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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is d w news live from the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine says she felt threatened by president trying. to say good sounded like. a threat. did you. feel threatened. i did. marry your vanity gives testimony during the 2nd day of public hearings in the trunk impeachment inquiry will take you to capitol hill also ahead
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. no less are ready stuff is really starting off to another high tide adding to the threat to the city's unique cultural landmarks the macros for international aid. and it's the end of an era for disney a good club by the president only her next has to step down and this was with find for 40 years during which time the club developed into the powerhouse in german football. i'm hell of a home for a glad you could join me the impeachment inquiry into u.s. president donald trump has resumed with another day of public hearings today sessions and his own testimony from marie yojana the novich the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine was fired from her post in kiev off to coming under attack by trump's postell noya rudy giuliani in some dramatic testimony today she said she
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felt threatened often being ousted from her post and finding out the president had denounced her in a phone call with the ukrainian president take a listen to a portion off a testimonial idea. what did you think when president trent told president selenski and you read that you were going to go through some things i didn't know what to think but i was very concerned were you concerned about. she's going to go through some things it didn't sound good sounded like a threat. did you. feel threatened. i do now during that testimony president trump tweeted about your benefit and it was shown on a screen now he said everywhere on the radio evanovich went turned back as she started off in somalia how did that go then ukraine the new president spoke on favorably about her in my 2nd phone call with him it's a u.s.
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is president absolute right to appoint a masochist well that prompted this exchange between the committee chairman and ambassador your bondage and the other person real time is attacking you. what effect do you think that has an other witnesses willingness to come forward and expose wrongdoing well it's very intimidating to dine designed to intimidate is it not. i mean i can't speak to what the president is trying to do but i think the effect is to be intimidating or as let's cross now see washington our correspondent on of assad that he was standing by very close to where those hearings have been taking place all of a give us the key takeaways from marie event of it his opening statements. the memory of on the verge the former ambassador to crane was introduced here in
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that hearing the 2nd day of the impeachment hearings on capitol hill as a highly impartial career diplomat was with some 33 years of professional experience as she was deployed to many different countries among them some hardship postings and she was also introduced to someone who was very dedicated to fighting corruption in the countries of her deployment and when she was testifying she made a very disappointing to impression about the fact that she was called back earlier this year from her posting in ukraine without no reason given she then described the role of president trump's private lawyer rudy giuliani a smear campaign as she said against her allegedly allegedly rudy giuliani and president trump are trying to get rid of her as she could have potentially been an obstacle in investigations of ukrainian authorities against president trump's political rival which of course is the democratic candidate for the u.s.
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presidency joe biden i want to what we've been seeing today is the president tweeting i mean essentially in real time to discredit the witness the person that he had been accused of waging a smear campaign against could that potentially land the president in even more. right well that was a very bizarre a moment helen when mario was testifying and while she was doing so president trying fired a series of tweets against her directly. making irresponsible for the political situations of countries she was deployed to such as somalia and the chairman of the intelligence committee adam schiff then read those tweets of the president they were then later also put on screens in the hearing room and she was asked how she feels about it and she said she felt intimidated now the speaker of the house nancy
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pelosi in a press conference after that made clear that intimidating witnesses is a crime and that could potentially lead to another article of impeachment now if the white house has been playing down the tweet and say he's not witness intimidation but how do you think today's hearing is likely to play out with the public. well if you consider the amount of damning material that's been emerging in recent days by the hearings of course as well as by transcript that were provided then of course you would think that this is a lot of damning material that there was this would play in the hands of the democrats it would strengthen their position that is exactly what they're trying to do with these public hearings to create a shift in momentum in the public opinion but now if you speak to voters in strongholds of president trump and of the in those so-called swing states then you will realize that a lot of people are simply tired of all what's happening here in washington that
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the take of many people is that this those are 2 political parties fighting each other in the run up to the 2020. pain and of course it now really remains to be seen how much how big this impact will be and that will certainly be interesting to follow it is just the 2nd day of the impeachment inquiry and there will serve will certainly take some time to see if there will be that shift in momentum that the democrats are urgently hoping for all right our correspondent one of us out in washington thanks all of us is taken up now some of the other stories making news around the world but it is ousted president says he wants to return to the country as soon as possible and is resigned under pressure on sunday he went into exxon in mexico off to weeks of protests prompted by allegations of fraud following his election the interim leader says he may face criminal charges if he returns.
