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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2019 10:30am-11:00am CET

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take it personally are you ready with all the wonderful people once to make the game so special. for all true for. more than a foot long line. from polar bears to handbags and they are all cattle because they are and that's so we're going to visit the world's fastest keg. and with that very well welcome to another dish and all of your a mix and this is what else we have lined up for you. europe's last sharpest carry
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heavy loads to slovakia's monk and my colleague maggie meet his tips for a perfect weekend in granada spain. what's an essential part of every birthday writes the cake but the creations in our 1st reports today are more off work then pastry they are made by cake autists comparing at the cake international in birmingham england and they've come up with all kinds of bizarre ideas we joined cake on his bed callen at the fair and watched him create something very special. otherwise known as the biking. in today's world is that of cake artist every year the best from around the world
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meet at the cake international in birmingham england. this year some 1300 bakers professionals and amateurs are here to present their creations. some of these artworks it's hard to tell but they are in fact cakes. such as this life size effigy of a character from the t.v. series killing eve. my favorite thing for me is seeing so incredible. you know comin in. my skin realizing in the industry your level how you can improve things you can do things that other people do that just really give you strong ideas. ben cohen's own entry is a chimpanzee life size at one metre high in 80 kilos but this one is edible ben put 4 days of work into it. the biggest challenge doing this was
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actually trying to get the stunts how they see it is so sort of strange then i thought when i started it and it's a cross reference so many different photos of where that happens go how their legs sort of fold into each other. in the studio in north wales to form the chimpanzee he stuck several layers of pastry together and then cut them into shape . the cake are the studied in graphic design his fascination with baking only developed later on. to learn how to mike was a simple as ring you mom. and scientology in my genuinely how it started when i wanted to write the 1st one i had not the foggiest could because. he modeled the school's bone structure in fudge. he also used the multiple sugar paste to sculpt the facial features as well.
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this is now what the public are going to see what the client is going to say this is the final bit so it's really you have to go deep in thought my show you get in every line because if. you. made an hour of bacon since 2014. he makes a living from his creations for birthdays weddings and anniversaries. and edition he also maintains his own you tube channel. with mike it's often that nobody sees the mica they just see the finished pace well i like people seeing the inside the behind the scenes the process of how it got so what it looked like. then cullen puts the finishing touches on his chimpanzee case with food coloring.
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at this stage i know it's going in the right direction but there's a lot more to do there's a whole body a lot more than if you do the teeth the tongue so there's a long process ahead really up who are. here build the completed work to some 20000 k. clovers in birmingham but he's already got ideas for new projects. one of the main things i want to get around to doing is doing a walk in you know the house a sort of interactive you can walk and it. sits in it and so i live in it you know i mean for a few minutes and yet you can. then cullen will need some fairly original ideas to stand out among the legions of imaginative cake bakers. one cake is more off the wall than the next but the all it's good enough to eat.
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when you think of share this thing you may as immediately come to mind these people from t.v. traditionally work as porters but here in europe we have a few remaining mountain porters to carry tons of food drinks and material up sort of mt shelter in the slovakian tetra national park without destroying the courage of schools the mt lodges could not exist and twice a year the european sharpest meet for a cup of titian to find out who is quickest at carrying heavy loads to the top. 50 sherpas set off on a race each carrying 60 kilos of supplies on their backs through the high touch of mountains of slovakia. for many hikers the route would be too hazardous even without the extra weight on their backs. but time is the main challenge sherpas like stefan back are faced as they navigate the 6 kilometers of
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rocky path to the finish. line. is not a special. the whole thing is more a matter of the mind. but there are some difficult moments can get tough to get over but that's where the shepherd's pride comes into it you have to get the job done. normally stefan back or would make the climb to the lodge alone he makes up to 3 trips a day. at the base camp and study smoke of it he packs all the supplies on his back frame that people will need high in the mountains. if. he can heave up to 100 kilos onto his shoulders. look i will say david i'm no bottles of the strength comes from inside from the mind but
