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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  November 15, 2019 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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the spread of infectious disease as well as produce stress for the animals officials expect the results to apply to other livestock as well. you're watching news from by then coming up next to business news with my colleague gave us time to get you can always get the latest on our web site. bison now. go to the girl max channel. most googled line of stewards. with the exclusive. must see concerning 4 times culture team year of. the should be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscriber and don't miss our. coach
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a visit and. join link to news from africa and the world for your link to exception of stories and discussion from own use as easy to our website d w dot com smart africa join us on facebook w africa. the us china trade war hits winemakers in california while donald trump claims are great trade deal is coming soon producers and one of the world's most renowned wine regions are seeing sales in china fade away. also on the show iran is forced to ration its gasoline as the country's economy keeps getting hit with u.s. sanctions. and top and very far away one just completes a double sunrise 10. flight from london to sydney. it's time for business on the
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w m how yet again it's good to have you with us markets closed the week partly up moved by talk about progress in the u.s. china negotiations to put an end to the ongoing trade war but the truth is there was no real progress while investors and analysts keep waiting consumers are not american products like californian wines are losing the battle against goods from other countries that are now cheaper for chinese customers. it's one of the world's premier wine regions the napa valley and surrounding vineyards produce about 95 percent of u.s. wine exports but donald trump's trade war is making these wines too expensive for chinese customers since the trade dispute began china has raise tariffs on american wines 3 times in retaliation for u.s. tariffs. family run went of in yards is proud of its more than
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130 year legacy but the company has invested heavily in marketing to chinese consumers but they're now choosing cheaper wines from other countries. we could no longer compete especially with countries with free trade agreements like chile and in all strictly are 2 largest competitors how can we compete it wasn't it was no longer even playing field. this wine shop out of beijing market has seen sales of american wines drop to. quality isn't enough the price is too high. to california's great wine country but because of recent trade issues they raise the terrace so now american wines are very expensive to cost one 3rd to 2 thirds more than before so sales have fallen in the last. shutdown. u.s. trade representatives have announced several times that a great trade deal with china is on the way but for california wine makers the
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glass is looking half empty. all right for more on the ongoing trade war we are now joined by d.w. financial correspondent host and wheezed out on wall street high as it is good evening to you well there's been a lot of buzz this week about a trade deal with china officials saying they were very close then others saying talks were stalling then others today saying they were very close again what's the deal. well basically how we're the next hmongs i would say it's a going to be key event if it is going to be achieved they need to be ready and signed by december 15th which is when the next round of tards is expected to heat up $160000000000.00 worth of chinese consumer products it is a still unclear if trauma's administration will be willing to forgive a visa leverage unless there is an office urgently that china will comedienne implement any compromises here and keep also the negotiations going forward we
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needed to have in mind that phase one or the skinny trade deal will be only around 60 percent of the total agreement according to trump this means that the real deal issues let's not forget subsidies are structural reforms or one way would have to be tackled after the spot of the deal is done so there is still a long way to go before we can say that the trade war between us and china is over now for some reason we're mentioning it it's only a guinea deal so even if this deal comes to fruition and won't resolve all the issues of china and between china and the us what would a potential deal mean for producers like the ones we saw in the piece. it is hard to say how for now details are crucial to debtor binded the outcome of the face of wine and we are still like that information even if china will to compromise to buy up to 50000000000 dollars of us i would cultural products and only a strong suggested it will be difficult for these to happen immediately also what
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has already heard a bold economies are the targets already in place let's not forget that the us has imposed duties on chinese products towards a $360000000000.00 so it's not only about not escalating farter it's about deescalating and the problem here is that mistrust is still really there on long ball delegations so it's very difficult to see these time a skinny deal that will completely erase too sensitive for the us is the. all the way to make sure to keep china accountable but also trying some predictability if that does not help you know these things to asia and how there was a result of breaking down the current status of the us china trade just good for us thank you very much was serious and a good we continue. it's official now in hong kong has entered its 1st recession in a decade the economy shrank 3.2 percent in the 3rd quarter as months of violent
