around the world the german parliament has approved a new law making the government responsible for implementing climate protection measures the law set specific targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the future from the energy transport and housing sectors of them at least one person has been killed during heavy snowfall in southeastern france the 1st major storm of the season has caused widespread destruction against the region across the region rather tens of thousands of homes have been hit by power cuts and dozens of roads
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are blocked and mourners in southern california held a vigil for the victims of thursday's school shooting in santa clarita near los angeles 2 teenagers were killed and 3 others were injured when a 16 year old opened fire before turning the gun on himself authorities say the shooter apparently acted alone in. sports now and in tennis news the last time roger federer and novak djokovic faced off was in a grand slam final of wimbledon in july that showdown lasted almost 5 hours with djokovic eventually defeating his rival now at the a.t.p. finals in london federer had the chance to avenge that loss and move on to the semifinals. because it was a long time coming after a run off for years and 5 straight losses roger federer finally managed to overcome novak djokovic one small dismiss outperformed the syrup capitalizing on every
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mistake this was nothing short of a master class 38 year old treasurer not showing any signs of aging and playing with trademark grace and elegance his dominance didn't let up djokovic eventually folded and federer's seen the victory 6463 played incredible and i knew how to use that's what novak does and i was able to produce so it was a certain magic all you guys made a super special thank you i can't thank you no. matter. claimed to be unaware of his record against djokovic job for the past few years but with an a.t.p. semifinal coming up that is all in the past now. that from children song to global ear worm if you know baby shark you also know it will very likely get stuck in your head the infectious south korean tune is now the 5th most viewed you tube video of all time with nearly 4000000000 hits and it's reached
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the most unexpected places. it's started as a children's song about a family of sharks. then he was sung by demonstrators to calm a scared to talk to their during antigovernment protests in lebanon. and it's also become the unofficial i'm fame of the washington nationals the us baseball team and their fans seem to love it. the kids melodies so catchy it's become a global phenomenon its creators say they looked at korean popular music also known as k. pop for inspiration. there was something powerful about 4 income songs we tried to use the same principle to turn this song into a like key pop does and it worked. because other than the.
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baby shock is no longer just a tune and it's no longer just on you tube. it's a theater show and the t.v. current tune sirius it's a brand earning smart study its south korean founding company a growing fortune. who would have thought sharks could become this popular i like this turn of events. want to know what i think dinosaurs are still something to dig up being the personally i'd like to make a brand of dinosaurs. and while it's producers are at war to pull out their next hit we will surely hear more of this one. it's ok let's get a reminder of our top story here in the w. then this is bracing for more flooding as the tide rises again slightly lower water
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level. as are expected but the government has declared a state of emergency and says the floods are a blow to italy's heart. coming up next trying to give you our health show in the good shape except drugs the types that are not prescribed by doctors say to answer that in just a few minutes. the
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in good shape next on t.w. . and now a look at me affectionately which was affectionately as you can. play the mayor putin in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali months asian culture is much more the determination about guns of the young of course you're going to the film secretly kroner gold a power grab actually everything was precisely planned and structured. featuring top supporting roles. growing bridges across the stage to the freedom of
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russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before going to let me be clear with you i have to act in ways that i feel necessary and people who simply understand that. players at a mirror image to the ends justify the means. to terms with mrs starts december 13th on t w. welcome to in good shape coming up. good for you or bad the metabolic affects of fat. drugs and focus the debate on the legalization of cannabis and brain doping the dangers of performance enhancing substances
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and here's your host dr carsten liquids out.


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