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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CET

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crisis you. don't want to. go towards november 27th on to. this is d w news live from berlin sri lanka's former defense minister looks set to win the country's presidential election go to buy rajapaksa spokesman has claimed victory paving the way for him to become the country's next leader will go on to our correspondent in the capital colombo also coming up. germany's green wave
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the green party is surging in the polls thanks in part to its popular pair at the top because the greens eventually step into the american suits. and also in the show he goes to west africa to take a look at it and unusual projects former fighters in sierra leone are using yoga as a way of coping with the long term effects of the devastating civil war. omarion evans team it's good to have you with us the presidency of sri lanka is within the grasp of former defense minister go to biafra. who's opened up a strong lead over his main rival following saturday's election early results show russia ahead of government government minister. and we're getting reports saying.
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premadasa has conceded the race turnaround was time and the poll went off mainly peacefully security was a key issue in the election campaign the vote comes just 7 months after a series of terror attacks left more than 250 people dead over the easter holiday. well let's bring in just wall who's standing by in the sri lankan capital colombo let me show what more can you tell us about the vote count is the election now decided well it definitely looks like the election is decided. the brother of precedents former president mahinda rajapaksa has taken a clear lead to be articulate and reports that his main often and subject them with all of the ruling un b. has conceded and we have also received confirmation from the office of the supreme
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about so that he will be stepping down from his 4th to within the party now this water can be looked at it on the one hand as an anti incumbency what the government is led by a prime minister john howard because singa who is of the same party as theme with a stick with arbitrage but 1st main often and and it was seen as having mismanaged the information that the government had received about the easter sunday bombings on the other hand this could also be seen as a strong proof in her love with this toward the minority of usuals did vote for mr premadasa but he was not able to make a crack in the senate up with this theory as the south has voted heavily for mr dodge trucks which is a bad it looks like mr premadasa missed out all right emission so if it is confirmed that the opposition candidate is the winner what kind of leader can streamline can now expect tell us a bit more about what mr rajapaksa stands for. well
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been really looking at a potential box of precedents see it's easiest to look at what his supporters and his critics believe his supporters see him as a strong military and nationalistic figure he was of the head of defense when she long 3 decades of civil war ended and he's seen as a bloody strong leader who would tighten up national security centralized control and make the country feel see it for in these times where people are feeling very threatened after the easter sunday blasts and looking for peace but its critics of also pointed out that undergird leadership there were a lot of alleged in fourths of disappearances of farmers that are several minorities in the country who don't create a treasure and ethnic minorities like farmers as well as diligent minorities like muslims and christians seem to have largely voted against mr lodge bazza and they believe that he could bite and not the nationalists and who loved would his sentiment and which might be against them which might even play out in
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a perhaps why lives or or a loss of rights while a yesterday's election of course came just a couple of months after those deadly attacks over easter sunday the country is obviously still recovering from that trauma can rajapaksa if he's confirmed as the next leader leads that process of healing or is he just too divisive a figure. well once again i would have to come back to his supporters and his detractors the government the problem government has already said this tree longa is a rat on its box recovery that even the election commission us claim to the country is largely peaceful and the fact that the estimates elections went off more or less peacefully is a sign that things haven't improved but minorities do feel threatened because of the current environment there was a lot of backlash against muslims in the aftermath of these to sunday bombings
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because it was seen that the perpetrators while muslim neither candidate actually joined that damn thing and spoke very strongly about muslim right but all right well it seems like we're having some difficulties with our line to our correspondent in colombo that was in the mission just while reporting for us. all right let's turn our attention to just some of the other stories making news around the world police and protesters have clashed in hong kong as protest in the city entered their 6th month the protesters have occupied and barricaded hong kong's polytechnic university on saturday chinese troops were deployed in the city for the 1st time since the protests began emerging from their barracks to clear roadblocks. authorities in iran say they'll respond forcefully to quell protests across the country at least one person has been killed and many injured in clashes
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between police and protesters were angered by a 50 percent increase in fuel prices introduced by the government authorities have responded by shutting down internet access. in the czech republic around a quarter of a 1000000 people rallied in the capital prague and prime minister andre bondage the protesters are giving bobbish an ultimatum to sell his business interests or step down opposition groups say the billionaire prime minister profit from his political office. germany's green party is in the opposition at least for now the polls show that nipping at the heels of uncle america's conservatives and there's a good chance they could find themselves in government after germany's next elections increased concern over climate changes wrought largely responsible for their new found popularity but the party's co-leaders have also done their share of uniting and expanding the party's base and they've both been reelected at the