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mainly from the hot. in summer as in winter the sherpas keep the lodges of the high touches supplied and open to serve hikers and mountaineers the region's flora and fauna are unique in europe. so whatever us to so thoughtful just gives us strength. it's great to be out all day makes around this part of nature. or you can't do this job if you don't love nature there are what we do involves a sense. ecological responsibility only because we carry the supplies up to the lodges can they be maintained without roads so cable cars or even helicopters. sometimes when the lodges are short handed it's part of the sherpas job to stay and help out so the largest depend on them in more ways than one to be able to stay open. in
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a sense it's magical. because lobel it's like an island the freedom to me is that there's far away from the hectic business world with nothing but a mountain is all around. and people completely different. when it's different back or if down in the valley he helped his wife run the sherpa cafe. the cafe has its own little museum where patrons can get an impression of the hard life sherpas had and still half. there are only about 50 of them in europe. they're principally men who have a strong will and they're driven by an almost fanatical love for the mountains those are the traits. of. the last few metres of the sherpa race. the fastest
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among them cover the $700.00 metre climb to the rafters lodge at some 2000 metres elevation and about one hour and 20 minutes. right at the finish line almost half an hour later but all of them are satisfied. to get them or this is simply my life it's not just a way for me to earn money. is just incredibly fun. it's hell for 2 hours but it's all the more fun afterwards about. the great thing about this competition is that. the only topic you know daily routine we have no time to communicate the whole year we never get to meet up like we do here it's super diffuse out of the whole because . i support. after the winner is awarded they finally have time to party. but the very next morning the sherpas of the high touches keep their loads on to their facts and set out once again to keep the
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largest supplied with everything they need. it's starting to get cold in many parts of europe but in on the lucia in the south of spain it's the long mostly sunny and mild to reach of us not very far from north africa and there are many remnants of the time when the muslim invaders from north africa rule their one of their strongholds was the city of nada and that is where my colleague meghan least spent a perfect week and. yours . or la and welcome to my perfect weekend in grand isle. a good way to get an overview of this city in southern spain is from the middle door deciding you can last a square it also provides the finest you are not his most famous landmark the.
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my 1st stop here is this medieval fortress complex the most visited site in all of spain it was billed as a residence for the mauritian emirs and sultans of granada all the splendor of their islamic art comes into its own in the labrat non-sweet palace and here i meet up with the hombres head archaeologist. he explains to me in detail the typical features of the not sure it style. even in this inscription we see a mix of a floral ornamentation and verses from the koran with metric patents. in the koran all of that together results in a very meticulous style that. perhaps the most famous part of the complex is the court of the lions named for its fountain with 12 stone lions. every sultan wanted to build his own palace to clermont respect from he's got us like. the
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sultan's also built their own summer palace called the hangar a leaf a full of gardens fountains and artificial streams. this is my culture tip taking a tour of the el hombre. are not as old as quarter the scene is located at the front of the hombre morrish influences are just as visible here too i walk through the narrow streets to the city center where i'd like to sample some of the popular local cuisine. we're not like the rest of spain has the typical top us culture but here it's slightly different let's find out what. you guys manual studio explains what's so special about it these top us cost all of nothing . right now that this is almost upon us i'd like to offer you a call to see. if you got a tweet. or whatever you put off that's what i call genuine hospitality.
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not far away at this bizarre you can almost imagine you're in the tails of 1001 nights in fact it was once an air of market for soap fabrics today the range is much broader and i even find just the right accessory for my flamenco class which takes place tomorrow. i'm going to meet up with carmen vienna a dance instructor at the municipal flamenco school. seeing carmen in action here i'm told it was scared i don't know what i've gotten myself into don't worry come on let's go. tour just like myself and sign up for a lesson here after just one hour i need some real progress.
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another highlighting granada's old town is the renaissance cathedral it was built by christian monarchs after the end of morris rule in $1492.00. tucked away here is. an aerobatic dating back to the 11th century and one of the oldest structures in granada. now it's a museum no bathing allowed but even so the middle eastern basque culture lives on in this city. in a modern with warm and cold basins. so there you go we could go through. that and all of those so there were all the but it was a month ago now that. we do that is a. deal of the week. and this is my specialty for a perfect weekend granada experiencing a really. unique.
