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tv   Doc Film  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm CET

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we're giving up is not an option. for disappointment. we take full personally un with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans for all for. more than football online. dawn is breaking in southern is in bob way and the animals in the bush i just waking up here in the countryside far from any major city ice falcon college. it's just after 5 in the morning and the dorms are all quiet.
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everyone's asleep. everyone but leon like every morning at this hour he's already hard at work on his training program. leon is here on a scholarship because the school wanted him as a member of its rocketing as are very quick to floods so just to work hives and as i have a house given over to just proper clothes so i often uses. his boundless and vision has earned him the nickname the winter warrior here. dion loves to train at this early hour because he has the school all to himself her. stephen freak is just the opposite he hates having to get up so early.
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it does. but i mean it right it's a very so it's just all superficial. they run a tight ship at falcon college even sleepy heads like stephen have to be up early and ready by 6 am at the latest. news. breakfast is only served after that done some work by most of the people here stephen comes from a wealthy family it costs $15000.00
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a year to attend falcon college something very few 1000 bobbins going forward. it's 7 o'clock time for the morning roll call. leon arrives just in time even missed breakfast the key training older students who've been selected this prefects help to supervise younger people and ensure they look presentable. stevie dreams of being a prefix himself he's already submitted his application. good morning to when you go. 10 minutes later it's time for the school assembly the headmaster admitted. it will continue it last night some
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students were throwing eggs in the schoolyard. everybody knows. that food is difficult it is times and. so you will find it. funny. and i expect she does people. in my office very soon all of this is simply a spin just. an uncomfortable silence ensues stephen and the others know they've been sent here to learn how to be responsible leaders not troubling us . felton college has produced many notable aluminite and ends to phone zimbabwe's future elites the schools model encourages people to reach for the stars they're to think big and work hard. that's especially true for leon who comes from a poor family and used to attend a state school. the teachers here demand more of him you'll only be able to keep
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a scholarship if you can keep up with his fellow students. 20 out of 30 that's the grade leon gotten his english test that's not good enough to satisfy the winter warrior. you're looking at you know not that abscess are good scored in fives but an ace so. adverse to this. tradition is important here yet the school has moved with the times 2 years ago the boarding school finally opened its doors to girls. if they attend classes with the boys but then they head back to their own house the head girl lock the gate in the electric fence behind them the school installed the fence to set the girl's parents mind a tease. there is no physical contact between boys and girls
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we have gotten a zation policy and the boys aren't out in any of the girl's house so they're not allowed up past the tennis courts all. the female pupils are still in the minority at felton college currently there are just $32.00 girls and over $300.00 boys stephen tried to get closer to the girls a mistake that could cost him a chance to become prefect she got a cane to. 6. because into the house. i got told on and miles most i was informed so he told me that i was close the 1st time anything and like this it happened because there's hasn't been goes yes a long time. at 1 10 pm lunches that this brings everyone together
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seniors like stephen who will be writing this school leaving exams soon and the youngest peoples who are barely 12. but 3 boys aren't allowed to join them at the table. caning isn't the only traditional methods of discipline used here. these boys must stand here for 15 minutes in full uniform in front of everyone it serves as both a punishment and a deterrent prefects also inspect people's uniforms getting an education here is also a lesson in humility had it. on talk should soft stop or when the senior told me stewards never get. shot someone into the front. and it seemed to me it was. but the culprits who knocked the eggs last night are still at large.