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party's annual conference. flowers for the winner the greens reelected on only in about book us co-leader with 97 point one percent of the vote thank you i accept the result i'm speechless increased a team is thank you. no leader of the greens has ever been elected by such a margin before in her acceptance speech stressed a goal of her she even a carbon neutral economy and society. the most we have to assure that the ecological transformation is a social ecological transformation that works for all people for all people in this society thank you delegates also reelected told the topic of their books partner in leadership he told delegates he wants to open the greenstone wider electorate. to from me we can't allow ourselves to be rigid we have to listen to legitimate
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criticism and always be ready to talk to everybody. a couple of the questions remain unanswered should to greens propose a candidate for chancellor in the next election and who should that be but it was clear that the party feels ready to govern. its various schools are we are growing into a new role and that is not just to participate in government but to provide leadership . out. the greens have pick ambitions but they remain weak in germany sr in states and in areas where voters fear climate action will hurt local industries many voters still see the greens as elitists who are detached from ordinary voters concerns. correspondent kate brady caught up with their boss after her reelection. thank you for joining us today the greens are still flying high in the polls here in germany in 2nd position what do you plan to do to make sure that the party can keep that momentum going ahead of
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the 2021 election. keep on going what we have tried in the last 3 years that we didn't look what are the others doing the social democrats or the conservatives and just. reacting to their proposal about bringing our own proposal with regard to fair housing in cities which is a big problem into. many wish to god through the economy and the question how do we get our economy carbon free and the question especially of rural areas we have tried to put in the middle of our politics and who are quite successful not everyone in the last elections but to try to keep one of the following this trade we heard from your colleague as well yesterday robot back speaking about the end of the merkel era that's upon us how do you see the green party shaping the future of germany in the future of germany's role in terms of on the international stage but also specifically in the european union. we need definitely more european
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engagement where so many proposals on the floor with regard to the european union is specially investing into the future of the european union and germany has been very reluctant over the last year and this is a big problem and that's why we for example propose that they have to be a big fun course in the european union investment of infrastructure but also making the banking system secure against the next crisis. and to engage also in the question of agricultural policy where most of the money goes into it. and looking ahead now it's the 1000000 euro question right now do you see yourself as the next chancellor of germany and all this is not already paid because we don't even have the election coming up it's supposed to be in 2021 and we focus on the question which on the table right now thank you very much i think. now psychological trauma is
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a major problem in sierra leone which is still recovering from a brutal civil war to cope some soldiers are turning to yoga as a way to move beyond the past horrors and live in the present. you create a problem for yourself on the end of the do you really need people why do you do. yoga mats fit young people in sports kit and a charismatic instructor but this is no ordinary yoga class these are sierra leonean soldiers and they're confronting a dark past. i still get i'm still traumatized but am now able to control it because of how you're going transformed me and i'm a new person sierra leonean society because deep scars civil war raged in the 1990 s. and 2000 rebel groups recruited young children as fighters in 2014 bola struck thousands lost their lives or their loved ones the mental wounds linger
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on. using yoga to manage depression and trauma is the brainchild of army sergeant felix and move. on. the night. by a print new gay think. you don't always think about what has passed you think of all the present moment that is what i always tell and forget about what's gone ya know you saw a lot quite a long day. think about what you are presently doing. yoga was virtually unknown in sierra leone but a u.s. study convinced the army it could help x. competence with depression and p.t.s.d. . did come up to see this you guys really good. forget about what we've been seeing what you've been doing 5 years after the yoga project started here it is providing respite for many long term it provides them with the
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hope of a path to recovery. all right some soccer news now and germany have sealed their place at next summer's euro 2020 tournaments after a 4 nil win against belarus yohimbe live side had also needed a helping hand from old rivals the netherlands who's known the result against northern ireland confirmed germany's qualification. germany had been in the driving seat long before mathias didn't so open the scoring in the 41st minutes but got back in his own stadium i knew the live side's lead was double just off the whole time leon gretzky smashing home this time to give germany some breathing space but sure midfielder tony close out of the 3rd in the 55th minute the real madrid filled it with a neat finish from the edge of the area and close out of the 2nd with 10 minutes to
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go the 2014 world cup winner now has 17 goals for his country job done for germany who can now focus on fine shooting their preparations and head of euro 2020 in june . you're up to date now on d w news up next is the d w reporter i'm there and evan steyn from me and the entire news team here in berlin thanks for watching. and now kentucky affectionately but as affectionately as you can. hear protest in the middle of his election campaign in 2000 but documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly
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chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring top supporting role.


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