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and truly my trip is not complete without visiting a flamenco show that's what granada is famous for most of the shows are put on in capes. to be saddled although this is all improvised it's what we feel in our hearts and want to convey to the public. and for me it's the perfect end to a perfect weekend. and mag and has lots more tips on perfect weekends on our you tube channel check it out and find more exciting places like company hagen proc and bullet for it decades germany was really known for its truffles but 17 years ago french coke joint the do
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men made a stunning discovery and small town in western germany burgundy truffle the resist coverage of this precious fungus has trumped the small town of zin seek into germany's truffle capital collecting and selling why a truffle is banned in germany so do men figured out a way to get around that. pallets with truffles and leaks. the new found based in petit gore truffle sauce. truffle panick hotel with pineapple top. top chef show money do men not see using truffles to add a bit of panurge to his dishes. the delicacy is regarded as the world's most expensive undefinable cullin every mushroom. yakkers and you'll notice the aroma of a truffle takes over the entire kitchen they knock you over their fronts and mating
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you can't see them they grow in the wild and they're not genetically modified they can't be manipulated this guy could say they're a very fine and natural product. the exulting truffles cost up to $700.00 euros per kilogram. and the want to go but truffle. as much as 9000 euro is. a demand say we discovered truffles in germany 17 years ago he made a sensational find. but i discovered 45 truffles in october 2002 and it was an incredible feeling i can only remember 3 moments of such happiness in my life but of getting married to my wife by the birth of my children and finding those german truffles. the french long
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suspected that he would find truffles in west germany on our valley. we did not do the wilderness starts right here we have sunlight fresh air and branches that drip when it rains and the perfect spot is where the trees drip and the air is just right this place was pre-destined for truffles because ivy holds the moisture really well. connecting wild truffles is prohibited in gemini so john martini got together and like minded people and founded a society together they started germany's 1st truffle temptation but even in spots where truffles are abundant it's good to have a don't get to help find mushrooms that grow underground as friend of this is a burden to travel 80 grams cost about 30 euros in the markets. up until the ne 20th century germany was a major truffle exporter shipping truffles to europe's top restaurants and even into the french quarter. woods says
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truffles taste better when they're cut very thin paper thin but that way they stimulate the tongue and give off more of their aroma because if the pieces off it gets too crumbly then you have to chew a lot it's not nice in the mouth. let me on to society invite experts from all over europe to sensation council to exchange ideas about travel. trouble has a life span of about 10 days if you have to travel up and it feels like a stone. it's fresh when its weight resembles a piece of wood but it's not so fresh is it and when it feels like styrofoam that means it's very very old. for the renowned cook the symposium i mean it's hard to work in the kitchen. today he's cooking for people who know as much about truffles this new jobs. this is the n.c.p.
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is the only mushroom that goes well with all dishes. this is so now it's a very adaptable food that. sean murphy do men will keep searching for innovative flavor combinations that show the multifaceted truffle in all of its splendor. the bass player in the band the silent type the bass sound not in the foreground that's the cliche but bass can be different too mellow dick sounds played by a young woman in the killing male dominated field. do you recognize it's eric shears and i haven't got vic from poland rose to internet fame with this version and now she concert halls with her music.
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playing 22 year old kinglake plays the bass the instrument comes out of the shadows and into the spotlight. i just felt it in my heart that they wanted to play in the bass and they looked at sound low sound and they connection between melody and the right thing. near and. this is great to have been forced to offer me. her interpretation of eric clapton's tears in heaven make the young post musician and internet.
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video with her brother uploaded it and 3 days later. i called through labor that he has like. one of the 20. like you know crazy and. and we were in different. things like something's broken push through because you want to know so that was the moment. we didn't like. to. hear she's running a sound check out the jazz festival. she's currently touring europe with her 4th album. she's considered a rare talent on the electric bass and one of few women playing an instrument typically associated with men. most of them
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are like oh you play bass. do not play bass and you do it so i'm happy to do it and i always knew it did and to be a bass player so there was no doubt that i want to play in the piano or guitar or my you always bass that's my love for. her father taught her to play but she's had to teach herself quite so long as well. you play whatever you want but you have to practice to do it. in a musical family near the city of kut to be told she started playing bass at the age of 12 and her 1st gigs where with the family's band. later she became a sonar artist with her own band but she doesn't sing. only for fun.
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and i hope my bass with me. this is my voice. but the playing adaptations of popular favorites or her own compositions keeps winning over audiences by making her bass sing. and that brings us to the end of year a back for today but don't forget to check out our website. right but this week's draw there you can find out how to win next if you're a max watch thanks to me and from all of us here at berlin yes good.
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paula. wait a 2nd we want the whole picture facts instead of make ideas should deliver us. to reality to cryptocurrency your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's talk to digitize a show. and
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more beer what else is there today i want to find out what munich's got to offer for tourists come here for education. how about our. history. and culture. you really got something. coach a bit. sure linked to names from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of these events and while it's a good deputed come snuffy come join us on facebook j w for gun. show hello halflings this is new ball speaking when i come to the show with a ding dong xoai high end concerts with illustrators guests
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. blocking the sunset. and an incredible location playing tonight a gruesome discovery on t.w. . there. isn't calculable. their egos in such a place their rivalry to play. 3 princes. who dream of leading the arab world playing their their full power and boundless ambition have touched the middle east into a grave crisis claimed the life of princes of the gulf starts november 27th on t.w. place. play.
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play. play . play. this is day to day needs lie. live from berlin goes to the polls in presidential elections voters have a record number of candidates to choose from national security is a key campaign issue months after the devastating easter sunday attacks also coming up. deadly unrest in bolivia as security forces opened fire on supporters of exile former president evo morales has called it a massacre and has accused the country's interim government of running.


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