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bulk in colleges not even 70 years old yet in zimbabwe this school in the middle of the wilderness is already something of a legend headmaster quote and some colleagues look in the archives their school stands on the side of the bush take the gold mine which shut down in 1951 the mines homes were then used to house boarding school boys and mine offices became classrooms when it opened in 1954 falcon college was one of the 1st private boarding schools in the then british colony of southern rhodesia. in the school's early years people had little free time and they helped to clear the bush and landscape the school yard. a few clothes we used to loved the fields were flattened by a bulldozer and then the boys had to do planting of the fields it was in the time table and they had certain times they had to get grubs i don't know that most parents would like that so much. but that's not happened much these days often in
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the south dakota to sports leon is the star of the rugby team and that's why he was awarded a scholarship at felton college athletics is considered to be just as important as mathematics it's cool to strengthen character and could be liam's ticket out of poverty. we just really humble kids and you know if you've got someone who says that dedicated to the sport and to being the best person they can possibly be you know it's they always stand out. the school has changed greatly since it opened in 1954 black students likely on weren't allowed in until the 1970 s. before then it was the preserve of white zimbabweans today the majority of the students are black some have scholarships but the most topping pupils whose families cover their fees. fountain college teaches students the value of tolerance and
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cooperation irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds and that's a big challenge in a country like zimbabwe where tensions between blacks and whites a longstanding. that's because former president robert mugabe rules in bob way with an iron fist and forcibly drove white farmers off the land. today the school's debating club is tackling this difficult period in zimbabwe's history stephen and leon are taking pot. after a military coup mugabe resigned and the sonangol gluck became president. there yet. was himself part of mugabe's repressive regime. in the debate people take a position on this issue and defend it though it's the luck of the draw that decides whether they're for or against this is existing dictated i'm going forward
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i haven't changed anything just change new names new positions but you just keep the same dictated that all. the weight of music did it because it is only people with this piss in it kid isn't it is it and that's a bit was it could someone easily guys that's crazy or just follow mason is the groom did all these things they did these are the guys either got it all right all of the guys that did it and you telling me a good deal. that. steven only received his role in the debate by chance that he's speaking from the heart he and his family were also driven off their farm. it's friday and this weekend the pupils are allowed to return home and visit their families. stephen goes for a ride with his father. that was all sun fans now now that it needs to include an
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induced. coma. this was once their land their farm their house now they don't stand in ruins. your bed and that's what you'll get. much of the land life fallow this was once the largest mango plantation in the country you know it's a very peaceful place right now but i think if we stuck around here too much longer it wouldn't be said peaceful in fact last time i was had i threatened to kill me so we still we've still got the. and the country where there is still this animosity there is still difficulties and people like me coming back to resurrect places like this. that people may have taken away from home yet stephen doesn't hold that
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against any of his black schoolmates. they didn't do anything else their parents or their grandparents and. i get on with a lot of the people and. their parents are telling different things to what i don't and. i just get frustrated with them but i don't have a grudge against them. it's steven's father is fighting to get their land back he's been trying for years but so far without success. leon is also visiting his family they live in blow whale zimbabwe's 2nd largest city not exactly the nicest part of town the un's father was a police officer the government office apartments in these buildings to civil servants like him the flats could definitely do with some renovation work.
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this woman her family share the cramped 4 room apartment with liam family leon has to walk through one of their rooms to get to rezone living room. his father and his statements are proud of him leone his 2 brothers and one sister they marvel at its success and the many medals he's won playing rugby. you know i'm. pretty if the years go to me i'll be able to pay their school fees you know cause is that is cheating defame me oh i ever made it such a school you know joey's be like that now and change it. when he's home on the weekends leon helps out with the gardening the tenants in this block of flats can offer a little park to grow vegetables. he owns mother was
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a lot of lawn. the garden helps to feed the family they can only dream of owning a farm yet leone still thinks the expropriation of white owned farms it's wrong. this is. his legacy africa. is i don't think. this thing off of. the feet in the should. it us didn't i don't think there's a cool day off of us all's. thing in our nation today in. harare the capital of the bob way stevens family has lived here ever since they lost their farm stephen's father ben free now works as a human rights activist. it's time to buy groceries for the weekend stevens parents are always shocked at the prices. $25.00
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for half a pound of butter. almost 10 for a liter of juice. $17.00 for a bag of rice in the shops the free things feel the full brunt of them bob with economic crisis they have no choice but to buy some staple foods but they'll do without the granola for $18.00 a bag. or in the subset to resupply. they have to buy money on the back markets to be able to create restart their shops and help fix a problem. that's it's it's all to do with safety it's all to do with lack of trust because we don't ever get a government that is able to actually steal money from our bank accounts so he will just steal all forms of savings steal whatever it works. notating is also complicated in zimbabwe bond notes known as zim dollars are the official currency but store owners prefer to accept real u.s.
