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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2019 9:15pm-9:31pm CET

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and police responding with water cannons and tear gas. you watching news live from berlin up next on world stories be follow these students fighting for political reform and she likes to forget of the meantime all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's w dot com i'm carl kasell and thanks washington. show flings this is new ball speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai and concerts with the mistress guests. sounds.
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credible. welcome tonight. good week w. . played. this week john world story. why so many indian women commit suicide. ethiopian jews who want to immigrate to israel but we begin in chile where for weeks people have been taking to the streets to demonstrate for social justice and as is often the case with such movements students are participating in high numbers we accompanied one of them for a few days. it's another busy day for belin. talks meetings
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roundtables chord in aiding mobilizations on the fly all before 3 pm that's when her campus is evacuated for security reasons every day the protests have turned life upside down but a lot on the doesn't mind for her the revolt was long overdue. one more took them more to call the earth at their own home for a long time people were afraid to protest because they couldn't foresee how badly they'd be repressed or what they could lose. but among my generation that fear is a lot smaller and we're willing to overcome that fear to achieve our goals profound changes to the system. reform. with a century long tradition of spearheading social uprisings chile student associations are a force to be reckoned with. gathered with national union representatives bilin exposes the students 3 fundamental demands a constitutional referendum
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a revitalization of the public education system and then the media and to human rights violations at the hands of the country's riot police law enforcement agents are being accused of excessive use of force rape torture and even manslaughter in the context of the protests. but the police surely have protocols but i believe they dehumanised the protesters to the point that they're just the subjects of looters that need to be executed. but bill men refuses to be intimidated she's determined to keep protesting no matter how tired no matter how scared showing up in the street to her is what she owes to those who have lost their lives seeking a better future for chile. i don't rate fall to be living this moment in history. but i'm also frightened saddened nostalgic thinking about the fact that people have died for this. would it make it
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ok yes we should always remember them because they were part of a movement that's going to change chile. in a way it already has. and all those fighting alongside her know what they're asking for a lot but driven by a newfound sense of community and a desire to change the course of history they don't seem likely to settle for anything less. women in india often praise sexual violence and discrimination. one of the consequences is that a disproportionate number of women there commit suicide. sheetal bun finds cooking therapeutic. her life hasn't been easy. after putting up with years of sexual abuse as
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a child she taught tried to commit suicide as a teenager the scars never really healed and she tried to self harm many years later. studies have shown that attitudes towards female sexuality in india put sexual abuse survivors at greater risk of committing suicide. and then one woman's what in this is the idea unfortunately that lives and it's come illegally to divert by those sort of incubation of just if that is best stored upon her by these so-called you know keepers of of the modern you know state and standards of the society you're either a goddess on your tomato audio recording. there is no in-between. she child is not alone after of every 4 young women who die in india each year 3
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a teenagers have committed suicide. and jolly chap is a leading psychiatry assistant a specialist in female psychiatric issues she says many social problems lead to women wanting to end their lives. there is sexual abuse that goes unnoticed at the world place you've been not you know there is still feeling which is there so they may get depressed as a result of which it is depression that also hormonal problems which cause depression in women which go unnoticed tends to deal ignorance it as a society and thanks to the stigma about it going to a mental health professional. but abuse is not the only difficulty indian women face entrenched cultural norms in a country that is changing rapidly after the pressure you are expected to do a lot of things begin to be in-laws you'd expect them to go because when you're expected to go with children. you needn't.
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take from any of it either in the beginning when you're home so that's the fed up of being you know enough to feel. back in her apartment she tallis busy with work she says friends and therapy have helped her to pull through she is one of the lucky ones. thousands of jews living in northern ethiopia. many of them to one day emigrate to israel but $43.00 opens that's not easy. easy you can children trade with the torah a part of the hebrew bible they are some of the g.o.p.'s last remaining jews about 4000 jewish ethiopians who call themselves but to israel left here and under a small city in the north. the school teaches children about their jewish faith but
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also prepares them for a possible move to israel i listen to me that much if they learn hebrew and if i learn about their religion it'll help create regionalism and integrate within the society that and support one another. but that is for our members went to israel to give them a visit to immigrate but some of gondor have been waiting more than 20 years. under israeli law duz are allowed to move to the country but the israeli government doesn't view the better israel of gondor as jewish under strict religious law that's because the government says they are descendants of ethiopian jews who were forcibly converted to christianity in the distant past. many of them actually converted or their parents converted to christianity for various reasons and now they are in the wish to return to be part of the jewish people they are not considered as jews so that the already leave as jews but officially they're not yet
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converted so the nazi jews i see nothing else have asked as this is discrimination . some say we're not jewish and there are no more jews here they say we're lying that we're just pretending so we can go there they think will make the religion impure but the only one to know the truth is the god that created us many of the better community has time in the living in israel the israeli government has been gradually allowing your g.o.p.'s remaining jews to emigrate understandably reunification. but it's not clear when people will be allowed to go eating some family split for more than a decade working as i can to move to gunderson who is hard with her husband and children after someone burns down their crops her life is tough but she's grateful her daughter can attend the town's hebrew school. with knowledge about her religion she will marry someone who has the same faith and follow the religious
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practice and. i hope she will one day live with her family and her people i really hope that my children. despite the struggle and wait hope is higher among gunter's jews that one day they will be allowed to leave they just don't know when . it's one of the darkest chapters in the history of east germany parents deemed disloyal to the state whose children were taken away from them. we met a woman in let me go who found her daughter decades later. 'd when evers have been except fields despair she takes a walk in the forest during the past 35 years she's felt this way off. gave birth to 2 daughters in the former east germany in the 1980 s. but her joy was short lived if you use earlier she had tried to flee east germany
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but was caught and convicted reason enough for the youth welfare office to come to the house and take the children away. to mass laments that if the in the 1st moment i stood there paralyzed or that i ran out the door after them and yelled where you take you my daughter you give me back my child the officer turned around pointed a finger at me and said if you don't quite down now i will call the police and you will have to go to jail. they have given me 3 years' probation so if i did anything i would go to prison i just stood there and asked myself whether i should protest or stay silent. and have to be released so. subnets half initially gave up but after the burden wall came down she started gathering evidence. but just one year ago her
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younger daughter suddenly made contact so we had stopped was unable to cope. it's as if it were not this i guess the 1st phone car i will never forget that i think all the neighbors heard everything but i didn't care. for and then on we talked on the phone every day and it kept growing from there than after more than 30 years of separation mother and daughter finally met. i have a yesterday i thought my heart would burst. before i couldn't handle the situation
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i was hugged and cuddles and i didn't know how to respond suddenly this person was standing there too i was related i think i only realized that part nature on the perception long live is fairly easy did you immediately recognize her yeah you don't get your child's. i guess that's good. now levene it's up can take walks in the forest with the youngest daughter and she has plans she will finally be able to need her grandchildren and to make up for decades off last time . i.
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am it's 50 years since the moon landing. a celestial body and its power of attraction. 'd and the. cosmic journey through space time. 'd next d.w. . never gone. by i'll call instead of fireworks. in madagascar our students are learning how to make pallets and we can plant remains. in the goal. less deforestation and more nutrients for the island nation inigo africa. 60 minutes on d w. 2 children in africa. sure link to
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news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions on some of these events and while website the deviled of tom's match africa join us on facebook at w africa. i mean. just being on the moon there's ball in love with me. first of all it's beautiful. we've looked at it since we were children and see the face in the moon. we choose to go to the moon. we choose to go to the moon and district came and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are.


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