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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news line from berlin a surprise decisions farts violence in the wrong people in the wrong vent their fury after the islamic republic suddenly introduces a huge hike in the price of gasoline. one year of anger in the streets of france yellow vests protesters are met with tear gas as the movement marks its one clear anniversary. last escaping the past by simply being present former fighters in sierra leone are using to cope with the long term effects of the devastating civil
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. i'm calling assman welcome to the program one person was killed and others were injured in protests that spread across iran after a surprise decision to impose petrol price hikes and rationing in the sanctions hit country tehran says it needs the money to help the poor but people in the streets fear the price hike will hit poor people the hardest by not to stand still the motorways blocked her idea due to u.s. sanctions but the announcement from the government was the last straw gasoline prices up by 50 percent only 60 to pass and per month. have to pay more. to our situation is only getting worse a leader used to cost around $0.07 now it's $0.21 everything is getting more. for
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the government it's good news since they take in more money security forces took to patrolling outside gas stations many believe the fuel price hike is just the start of many price increases. with her on everything in tehran and all over iran is dependent on the cost of energy if gasoline gets more expensive rents will go up too i think this is going to break the back of poor working people. right in about there were rapid reactions to the government's announcement protests erupted around iran demonstrators targeted gas stations and police buildings the images are reminiscent of scenes 2 years ago when protests were met with violence now rihanna's government is facing more pressure to resolve the situation peacefully religious leaders and their eenie in parliament demanded gas prices be returned to normal but the police have threatened to take a hard stance against demonstrators 7. well it was
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a fiery anniversary today in france as yellow vest protesters mark one year of their grassroots movement there were demonstrations today across the country including in paris where violence flared police use water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowds now the movement has waned recently with far fewer people turning up for the weekly marches but still one year on activists insists they won't give up oh yeah i was their numbers have dropped since they peaked last year but france's yellow vest protesters are still determined to take a stand against inequality and high living costs the movement's 1st anniversary saw the now familiar confrontation with riot police on the streets of paris. i couldn't even breathe there was some much tear gas if the guy from mcdonald's hadn't opened the door for me i'd be on my way to hospital these imbeciles keep firing tear gas at as was it the yellow vests want to make it clear to president emanuel that they
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haven't gone away a new poll shows more than half the french population support them. she said we're still in exactly the same place but we won't give up we will fight for apaches think power for them to stop imposing taxes on us the little ones because we're fed up of dying in silence. i've been coming here every saturday from the beginning and as you can see we're good. to go on for a 2nd year because there's nothing nothing nothing yeah yeah yeah yeah. despite these latest disturbances the movement has lost momentum that's partly because mark cross softened his stance and offered billions in state aid and tax cuts he also scrapped plans for a massively unpopular increase in fuel tax but more on rest is likely before the year is out unions of called mass strikes early next month to protest against proposed pension reforms. lisa lewis has been covering the protests in paris
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for us she says while the crowds might be smaller the anger in the streets is not today's one year anniversary of the yellow this movement so thousands of people turn out across france there were clashes between the police and protesters here in the capital paris and in other cities and it's clear that the underlying anger that triggered the movement in the 1st place is still very much there however the number of protesters has gone down drastically and according to one poll a majority of the french don't want the movement to re going traction and even though those who are still there protesting i determined to continue that demonstrations the government also seems determined to continue its reforms and to not be deterred by a few 1000 protesters. are here's a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of protesters have gathered in the czech capital prague to call on prime minister
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andre bobbish to step down opposition groups say the billionaire prime minister profits from his political office the rally coincided with the 30th anniversary of the velvet revolution that ended communist rule. in sri lanka people have voted for a new president it was a close race between former defense secretary go to by a barrage of parts and government ministers. from. turnout was high and the poll went off marginally a mainly peacefully the results are not expected before sunday for. germany's greens have reelected the leadership duo that has helped the opposition party rise to 2nd place in national opinion polls on lane a ballot box and bob are target both took more than 90 percent of delegates votes at the party's conference they said the party hopes to return to governing for the 1st time in nearly 15 years the greens have benefited from growing concern about
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the climate crisis and environmental issues but they remain weak in germany's eastern states and in areas where voters fear that climate action will hurt local industries. correspondent kate brady caught up with a bad boss after the election. thank you for joining us today the greens are still flying high in the polls here in germany in 2nd position what do you plan to do to make sure that the party can keep that momentum going ahead of the 2021 election to keep on going what we have tried in the last year yes that we didn't look at what are the others doing the social democrats or the conservatives and just. reacting to their proposal about bringing our own proposal with regard to fair housing in cities which is a big problem in germany with regard to the economy and the question how do we get our economy carbon free and the question especially of rural areas we have tried to put in the middle of our politics and who are quite successful not everyone in the