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dollars and are often willing to offer better prices in exchange ben free pays with bond notes whose value has plunged recently. zimbabwe's economic crisis is affecting the entire country falcon college included so here they are once again digging for gold. the old mine on the school property was shut down almost 70 years ago back then it's gold reserves were so depleted that mining here was no longer profitable but now that money has become so scarce in zimbabwe the prospects of reopening the mind looks promising headmaster quel needs money to purchase food and gasoline for the school and to pay the teachers salaries. it's another even you source that that you know the school that i know of has and and that would make it easier for us to run the school so this expression in and what you're doing here is is exactly what we what the economic situation is
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brought. it's still unclear how much revenue the mine will generate the school is hoping it will bring in $6000.00 a month it's clear that there is still gold here the mine workers have discovered a few grains amongst the fine gravel they use mercury to extract the gold. it's monday and all the pupils are back at felton college the school year is drawing to a close soon leone will learn if he'll be allowed to stay here and steven will discover if he gets to be a prefect. a few of the boys are going into the bush today here they'll have to prove they can survive in the wilderness on their own. police on a post city kid it's his 1st such adventure. they don't have to drive far felton college
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is surrounded by bush it's part of a nature reserve which belongs to the school. district court today with only a map an accomplice to guide them the boys must find their way to their goal before nightfall the rugby coach who doubles as the school survival china gives them some final tapes beyond the winter warrior is suddenly quite subdued he's afraid of snakes. and. when you come they do come across their stacks or anything that could cause you off and they're generally very more fair of you than you know they knew all of it so just avoid it as best you can if it's that that on the off walk around it but if it's you know coming towards you and wants to harm you obviously then you can use the stick just push it aside but always read on a hallway anything off this is just let off. then the boys on left to their own devices and lean on the whole people has the job of going ahead and keeping an eye
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out for snakes. learning how to survive out in nature is part of the curriculum at felton college this time they don't encounter in snakes the biggest problem is the chilly weather it's just 15 degrees celsius get they're all wearing shorts so the boys are happy to reach their destination before dark. in the winter laryea khan hide his relief though no one's complained about the cold the boys have proven themselves and leon has conquered the media but we can't understand how people cannot be out in the wild. while his crew comes out to the bush. it's a night like any other for those back at school people's weight in front of the house mouth his office he checks whether the done their homework properly and you
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get prizes are awarded for outstanding achievement but pupils who've received 3 warnings for misdemeanors get cain twice in the buttocks one that's also a longstanding tradition there which generally has a pair rental approval. i want you to get to just look at most of the parents here are very supportive and there was another school in zimbabwe that recently did away with paying and my understanding was that the vast majority of the parent body were up in arms that actually the way they want the corporal punishment system. and he says paintings are relatively rare. tonight to everyone goes to bed without having to be disciplined. the next morning the headmaster has finally found out who threw the eggs.
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they were sick for boys who were in who weren't really thinking they had a fight and of course all of those ended up on the wall but the great thing for me ultimately is that they came forward they cleaned up the image and hopefully just hopefully there's something from it. producing good and responsible citizens is one of the boarding schools major educational goals. today these peoples are going to collect trash. steven is among them. this time they're cleaning up a small village voluntarily to give something back to society. though it might also and stephen a bonus point a to b. in his quest to become a prefect. in
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a country where political tensions are running high felton college pupils to pitch in and help others. darkness has fallen and for stephen it's a night to remember. they're not. jaded tonight he's leaving the evening roll call for the 1st time because today he became the prefect his dream has come true now stephen is the one who gets the money to other people's closets his new position brings with it power and respect. after roll call he instructs juniors to come to the common room there he supervises them and if need be helps them with their homework.
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on the dot of 10 it's bed time. i find this good bit stevens now i'm in charge of this too. i thought. the singing of the national man from marks the start of a new day and a very special is the end of the school report cards are being handed out many parents have come to watch. the awards ceremony. trophies are given for top marks and outstanding extracurricular activities. there's also a prize for a pupil who's worked extra hard and this year it goes to. all mr cheney. the on the winter worry has won everyone over with his tenacity in insurance and his parents couldn't be prouder.
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good morning everyone i'm outside always holds the end of year speech this time it's the headmistress of another school she makes everyone aware that falcon college is no warden or replace. you live in a complete i can actually hear that this is not the real world i hate to tell you but the strengths you take from here is data help you to battle against what is not right. you have to be decent you have to stand up for what's right. you are not to average annual school is not average. so think of the schools motto they should reach for the stars just like the school anthem says. player play
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a bad reach for the stars is more than just this and it represents the school's approach to life falcon college sets high standards for zimbabwean youth in a country that longs for a brighter future. following a way the fucking thing as.
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they are aiming high. the daughters of the current car of. their hope to become. their dream a better future for their family. their past the farm rocky and dangerous one.
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where giving up is not an option. this. should tell our feelings this is new ball speaking when i come to the show with a ding dong xoai and concerts with the austrians guests. and sounds. and then incredible location. groups. on t.w. . look closely. listen carefully. don't know listen to this going to be
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3 up to date don't miss our highlights w. program. w. dark heart. this is due to the news live from the end protest is fine bow and arrows of police in hong kong offices use tear gas and water cannon against the demonstrators who have occupied and set up barricades at a university campus also coming up. such a violent rajapaksa is set to become sri lanka's next president the former defense minister has been declared the winner.


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