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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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plane. this is d.w. news live from berlin police and protesters clashed on the streets of hong kong officers to use tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators earlier some of the protesters occupied and set up barricades at a university campus we'll get the latest from our correspondent in hong kong also coming up. an ultimatum for the czech prime minister sal your business interests or step down around a quarter of a 1000000 people turned out and prompted demonstrate against andre bobbitt as checks marks 30 years since the fall of communism. and in iran traffic grinds to
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a halt in the capital tehran as people there protest against a 50 percent hike in fuel prices many residents are angry about a spike in the price of food staples as a result of us sanctions. omarion evanston thanks for joining us we begin in hong kong where there have been fresh clashes between pro-democracy demonstrators and police protesters barricaded hong kong's polytechnic university as part of a week long campaign aimed at disrupting traffic and hitting the local economy riot police fired tear gas in a bid to clear the demonstrators who threw petrol bombs and started fires on the streets on saturday chinese troops were deployed in the city. for the 1st time
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since the protests began. correspondent mathias is following developments in hong kong and he joins us now for the latest hello to you mathias so for the 1st time says these protests broke out nearly 6 months ago we've been seeing chinese soldiers on the streets of hong kong what more can you tell us. yet it was yesterday that they came out of a garrison to clear up some of the barricades they were wearing their sports outfit and they were marching and then clearing some of the debris there they said that was a voluntary action it sparked a bit of concern here because they are not allowed to interfere in hong kong unless they're asked by the hong kong government and the hong kong government has not asked them to do this so they clearly broke the constitution however as they did just some cleaning work. the outrage was not not very high
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wave more important at the moment is what is happening now on the streets this confrontation between the protesters and the police that is taking more and more violent forms so much here is let's talk about the standoff specifically at the polytechnic university it's very central in the city what are the protesters tactics and how are police responding. so this is the polytechnic university this crossroads over there has been blocked and over there there is a tunnel one of the 3 tunnels that cross over to hong kong island has been blocked since monday on monday the protesters from the university the students blocked the tunnel and have then occupied the university in there they have been manufacturing petrol bombs that have been parading around pose and arrows one police officer was
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hit in earlier clashes today by an arrow the police have come to clear the very kids outside they have deployed water cannons and. tear gas and rubber bullets they were met with the with molotov cocktails now that the water canon and hong kong is something very special it's different from water cannons in other countries because a. not only water inside but also pep a solution that is hardly irritating and that is very painful so they advance their they've sprayed protesters who've locked the road with pepper spray we have seen people over there who work with skin we're burning one reporter and also a few protesters other people. and it seems to be something that is really really highly painful. but it has not succeeded in driving the protesters
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back they are holding their line there at the crossroads the police are standing at the other end of the crossroads and it looks like this is going to be another long day for both sides with more violence to come are i had corresponding mathias billing are bringing us up to date with the latest developments in hong kong we thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world go to by our rajapaksa has beaten his main opponent premadasa in sri lanka's presidential election premadasa conceded the race to the younger brother of controversial former president mahinda rajapaksa the election was a fiercely fought one taking place just 7 months since islamist extremist attacks left more than $250.00 people dead in the country. clashes erupted between protesters and police in the french capital paris on saturday as demonstrators marked the one year anniversary of the yellow vest movement protesters set fires
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and smashed windows police responded with tear gas and arrested dozens of people. in the czech republic around a quarter of a 1000000 people took to the streets of the capital prague on saturday to demonstrate against prime minister andre bobbish the protesters are giving bobbish an ultimatum either sell his business interests or step down opposition groups say the billionaire prime minister profits from his political office protest organizers are using the 30th anniversary of the check and element revolution a milestone moment in the demise of communism in europe to make their demands. and joining us now from the czech capital prague is correspondent jonathan crane hello to you jonathan so yesterday we saw thousands of anti-government protesters on the streets so what's happening today on the actual anniversary of the velvet
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revolution. saturday was about processed and today in theory should only be about commemoration remembering the events that led to the fall of communism 30 years ago there's a series of events planned not just in prague but across the country focusing on some of the hotspots of a student protest it starts here day with an official government vent at the national museum now we've already had prime minister on a rival waiting for other political leaders including germany's. own trade bobbish is going to address the protests that happened yesterday in his speech a bit later he's promising some kind of surprise it's not entirely clear what that is but he has called the protests yesterday a waste of time essentially he says he doesn't see the point of them he doesn't think he's done anything wrong now i also point out he has laid a wreath earlier this morning on the road in the street that was the scene of the the police crack crackdown 30 years ago on the student protest as if he thought he could get away with going without being heckled or whistled then he had another