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last elections but to try to keep want to follow this track we heard from your colleague as well yesterday robot back speaking about the and of the merkel era that that's upon us how do you see the green party shaping the future of germany in the future of germany's role in terms of on the international stage but also specifically in the european union. we need definitely more european engagement where so many proposals on the floor with regard to the european union especially investing in sure the future of the european union and germany has been very reluctant over the last year and this is a big problem and that's why we for example propose that they have to be a big fun person the european union investment of infrastructure but also making the banking system secure against the next crisis. and to engage also in the question of agriculture policy where most of the money goes into it and
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that's. right in form and looking ahead now it's the 1000000 euro question right now do you see yourself as the next chancellor of germany on all this is not already paid because we don't even have the election coming up it's supposed to be . 2021 and we focus on the question which around the table right now thank you very much. people and better for the elect a new parliament on sunday elections there though usually provide few surprises as president alexander look at shango as help our unopposed for 25 years top opposition candidates in fact have been kept off the ballots in that only loyalists stand a chance of winning in the seats and there's a big issue that's not on the ballot the country's relationship with russia. arianna is a student in minsk she dreams of having the kind of life the people in the e.u. have she says the e.u. has a stronger economy better pay and
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a higher standard of living she's currently writing her dissertation and would then like to go to poland to continue study more you go out for whatever reason many people say that things are bad in batteries but why i would like to find the reasons and then decide whether i want to live here or if i prefer another country . bella ruse has historically had close links to russia but it has gradually developed a distinct national identity as indicated by the street signs which are now in belorussian instead of russian. the government's also working to improve ties with the e.u. what arianna would really welcome though is a less autocratic form of leadership in her country. i don't have much to do with politics and i also don't want to but what's the point if it's people from the top who decide and not the public. know this. although parliamentary elections take place on sunday election posters are scarce
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like here at this small market place in the town of very xeno the elections are a waste and they've already been decided on without us. thinks his country's relationship with russia is. and but he also has concerns the retired lawyer says his son can't find any work. for the my son has completed 2 higher education courses but can't put them into practice in this country. he had to work for 4 years in russia then returned home and still can't get work in his field you know what the sadness to that is small campaign stand seems to be the only one who wants to meet the candidate but the candidate doesn't show up. believes belarus could look both east and west to secure a more prosperous future. the ties to russia need to be developed but of
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course they should also be improving ties with all countries including western ones and the european union. president alexander lucas shank oh does seem to be playing both sides now seen here on the left in him self only with his eastern neighbors but he has frequently held talks with the e.u. leaders in recent years for many young people in minsk lucas cinco and his politics make little difference they just want to get ahead and if that can't happen in bella ruse they'll make it happen elsewhere. all right to sports now and a major upset in tennis stephanos us has defeated roger federer in the semi's of the a.t.p. finals the 21 year old greek cruise past federer winning 63646 a possible face either germany team or alexander terrace in the final on sunday. on sierra leone soldiers have found
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a novel way to tackle post-traumatic stress disorder in a country still shaped by a traumatic civil war and the a bowl outbreak some soldiers are using yoga to help put the past behind them you create a problem for your. people why do you do. yoga mats fit young people in sports kit and a charismatic instructor but this is no ordinary yoga class these are sierra leonean soldiers and they're confronting a dark past. i still get i'm still traumatized but i am now able to control it because of how you're going to transform me i'm a new person sierra leonean society because deep scars civil war raged in the 1990 s. and 2000 rebel groups recruited young children as fighters in $2014.00 struck thousands lost their lives or their loved ones the mental wounds
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linger on. using yoga to manage depression and trauma is the brainchild of army sergeant felix unmoved. by prin new guy i think. you don't always think about what plus you think the present moment i just want to always. forget about what's go wrong yeah i know you saw a lot quite a long time with. think about what. was virtually unknown in sierra leone but to us study convinced the army it could help x. competence with depression and p.t.s.d. . did. this you guys really good. forget about what we've been seeing want to have been doing 5 years after the yoga project started here it is providing respite for many long term it provides them with the
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hope of a path to recovery. this is the news live from berlin don't forget all the latest news available 247 on our website that's dot com i'm called aspen thanks want to. go to the girl next you to. a good line of story. with exclusive. the must see concerning part culture.


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