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clashes between pro-democracy protesters and police are taking their toll on the financial and trading hub tourists are canceling bookings retailers are reeling from a sharp drop in sales and the stock market is faltering its hong kong's worst crisis since it reverted from british to chinese rule back in 1997. u.s. sanctions against iran are proving effective as they are significantly hurting the country's already struggling economy on friday the iranian oil ministry announced a gasoline will now be racialized fuels are therefore becoming more expense. iranians are already queuing at tehran filling stations ahead of a price hike and the introduction of rationing on monday after that motorists will need a ration card to obtain 60 liters of petrol a month at a subsidized price of around 12 us cents a liter every extra liter will cost a lot more until now all petrol prices have been held down by subsidies but no
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longer to tehran in iran everything depends on fuel prices if it goes up overnight next day rents go up as well as other living expenses i really believe that it will paralyze society especially in the working class. that in about. 10 years it will be good for the government because it's going come from fuel will triple. the government urgently needs cash u.s. sanctions have slashed output from the world's 4th largest oil producer nearly 3000000 barrels a day to one to 1000000 state revenues of fallen correspondingly but it's also an attempt by tehran to prevent petrol smuggling many iranian sell their cheaply acquired petrol for a handsome profit in neighboring countries. and now to some of the other business stories we're covering for you at this hour chinese communications
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company huawei is the latest to release a fully foldable device that is a smartphone when folded and a tablet when opened out the huawei made 10 has a 6.6 inch screen and one side a 6.38 inch screen on the other when the phone is folded out it becomes an 8 inch tablet. delivery platforms like eats and grub hub have prompted some restaurant chains to launch locations without dining room so they have no cash registers and no tables at which to eat either digital orders are a major growth area for many so-called ghost kitchens that prepare meals without giving customers the option to dine on site. britain's opposition labor party says it will nationalize british telecoms broadband network to provide free internet for all the pledge caught markets by
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surprise stocks tumbled initially but later recovered labor says its telecom sector overhaul will be paid for by raising taxes on tech firms like google amazon and facebook and using its green transformation fund. the european investment bank will stop funding fossil fuel so by the end of 2021 like to help fight climate change that includes a natural gas projects many european countries still rely heavily on gas to power electricity grids the bank says policy changes need to strike the right balance between protecting the environment and keeping the lights on across the continent. and amazon wants to challenge the pentagon's decision to give microsoft a $10000000000.00 cloud computing contract the online retailer said. is politics in the way of a fair process u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly taken swipes at amazon and its founder jeff
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bezos also owns the washington post. everyone who's traveled from europe to australia knows the ordeal changing planes halfway and spending a full day in the air while australian airline quantas is looking into ways to change the so-called karan grewal route modern aircraft now allows ultra long haul air travel and quantas just completed a nonstop trial flight halfway around the world. when the brits 1st arrived in australia in $1788.00 it followed a voyage of 7 months flight q.f. 7879 touchdown in sydney after 19 hours and 19 minutes the boeing 787 dreamliner carried just over 50 passengers and crew on the 800000 kilometer journey. first to emerge at the other end and looking reasonably fresh was going to see alan joyce. he was greeted not only with the didgeridoo but with glowing
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words about the century old national carrier from australian prime minister scott morrison. i think for so many years strategy and it's the optimism of thought as from its 1st eyes to this always saying the opportunities going ahead before them and chasing them with such passion that i think inspired the stride in so much. the flights for london follows last month's direct trip from new york to sydney as quantas prepares to begin regular nonstop services between australia and the 2 global cities of.
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strong clear positions international perspectives currently witnessing often violent protests in countless countries around the world put something about a new global political awakening the worlds of the protesters have in common where will the angry uprisings mean to us find out to the point. in 60 minutes. d.w. . stand for.
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questions about my country and about books that his wife so i keep doing to state my names that he stood for and i work at. the same state of the unions africa coming up in the next 15 minutes britain's a blast when they became yes forced off a ledge and to make way for british prime table instead they've taken the caves to the un. and how significant that dating back to the 19th thirty's although why some of the books have been burned in recent times. also coming up on the show. for sierra leone's traumatized soldiers.


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