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thing coming because that is exactly what happened and indeed we can even hear boos and whistles ring out outside of the national museum today all right so. prime minister bobbish game getting heckled by protesters but what exactly are they calling for what would satisfy the protesters. was an event as you mentioned they did offer him and it's amazing yesterday they basically said look give up your conflict of interest by the end of the year resign or we will increase protests they basically accusing him of learning isn't pockets where his business interests see owns the or he's put the conglomerate i prefer that an accurate chemicals conglomerate into a trust fund but that hasn't satisfied his critics it also doesn't satisfy the e.u. necessarily they are investigating a conflict of interest the czech republic may have to return several e.u. subsidies as a result of these protesters are upset about that and not just that they're worried about losing democracy eroding that erosion of democracy that was for so hard for
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30 years ago. and crane reporting for us from prague we appreciate it. to. authorities in iran have blocked internet access and say they'll respond forcefully to quell protests across the country at least one person has been killed and many injured in clashes between police and protesters angered by an increase in fuel prices the government says it needs the money to help the poor but many fear the price hike will hit poor people the hardest. teheran had to stand still the motorways blocked iranians have already endured a lot due to u.s. sanctions but the announcement from the government was the last straw gasoline prices up by 50 percent only $62.00 per person per month those who need more have to pay more. or situation is only getting worse
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a leader used to cost around $0.07 now it's $0.21 everything's getting more expensive for the government it's good news since they've taken more money security forces took to patrolling outside gas stations many believe the fuel price hike is just the start of many price increases. with her on that everything in tehran and all over iran is dependent on the cost of energy if gasoline gets more expensive rent will go up too i think this is going to break the back of poor working people . about there were rapid reactions to the government's announcement protests erupted around iraq demonstrators targeted gas stations and police buildings the images are reminiscent of scenes 2 years ago when protests were met with violence now a hand us government is facing more pressure to resolve the situation peacefully religious leaders and their eenie in parliament demanded gas prices be returned to normal but
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the police have threatened to take a hard stance against demonstrators. 7 germany's green party is in the opposition at least for now but polls show them nipping at the heels of americans conservatives and there's a good chance they could find themselves in government after germany's next elections increased concern over climate change is largely responsible for their newfound popularity but the party's co-leaders have also done their share uniting and expanding the party's base and they've both been reelected at the party's annual conference. flowers for the winner the greens reelected an early in a bear book as co-leader with 97 point one percent of the vote here now thank you i accept the result i'm speechless and close to tears thank you no leader of the greens has ever been elected by such a margin before in her acceptance speech stressed a goal of her she had been
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a carbon neutral economy and society. the most and we have to assure that the ecological transformation is a social ecological transformation that works for all people for all people in this society 30 delegates also reelected told the topic their books partner in leadership he told delegates he wants to open the greens to wider electorate. do for me we can't allow ourselves to be rigid we have to listen to legitimate criticism and always be ready to talk to everybody with a couple of big questions remain unanswered should the greens propose a candidate for chancellor in the next election and who should that be but it was clear that the party feels ready to govern as. it should be exposed we are growing into a new role and that is not just to participate in government but to provide leadership . so i don't know week to few of them. the greens have picked ambitions but they
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remain weak in germany so eastern states and in areas where voters fear climate action will hurt local industries many voters still see the greens of elitists who are detached from ordinary voters concerns. to sports now and a major upset in men's tennis at the season ending tournament in london stefano c.c. pas has defeated roger federer in the semi of the a.t.p. finals the 21 year old greek cruise past peter winning 6364 season pass will face on screen and dominic team in the final on sunday. and soccer news germany's men have sealed their place as euro 2020 after a 4 nil win over belarus group rivals the netherlands also confirmed their qualification with joachim live side and now poised to clinch top spot of tuesday's game with northern ireland croatia and austria also went through. germany had been
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in the driving seat long before mathias didn't so open the storing in the 41st minute they got back in his own stadium and you know you live side's lead was double just off the whole time gretzky smashing home this time to give germany some breathing space but when midfielder tony close out of the 3rd in the 55th minute the real madrid filled it with a neat finish from the edge of the area and close out of the 2nd with 10 minutes to go the 2014 world cup win on now has 17 goals for his country a clear answer and it's great to score some goals but it's more important that we can enjoy this as a team you could see that it can get or could that's the way it is in these types of games until the 1st goal goes in the boys were so good to be a job done for germany who can now focus on fine shooting their preparations and head of euro 2020 in june. you're up to date now on d w news up next is doc film with
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a report about the women of the so-called islamic state in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to www dot com american evan steam from me and the entire news team thanks for watching. time to. be adventurers of the famous naturalist and texting. some of racial politics on the phone while it's 250th birthday. barging on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.a. .


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