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authorities in bosnia are threatening to impose a lockdown on 2 large migrant camps in the north west of the country to press the central government to relocate people the local mess says the camps near bosnia's border with croatia are dangerously overcrowded. venice has been hit by flooding from another exceptionally high tide so mark square has again been underwater and closed to the public and the levels of midday on friday did not reach those seen up to the peak flooding earlier this week with the water still poses an ongoing threat to the cultural heritage of the city. land and sea become one again another exceptionally high tide is wreaking havoc on venice workers dismantle elevated walkways to protect the public. it is yet more destruction after days of dismay. not jurado has given everything to this
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place. none of the fridges are working we're trying to dry things off. for 200 years this grand hotel has stood the test of time and tide. but this week the devastation is considerable these are the same a ship that i think we have $70000.00 euros of damage more or less obviously we're still counting the level of damage and we're still trying to fix parts of the electricity i mean they're really matter. as all of venice take stock of the damage some are wondering if nature is finally closing in on this lagoon city's fortifications not rather. long we're from the venice venetians born in venice most of us are venetian so to say stop with venice never. get to the prime minister took in the damage for himself visiting sin marks
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basilica and meeting those working to rebuild he pledged millions of euros in help but. i saw great distress. today i spoke to a newsstand owner mr gallagher who saw his kiosk collapse in the jew decker canal. he lost everything. you can imagine what it means for someone who owns a business to see his world drowning in the water. as if you don't have any he also promised to turn this into a reality the moves are a title defense system that has been plagued by corruption and delays and he began planning it in 1984 before then locals must contend with an almighty clean up operation that is expected to cost hundreds of millions. and earlier i spoke to our correspondent james jackson in venice and offered him what kind of help the government is providing. the government of italian prime minister conti
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has said they will immediately end market 20000000 euros worth of funds that means the individual householders can get 5000 business owners up 220000 however there's a question if of is that too little too late now when this 1000000000 euros worth of damage 20000000 doesn't sound like a lot also there's another significant question about why the dom project the most is so light it's already 5 years late for it's been built being built for 20 years and it's not due for another 2 that's been corruption scandals the form a man had to stand down due to that the people who i spoke to on the street when i asked them what can the government do yes they're happy about money they're happy about receiving direct compensation for their damages but they simply said it's finished the most a. well sports news now presently her nest has ended 40 years
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of involvement at the club now he stepped down as president of the annual general meeting on friday evening and it was responsible for transforming a football powerhouse. since i was reelected in 2016 you have given me 3 wonderful years thank you see that he was a 3 time winner of both the burmese league and european cup in the seventy's with bae and. he was there when the 1974 world cup in 1972 euros with west germany and the success didn't slow down when he transitioned into management 1st as general manager and later as president has helped mold buy into the powerhouse they are today he steered the club to 2 champions league titles including the 2013 travel as well as 20 pounds league championships bonuses over 40 year reign hasn't
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been without incident he was the sole survivor of a private plane crash in 1982 and in 2014 this was imprisoned for evading over 28000000 euros in taxes he returned straight to his post after his release 3 years ago his stature not diminished in the eyes of buy and players past and present. as if to lose one as is byron munich what he achieved as a president and also as a player at the club is unparalleled they'll never be anyone like him again like. i think someone likelihood us will never stop he's got a byron heart and a football heart. so he will always stay connected to us you have to run him off. with byron chairman carl hines rimini go also nearing the end of his tenure ernest
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his retirement heralds the closing of a chapter at byron munich. well tennis news now on at the a.t.p. finals while number one rafael nadal has beaten stephanus to see posts to keep his tournament hopes alive after losing the 1st set to the greek 76 nadal battled back to win the 2nd 64 and then also took the 3rd 7 sorry but in order to advance to the last food the spaniard still needs defending champion alexander's vet have to news later on friday the dow has never won the a.t.p. tournament yet. i will research as in japan have been looking into how to reduce the number of fly by cows receive scientists from the cultural research center painted to cattle in black and white stripes now they found that the striped cows received fewer than half the bites in the unpainted control group reducing flyby it would help to control the spread of
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infectious disease as well as produce stress for the animals officials expect the results to apply to other livestock as well. you're watching news live from berlin coming up next to do business news with my colleague have you gave us don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site. bison now. go to the euro back. goodbye to the story. takes. us to consuming 4 times culture to. do it yourself network or. subscribe don't.


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